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RHOBH PREVIEW: The Fight Continues! Who Gets Custody Of Kim?

The fight over who gets custody of Kim continues!  The garage battle scene has now been moved to the required party thrown by one of the Housewives, this time it’s HagfaceKyle’s party, who says that she uninvited DrunkOtis.  Playing the part of the two sane Housewives who simply are there to observe are ID and LisaLipps.  Playing the part of the missing Housewives to whom all will be spilled during the required next-day lunch scene is Loada, who was busy searching for a medical locale for her next “stick and IV in me” photo shoot and PumpMyStomach who was stalking doggie rescues to add to her chien hoard.

MORE HOUSEWIVES TWEETS!! DrunkO “BuyMyStuff”! HagfaceKyle TV Mystery! BYE NayNay! Loada’s LifeAdvice! WackyJackieChan Pushing Drink! Missy Tweeting “MORE Gorgas”!! B-Day Cards For Teresa’s Kid!!

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DrunkOtisStore… BUY MY CRAP STUFF!!!   Seriously… who is buying this junk? \    HagfaceKyle can’t figure out her TV… Loada is STILL giving out her life advice… Perhaps Loada could be cured of all her ailments by drinking some of … Continue reading


DRUNK OTIS HAS GOALS!! Wants Her Own Talk Show… Talks Teresa!

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From GossipGirl… DrunkOtis wants to have her own talk show… DrunkO thinks she’s another ChelseaHandler.  Actually, DrunkO IS like crude, rude Handler.   Isn’t DrunkO busy pushing her new wine line??  The best part of this interview with DrunkO??  She’s … Continue reading


DRUNK OTIS’ BRAVO BLOG: More Ghostwriting… And Excuses For Kim!! DrunkO Pulls The “I’m A Mommy” Card

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NOTE:  No way did DrunkOtis write this. Hi Everyone, Here we are go again for another weekly round of Housewives. I hope everyone is happy, well, and invested in the season. It’s certainly a dramatic one. This episode plays like … Continue reading


From October 2012.  A BeverlyHills over-40 mother of two showing her very sophisticated side… 

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DrunkOtis Tweet Says MissAndy “Abusive”! … Twitter Replies Slam DrunkO! AND… The REAL Yolanda Foster!

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On last night’s WWHL, Eileen “what the hell is she doing on a HWs show” Davidson is asked to play MissAndy’s word association game:  NOTE:  Apparently, DrunkOtis is not pleased with how she’s perceived and blames MissAndy for perpetuating the … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: It’s DejaVu All Over Again

This is deja vu all over again.  How many of the same scenes with different Housewives can there be?  Cedric crashing the SUR opening was much better…


HagfaceKyle’s fake crying, BigLipsLisa and Eileen’s producer-induced “curiosity” and Kim’s total confusion about her allegiance to her sister or to DrunkOtis was totally overshadowed by a HouseHusband!  All Hail, PeepingVince!!

vince II

vince III

vince IV


RHOBH Extended Fight Scene…

The best part of this extended fight scene where Kim shows her allegiance to HagfaceKyle is Vince at the refrigerator…




RHOBH Preview: WATCH DrunkOtis Tell Smothering Loada To Bug Off!

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Loada hates drunk people… PREDICTION:  Loada will not renew her Bravo contract.  Her work to get puffy-faced Alana and depressed drunk Jello “modeling” careers, even though they are not model material, is done.  Loada is sick of being called out on … Continue reading

RHOBH Girl’s Night Fights… It’s DrunkOtis v HagfaceKyle!

These fights were so much better with AdrienneMagoof and TheRealCamilleG!  Really… how many versions of the same fight will there be?



SH “HIT AND RUN”… Look Inside!!

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Camber gets caught tweeting herself!!  She’s desperate to keep her crap “reality” job… Sorry, Jeana, we like you and all that, but we won’t be watching the RHOC.   Loada has a full recovery!!  Poor KingDavid… Living with Loada has … Continue reading



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Giada de Laurentiis’ divorce is not as smooth as she thought it would be.  BobbleheadGiada’s husband, ToddThompson, isn’t letting Gee-AH-da get off without getting some of that community property spa-GEEH-tee that Jahda made after her FoodNetwork show took off and … Continue reading

Who’s The RHOBH Wannabe??

From CDAN:  A pretty easy blind…  


This former Real Housewife finds out where the Real Housewives Beverly Hills is going to be shooting and tries to get in the shot or get herself involved in the filming almost every day.

It’s Joanna Krupa!

NOTE:  SkankyJo is doing everything she possibly can to keep herself not only relevant, but is trying to position herself into a Bravo contract for the RHOBH.  SkankyJo’s latest ploy was sending a letter to DrunkOtis “threatening” to sue her over her comments about Skanky’s skank.

RHOM Romain Joanna pg

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

PokerNight Aftermath… Girls In Cars!

HagfaceKyle and LisaLips … “There is addiction going on and no one is willing to talk about it.”  DrunkOtis and Kim are both boozed up when they leave Eileen’s antique store.

HagfaceKyle On WWHL…

On last night’s WWHL, HagfaceKyle went deep into the “friendships” between Yoda/DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis.  HFKyle was also asked about Yoda’s Lyme, which she really had nothing to say other than she hopes she feels better.

Poor HagfaceKyle… she’s still working on her lizard lip licking!



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DrunkOtis now issuing dates/times of when she’s drunk! DrunkOtis got a name for her wine!! Tamballs’ still selling her used junk on EBay…comes with used kleenex and damp sports towels. Camille gets a cover… HagfaceKyle will be looking just like … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: PoopyPiggy DrunkOtis Is “Creepy” And Assaults HagfaceKyle!

DrunkOtis is disgustingly creepy… and assaults HagfaceKyle!  

LymeYoda wasn’t with this Cast of Clowns, but was seen in NYC heaving a CA king mattress out of Jello’s new “student” apartment.  Afterward, LymeYoda hopped into her private ambulance for a quick “stick an IV in me” LymeFace photo op!


RHOBH Preview: Kim Faces Her Weakness At Wine Tasting

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Allegedly, HagfaceKyle arranged the wine tasting “lunch”… and her rehabbed sister has to endure the smells and swirling of the wine.  Interesting that the usually vocal PumpMyStomach says nothing.  Kim looks pissed, but accepting of the fact that this is a … Continue reading


Part II: GameNight at AlienShapeShifter PamDana’s house!  DrunkOtis is a “slut pig”!

Part I: GameNight…DrunkOtis calls HagfaceKyle a “b*tch” and Kim goes to the bathroom:

NOTE:  GameNight took place on season two of the RHOBH.  Filming was delayed for several hours waiting for everyone to assemble at PamDana’s rented house.  The only food offered was meringues and bread sticks.  We LOVE how deliciously devilish CamilleGrammer is… she ALWAYS plays the “innocent”, but she knows that she’s anything but! 



SkankyJo Krupa’s Attorney PLANS To Sue DrunkOtis…

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NOTE:  This is one of the most blatantly obvious items put out by a Housewife to keep herself relevant!   SkankyJo’s attorney is Miami-based and has numerous “celebrity” items on his site… Rafool and Hernandez.  Until Rafool actually files a … Continue reading



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RHONJ twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano are set to guest at the “2015 Celebration Ball Queen Contest Prom Fashion Show” on Thursday, January 15 at Colts Neck High School. The evening will feature fashions, floral, photography and limo services. … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview Part II: LymeYoda Takes Jello To School… DrunkOtis Divorce Issues

SchzoidYoda gets a reprieve from her LymeYoda “stick an IV in me and take a picture” personality and HelicopterYoda escorts Jello to her very first apartment on CPW.  It’s amazing that Yoda didn’t further escort Jello to her very first class at Parsons.  DrunkOtis blabs more about her contentious divorce and child support issues.  AND…one of the Housewives is married to… HarryHamlin!!  Yes…HARRY HAMLIN!!!

Carole Schaffer, Associate Dean at Parsons School of Design said that she looks for “discipline, drive and seriousness about the hard-work involved in becoming a designer.”   Watch for Jello to drop out quickly and concentrate on her mother-made “modeling” career… if she was actually matriculated at Parsons in the first place!!  Perhaps Yoda has her sights on shopping a new “reality” show… “Two ‘Models’ In New York…Better Than The Kartrashians!”