A SH “LookBack”! RHOBH Adrienne Maloof New Restaurant…A Magoof Update!!

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From TMZ March 13, 2013..   NOTE:  The story from a year ago was that Adrienne Magoof was to open a new restaurant right close to Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills… with Eddie Cibrian! BACK ON MARCH 6, … Continue reading

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HagfaceKyle’s Suspicious Tweet… Is Camille Coming Back? UPDATE!

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The most suspicious photo ever tweeted! HagfaceKyle tweeted CreepyCarlton havin’ drinks with even creepier “psychic” Allison DuBois.  Allison was the catalyst for the commotion during the  “dinner party from hell” at Camille Grammer’s Malibu house. WHY is this suspicious???  Nothing … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS!! FrontPorsha Apollo PTHousewife Ramoaner NayNay

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FRIENDS OF KORDELL are keepin’ the FrontPorsha Divorce Saga Alive:  “She used him and took advantage of the situation in hopes that it would get her to the next level financially and professionally,” the tipster claimed. “Honestly, if she hadn’t … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… All The Housewives News That Isn’t That Important…BUT Ya Gotta READ!!

Oxygen Media disguises famous faces in pop culture on the hilarious new hidden camera series “Celebrities Undercover.” The half-hour series will feature two celebrities concealing their true identity with the use of prosthetic make-up to find out what unsuspecting fans … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: All The Housewives Items That We Don’t Care About…

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Adrienne Magoof wants to get engaged to her new boyfriend…  NOTE:  We miss Paul, too! Joanna Krupa, The Real Housewives of Miami star, has reportedly fallen behind on payments on the $725,000 mortgage she has for the property in Encino, … Continue reading

ADRIENNE MALOOF: New Restraining Order Against EX-Paul Nassif…

Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Really thought all the Adrienne Maloof v Paul Nassif drama was done and over with… but, legal maneuvers are STILL being heaved at Paul by Magoof!

Adrienne Maloof and ex-hubby Paul Nassif are back at it — TMZ has learned, she’s gone to court for ANOTHER restraining order … claiming he got violent with her in front of their kids.

Adrienne raced to court on Valentine’s Day for an emergency protective order, claiming he violently snatched her phone away from her the week before … while she was photographing her kids.  NOTE:  Adrienne probably did NOT “race to court”… in reality, Adrienne picked up her phone and called her attorney.

Nassif claims in legal docs Adrienne was actually trying to film him while he was disciplining one of their kids … to use the footage against him during their ongoing custody battle.  He says she was all up in his face with the camera, almost hitting him.

The judge refused to grant the order because it wasn’t an emergency and felt she didn’t need immediate protection.  A hearing is set for April.   NOTE:  Smart judge!!

NOTE:  Why don’t any of these Housewives take MO-Reeses’ sage advice when it come to dealing with legal matters???  MO-Reese says just pick up the phone and call them… always works for him!!


GUESS THE HOUSEWIVES’ PLASTIC SURGEON: Which Housewives’ Plastic Surgeon Accepted The Most Money From Big Pharma??

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There’s a big cut back by BigPharma in their payments to doctors… spearheaded by GlaxoSmithKline… probably because beginning in 2014 the Feds are requiring medical professionals to report every penny, pen, pencil, paper and great trips they receive from medical-related … Continue reading

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Kyle Richards… Joanna Krupa…WretchedRossi… NayNay Leakes

HagfaceKyle, PierogiePrincessSkankyJo and Wretched BLEEEECH! Rossi have something in common!

They all posed for the paps over the weekend!

RHOBH kyle plastic surgery

HagfaceKyle was showing how well she’s doing… figure-wise… since her massive body lipo plastic surgery transformation.

SkankyJo was showing how well she can master the art of eating a piece of cake… SkankyJo is actually using a fork!

No plastic surgery for Bruce Jenner

Wretched BLEEEEEECH! Rossi was showing that she can crash a party!  Wretched is shown at a party with 41-year-old Carmen Electra.  NOTE:  Really???  Carmen Electra is 41??  Thought Carmen was OVER 40 when she was 20!  Have never, ever understood all those publications which wrote of Carmen’s “beauty” in such glowing terms!  The chick has always looked like she’s 30 years older than she is…

RHOA nene

NayNayLeakes is revealing everything about her life to bobblehead-on-a-stick GiulianaWhatever on a very special E!News special airing tonight at 10 pm… “NayNay Talks To A BobbleHead.”  NOTE:  We’re givin’ this bizarre “special” 9938374,99837487 Kens!


HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Kyle Richards… Mauricio Umansky…Kim Richards’ Nephew…Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow… Yolanda Foster, David Foster…

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YIKES!!!   And to think that the paps were paid to take her pictures!  HagfaceKyle should destroy the digitals! See more photos of HagfaceKyle Richards at TheDailyMail… Speakin’ of HagfaceKyle… her husband, MO-Ree-C-O cannot unload Barry Bonds’ house!  The house … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: New RHONY … Magoof Divorce… Teresa Giudice “Old News”… Kim Richards “Lyin’ Eyes”

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The Real Housewives of New York has added a new Wife… Kristen Taekman.   BUT, SH readers knew about Kristen back in June; Heather Thompson brought Kristen on the RHONY. DrunkOtis big podcast featured the guy who served Adrienne Maloof … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS… “SH HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: SkankyJo “Naked In Poland”… KomaKathy At BakingShow…Kim Zolciak “PregnantPhotos”…Cynthia Bailey “Calling All Wal-Mart Shoppers”… DrunkOtis Brandi Glanville “Carried Out Of Party”… Adrienne Maloof And Daniel!

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For God’s sake!  Just have those twins already!  KimZolciak tweeting more pregnant picture of herself… KomaKathy and SladeSlimey RancidRichie attending North America’s first and biggest baking and sweets event, America’s Baking and Sweets Show, takes you on a gourmet grand tour of … Continue reading



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Which Housewife is married to the person who said THIS…  “My dream was to be an anchorman or weatherman.” YES… this HouseHusband wanted to be Ron Burgundy! OR Al Roker!     This HouseHusband is not a candidate for a … Continue reading


REAL WORLD NEWS: NFL Under Investigation… Rod’s Kid Returns (Or Not)… Looking for PANKs… UPS Don’t Care… Poor Daisy!!!

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Rookie players are being “forced” to pay for senior NFL teammates social outings. Young Dolphins players are under pressure to dig deep into their pockets to pay for veterans’ social outings, a practice that is straining their finances and locker … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: RHOBH Carlton Gebbia “She’s A Wiccan”…Ken Todd “ConcreteChipper Lawsuit”… New “WatchWhatCrappens” Podcast… BruceJenner Moves Out “Ratings”!!… AdrienneMaloof Grabs KomaKathy’s “RedVelvet” Stuff!!!

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New Beverly Hills Housewife describes her life as a Wiccan.  Well, that is gonna turn off plenty of RHOBH viewers!   FYI: Carlton will be rumbling with HagfaceKyle this season.    NOTE:  Was NOT looking forward to the new season … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Ellen Tells BFrankel “GoAway!”…PeanutButter “Alzheimer’sTest”… Sinatra’s Son Given Spot on MSNBC… KomaKathy Changes BravoBlog Closing!… Kyle Richards New Look “YIKES!!”… Opree “BuyMyStuff!” Auction… Adrienne Maloof “Traded Stew For Busch”… Sonja Morgan “I’d Work At McDonalds”

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Too bad Ellen didn’t listen to all the viewers who saw long ago what Ellen is seeing now:  BFrankel stinks!   PageSix is reporting that Ellen has taken her name off of BFrankel show credits… Ellen now wants to distance … Continue reading


OTHER STUFF… and SOME HOUSEWIVES BS: BreakingBad “Alternate Endings”…Terry Dull-BRO Joins Paul Nassif…Dina Manzo “Teaching PlaceSettings”…PTHousewife “I’m Lame”… Michaele Salahi “Where’s Sparkle”???

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Creator of BreakingBad, Vince Gilligan talks about five alternate endings for Sunday’s finale.   One was “Walter Goes Rambo”… read the rest at TheWrap. BRAVO MEDIA DELIVERS BEST THIRD QUARTER EVER AMONG TOTAL VIEWERS, UP DOUBLE DIGITS ACROSS ALL KEY … Continue reading

HOUSEWIVES NEWS… Paul Nassif… Melissa Gorga “20 Questions”…Autism Event, No Bubba!!…Manzoid…

Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Paul Nassif is coming back to “reality” TV.  Paul has definitely had work done!

Melissa Gorga answers 20 questions.  On her relationship with Tree…”Being on the show forces us to work out our issues and if we weren’t on the show we very well could have cut off all ties.”  Interesting.   AND… MeGo says the she most regrets cameras at her kid’s christening!   RIIIIIIGHT….  OH… and she’s stickin’ to that story about “writing” her book curled up on the sofa late at night, every night …. from 10 pm to 2 am specifically!   RIIIIIGHT… OOPS, forgot the best one: MeGo wants to be a BeverlyHillbillian.  Dream on, MeGo, dream on.

On Saturday, October 12 starting at 5:00 pm at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort , guests will have the opportunity to gamble the night away and, at the same time, help families affected by autism.  This luxurious event will offer a VIP red carpet entrance, cocktails, tournament poker, live & silent auction and tips from poker stars.  WHAT!?!  No BubbaJax?!!?  What kinda autism event is this?!  Well, it IS a “luxurious” event… don’t blame them for not wanting any subhumans there!  Interesting that the results when doing a search for “autism” does not include BubbaJax

RHONJ Chucky Critter in kitchen

DonCaro is “guest editor” at “”  All month long Caroline is dishing out her take on keeping the family together, who she admires, things she wishes she knew before starting a family, the best and the worst part of RHNJ, and how to appreciate the little things.  “I’ve had many wonderful experiences in my life but nothing compares to being a mother.”  WARNING:  If you decide to click the link to “,” included in the link above, you will get nothing but pop up ads shot at you!   OH… the coolest celeb she’s ever met is Hugh HeFFner!  AND, appreciate the little things like grilled cheese and tomato soup…

Caro gets 298,774,928 Kens…

AND a huge eye roll…

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Hat Wearin’ Gorga… RHONJ Plastic Surgeon…Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof… Teresa Giudice

 Bravo RHONJ Andy slumdog pg

If you didn’t know by now… the whole Penny “thing,” which includes @Aarater and @bulldog_NJ (think @RoxyPoxyGirl) is to draw more atten-shun to the chaos of the RHONJ.  Clearly, Bravo has oversight of the Housewives BravoBlogs, their tweets, and other social media.  Is it any wonder that so many are BOOOOORED with these people?

It’s pretty obvious that JoeyMarcoGorga is copying DiCaprio with all the fancy hat switchin’

The first runway show of its kind, a showcase for the plastic surgery of plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, premiered with celebrities including Danielle Staub and BubbaJax of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey to unveil their latest “work.”

BubbaJax now has some competition!  @BrandiGlanville is in the running for MasterTweeter!    OH… and according to Brandi BLEEEEECH! Glanville’s tweets, she continues her lovefest with YolandaFoster and LisaVanderpump is enemy #1.  Ridiculous… just more junk put out for the purpose of drawing attention to the RHOBH before their season premieres.  Just BOOOOORING…and so predictable.

One of our fave Housewives, Adrienne Magoof, has a brand new boyfriend.  Yes, Adrienne and Rod’s kid have called it quits.  OH, the news like who didn’t see that coming that those two are no longer an item is just heartbreaking!  BUT… Adrienne’s NEW boyfriend is Andy Hnilo, a model and “actor”!!!  A VERY BAD ACTOR… wonder if he’s used any of these lines on Magoof…a bit hard to watch the entire way through…

Tree Joodice attended the “Just Dance with Boy Meets Girl” fashion show at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion last night with Gia and Milania…  Tree don’t take that little Appolonia… oops, Gabriella… anywhere!  We all know that these **cough, cough**  “stars” don’t go nowhere unless they are compensated in some way… did Tree get her preferred method of payment CASH or maybe some dance clothes for Gia?

FROM AUGUST 31, 2012… Melissa Gorga’s First T-Shirts… NayNay’s Shoe Design… Kim Zolciak Mother’s Lawsuit… PT Housewife Unsure of Return To RHONY… Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof Divorce… AND MORE!

world's most interesting man pg

Let’s look back at MORE items from a year ago… August 31, 2012… which were makin’ news in the micro world of the Housewives…

SH Detour included Melissa Gorga’s first t-shirts for sale!

NayNay “designs” a shoe… Brandi spots SUR waitress who “dated” Eddie… and LeAnn Rimes sues CA schoolteacher…

Kim Zolciak’s mother files lawsuit against Kim… 

HoneyBooBoo premieres… Sherman Helmsley died… Lindsey Lohan made LizTaylor Movie…

Blind item “Former Housewife Begs For Job Back” solved… 

PT Housewife reluctant to go back for another season of the RHONY…

LeAnn enters “stress” rehab facility…

Paul Nassif says “Never say never” about goin’ back with Adrienne…

Something to think about:   “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” – Miles Kington


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Duck Dynasty “Buy Their Shoes and Jewelry”… LA Voter Tell Willie “Don’t Run For Congress”… Uncle Si Favorite!… Adrienne Maloof Still With Rod’s Kid!

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Duck Dynasty is striking while the iron is hot!  The latest items to be given the DD sign of approval are specially made Duck Dynasty shoes… and some DuckDynasty jewelry! “The “Duck Dynasty” shoes — offered in six different color … Continue reading