KingDavid Speaks! Wants To Smack Those Who Don’t Know About His Grammys!

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NOTE:  DavidFoster gives his annual interview to the CanadianPress to get some interest going for DavidFosterFoundation.  KingD chats about his many projects, including the plans to STILL bring his BettyBoop musical to Broadway… he’s only short about $15 million.   … Continue reading

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BigLipsLisa On Her Career… Is She Wearing Depends?

BigLipsLisa says she will do anything… proven by her being a Housewife.  Won’t even remark about her low-level agent:

In her BravoBlog, she explains her justification for her Depends ad …  “And c’mon ladies, don’t tell me you can’t relate… We’ve all peed a little at some point in our lives after sneezing, am I right?”  Did she hear that one from Vicki??


YODA’S BRAVO BLOG: Gets Most Insipid BravoBlog Award!

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Since ALL of the RHOBH’s BravoBlogs thus far are filled with self-congratulatory words and even more vapid thoughts, will be spotlighting the most vapid and ridiculous… although HagfaceKyle has yet to submit hers.  So, here we go with Yoda: Woo-hoo, … Continue reading

DrunkOtis Tours Her Rental House

DrunkOtis cannot get by without mentioning Eddie… and her constant quest for men has been overdone.  We all know that her true love is Darin.  DrunkOtis’ running after JR was as phony as Shana’s Birkin bag!! 

What BH Housewives Think Of “BigLipsLisa”

These opinions on new Housewife BigLipsLisa were obviously filmed prior to PumpMyStomach’s plastic surgery.  Translation:  blah, blah, blah… blah, blah, blah… big lips… blah, blah, blah

We give this opinion piece 736499374364,33333333 Kens!


PumpMyStomach Says It’s Time To Leave RHOBH … Suddenly Doesn’t Like “Nastiness”!! PUH-LEEEZE!!

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PumpMyStomach is laying the groundwork for her departure from the tanking RHOBH.  PMS claims that she doesn’t like the “nastiness” or the “aggression”… especially since PMS got that phony baloney set-up slap in the face from DrunkOtis.  PMS was happy … Continue reading

Something About EileenDavidson…

In preparation for EileenDavidson’s debut appearance in her new role as a BH Housewife, her cast mates give their fluff opinions about Eileen.  Kimbecile and BigLipsLisa are missing.  HagfaceKyle gives her best impression of an actress and fails:

REALITY CHECK: How Far Is Beach Access From Yoda’s LemonHouse?


Yoda and DrunkOtis took a walk from Yoda’s lemon house to the Malibu beach. They left Yoda’s lemon house; walked down Yoda’s looooong driveway; walked from the driveway down CarbonCanyonRd to the PCH; across the PCH to the beach.

RHOBH yolanda house

More than likely, one of the beachfront homeowners permitted Yoda and DrunkOtis easy access to the beach via their beachfront home.  In reality, how long does it take to walk to one of two public beach accesses from Yoda’s house??

In reality, it takes at least 31 minutes… add another 10-15 minutes just to walk down Yoda’s driveway and back track down CarbonCanyonRd to the PCH.  Therefore, in REALITY, it would take, depending on PCH traffic, just under an hour to arrive at the beach from Yoda’s lemon house.

The closest beach access to Yoda’s lemon house is Carbon Beach…

yolanda house

yoda to beach

(Thanks “Chriss”!!)



“DinoBaby123″ will receive a tour of the recording studio where the GirlGroup recorded their songs!  FinePrint: Before stepping into the studio, an unpaid lien must be satisfied.  Last checked the amount was $835,633… the GirlGroup just couldn’t get the song right, even WITH auto tune!!

A Totally Filler Piece On The RHOBH … DrunkOtis Meets With AdrienneMagoof

Included in tomorrow’s RHOBH, is the required “let’s have lunch so we can move forward” scene, explaining the return of Magoof.  DrunkOtis wants to settle her phony baloney differences with AdrienneMagoof left over from last season… or was it the season before or the season before that… or was it from two seasons ago on the RHONY? These boring shows are so much alike, it’s hard to tell which zip code you’re watching…

 We’re givin’ this preview 88937453534,999999999999 Kens…


RHOBH SNEAK PEEK: Kimbecile Visits DrunkOtis’ Newest Rented House

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DrunkOits has never looked skankier as she welcomes professional packing expert, KimRichards, into her new rented house. DrunkOtis and her new crew take time out for the required scene of the young movers flashing their abs… DrunkOtis and Yoda have … Continue reading


RHOBH SNEAK PEEK: More of PumpMyStomach v HagfaceKyle

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While selecting fabrics for her shirt order, PumpMyStomach gives the full run down of how she picked up her newest employee… who just happened to be walking to her job interview when PMS picked her up and the rest is … Continue reading

DrunkOtis’ Friend, Adrienne…

Who is the mysterious friend who now lives with DrunkOtis… Adrienne?  She loves to help DrunkOtis pack her suitcases… from last season of RHOBH:

NOTE:  A sure sign to tell if someone has not traveled is their brand new suitcases and their brand new monogrammed luggage tags.  A waste if flying commercial… 

YODA Circa 2012: Airplane Vocals… Followed SH Before She Was Cast On RHOBH

THE 2012 YODA… loved us before she was cast on the RHOBH and before the lemon house photos!!  Yoloncé obviously took advantage of as much auto-tune as possible!!

yolanda foster 2012 tweet

They ALL read/follow SH… only the really REAL Housewives admit it!!


KIM RICHARDS’ DOG BITE SAGA CONTINUES: Is “SecondMother” Looking For A Quick $$$$ Settlement?

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NOTE:  WHAT?!?!   Is this “second mother” even more intellectually challenged than KimRichards?  Kim gave Kingsley to a trainer to be TRAINED… of course, the dog will be returned to Kim! As for the lawsuit, it seems that the “second … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview…

DrunkOtis meets up with Adrienne, jokerfaceRinna meets up with someone(?)… and more producer-induced scenes, including KingDave bestowing his presence upon the biggest clown on the RHOBH!

This preview gets 37769987634,0037443 JudgeJudys…


PumpMyStomach On Kingsley…

PumpMyStomach chimes in on the “Kingsley Bit Me” issue.  As usual, PMS stays true to her passive/aggressive personality.  Saying that pit bulls are “wonderful” animals…BUT… “I think they are instinctually fighting dogs.”  And, maybe for Kim, that’s not the best breed.  Gee, thanks PMS!


A Tale Of Two Daughters…

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PICTURES TELL A STORY… It’s crystal clear that Yoda’s other “model” daughter is unhappy, annoyed and depressed.  Yoda has been driving Jello down the same career road as she drove Jello’s older sister, Alana, which is to be a “model” … Continue reading