RHOA Preview: Kenya Puts “Velvet” To Rest…



On the next RHOA… Kenya has a funeral service for her lil dog, “Velvet.”



It is difficult to lose a pet.  Lost “BigBoy” a few months ago and miss him every day…he was a source of so much humor, love and companionship!   Condolences to anyone reading this who have lost their precious pets.  

MY REAL NAME WAS "BENNETT"… But, answered to "BigBoy," too!!

MY REAL NAME WAS “BENNETT”… But, liked “BigBoy,” too!!




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MamaJoyce Talks To Counselor About Todd And Kandi…

On last night’s RHOA… MamaJoyce gets some counseling.  Todd had to quit his job as a production assistant on the RHOA… how could he be a PA when he’s now part of Kandi’s story line?  This “MamaJoyce Clinging To Kandi… and Don’t Like Todd” is the only friction that producers could come up with and the “friction” will continue on Kandi and Todd’s spin off show.  BOOOOOORING…


NOTE:  Getting counseling is now added to the list of routine interchangeable story lines being used by all Housewives franchises….along with “psychics,” fighting trips, weddings, recommitment ceremonies, gay support, engagement parties, lunch meetings to blab about the party which one of the lunching Housewives missed.  The list could go on and on… these shows are just so predictable and frankly, SH readers have written better story lines!!

Apollo Explains The “Charity” Scammer

Totally believe Apollo… as he explains what happened with the charity scammer.  Apollo never once spoke to the man representing the “charity” as Apollo has a booking agent. Apollo also states that the deposit would be returned if he was unable to make the function.   Asking for a $2,000 appearance fee, the money would have gone for expenses:


RHOA Preview… AND Anonymous Letter About BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband

      MediaTakeOut.com, has received an anonymous letter from a woman who claims to have gotten intimate with BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband: “My name is Courtney and at first I was gonna keep this to myself as I promised peter but … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Models Ghostwriters Ramoaner Alana AND MORE!!

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  What happens when you’re a “model” and your mother is no longer a Housewife???   You are no longer an “international” model and have to send out “selfies”!     SkankyJo poses in ANOTHER see-through dress.   NOTE:  It’s … Continue reading

BigDummyCynthia Finds BarOne Info From “Blogs”!! UncleBen Didn’t Tell BigDummy For FOUR Months!

On the next RHOA:  BigDummyCynthia confronts her HouseHusband at his place of work, BarOne, to ask him about what’s goin’ on with BarOne!  BigDummyCynthia finds her information from the “blogs”… and HouseHusband says that he’s been dealing with this issue for FOUR months!  OK… how did BigDummyCynthia not know this for FOUR months??????  Here’s how:  Because she’s a BIGDummy!!!



NayNay “Apolgizes” To HouseHusband UncleBen!

On last night’s RHOA:  All this over the word “biatch”???  NayNay “apologizes” to UncleBen… love the hand-holding at the end.



RHOA PREVIEW: BigDummyCynthia And NayNay Are Talkin’ About Havin’ Words!

On tonight’s RHOA:  Just some filler until the REAL “discussion” happens between NayNay and BigDummyCynthia…

RHOA PREVIEW FrontPorsha Missin’ Kandi’s Audition…Kandi Not Happy

On tonight’s RHOA:  FrontPorsha don’t show up for Kandi’s audition and is plannin’ on skippin’ out on more audition days… Kandi wants to boot FrontPorhsha:

Apollo Says “Everybody Cheats”

On last night’s RHOA:   Big discussion about how EVERYONE cheats… PUH-LEEZE!!  Phaedra says Apollo don’t know what the hell he’s talkn’ about…

NayNay Calls BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband, Patricia, A “Biatch”

On last night’s RHOA:  NayNay suggests that UncleBen stop bein’ a girl and stick with the men.  Kenyan is weeping ’cause she’s “worked so hard” and NayNay’s wig is slippin’…

RHOA Preview: KenyanKenya And Apollo “Chat” … Phaedra Pissed

On tonight’s RHOA…

PORSHA WILLIAMS Sings LIVE!! “Flatlines” On 106 And Park!

porsha singing


FrontPorsha takes the challenge of singin’ LIVE on “106 and Park”… and we’re in total agreeance with this guy!  Can’t wait to see FrontPorsha add some choreography to her “singing”… and some backup dancers… and lots and lots of autotune!  FrontPorsha will then and only then be an official singin’ Housewife!!

Compare to FrontPorsha’s “official” Flatline release:

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview Ad: All Kindsa Fightin’…

NayNay’s goin after Todd…Phaedra’s goin’ after Kenya… and UncleBen goes after someone his own age!!   If only Sheree was there… sigh.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Phaedra Gotta Pee… Phaedra Lost Her Key!

On the next RHOA:  Phaedra is really pissed at Apollo… literally!  Phaedra leaves the par-tay and sulks off to her and Apollo’s room.  Apollo follows a few minutes later and says “tomato” “tamahto” and “juvial” “jovial” (uh… OK, Apollo!) before finding Phaedra locked outside of her posh Mexican five-star hotel.  A five-star hotel which still requires KEYS to enter your room!  Phaedra ain’t about to say nuthin’ on camera… all she’s sayin’ is that she gotta pee and needs a key! Phaedra will deal with Apollo later.  Phaedra learned all that in Deposition 101…



Come on now!  These HouseHusbands gettin’ their own air time gotta stop!  Are the Housewives THAT boring that they can’t fill 42 minutes???  On tonight’s RHOA… Todd gets some sage advice from the old sage, UncleBen.



Dear Todd do not listen to them, listen to Ernie K-Doe!!




On the next RHOA… Kenya and Apollo are STILL chatting, long enough for Phaedra to drop by!

TONY DOVOLANI Talks About NayNay’s Chances On DWTS…

NayNay’s DWTS partner, Tony Dovolani, chatted with RodneyHo from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Tony also tells the AJC that NayNay’s personality will help her get to the middle.  NOTE: NayNay is only there to give MissAndy a reason to be in the audience to cheer on another contestant… POOR TONY!!


NAY NAY’S NEEDLESS BLATHERING BRAVO BLOG: Mugshot And Kenyan Are Write-Offs… NayNay Is “Too Busy”

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Misery loves company! Manlow and Krayonce seem to be keeping each other company very well. They are back at their ol’ tricks. Krayonce wants this to be about her so badly! She has thirsty written all over her face. It’s way … Continue reading