Watch KenyanMoore’s LowBudget-Direct-To-YouTube Sitcom Pilot “Life Twirls On”… Complete With Really Bad Acting

Three grown sisters who share the same last name of Brown, are suddenly forced to move in together after the most successful sister has a nervous breakdown from ending a 1-day “marriage”.  

NayNay Walks Off RHOA Reunion Show… Escorted By DrJeff

NayNay gets to walk off the reunion show after she decides that she can’t talk about her mother, which no one was really talking about in the first place!  Dr. Jeff escorts NayNay off the stage.  Apparently, having a psychologist at your side shields you from MissAndy grabbing you and telling you that you cannot leave!


RHOA Reunion Preview: NayNay Goes Ghetto On Kandi… BigDummyCynthia Throws Out False Ratings Numbers

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KimZolciak NayNay, still obnoxious as ever, lets out her ghetto roots as she goes after Kandi…  The ONLY reason the RHOA reunion gets any atten-shun here: BigDummyCynthia throws out an erroneous statement about the ATL ratings.  BigDummyCynthia says that over … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Preview: More Of The Same…

What’s with the all-white garb?  


From April 2012:  Sheree was the ONLY Atlanta Housewife who could stand toe-to-toe with NayNay and push NayNay back to her ghetto roots…

MissAndy Talks RHOA Reunion…

Nothing here… move along!

NayNay Says She’s “Real” Just Like JoanRivers…

From TMZ... When asked about FashionPolice, NayNay says she’s “real” just like JoanRivers.  



RHOA Preview: Kenyan Pitches Her Sitcom!

Bravo did another sneaky move by not listing the RHOA preview with the RHOBH preview.  Bravo usually tags on VanderPumpMyStomachRules!   However, the RHOA preview of Kenyan pitching her sitcom idea to BobbcatBobb was pretty damn funny!  

RHOA Preview: Phaedra Visits Therapist/Apollo Visits Divorce Attorney

Phaedra visits her therapist… Apollo visits his divorce attorney.  Phaedra says that she never expected someone with a sordid past would repeat their crime(s)!  Apollo is just four days from surrendering to the Bureau of Prisons and is in discussions with the RHOA attorney on retainer, Randy Kessler!  Anyone who thinks that Phaedra had no knowledge of Apollo’s sordidness is very naive… and Phaedra ain’t takin’ her kids to no prison!

KimZ Wannabe NayNay Pushin’ Her Clothes…

KimZolciak GhettoNayNay was pushing her crap clothes earlier today on the Housewives official TV store, HSN.  NayNay is such a fashion maven and so knowledgeable about fashion that she knows all about “SNATCHED” waists on her “hot and sexy” overpriced jumpsuits!!  (FYI:  the word is “cinched.) 



Phaedra’s Nightclub Hug… Phaedra Talks With Apollo Six Times A Week

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Phaedra’s uncomfortable watching the nightclub scene with Apollo.  Also on WWHL, Phaedra says, “I talk to him at least, if not five, six times a week, if not more” and that their kids are “definitely in contact” with their father.   Ayden definitely … Continue reading

Phaedra Evades Question About Takin’ Kids To See Apollo In Prison!

Phaedra evades the question as to whether she’s takin’ her kids to the big house to see Apollo… but, she did send him a Christmas card!!    NOTE:  Phaedra’s moose-hunting garb was styled by Cabela’s…


Waiter Who Served RHOA Says It Was A Totally Phony Setup… And Thanks Phaedra For The $4 Tip!

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From CoreyThompson Facebook: “I was the server in this episode the ladies were very polite it was the producers they would not allow me to bring anything out to the table until they stopped filming I sat back by the … Continue reading


On the next RHOA, Apollo seeks counsel from the official RHOA divorce attorney… while Phaedra watches their kids in the pool.  For some reason, Phaedra just isn’t believable.  Watch for a Phaedra’s upcoming Bravo spinoff… “How I’m Living Single With Two Kids.”  And Juicy’s Bravo spinoff… “How I’m Living Single With FOUR Beautiful Daughters.”

Those “highly educated” Bravo people are soooo intelligent.


Apollo Goes To Jail…

This is one screwed up preview.  If you’re not a murderer, your crime isn’t that bad?  Would Apollo would still be committing crimes if his co-conspirator hadn’t brought him in?  If, as Phakedra says “going to court won’t change anything”… why didn’t she go to court for Apollo?  Doesn’t Phakedra think that her kids WILL be subjected to the disaster going on eventually?

Teresa and Juicy’s pre-prison sob story will involve their kids.

RHOA Sneak Peek Preview: Season Seven Premiere November 9

Here we go!  The RHOA will premiere on Sunday, November 9 at 8 pm… dovetailing into the slot left by the RHONJ.  Note to NayNay:  Hollywood ain’t lookin’ for YOU, neither!  ShereeWhitfield is the ONLY EX-Housewife that would be interesting to revive!


PeterThomas Does A Tamballs… Says He’s Reason To Watch RHOA! Says Apollo Has 30 Days ‘Til Prison…

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PeterThomas runs his mouth again with a Providence RI TV station.  UncleBen did a Tamballs when he said that HE’S the reason for watching the RHOA.  In his mind, the RHOA would be nowhere without the HouseHusbands.  UH, hate to … Continue reading


Apollo Talks About Life Before, During And After His Prison Sentence…Livid with “No-Show” Phaedra… Apollo Wants To Be “Foundated”

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Highlights of MasterMindApollo’s interview with radio station Be100Radio: his reality show experience, his home life, who’s supporting him, at the 7:33 mark is asked how his sentence has affected his family life, at the 9:45 mark explains how his mastermind … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY… ATLANTA! From Two Years Ago… KimZ’s BoyClothes… DumbCynthia

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From March 21, 2012… Two Years Ago!  Whatever happened???   Whatever happened to KimZ’s plan on “designing” a boy’s clothing line? “I’ve been asked to do a shoe line recently and I just going to leave that to Louboutin. However, … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: HouseHusbands Chat… About Kenya

bar one


How long is Bravo gonna draaaaaaag out the ATL franchise?  The next episode features all the HouseHusbands sittin’ around UncleBen’s BarOne chit-chatting about stuff Kenyan…

RHOA Reunion Show: Pheadra Shuts Down Kenya…

On the FINAL ATL Reunion show… Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…Phaedra Parks Nida shuts down Kenyan.  MissAndy asks Kenyan if she’s not coming back.  NOTE:  MissAndy’s question to Kenyan is laughable, as he knows who’s comin’ back and who ain’t…

RHOA Reunion: MissAndy Wants Apology From NayNay For Gay Remark

How DARE anyone say anything about the gays… especially on Bravo!!!   BUT, NayNay gets off easy in her disparagement of the gays!  MissAndy will NOT put NayNay through the same torture that he put Alexis Bellino and JuicyJoeJoodice through.  What would have happened to either Alexis or Juicy had they said what NayNay said about kissin’ MissAndy’s azz???  AND, further… what do you want me to do, arranged a parade?    Will this chick get away with this???

RHOA Reunion: Who’s The “Star”??

Don’t nobody say that NayNay ain’t the “star”… ‘specially when NayNay goes all ghet-toe!  Oh, how we miss Sheree…


RHOA Reunion: Apollo Is Kenya’s Story Line… Apollo Wants Paid!

Apollo tells Kenyan that without him Kenyan has no story line… and Kenyan should be payin’ Apollo!    MissAndy acts like he don’t know any prison terminology.. MissAndy better familiarize himself with all the prison talk; so many of his “actors” are headed to the clink.

RHOA Reunion: Who’s Most Successful?

Everybody knows… said like Phaedra… that Kandi IS the most successful Housewife.  BUT, NayNay has to stomp out Kandi’s brief moment.


NOTE:  NayNay was soooo successful that when it came time for her to raise money for charity on CelebrityApprentice, she took off in a taxi and never went back!  As reported on SH May 2011 “NayNay Quits CelebrityApprentice”

Nene missing wanted poster  rhoa