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From CDAN… December 15, 2014

Last week (December 2014) this RH-ATL barely hanging on to her part got into a fight with this former B- list mostly television actress who was on the show of the 80’s as a child star so was presumably safe back then.

Anyway, the former child star is now the go to woman for the guy who was taking care of the RH-ATL star.

SOLVED:  Porsha Williams/Keshia Knight Pulliam

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BLIND ITEM REVEALED! It’s A Housewife From Atlanta!!

kenya aunt boyfriend free gas

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife was in Vegas over the weekend (July 2014) and was not shy about making it clear she was available for the night or week or longer for the right price.

IT’S Kenya Moore!

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NOTE:  Kenyan may have obtained a $20,000 cashier’s check, but the DPSF has yet to cash it, ’cause Kenyan didn’t give it!  So, neither Kenyan nor NayNay have come through with their promised donation!

kenya check



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From CDAN… May 14, 2014 This Southeast Real Housewife got passed over to one of her suitor’s friends last week. Apparently it is part of the couple’s deal together if she wants to keep living a life of luxury. ANSWER: … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Yoda…Vicki… RHONJ… PamDana…BubbaJax…New WhatCrappens!

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GOOD LORD!!!  There is another Housewife who just might knock BigFeetKelly Bensimon’s “BIG FEET” title from her! Take a look at YolandaFoster’s HUGE gnarled feet! Yoda was out with her cough, cough “model” daughter, Alana… at the DailyMail. Doin’ a … Continue reading

“Evangelist” FrontPorsha Preachin’…And Singin’ UPDATE: Apology

Which is the real FrontPorsha???  While she’s preachin’ FrontPorsha seems to speak fairly well… where was this FrontPorsha on the RHOA?  What a phony…


AND… FrontPorsha can’t sing, either!


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Kordell Stewart Says “Bright Lights” Seduced FrontPorsha

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Kordell Stewart responds to his ex-wife FrontPorsha’s claims of abuse:  I married my wife because she was a Godly woman who had accepted her calling as a minister. The bright lights made Porsha lose her way. I no longer know … Continue reading


FrontPorsha Says Kordell Abused Her…And ‘Splains ATL Reunion Brawl

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If you’re looking forward to hearing what FrontPorsha has to say on today’s “TheView”… she’s already covered everything when she started her media tour chatting with AccessHollywood.   FrontPorsha covers abuse, Kordell bein’ gay and, of course, it all funnels … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!! MissAndy Just LOVES Those Housewives Brawls!!

Despite him saying otherwise, MissAndy LOVES this stuff!!  

andy rhoa fighting pg


NOTE:  FrontPorsha is scheduled to chat about this latest Housewives brawl on Tuesday’s “TheView.”   Why is FrontPorsha doing PR at this point…when she’s been allegedly FIRED???     Here’s why:  gotta keep interest up for the RHOA lost footage episode!

FrontPorsha Dents Kenyan’s Pageant Sceptre!

How dare FrontPorsha dent a perfectly good pageant sceptre!?!?!   Oh yeah… everyone believes Kenyan has an African oil tycoon boyfriend.  Now that Kenyan is front and center on a “reality” show, Kenyan had better start producing somma her REAL boyfriends!!  No Walters, puh-leeze!

RHOA Reunion: Kenya Moore Bullhorns Porsha Williams Into “Embarrassing” Meltdown

Now THIS is hysterical!!! “BRAV-O” to FrontPorsha for the attack on Kenyan… just too bad FrontPorsha didn’t pull off Kenyan’s wig down to the nylon cap! How dramatic for FrontPorsha to be carried off after she “embarrassed” herself. REALLY??? REALLY?? FrontPorsha had no clue that just participating in this producer-induced drivel is embarrassing enough??? FrontPorsha now gets an award as an honorary Stoopidest Housewife!  AND… is nominated for “WorstActress On A Housewives Reunion Show”!



RHOA Reunion: MissAndy Gives FrontPorsha The “No Fighting” Lecture… And Shows Her The Exit!

What a total crock of crap!  MissAndy telling FrontPorsha that “getting physical is not the way”… and then sends FrontPorsha home!?!?!?  Has MissAndy actually watched any of his executively-produced “reality” shows???

THIS is what MissAndy said about the incident:

“There was an altercation that took place between Kenya and Porsha … I was trying to prevent it … I think it’s gross.  And I think it’s just totally inappropriate.  It’s wrong.  It’s not entertaining.  It’s just bad.”  

NOTE:  Raise your hand if you saw MissManners MissAndy “preventing” the altercation…what a joke.  A little too late, MissAndy… everyone knows that you thrive on this stuff!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS TreeJoodice DrunkOtis FrontPorsha REALLY???

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      WE’RE GIVIN’ THESE HOUSEWIVES ITEMS 3837643,938473634,9997346 REALLY’S?????? WHY???  Because we REALLY cannot believe that others are just now opening their eyes to what SH readers have known for years!!   GASP!!!  Tree Joodice is demanding CASH ONLY … Continue reading

Kenyan Calls The Cops On FrontPorsha!!

From TMZ:

Listen to Kenyan call the cops on FrontPorsha…Kenyan don’t sound all that skeered!


NOTE:  UNREAL… someone is calling the operator “racist” because they asked for a description of the assailant!!!  That’s what the 911 operator’s job is!!!




  NOTE:  There were several versions of what happened during the RHOA reunion show taping yesterday.  The reports have toned down and the brawl wasn’t as vicious as first reported!  FIRST REPORT:  Williams, 32, reportedly got into a physical fight … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Radziwill Apollo LisaVPump BFrankel Yoda RHOA Brawl… AND MORE!

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  Carole Radziwill tells the CharlotteObserver that Housewives pay for their own hair and makeup… Do you have to do your own hair and makeup for Real Housewives? “Yes, we have to do it ourselves. I mean I have a … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! SkankyJo LisaPump RHOA Spawn of Tamballs…AND MORE!!!

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SkankyJo is so desperate to be one of the Beverly Hills HWs that she’s carryin’ around a Stella!!!     DrunkOtis LOVES her Stellas!!!   DRUNK OTIS PROMISES THAT SHE’S NOT GONNA BE TWEETING… AS MUCH AS SHE USED TO! … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: KenyanKenya And Apollo “Chat” … Phaedra Pissed

On tonight’s RHOA…


PORSHA WILLIAMS: FrontPorsha Says Dating Rumors Are False! Buy My Stuff!!!!

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NOTE:  Did anyone actually believe the FrontPorsha dating story “allegedly” planted by FrontPorsha’s PR people??  A nice try to get some atten-shun for FrontPorsha’s new single!  Besides, KenyanKenya already has taken the “I’m dating an African prince” story!  One to … Continue reading

PORSHA STEWART: Accused of Being Kordell’s Beard…

On last night’s RHOA… FrontPorsha is accused of being Kordells’s beard.  FrontPorsha says that Kordell was “broken.”  Note to HouseHusbands:  Shut UP!

KORDELL STEWART: Blames Divorce On Porsha’s Family… VIDEO

HouseHubbend and big Buttinski, Peter, gets the details from Kordell about his divorce from FrontPorsha.  NOTE:  There’s something else goin’ on besides BigMama eatin’ some pepperoni pizza in Kordy’s bedroom…does anyone at this point CARE what caused their divorce???

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Peter Butts Into Porsha’s Divorce From Kordell…

On the next RHOA:  So sick of these moronic HouseHusbands butting into everyone’s business.  Still cannot believe that Peter is 53… really had him figured to be around 60!  DumbCynthia needs to loosen up her boobs in that dress…


PORSHA WILLIAMS: FrontPorsha’s BravoBlog… ‘Splains BaileyBowlBrawl…Blames Kenya

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Hello loves, I hope you had an awesome weekend! My weekend was pretty epic. I was onWWHL Sunday with RuPaul, the queen himself! AMAZEBALLS, love him! I was so busy right up to the time I had to fly into NY … Continue reading


On the next RHOA:  Watch out!!  Big old Gregg goes after the ONLY HouseHusband he could possibly beat up… UncleBen!!