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From CDAN… December 15, 2014

Last week (December 2014) this RH-ATL barely hanging on to her part got into a fight with this former B- list mostly television actress who was on the show of the 80’s as a child star so was presumably safe back then.

Anyway, the former child star is now the go to woman for the guy who was taking care of the RH-ATL star.

SOLVED:  Porsha Williams/Keshia Knight Pulliam

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BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Atlanta Housewife?

From CDAN:


This still married Atlanta Housewife is bribing a bank executive she had sex with to give her a loan or she will tell his wife about their affair.

NOTE:   The legal term for this action is BLACKMAIL.  

Definition of BRIBE:  persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.  

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Dumbest Housewife BackPorcha!

Poor BackPorcha.  She’s been telling anyone that will listen that she’s getting a spin off.   The only spin off she’s getting is a spin in the revolving door of Housewives that MissAndy/Bravo uses… and out the door BackPorcha goes!!  No spin off for her!

BLIND ITEM REVEALED: The “Philanthropist” Housewife Who Demanded CASH!!! FrontPorcha Pissed!!


From CDAN:

“Part of the problem when you start demanding gifts from your suitor is that sometimes the suitor will end up wanting the gifts back, especially when you start trash talking him in front of his business associates. Such is the case of this list reality star from an A list reality cable franchise. She was flaunting all of her gifts that she had received from her suitor and it was an impressive haul. Missing from the haul though was actual CASH. Most of the really expensive gifts were still in his name. Sure, there was some jewelry he gave her, but she is not desperate enough to sell it yet. She will be though because she thinks her new boyfriend is going to be able to give her the same life she had with her husband and her suitor, but they are worlds apart in income, despite the profession of her current boyfriend.

Anyway, while at a gathering with her suitor, our reality star began complaining about who her new suitor was not man enough because he wasn’t also giving her cash and that she should find someone who would also take care of her financially and started hitting on the suitor’s friends in front of the suitor himself and made it perfectly clear that she would be willing to start something with one of them or all of them if they would also provide CASH to go with the gifts.

That was enough for the suitor to start having all the possessions he could repossessed from our reality star and shutting down lines of credit he opened for her and just making her life even worse than what it was. She also had taken out some loans from people using the name of her suitor, but now will be forced to get money from family or her new boyfriend to make good on those debts.”

It’s “Philanthropist” “Singer” Porsha Williams!

rhoa porsha

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FrontPorcha was asked to point out any lies in this item.   Just like the many Housewives who made threats before her, we are still waiting for her response.



NOTE:  FrontPorcha mysteriously DELETED her lawsuit-threatening tweet!!   HMMMM… wonder why!?!?



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Kordell Stewart Says “Bright Lights” Seduced FrontPorsha

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Kordell Stewart responds to his ex-wife FrontPorsha’s claims of abuse:  I married my wife because she was a Godly woman who had accepted her calling as a minister. The bright lights made Porsha lose her way. I no longer know … Continue reading

FrontPorsha On “TheView”…

How ridiculous is this chick???   FrontPorsha is callin’ Kenyan’s wand and bullhorn “weapons”… isn’t the 15 minutes just about over for this Carlos King-produced fracas???


RHOA PREVIEW FrontPorsha Missin’ Kandi’s Audition…Kandi Not Happy

On tonight’s RHOA:  FrontPorsha don’t show up for Kandi’s audition and is plannin’ on skippin’ out on more audition days… Kandi wants to boot FrontPorhsha:

PORSHA WILLIAMS Sings LIVE!! “Flatlines” On 106 And Park!

porsha singing


FrontPorsha takes the challenge of singin’ LIVE on “106 and Park”… and we’re in total agreeance with this guy!  Can’t wait to see FrontPorsha add some choreography to her “singing”… and some backup dancers… and lots and lots of autotune!  FrontPorsha will then and only then be an official singin’ Housewife!!

Compare to FrontPorsha’s “official” Flatline release:


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS!! FrontPorsha Apollo PTHousewife Ramoaner NayNay

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FRIENDS OF KORDELL are keepin’ the FrontPorsha Divorce Saga Alive:  “She used him and took advantage of the situation in hopes that it would get her to the next level financially and professionally,” the tipster claimed. “Honestly, if she hadn’t … Continue reading

PORSHA STEWART: Accused of Being Kordell’s Beard…

On last night’s RHOA… FrontPorsha is accused of being Kordells’s beard.  FrontPorsha says that Kordell was “broken.”  Note to HouseHusbands:  Shut UP!

KORDELL STEWART: Blames Divorce On Porsha’s Family… VIDEO

HouseHubbend and big Buttinski, Peter, gets the details from Kordell about his divorce from FrontPorsha.  NOTE:  There’s something else goin’ on besides BigMama eatin’ some pepperoni pizza in Kordy’s bedroom…does anyone at this point CARE what caused their divorce???


PORSHA STEWART: Cover Your Ears!! FrontPorsha Thinks She Can Sing!

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FrontPorsha not only can read, but FrontPorsha says she has vocal abilities and will be releasing a single soon!! Porsha explained her reasoning for putting out an EP as opposed to a full album. “It will be about 5 songs,” … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Preview… Next Episode Is Real TearJerker… Everybody Cries!

On the next RHOA:  Kenya’s father visits…  KimZolciak MichaelJackson NayNay makes FrontPorsha cry…  Kandi cries:

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Porsha Stewart Says Kordell Didn’t Want A Divorce…

On the next RealHousewivesOfAtlanta:   FrontPorsha says she’s been talkin’ with Kordell …Kordell didn’t want a divorce:



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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Porsha Williams… Wins “Boxa Rocks” Trophy!!

The award for STOOPIDEST Housewife this week goes to… Porsha Williams Stewart!



AND…NayNay has turned into Kim Zolciak.


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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Season Six Premiere November 3…

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