PhaedraParks Refuses To Answer Deposition Questions Re Apollo’s Criminal Activities

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According to the DailyMail, PhaedraParks is NOT cooperating with Angela Stanton’s attorneys in the investigation of Phaedra’s involvement with her husband’s, Apollo Nida’s, felonious criminal behavior: Phaedra Parks has been accused of ‘making a mockery’ of the legal system by … Continue reading

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Apollo Talks About Life Before, During And After His Prison Sentence…Livid with “No-Show” Phaedra… Apollo Wants To Be “Foundated”

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Highlights of MasterMindApollo’s interview with radio station Be100Radio: his reality show experience, his home life, who’s supporting him, at the 7:33 mark is asked how his sentence has affected his family life, at the 9:45 mark explains how his mastermind … Continue reading


Apollo’s Terms Of Prison Release: Five Years Probation…Work At Lawful Occupation… Notify Court If Acting As An Informant!

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Apollo is basically screwed. Any money he makes in prison must be applied to the $1.9 million in restitution… and, he can’t move a muscle without notifying his probation officer. IF Phaedra divorces Apollo, that screw is wound tighter.   Doubt … Continue reading


Apollo Nida UPDATE: Mother, Brother In Court… No Phaedra!

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During today’s hearing, Apollo’s defense attorney called his mother and brother to the stand and they talked about his difficult upbringing. His mom said she was a drug addict while raising her children. It is now up to the prison … Continue reading


Apollo Nida Gets Eight Years… Reduced From Max of 30 For Snitching!…UPDATE: Apollo Required to Pay Up To $4.5 Million Restitution!

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Apollo Nida just got an enormous break for singing like a canary … he got 1/4 the maximum sentence for a massive money fraud scheme. Nida — who appears on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with wife Phaedra Parks — was … Continue reading


Apollo “Loses” House For $2,000 Taxes

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After doing some due diligence, found that the screeching “EXCUSIVE” of Apollo Nida losing his house was true.  Kinda. The house which was purchased by the highest bidder at the FultonCountySheriff’sSale was NOT the home Apollo shares with Phaedra.  The … Continue reading


Is Apollo Prepared For His June 10 Deposition? Questions Include Phaedra Parks’ Involvement

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  Before Apollo Nida is sentenced on July 8, Apollo must sit down with the Feds and answer their questions… ALL their questions. If you were unaware what Apollo had been up to, here’s the basics: Earlier this month, Apollo … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: HouseHusbands Chat… About Kenya

bar one


How long is Bravo gonna draaaaaaag out the ATL franchise?  The next episode features all the HouseHusbands sittin’ around UncleBen’s BarOne chit-chatting about stuff Kenyan…


Apollo Pleads Guilty… Wire, Mail And Bank Fraud… Sucked Into “Reality” Show

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  Apollo Nida pled guilty to charges of mail, wire and bank fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.  Nida accepted charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years and a … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Show: Pheadra Shuts Down Kenya…

On the FINAL ATL Reunion show… Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…Phaedra Parks Nida shuts down Kenyan.  MissAndy asks Kenyan if she’s not coming back.  NOTE:  MissAndy’s question to Kenyan is laughable, as he knows who’s comin’ back and who ain’t…

RHOA Reunion: Apollo Is Kenya’s Story Line… Apollo Wants Paid!

Apollo tells Kenyan that without him Kenyan has no story line… and Kenyan should be payin’ Apollo!    MissAndy acts like he don’t know any prison terminology.. MissAndy better familiarize himself with all the prison talk; so many of his “actors” are headed to the clink.



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Gayla St. Julien starts out with an insult, then gives her account of what went on with Apollo… and then pushes her book! “To all the people who hide behind keyboards with negative comments and opinions. To the individuals who … Continue reading


Apollo Nida Waives Indictment… Is Plea Agreement In Works?

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  As mentioned in yesterday’s “HousewivesNews”… Apollo Nida’s “right-hand b*tch,” Gayla St. Julien has been sentenced to five years and one month in a Southeast Federal prison.  The following are part of the official court documents, which show the recommendation … Continue reading

More Apollo!!! Dumbazz Apollo Speaks!!

The RHOA have cornered the market on total dumbazzes.  Apollo Nida talks with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about his spending habits.  Apollo compares spending $8,000 to buying a purse.  Apollo also says that he and Phaedra made/make $32,000 a month from sales of their booty video AND Apollo also says that he’s makin’ money by flipping houses.  Yeah… OK, Apollo.   Youz a total dumbazz.


(Thanks to SH readers “MissA” “anon” and “cybraxis”!!!!)


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Sonja BFrankel FrontPorsha KomaKathy Kenyan Apollo Tamballs MORE!

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Sonja Morgan says she’s much more than a toaster oven… “You can’t put Sonja Morgan in a toaster oven box,” she continued. “You have to go with the lipsticks, the sunglasses, the scarves, the handbags, the lingerie, it’s like a … Continue reading

Phaedra Parks On WWHL… Will Support Apollo Until His Case Is Resolved!

Listen VERY carefully to Phaedra Parks’ words… VERY carefully!  On last night’s WWHL, Phaedra pledges her love to her felon hubbend, Apollo.  After all, they ARE a fambly, are married and Apollo IS the father to their two lovely children.   At the very end of this clip comes the truth from Phaedra!  Phaedra plans on supporting her felon hubbend until his case is resolved.  MissAndy failed to continue with the next question which should have been:  “What will you do once Apollo’s case is resolved?”  We’re smellin’ a big old DIVORCE!!


Apollo Explains The “Charity” Scammer

Totally believe Apollo… as he explains what happened with the charity scammer.  Apollo never once spoke to the man representing the “charity” as Apollo has a booking agent. Apollo also states that the deposit would be returned if he was unable to make the function.   Asking for a $2,000 appearance fee, the money would have gone for expenses:

RHOA Preview: KenyanKenya And Apollo “Chat” … Phaedra Pissed

On tonight’s RHOA…