KenyanMoore’s MillionaireMatchmaker Boyfriend Is Married….Another Phony Boyfriend For A Story Line!!

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“I’m so surprised”… said NO ONE! KenyanMoore reveals that her MillionaireMatchmaker boyfriend was engaged while looking for some easy reality show money love and got himself married a week after the show aired!! Kenyan is “astounded” and “devastated”… Kenyan just … Continue reading


NayNay’s Sister Says Don’t Fall For NayNay’s Acting… NayNay Turned HER Back On Her Mother!

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We weren’t falling for NayNay’s sob story which resulted in NayNay being “carried” out of MissAndy’s ATL reunion questioning,  While so many others were castigating Kandi and DumbCynthia for not immediately jumping off the reunion sofa and on the “poor, … Continue reading

Watch KenyanMoore’s LowBudget-Direct-To-YouTube Sitcom Pilot “Life Twirls On”… Complete With Really Bad Acting

Three grown sisters who share the same last name of Brown, are suddenly forced to move in together after the most successful sister has a nervous breakdown from ending a 1-day “marriage”.  


KenyanMoore Sued For Identity Theft By AuntViv From FreshPrinceOfBelAir… Pissed About Kenyan’s “Reality” Show

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“… beware the new Reality TV Scam [Kenya Moore’s “Life Twirls On”].  Obtaining SAG contracts to promote their own story lines. I was used…beware Reality TV personalities! And all extras, when they want to pay you 10.00 an hour as … Continue reading


LugLipsRinna Hired For High Camp Role…Playing KrisKartrashian

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LugLipsRinna has signed on to play the momager in an upcoming miniseries, which centers on the OJ Simpson murder trial, titled ‘American Crime Story.’ “Producers believe that Lisa is perfect to play the part of Kris.  The current plan is to … Continue reading

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Kenyan Or TrickyVicki?

Did TrickyVicki sell Kenyan her old OC reunion dress at her new “clothing boutique” pyramid scheme?

DRESS SH Kenyan TrickyVicki

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SH “HIT AND RUN” All The Tweets… From The Week! Special “Thanks” To LisaVanderpump!

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MissAndy knows the productions schedule and knew the day/time for the coffee shop shoot… he could have taken Sean with him!!  SeanAvery STILL hasn’t married his “fiancee” HilaryRhoda!  Sean was last seen signing autographs at RiteAid! KYLE RICHARDS… TEEN MODEL … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: Kenyan Pitches Her Sitcom!

Bravo did another sneaky move by not listing the RHOA preview with the RHOBH preview.  Bravo usually tags on VanderPumpMyStomachRules!   However, the RHOA preview of Kenyan pitching her sitcom idea to BobbcatBobb was pretty damn funny!  

NayNay Does A SkankyJo! Sends Kenyan A C&D Letter…

What a joke!  ANOTHER Housewife lawsuit for atten-shun!  NayNay’s attys, TheSecretLawFirm, looks like some top tier legal minds!  To make the flimsy charges stick, they would first have to prove that NayNay is a “celebrity”!  KimZolciak NayNay can dish it out, but she can’t take it…

nay nay letter to kenyan

(Thanks “Mike”!!)

SH “Hit And Run”…

OOPS!!!  This is going on now!!  Hurry if you want to see the NJ Twins!

rhonj twins

Teresa and her four beautiful dawters hang out with Kim Zolciak NayNay…

teresa naynay

teresa naynay

The CelebrityApprentice PR photo… DrunkOtis totally eclipsed by Kenyan!!!

celebrity apprentice

Tree lighting with the Gorgas… Melissa was not invited to lip sync sing!!

melissa christmas

DrunkOtis hangs out with HeatherT and Tallmark…  WHAT!?!? No EBoost product placement??

rhony RHONY

PT Housewife on the only “reality” show which would take her… and her HouseHusband:

(Thanks “Chris”!!!)

KenyanGoes After NayNay For Empty Donation Promise…

Nene Carson pg

NeNe is on Broadway right? So why is it that she is delaying her promise to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation to donate $20,000? My guess is she only made the promise because she thought I didn’t have the money to match hers. She never intended to pay. She said, “I write the check you match it.” However, I wrote the check first. So what is the issue? This is not a pissing contest. For once in her life NeNe should help someone else out who needs it.

She wants someone to support her and be happy for her success, but then stiffs needy kids out of $20,000! Write a check to help some children thrive and be able to have an education in order to have options in life. #PAYUPRICHBITCH.

NOTE:  POT MEET KETTLE!  When last checked DPSH hasn’t received any money!  If Kenyan had given the check, there would be photographic evidence for everyone to see!!   Prediction: The cameras will be rolling when BOTH Housewives present their checks… 

kenya check


Waiter Who Served RHOA Says It Was A Totally Phony Setup… And Thanks Phaedra For The $4 Tip!

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From CoreyThompson Facebook: “I was the server in this episode the ladies were very polite it was the producers they would not allow me to bring anything out to the table until they stopped filming I sat back by the … Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice: Housewives Throw Pies

Kenyan Moore and DrunkOtis shove pies into each other’s faces…just like watching a Housewives show:

BLIND ITEM REVEALED! It’s A Housewife From Atlanta!!

kenya aunt boyfriend free gas

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife was in Vegas over the weekend (July 2014) and was not shy about making it clear she was available for the night or week or longer for the right price.

IT’S Kenya Moore!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

NOTE:  Kenyan may have obtained a $20,000 cashier’s check, but the DPSF has yet to cash it, ’cause Kenyan didn’t give it!  So, neither Kenyan nor NayNay have come through with their promised donation!

kenya check


SHOW DPSF THE MONEY, KENYA!! Kenya Flashing Check… DPSF Hasn’t Received Donation! UPDATE: We Told You This Weeks Ago…

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UPDATE:  NayNay says she ain’t ponying up her $20,000 because the statute of limitations have been met.  The DetroitPublicSchoolsFoundation says there is no statute of limitations.  BUT, it doesn’t matter… NEITHER Kenyan nor NayNay has made their donation. From October … Continue reading


KenyaMoore Dupes Detroit Deposit… AGAIN! Kenyan’s Charity Spent $500,000 More Than Donated! Where’s The Money?… UPDATE: Kenya Comes Through… Where’s NayNay’s Money?

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From DetroitFreePress… NOTE:  Can these “wealthy” Housewives do anything charitable without cameras to document how wonderfully zen they are???  Kenya Moore, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” won’t be able to attend an assembly planned in her … Continue reading


Kenyan STILL Searching For “Celebrity” Assistant… Follow The Rules!

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In still looking for a full time assistant. Apply now and follow rules or you will be disqualified.  Interviews will likely be this Friday.   LIKELY???  #hiremekenyamoore follow @mrcouture and me for more details and check out picture for application … Continue reading


Kenya Moore Does Fast Recovery After “Gone With The Wind” Slip And Fall…

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Kenya Moore, along with some other Housewives, were in LasVegas over the weekend, where Kenya did her “GoneWithTheWind” fabulous prance down the runway.  The Housewives were in LV ’cause Bravo pimped them out to a select group of high rollers.   … Continue reading

THE HOUSEWIVES REPORT: JillZ, Joan Rivers Hates BFrankel… MORE!



Luxury Listings NYC is giving a few lucky fans the chance to meet former Real Housewives of New York cast member Jill Zarin.


Joan Rivers on EX-RHONY B for BLEEEEEEECH! Frankel:

“If I want the life sucked out of me, I’ll spend a long weekend with Bethenny Frankel,” she reportedly said, attacking the former “Real Housewives of New York” star.

The “LoveLocks” attached to the Pont des Arts footbridge over the Seine in Paris by the RHOBH have made parts of the bridge collapse.

Heather Dull-BRO’s KTLA co-hosting was just a part of her RHOC storyline

Lil’ Kim gave birth to a baby girl named Royal Reign.  Her BabyDaddy is rapper “Mr. Papers”… so, the lil girl will be stuck with the name Royal Papers!

KandiBuruss gives some good business advice to

My advice to anyone out there looking to go into business is to first cut back on your spending. Get a cheaper apartment and less expensive car. Stop flossin’. Pull back on your expenses and put money to the side until you’ve stacked up enough to put toward your dream. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why would anyone else?


Mia Deakin, the daughter of reality TV star Jody Claman of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, was shot in the shoulder and is listed in stable condition following surgery.   NOTE:  The Vancouver PD advises women to “stay away from gangsters”! 

Kenyan Moore has a new phony boyfriend she’ll be showin’ off on the next season of the RHOA… just like her old boyfriend, Walter!!  Kenyan has been traveling all over Europe with her phony boyfriend, but only puts photos her herself on twitter and Instagram.  NOTE:  Does anyone still believe anything on these Housewives shows are real????

(Thanks to SH readers “Dave” and “PDM”!!!)


KENYA MOORE… Boyfriend Is Real! Really???

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KENYA’S PHONY BALONEY AFRICAN OIL PRINCE HAS FINALLY BEEN EXPOSED… BY KENYA!   “That moment when you think about closing your eyes or getting hot grits… #tobeinlove #tobesafe #toletyourguarddown #toforgive #toloveunconditionally #topickyourbattles #tobeprotected #tolets—go #tofightfair #tobecommitted Love is a choice, … Continue reading



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  In this item spoon fed to the DailyMail… the Donald rips the “evil” Kenya Moore: ‘Kenya is rude and a holy terror to the crew. She demands special treatment and extra days off and refuses to use the show’s … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: HouseHusbands Chat… About Kenya

bar one


How long is Bravo gonna draaaaaaag out the ATL franchise?  The next episode features all the HouseHusbands sittin’ around UncleBen’s BarOne chit-chatting about stuff Kenyan…


Kenyan/NayNay… Neither ATL Housewife Has Paid Up Charity Pledge

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  Remember when NayNay challenged Kenyan to a charity donation duel during the ATL reunion… taped on March 27?? ‘Since you felt that I behaved so badly at your charity event, I will do this for you,’ Leakes said. ‘Let’s … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Show: Pheadra Shuts Down Kenya…

On the FINAL ATL Reunion show… Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…Phaedra Parks Nida shuts down Kenyan.  MissAndy asks Kenyan if she’s not coming back.  NOTE:  MissAndy’s question to Kenyan is laughable, as he knows who’s comin’ back and who ain’t…

RHOA Reunion: Who’s The “Star”??

Don’t nobody say that NayNay ain’t the “star”… ‘specially when NayNay goes all ghet-toe!  Oh, how we miss Sheree…