RHOA Preview: Kenya Puts “Velvet” To Rest…



On the next RHOA… Kenya has a funeral service for her lil dog, “Velvet.”



It is difficult to lose a pet.  Lost “BigBoy” a few months ago and miss him every day…he was a source of so much humor, love and companionship!   Condolences to anyone reading this who have lost their precious pets.  

MY REAL NAME WAS "BENNETT"… But, answered to "BigBoy," too!!

MY REAL NAME WAS “BENNETT”… But, liked “BigBoy,” too!!




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Kenyan Calls The Cops On FrontPorsha!!

From TMZ:

Listen to Kenyan call the cops on FrontPorsha…Kenyan don’t sound all that skeered!


NOTE:  UNREAL… someone is calling the operator “racist” because they asked for a description of the assailant!!!  That’s what the 911 operator’s job is!!!



KENYA MOORE: How DUMB Is Kenyan??? Kenyan’s PR People Say That Kenyan APPROVES Of Bellicose Behavior!!!

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Kenya Moore denies that a brawl broke out between her and her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Stewart during a taping of the Atlanta reunion show. “A fight broke out that had to be broken up,” a source was … Continue reading



  NOTE:  There were several versions of what happened during the RHOA reunion show taping yesterday.  The reports have toned down and the brawl wasn’t as vicious as first reported!  FIRST REPORT:  Williams, 32, reportedly got into a physical fight … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Radziwill Apollo LisaVPump BFrankel Yoda RHOA Brawl… AND MORE!

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  Carole Radziwill tells the CharlotteObserver that Housewives pay for their own hair and makeup… Do you have to do your own hair and makeup for Real Housewives? “Yes, we have to do it ourselves. I mean I have a … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: KenyanKenya And Apollo “Chat” … Phaedra Pissed

On tonight’s RHOA…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview Ad: All Kindsa Fightin’…

NayNay’s goin after Todd…Phaedra’s goin’ after Kenya… and UncleBen goes after someone his own age!!   If only Sheree was there… sigh.

SH **EXCLUSIVE** DrunkOtis Ditches Ken And LisaVanderPumpMyStomach!!!

The VanderPumpMyStomachs are reported to be overcome by… utter happiness at this news!!  

Let the cocktails flow and the chain smoking begin!!

Brandi Trump pg



NOTE:  KenyaMoore is rumored to have already signed on for “CelebrityApprentice”

KENYA MOORE Has A Chat With Apollo …

On next week’s RHOA:  Kenya has a chat with Apollo.  Like…what was the point of this???


KENYA MOORE: KenyanKenya’s BravoBlog… Says NayNay Uses Acts Of “Terrorism”!

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JAMAICA ME CRAZY Happy Birthday, Peter! You wear 53 well. It was nice to see Cynthia and Peter happy and smiling. I hope they can continue to work out their issues. I do not necessarily agree with Cynthia as to why she … Continue reading

RHOA nene booting sheree off RHOA

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: BaileyBowl Disrupted… MugshotMarlo Cries Over NayNay… NayNay NameDrops Donald Trump

On last night’s RHOA:  The BaileyBowl has been disbanded by all the bellicose behavior of the badazz Housewives… in particular, NayNay.  MugshotMarlo cries because she taught NayNay everything she knows.  The funniest part of this entire BS… NayNay bringin’ up DonaldTrump!!!   Yeah… daDonald probably checks in with NayNay every hour.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: MugshotMarlo and Kenya Chat About NayNay…

On the next RHOA:  MugshotMarlo and KenyanKenya chat about NayNay… NOTE:  NayNay should have other “acting” projects lined up… she says talks with Tyler Perry every week!  At least that’s what NayNay said back in November 2012!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: All The Housewives Junk That Doesn’t Deserve Any Atten-Shun…

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Housewives stuff that we really couldn’t be bothered with during the past few days…and don’t deserve further atten-shun: PhelonPhaedra Parks is speaking at AlabamaStateUniversity to talk about “the steps that she has taken in life to reach her current platform.” … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Saving Our Daughters “Charity” Releases New Statement… This Time About Tax Exempt Status!

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SavingOurDaughters explains their tax-exempt status… they must be under some kinda pressure or NayNay has threatened to stomp on them with her HermanMunsters!! “Saving Our Daughters’ has been a non-profit since 1997 and received its 501 C-3 in 1998. Many … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Saving Our Daughters Charity Deletes “Official Statement”

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“SaveOurDaughters” has mysteriously taken down their official statement, which explained their part on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  This is what you get when you click on the “Official Statement”…   THIS was the “OfficialStatement”… OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM SAVING OUR … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: MugshotMarlo Arrives… NayNay Whips Water Bottle

RHOA Preview:  The gym games BaileyBowl begins… MugshotMarlo arrives… NayNay whips a water bottle at Mugshot!

“SAVE OUR DAUGHTERS” CHARITY: Exempt Status Revoked By IRS… Where Is The Money Going??… UPDATE: NayNay’s Photo Added 2.19.2014

In response to the statement issued by the “SaveOurDaughters” Charity… KenyaMoore has produced messages from “SaveOurDaughters” and some canceled checks.

All of this back and forth re who did what and how much money was donated may be for nada… as “SaveOurDaughters” has not filed the proper forms with the IRS to be a charitable organization AND is not recognized as a legitimate charity.



2006 was the last year “SaveOurDaughters” provided their revenue and expense report… as you can see, out of over $100,000 revenue, only $16,000 was used for their charity!  Where did the $93,782 go???


NOTE:  There are NO Housewives included in the “Celebrity Supporters” page on the SavingOurDaughters site!  UPDATE:  NayNay’s photo was added to the “Celebrity Supporters” at SaveOurDaughters on February 19, 2014!  NayNay’s photo was NOT on SaveOurDaughters until that date…


On the next RHOA… NayNay has a “discussion” with Kenya…

SAVE OUR DAUGHTERS Charity… Says What Was Aired On The RHOA Was Total BS!…Received $0 From Kenya Moore Masquerade Ball…




To all of our sponsors, contributors and friends - 

On February 16, 2014, Saving Our Daughters was mentioned on the episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta as being honored with a fundraiser on its behalf.

Our charity was contacted by publicist April Love to get approval and give notice of this upcoming event. Much to our delight, we were indeed honored to be chosen. After all, one of our largest financial contributors, Mrs. NeNe Leakes who has been responsible for contributions in the thousands of dollars throughout the years, is a member of the cast.

Days later, to our surprise Ms. Love did contact me and inform me that she had decided to terminate her company’s involvement with this event. At that point, Ms. Moore contacted me to continue moving forward with the event as purposed and planned. This call took place a day before the event was scheduled to take place.

Upon seeing the event unfold on TV, it was noticed that Ms. Kenya Moore stated that she was giving this charitable event in honor of Mrs. Leakes, with Saving Our Daughters as the recipient of the proceeds from the charity event. Honorees at this point were switched without our knowledge, but again, we are appreciative of any and all support for the organization.

Had we been made aware that this fundraising event was in honor of Mrs. Leakes, we certainly would have been present with the plaques and certificates of appreciation that we currently have to present to Mrs. Leakes for her outstanding efforts and support for Saving Our Daughters. This would have been the perfect opportunity for us to honor her, as well. We were not aware of this and it appears that Mrs. Leakes wasn’t aware either.

The light in which Saving Our Daughters was depicted was less than favorable. The organization received several calls from other supporters about our involvement in this event. They were extremely disappointed and felt that the organization was being taken advantage of.

We go on record by stating that we at Saving our Daughters have never and will not ever be involved in any drive where the exact purpose is not clear, stated or held to with only approved changes. We would not ever jeopardize our continuing support from our friends by being a part of what appears to have been tainted from the start.

In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball.

However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer.

NOTE:  There are NO Housewives included in the “Celebrity Supporters” page on the SavingOurDaughters site!

(Thanks to SH readers “Cathy” and “BlueIvy”!!!)


KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog…NayNay Lied…NeNe is a former stripper with a few short-lived gigs in Hollywood given to her by one man

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SAVING OURSELVES ROLLER DERBY This was a lot of fun! Being from Detroit, I often went to the roller skating rink. I can skate backwards, forwards, and even twirl on skates, LOL! This brings back great memories of carefree, fun … Continue reading