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Amy Phillips Does The Housewives… Five-Year WWHL Anniversary

Amy Phillips has really moved on up in the world from the time we first highlighted her two and a half years ago.  Amy now has a verified Twitter account @AmyPhilips_ … which is better than buyin’ a BirkinBag and ghetto-ing it all up to show how important you are!!

Go on, Amy!!

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HollaHeather On WWHL AfterShow: Ramoaner Shoulda Stayed One Day

HollaHeather cleared up the HUGE mystery **insert sarcasm button** about Ramoaner ditchin’ the Berkshires on the WWHL AfterShow.  If ONLY Ramoaner woulda made it an overnight visit, everything woulda been OK.  NOTE:  Oh, puh-leeze!!  As if Ramoaner had any control over where she goes and what she does… she has an iron-clad Bravo contract!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS NayNay Bravo New Shows KKKellyB ShannonB Daniel/ReneeG

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  OH, poor NayNay.  NN got da boot from DWTS.  NN’s ‘tude garnered her more “haters” than fans.  To put icing on the cake, NN gave the ever-pleasant Tony Dovolani a kick in the teeth when she didn’t mention him … Continue reading

Phaedra Parks On WWHL… Will Support Apollo Until His Case Is Resolved!

Listen VERY carefully to Phaedra Parks’ words… VERY carefully!  On last night’s WWHL, Phaedra pledges her love to her felon hubbend, Apollo.  After all, they ARE a fambly, are married and Apollo IS the father to their two lovely children.   At the very end of this clip comes the truth from Phaedra!  Phaedra plans on supporting her felon hubbend until his case is resolved.  MissAndy failed to continue with the next question which should have been:  “What will you do once Apollo’s case is resolved?”  We’re smellin’ a big old DIVORCE!!



MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS DrunkOtis’ Kid “Allergic” NayNay DWTS Feud LisaV Tweet AND MORE!

  A source tells E! News: “Brandi’s son did have a bad ALLERGIC reaction to something, obviously bad enough to put him in the hospital, but all is well now.”  NOTE:  “Put him in the hospital”????  An hour in the ER … Continue reading

CAROLE RADZIWILL ON WWHL ‘Splains Ghostwriter… How WWHL Has Morphed Into SesameStreet

Carole Radziwill was on WWHL last night and ‘splained the “ghostwriter” story line in further detail.  Hopefully, this will be the end of this very badly thought out story arc…

NOTE:  WWHL has morphed into SesameStreet.  

Initially, WWHL was only on one day a week; and then three days.  WWHL was a “must-watch” when the Bravo Clubhouse was a two-seater and MissAndy’s only guest was a Housewife.   MissAndy chatted with his guest and some interesting items re the Housewife were revealed.  After several episodes of WWHL aired, MissAndy began to throw in a few games and an occasional poll question.  WWHL was watchable then because of the guest and the discussion about that Housewife’s just-aired Housewives’ episode.  WWHL was a FUN show to watch!    After watching last night’s WWHL, the discussion with guests have been curtailed to 20-second sound bites and the idiotic games created by MissAndy’s interns have taken over the bulk of the 22-minute show.  WWHL being fun and “must-see TV” is long gone and after watching last night’s episode, WWHL now fits into the category of “must-NOT-see TV”… unless, of course, you’re still someone who cannot comprehend any more than SesameStreet-length sound bites.  

Also, while watching the last WWHL … could not believe that MissAndy is 45 years old.   How does a 45-year-old man still get the giggles when asking Carole Radziwill or Kristen Cavalierri about penises?  No surprise that neither guest was taken aback nor offended at the questions asked of them… the guests just giggled, too, right along with the 45-year-old MissAndy.  MissAndy has made his talk show into his private SesameStreet where a 45-year-old man whose intellectual growth has stunted at the age of 15 can fit in very comfortably.  

MISS ANDY ANSWERS! He Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Joodice Case… Does NayNay Impression

Diedre, the Nazi Clubhouse phone lady, musta gone on the Austin trip with MissAndy as the audience at SXSW was vetted and questions were efficiently asked and answered.

MissAndy paused when asked the first question:  “Which Housewife is the FAKEST?”  After stumbling for a few seconds… it hit MissAndy that there are NO fake Housewives!  After all, the Housewives franchises are NOT scripted night-time soap operas!!  So, there could be NO fakery!!

MissAndy flew through the rest of the questions, which included his favorite HouseHusband… Apollo (as always!); MissAndy would trade lives with PumpMyStomach because of her closet (riiiiiiiiight!); and MissAndy did a NayNay impression.

BUT, before all that, MissAndy was asked about the TreeJoodice bankruptcy case.  In one of the biggest ever lying-right-through-his-teeth-moments in the history of cable television… MissAndy says that he DOESN’T KNOW SPECIFICS ABOUT THE CASE!  And then, MissAndy throws in the “I’m tryin’ to be very sincere here” lines about how he feels about Tree’s kids and her family!


NOTE to MissAndy… “LIES” by Jonathan Butler:




Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield were guests in MissAndy’s Clubhouse last night.  Kim and Sheree are very familiar with MissAndy’s tactics and weren’t fazed by them one bit.  Kim was pleasant as was Sheree; they responded to MissAndy’s questions and games in a flat affect.  Good for them!  MissAndy was expecting much more…

Kim and Sheree on the WWHL AfterShow… Kim and Sheree are asked about this season’s cast of the RHOA.  Would LOVE to see Sheree back, as Sheree was the ONLY Atlanta Housewife who could chop NayNay down to her true ghetto roots in seconds.

NOTE:  Kim did reveal that she is still not on speaking terms with either her mother or father.


Make your own opinions re this exchange on WWHL…


MissAndy is the WORST!!!


 sh poll      sh poll

SONJA MORGAN On WWHL: Asked About Ramona’s Divorce…

Sonja Morgan was on WWHL last night doing her burlesque number and taking questions from the WWHL audience.  An audience member asked Sonja about her favorite Ramoaner moments… which was a total set up for MissAndy to ask Sonja about Ramoaner’s divorce.  Sonja’s diversional non-answer to the question is simply more proof that Ramoaner ain’t never gonna be gettin’ a big “D”!


The following is a rated-“Ken” video of the BH Housewives shot in MissAndy’s office while each were guests on WWHL.   The only reason for it getting any atten-shun is Yoda’s response at the almost very end!  How long is Yoda going to keep up her ridiculousness???  Makes one wonder what KingDavid’s response would be to the same question!!

BRANDI GLANVILLE On WWHL: Why DrunkOtis Turned On LisaVanderpump… Why All The HWs Turned On PumpMyStomach

DrunkOtis says she was sick of doin’ everything LisaPumpMyStomach told her to do…

Why did all the HWs turn on LisaPump?  Well, that question really wasn’t answered… they’re savin’ that for the reunion.

NOTE:  If you watched last night’s WWHL… how many times did DrunkOtis put her paws all over Jason Ritter???  We stopped counting after 2,998…

ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Answers! Will Lisa Vanderpump Be Back On RHOBH? VIDEO

Andy pg

Oscar Raymundo chats with Bravo’s MissAndy Cohen about whether RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump will return for another season; the Lady Gaga music video featuring the RHOBH; if MissAndy plays favorites among the HWs; and MissAndy’s new production company…

NOTE:  MissAndy puts on his PR mask, as his answers were pure PR schtick.   Let’s highlight MissAndy’s answers which resulted in the most eye rolls…

eye roll gif

MissAndy stating that he doesn’t have favorites.   One only has to see how many times he’s put one of his “employees” in the Bravo Clubhouse and made them pay for stating their own views about gayism.  AlexisBellino, PeggyTanous and the most blatant is JuicyJoe for saying one word:  Gaylord.  MissAndy finds it necessary to publicly slap their personal opinions right outta them!  OR promoting  One advantage to being the Boss.

MissAndy skirts the question as to whether LisaPumpMyStomach will return to the RHOBH.  The interviewer is absolutely correct in his observation that the Housewife given the bad edit is the Housewife who ain’t comin’ back!  (He musta been reading SH!!)  The ONLY Housewife who got the bad edit and returned, going from the most hated Housewife to a likable and sympathetic was Camille Grammer.

andy pg

MissAndy stating that Housewives “drama” doesn’t have to be ugly.  It’s surprising that the interviewer didn’t bust out laughing at this statement!  A rule for the Housewives’ franchises are the UGLIER the drama the better!

The most eye rolls goes to MissAndy’s statement that the Housewives shows are FUN and FUNNY!  MissAndy must be reminiscing and obviously thinking about the first season of the RHOC!  Any Housewives shows after that first OC season were/are:  predictable, scripted, producer-induced, repetitive… the words “fun” and “funny” have been replaced with “boring” and “yawn-worthy”!

In addition to the 837463,873463 eye rolls, we’re givin’ MissAndy’s answers 38734636,9938346336 DrEvils!  

Throw us a bone, MissAndy… your PR answers were laughable and as rehearsed as one of TreeJoodice’s cooking appearances!!

dr evil bs gif



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CAMILLE is asked about her house…she’s still living there! What would Camille do???? Camille Grammer’s Malibu house is still for sale with ChrisCortazzo… for a reasonable $14.9 million.


KYLE RICHARDS ON WWHL: PT Housewife Crashes To Push Fading RHONY AND Her Ghostwritten Book

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HagfaceKyle ‘splains how she tried to get info outta VPump. AND watches KimR speak Spanish… NOTE: You can see the remainder of the video, which was cut short… at   The reason for cutting short?  Another RHONY crashed MissAndy’s Clubhouse. … Continue reading

KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle On WWHL … ‘Splains LisaVanderpumpMyStomach And DrunkOtis “Spat”

HagfaceKyle was a guest in MissAndy’s Clubhouse and chatted about the PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis “controversy.”  HagfaceKyle states that her HouseHusband, “Didn’t sign up for this”!  Well, what the hell is he doin’ on the show??  MO-Reese is taking advantage of all the perks, including trips… so, he DID sign up for it!  Who are you kidding, HagfaceKyle??

BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis on WWHL… Glosses Over “I Wish I Were Molested” Association With WoodyAllen… Says LisaVanderpump Dog Giggy “Medicated” … CaroleRadziwill Pops In

MissAndy played the word association game with DrunkOtis and NoBrainJennyGump on last night’s WWHL.  Give points to MissAndy for slipping in “WoodyAllen”; however, that one was either intentionally ignored by DrunkOtis or she just didn’t get the association!  That “I wish I were molested as a child” by DrunkOtis has been completely swept under the rug!

DrunkO’s word associated with Giggy is “medicated”… DrunkO also says that she gets her sneakiness from LisaVanderPumpMyStomach.

OH joy… look who crashes the par-tay… it’s Carole Radziwill doing her pre-season RHONY PR duty!  OH, and don’t forget to BUY HER BOOK!

BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis on WWHL With MissAndy… Goes After KenyaMoore… And Lisa Vanderpump

On last night’s WWHL:  DrunkOtis comes up with a **yawn** name for Kenya Moore.  DrunkOtis is assisted by Jenny **who thinks her opinions about anything are worth the paper she speaks them on** McCarthy.  JennyGump helps DrunkO talk about how LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is using the RHOBH to help Lisa’s “VPumpRules” show.  No kidding… who the hell didn’t know that and who the hell doesn’t know that they are ALL “playing roles”!   More witty repartee ensues:


Really, this deserves some Kens!!

ken gif

KENYA MOORE: Kenya On WWHL With Miss Andy … Kenya Says NayNay Is Jealous Of Her… AND Kenya Says MissAndy Is “Off-The-Scale” Shady!

Kenya Moore was in MissAndy’s WWHL Clubhouse last night with Wayne Brady.  Wayne was the perfect gentleman and let Kenya’s loose lips fly!

Kenya is asked by a caller (a caller… a totally random caller… put right through by the phone Nazi Deidre)  if NayNayLeakes is jealous of her… Kenya replies YES!

NOTE:  Of course NayNay is jealous of Kenya… and of anyone else who doesn’t think what NayNay thinks!  And, what DOES NayNay think???  NayNay thinks that NayNay is the most fabulous creature who ever was “discovered” by the three gay white guys who just gush all over her:  MissAndy, MissAndyCoop and MissRyanMurphy!  

Nene Carson pg

Kenya points out that since HollywoodNayNay’s “acting” career has officially passed its overdue expiration date, NayNay is fearful of anyone being eyed as her replacement on the ATL Housewives show.

Kenya also hits another nail on the head when she describes MissAndy as beyond “shady”…

NOTE:  Perhaps Kenya will drop some points on her “shady” scale for MissAndy when he makes his much-needed deposit in that “bank”!  What would they name their baby???