MissAndy Says The Housewives Shows Are Not Staged… No One Believes Him!

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MissAndy is going full-on HFKyle and is insisting that the Housewives shows are NOT staged!  (NOTE: In every interview she’s done, HFKyle would be asked if the RHOBH is real.  Of course, HFKyle would respond that HER show is really … Continue reading


RHONY RHOBH RATINGS: Beat By Repeats Of “BigBangTheory”

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We appreciate Bravo/EvolutionMedia listening to our recommendations for making the Housewives franchises more watchable, especially our observation that the HouseHusbands have ruined the Housewives shows. While the final cut included the HouseHusbands in several story lines, they were not featured … Continue reading


Partie Deux of “Did Rinna Really Tweet That?” … LugLips Says MOVE ON!!

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The saga continues!   If you missed “DidRinnaREALLYTweetThat?” Part One, you can see it HERE. The rabid fans of LugLipsRinna have spoken… but, not before Queen “OwnIt” has declared her proclamation regarding her tweets about Kimmerz! In a grand piece … Continue reading


MissAndy “Supports” KimRichards… Calls HFKyle For Info, NOT Kim!

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Kim Richards was arrested last week in Beverly Hills for public intoxication and other charges, but Andy Cohen is rallying behind the RHOBH star to show his support. In a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest on Friday, Andy was asked … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS ARRESTED! Fighting At Beverly Hills Hotel…

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KIM Richards was arrested early Thursday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel, E! News confirms. According to officials, the Beverly Hills Police were called around 1:30 a.m. by security in response to a reported fight, where Richards was described as belligerent … Continue reading

RHOBH RHONY Ratings Continue To Drop

NOTE:  Even with the RHOBH being their lead-in, viewers are changing the channel when the RHONY comes on their screen.  It’s no surprise that the RHOBH ratings are down … and no surprise that the RHONY ratings continue to drop.  No one wants to see or hear MissAndy’s savior for the season Crankles!  

From TVByTheNumbers:  The season 11 premiere of Deadliest Catch was Tuesday’s top cable program with a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.  Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was second with a 0.8, down from last week’s 0.9 adults 18-49 rating.

ratings rhony rhobh


RHOBH Reunion: Let The “KimBashingFestival” Begin!!

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This is NOT a recap. NOTE:  Whether KimRichards is sober is beside the point.  The point here is this:  One person was unfairly and brutally bashed on the RHOBH reunion.  That person was KimRichards.  While Loada can simply walk away … Continue reading


PHONY FEUD STARTED BY MISS ANDY … Starring Frankles And The Quagmires!

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  MissAndy starts a “feud” between Frankles and Quagmire and Quagmire’s wife when Quagmire answers a WWHL question saying that Frankles is too skinny. MissAndy is so quick witted that he pulls Quagmire’s wife into the mix immediately by saying … Continue reading

Moe And Quagmire On WWHL…

moe quagmire

Moe Szyslak and Quagmire were guests on MissAndy’s WWHL.  MissAndy asks Moe a few questions:


It’s been over three years (February 2012) since Kim spoke with MissAndy about AA and rehab.

Who’s the actor who never showed up at AA again??  Could it have been HARRY HAMLIN?  Is this the big secret about HarryHAMLIN which prompted LugNutsLips to smash the phony stunt wine “glass”??

RAMOANER ON WWHL: Explains Her RHONY Reunion Behavior

Ramoaner keeps going back and forth as to her marital status.  Kinda like ChinaTown… “she’s my sister; she’s my daughter; she’s my sister; she’s my daughter”!  Make up your mind… are you OFFICIALLY divorced or not???

Ramoaner’s sister on WWHL…

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Coke-Snorting EX-Housewife?

From CDAN:

This former Housewife from a city that no longer is in the franchise could not stop her nose from bleeding during a photo shoot…

…but it also didn’t stop her from doing more coke either.

miami dc

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


JuicyJoe Speaks! Tells What’s Goin’ On With His PrisonWife… Says He’s NOT No Criminal!

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Joe sat down with “Extra” at his home in Towaco, New Jersey. He told us he misses Teresa every day, and that the girls communicate with her via email. “They email her all the time… every day, so, they email more … Continue reading


NO MORE CROWING ABOUT RATINGS: Atlanta Ratings Took A HUGE Dive! UPDATE: Ratings Still Plunging

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 Wonder why you haven’t heard all those ATL Wives crowin’ and braggin’ about how great their Sunday night ratings are… here’s why. The RHOA ratings have gone down a full ⅓ of their viewership from this time last year… from … Continue reading


The Change…

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“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special got nastier than ever before, sources tell Us Weekly — and it was Kim Richards who “came in guns blazing.” “The reunion was nuts. It was exhausting for the women and extremely … Continue reading


BFrankel Hires “PersonalityCoach”…To Go From “Harsh” To “Demure” … Won’t Make A Difference

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BFrankel has done a NayNayLeakes and has hired people to help her become more likable to the public and her “fans”…    (Back in 2010, NayNay took on a new manager, Steven Grossman of the Collective, to boost her crossover appeal … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES HISTORY LESSON: RHOBH From Casting To Filming… HFKyleSought After, Never Pitched To Evolution; Others Then Cast… Shana To Be “Business” Woman

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NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at how the RHOBH evolved… from the casting call to filming…and put to rest the bizarre claim that HFKyle campaigned and pitched herself and the show to EvolutionMedia.  That claim was obviously stated by someone who … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Preview: “Professional Pride”… HumongousLipsLisa Made A Million For Depends Ad

Seriously???  Does MissAndy have so little material about these moronic Housewives that he has to resort to extremely obvious set up questions?  MissAndy’s attempt at embarrassing Kimmer didn’t seem to work.   HumoungousLipsLisa claims she was paid over a $1 million for a Depends commercial:

NOTE:  Interesting that HFKyle keeps her mouth shut when DangerDivingWithTheStars is mentioned.

MissAndy’s RHOBH Reunion Cards…

Because MissAndy’s drinking games are SO passé, MissAndy/Bravo is attempting to lure in viewers to the sure-to-be-just-another-disappointing-reunion show by issuing official bingo cards. The cards give an indication of just how exciting the BH reunion will be!  WOO-HOO!!

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MorticiaKyle On WWHL: Talks RHOBH Reunion … Kim Asks To Solve Sister Issues Without Cameras

Kim requests that HFKyle try to resolve their issues privately… apparently, HFKyle is against Kim’s ‘no camera’ request: