Please Do NOT Waste Your Time Petitioning For TeresaGiudice… She’s Going To Prison… Changes Attorney… Letter To JudgeSalas Requesting Danbury Or Alderson

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Do people not realize that no amount of signatures on a petition will have any affect in nudging away the sentence which Teresa Giudice received from a Federal Judge???  Yet, some are STILL thinking that their wish for Mommy of … Continue reading

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??  The head of the Navajo Nation goes to Redskins footballs games with Dan Snyder, owner of the team!! Why are these people trying to FORCE their views on everyone else??  The Indians are OK … Continue reading

RHONJ Share The Best Tweets They’ve Ever Gotten…

SaintZinaLaurita is just sooooo desirable… the only tweets she gets are nasty sex tweets from all the guys who are after her.  TeresaJoodice says that she just spends five minutes on her ghostwritten twitter.  Ambuh gets tweets about her really bad makeup and blames it on lighting…


Marchese Says He Brokered Contract For AbbeyFeiler To Appear On RHONJ

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Apparently, JimMarchese brokered the deal for Abbey Feiler-Kober to appear on the RHONJ.  Marchese states that Abbey is a friend of Bobby’s…   According to @JLMarchese111, Abbey wanted to be a full-time Housewife, but for reasons unknown, was turned down. … Continue reading

NJ Wives Want Danielle Back!!

Pretty sure that Danielle is the ONLY NJ Housewife who hasn’t been back… not many EX-NJ Wives to choose from!!  Watch as MelissaGorga says that she doesn’t know too much about Danielle ’cause she wasn’t around.  Soooo… MeGo is claiming that she didn’t watch the RHONJ?


SH “HIT AND RUN”… HWs Items That Don’t Deserve Full Attention! … Questions Answered!

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Some Housewives items which don’t deserve full atten-shun: Heather Dull-BRO voices her opinion about Teresa Giudice… and asks if Bravo is harboring a criminal: “Even on the day of their sentencing, they were hiding jewelry and they didn’t tell the … Continue reading


LAURITA SIGNATURE APPAREL LAWSUIT… What Do You Mean By “Bad Guys”?? FROM ARCHIVES: BubbaJax Explains Bankruptcy… Can’t Wait For It ALL To Come Out!

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These are just some highlights gleaned from a 311-page document from the Signature Apparel bankruptcy lawsuit in which CrookedChris and ChineseBubbaJax are named: Under Bankruptcy Court supervision, Christopher Laurita never would have been permitted to abscond with Signature’s proprietary and … Continue reading


In stark contrast to all the phony baloney tears and sympathy now being shed and shown by the NJ Housewives toward Teresa, here’s how they REALLY felt…


Who Is Abbey Feiler-Kober On The RHONJ?

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FROM INDUSTRY MAGAZINE… Abbey Feiler-Kober is a dreamer who grew up in Holmdel. Dreams often remain flights of fancy, though once in a while a dream can become a reality. Such is true of Abbey’s dream that now sits on … Continue reading

THE RHONJ: A Tour de Force of Their Anguished English…

In yet another display of their intellectualism, the RHONJ manage to mangle even more of the English language as they rehearse their scenes…


Who Would Play The RHONJ In A Movie?

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MissAndy has stopped asking the really deep questions of the Housewives, like “what’s your cup size?”… and has moved on to “who would play you in a movie?” SaintZina = Denise Richards NJTwins = Marisa Tomei Teresa = Herself (Teresa’s … Continue reading



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From CDAN… May 14, 2014 This Southeast Real Housewife got passed over to one of her suitor’s friends last week. Apparently it is part of the couple’s deal together if she wants to keep living a life of luxury. ANSWER: … Continue reading


JimMarchese Makes Ladybug Allegation… SaintZina Responds

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Marchese makes allegation about SaintZina’s “charity”… Marchese is getting ripped for making this statement on twitter.  What reason would he have to lie about this?  We all know the SaintZina’s “charity” is supported 100% by donations.  However, SaintZina uses almost … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This…

caption amber I

“JP” will receive a copy of LawuitJim’s $1.8 million award for weasely whistleblowing on his own cancer drug.  FinePrint: Not responsible for any threats, lawsuits or harassment you may encounter from LawsuitJim!


Reaction To FelonTeresa’s Sentence… Sobbing, No Tears!

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Those brilliant sound effects technician people at Bravo threw in some major sobbing for ChineseBubbaJax!  Watch as she breaks down after hearing that Teresa will be spending time in the clink… but, no tears!!

KomaKathy Says To Teresa … “Write My Blurb”!!

As if the RHONJ could not get any more boring than this season… along comes the deleted scenes!  KomaKathy is pissed that Teresa’s having problems writing a blurb for her dessert tome!