SH “HIT AND RUN” BravoTV Desperate… Now Offering Contests! PTHousewife Really Broke! Much MORE!!

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Bravo is so desperate for viewers that they are now offering contests!!  This one in association with the RHOBH is to win a Jeep and a trip to LA: Showcase your renegade spirit by sharing a pic using the hashtag … Continue reading


IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA!! The Money Was All Smoke And Mirrors!! Juicy Needs Money!!

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What have Tree’s PR people come up with this week to keep her name relevant?? According to those mystery sources at ROL:  Joe Giudice is looking for money because the family’s finances are not exactly recovering. Teresa isn’t even adding … Continue reading

AlaskanBushPeople: Ketchikan Construction Company Built AM-E’s DreamHouse… Not Scammin’Billy!


The AlaskanBushPeople didn’t build AM-E’s dream house cabin!  Shocking!!!

abp didn't build cabin

Hope ArtWilliams had better blueprints that those provided by ScammerBilly!!



(Thanks “SageNY”!!)


REAL WORLD: Net Neutrality Being Voted On Thursday… DON’T Let It Happen! UPDATE: MORE On Net “Neutrality” And Other Real World Items!

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As the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission toy with regulating aspects of the Internet, critics on those agencies are warning that speed and freedom of speech are in jeopardy. In a joint column, Federal Communications Commission member Ajit … Continue reading

A REAL Alaskan Watches AlaskanBushPeople …

A REAL Alaskan watches AlaskanBushPeople!   A lifetime Alaskan, and consecutive 22-year crab fisherman, no-nonsense REAL Alaska man mocks the fake TV show Alaskan Bush People.  Video taken at his cabin in Ninilchik, AK.

(Thanks “Jillee”!!)

Tour AlaskanBushPeople’s UglyFaceBear’s Bear’s Nest

Word count:  28 Awesome!  23 Extreme!  How does UglyFaceBear know that his sleeping bag came from ‘Nam??

Although UglyFaceBear boasts of a 180 degree view, Discovery only shows about 45 degrees:

DrunkOtis Says To Watch Porn…

DrunkOtis gives “advice”… DrunkO says to watch porn.  What the hell did she do to her face???

On DrunkO’s appearance on SteveHarvey today, her rap was bleeped out.  It couldn’t be any worse than her rap back in 2012:


AlaskanBushPeople: Photos Of BrownClowns Leaving IcyStraitLodge To Film!

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The phony Browns from AlaskanBushFamily are leaving the IcyStraitLodge… on their way to film on their leased land. AM-E RainGutter OR is it BirdBath? Noah… Noah… the DaVinci of the Bush! Noah aka “Genius”! (Thanks “Tim”!!) From TVByTheNumbers:  Alaskan Bush … Continue reading


RHOBH REUNION SHOW… THE AFTERGLOW! “Most Intense” “Roughest” Blah, Blah, Blah… All The Usual Words!

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The RHOBH reunion show was taped on Friday… It was another really rough, tough and tumble war of words at the RHOBH reunion taping.   But, they say the same words every season about every Housewife reunion show!      … Continue reading


Loada Gets Another Job For DrunkDrivingDon’tWannaModel “Model” Daughter!

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How nice of Mommy to arrange for her drunk driving daughter to make some extra money by forcing her to “model” in the TomFord fashion show… even though daughter, Jello, doesn’t want to be a model! What probably took place … Continue reading


SH EXCLUSIVE! Worlds Collide…Will AlaskanBushPeople Allow Bossy LymeLoada In BrownTown?

abp rhobh loada foster gp

BLIND ITEM! Who’s The Sneaky Housewife?

This EX-Housewife is attempting to secure her position back on a Housewives franchise which is presently on hiatus.  

This EX-Housewife’s spinoff show is on shaky ground, despite the PR items stating otherwise… and she wants to keep a permanent seat on that easy “reality” show money train! 

How exactly is this EX-Wife trying to weasel back on to the show where she was once a full-timer?  

The EX-Housewife is issuing to her rabid fans images of her cooking skills!  Even asking on one photo:  

“Wanna SANGWICH?”  

The question is a clear message to the rabid fans of the Housewife she wishes to boot off the show and replace.

1)  Who’s the Housewife?

2)  Which Housewife is she trying to replace?

(Thanks “GetOut”!!!)




“OriginalCyn” will receive a chance to review galleys of KomaKathy’s upcoming cookbook to assist KomaKathy in choosing the title for her cookbook!!  

The titles so far: “But RancidRichie Loves My Raw Biscuits!” or “BISCUITS! Bake ‘Em, Stuff ‘Em, Fry ‘Em or Boil ‘Em” or  “KomaKathy’s Komplete Guide To Konkoring Your Fear Of Biscuits!” or  “A Tale of Love And Redemption After Makin’ A Total Ass Outta Myself By Pretending To Know How To Cook On National TV” or “Blindsided By A Biscuit!” or “100 Ways To Use A Biscuit” (ghostwritten by BigGayRosie).

FinePrint:  For your own protection, wearing a ghillie suit is suggested to prevent AlQuedaRancidRichie from being attracted you…he really believes he’s irresistible!

wakile rich pg


RHOBH Scavenger Hunt… Part I

Before they take off to Holland, Loada throws a scavenger hunt.  Loada could read, write, drive a car, make a speech and give orders!! 

Loada’s Scavenger Hunt… Part II

Filming the scavenger hunt scenes took a total of sixteen days!  

Every few hours of the hunt, Loada demanded that she be whisked away to the nearest hospital to rest… and to get one of her “stick an IV in me” shots to send out to all of her LymeFace followers.  Needless to say, the rest of the Housewives were more pissed off than what was shown in their CameraComments!

RHOBH Filming In Holland…


These people are simple morons.  Watch as they are filmed being filmed for the RHOBH.  Walking around in wooden shoes?  How touristy.  Worse than that, is Lisa BLEEEECH! PumpMyStomach’s choice of footwear.

AND… outside of their hotel.  Poor BalloonLipsLisa… she’s just not as fan-friendly as EmmyWinningEileen!  Of course, bleeeeeeeech! PMS just blows off everyone:


(Thanks “Conor”!!)




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On this episode of AlaskanBushPeople, the dream of ScammerBilly’s BrownStainedBrownTown might just remain a dream, as ScammerBilly runs into obstacles which hamper his promise to his BushWife of over 30 years… or is it 35 years, who knows, who cares….of … Continue reading

RHOBH PREVIEW: Loada Gets A Free Trip To Holland! HagfaceKyle Loses Her Luggage And Forgets That She Nagged Kim For Being Late…

Yippee-Ki-Yay with a tulip on top.  A new “Housewives Fight In Another Country” three-arc story line.  It’s snoozefest time just thinking about it.  It appears that EyeD and PumpMyStomach found better things to do… like blocking on twitter!!

Will Loada fall ill enough to get a snapshot of herself in a Holland hospital for the continuing saga of her “Look At Me Vit My Sad LymeFaces”?  OR, will Loada call for a private ambulance to hook her up for a “stick an IV in me” selfie to fill her LymeGlobalTour scrapbook?

Will Loada stop by to see her mother?  Loada probably still has ill feelings toward her mother after Loada brought home her first fiancee!  Look, Mom… I’m a nice Catholic girl who’s gonna marry some Mooslem guy!  He’s not that good looking, he’s a really different religion and his name is MOhamed… but I LOVE his money him!!  Perhaps Loada and her mother have patched things up since Loada latched on to a bigger fish…

Really, HagfaceKyle???  You REALLY don’t recall nagging Kim four years ago?


ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE: IT’S BAM’S WORLD! Bam Explains It All…With Bad Spelling And Run-On Sentences!

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NOTE:  Six years ago, Bam, then 24-years old, wrote an explanation of his life with no mention of the BrownClowns living in the AlaskanBush for over 30 years.  Bam also briefly mentions his father’s brush with death when he was … Continue reading

ABP Mid-Season Finale Preview! Horrors In Hoonah!

The Horror of Hoonah, the AlaskanBushPeople, are still trying to build themselves a new cabin on their leased-by-Discovery land.  In this mid-season finale preview, one of the BrownClowns discovers a TREE that is close by!!  Will someone DIE???  Will ScammerBilly get hurt so he doesn’t have to work again?  Will AM-E’s sweater stay clean?  Will RainGutter and BirdDroppings finish reading “TheCompleteGuideToBushDentistry” and fix their mother’s teeth??  Will Matt finally woo a Hoonah chick into his plastic apartment for the weekend?  Will an actual BEAR invade AM-E’s collection of food and leave the BrownBunch to starve in the wilderness?  Will anyone save them or will they all DIE??  

ABP on tonight at 10 pm on the DiscoveryChannel…


DAVID FOSTER SPEAKS… AGAIN!! KingD Says He Started The Kartrashians! Calls LindaThompsonJennerFoster Kids “Spoiled”… Doing RHOBH To Give Loada’s Kids “Opportunities”!

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I AM THE GREATEST!! AT EVERYTHING! EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY! YOU MAY NOW STOP BOWING… Just love when KingDavid… bow your head as you read this…gives interviews!  So much is revealed about him and his HollywoodWife, Loada. Here are … Continue reading