RHOA Reunion Preview: DumbCynthia Wants NayNay’s Approval… NayNay Says Get Rid Of HouseHusband Peter!

On the next RHOA Reunion Show:  DumbCynthia is STILL looking for some NayNay approval.  NayNay reminds DumbCynthia that her HouseHusband should keep his nose outta the Housewives bizness.  NOTE:  Get rid of ALL the HouseHusbands… puh-leeze!!  Peter first!!

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RHONY Preview

On the next RHONY:   Just no words…just more yawning.

MissAndy Is A Big Old LiarFace!!

LiarFaceMissAndy addresses the ATL brawl calling it “gross” and describes his initial reaction as it happened.    MissAndy also explains how he blocks people on FB and twitter.   We’re callin’ MissAndy out on this total BS, as he blittered SH after he was asked a simple question in 2012 re an article which said that he is more interested in his expanding talk show than in producing the RHONY.  We all know now that MissAndy WAS much more interested in becoming a talk show host than that of producing the RHONY… obviously the question posed to him hit a nerve.  Apparently, NO ONE questions MissAndy!!!  Will MissAndy UN-blitter SH???




Back to the ATL reunion brawl… it’s a little too much too late for MissAndy to come out now showing his “disgust” at the ATL brawl.  MissAndy has been an overseer of all the Housewives franchises for years; as such, MissAndy is well aware of ALL the fights, arguments and brawls BEFORE they are presented to the viewing audience.  As an exec producer, MissAndy has encouraged this behavior which he now is denouncing and calling “gross”… YOU are a big old wonky-eyed liarface, MissAndy!  (Have a feeling that MissAndy won’t be UN-blittering SH…or will she???)



If you didn’t see it…






Carole Radziwill’s Ghostwriter AGAIN…

On last night’s RHONY:  THIS is an example of why so many are tuning out of these phony baloney Housewives shows.  The “ghostwriter” story line is resurrected and dragged out for its last few gasping seconds.  The RHONY producers seem to want to squeeze every last second from their totally unbelievable scenario…


We’re givin’ this 398273,0009475 Kens!


Sonja Gives Ramoaner A Verbal Barrage of Bellicose Verbiage!

On tonight’s RHONY:   Ramoaner wouldn’t last a day in Sonja’s shoes.  Can someone ‘splain who the hell asked PT Housewife to butt in?



Along with being a bona-fide actress… specializing in one-time guest-starring roles… Heather Dull-BRO loves her massive marble mausoleum homes and wants them built to HER specs!!!  That leaves Dr. Terry with little room for his own… WHAT??

HeatherD Terry Dubrow pg

Ramoana And Luannie Play Doubles; Kristen Wears Wrong Shoes

On tonight’s RHONY:  The Singer’s play doubles; Kristen shows up wearing *GASP* the wrong footwear!  yawn.

Tamballs Wants A Kid… Riiiiiiiiiight

On tonight’s RHOC:  Tamballs gets maternal.  Get the hell outta here…


We’re givin’ this impossible, laughably ridiculous story line 383764,9393743,888634 Dr. Evils… ’cause we’re not laughing with Tamballs, we’re laughing AT Tamballs!

dr evil gif


Tamballs Wants A Baby… Part II

MORE laughable ridiculousness…

Vicki Gets Some Crooksy Therapy…

On tonight’s RHOC:  Wasn’t this whole Vicki-dating-Crooksy thang over with last season??  How long is THIS story line gonna drag out?  Don’t these OC producers know that we’re OVER all the therapists??  BOOOORING.

On Tonight’s RHOC…

The Hawaii trip concludes with the ladies questioning Vicki about the status of her relationship with Brooks and one last attempt to get “Fancy Pants” Dubrow to put on her party pants. Back on the mainland, Heather introduces the ladies to her future neighbor Shannon Beador when Tamra invites the women over for a spooky-themed night of food and tarot card readings. At a dinner, Tamra reveals that she misses her kids and is thinking about having a baby with Eddie. After meeting the ladies, Shannon invites them to her house for a “real” home cooked meal.


NOTE:  It’s Heather Dull-BRO’s turn to get the bad edit…

FrontPorsha Dents Kenyan’s Pageant Sceptre!

How dare FrontPorsha dent a perfectly good pageant sceptre!?!?!   Oh yeah… everyone believes Kenyan has an African oil tycoon boyfriend.  Now that Kenyan is front and center on a “reality” show, Kenyan had better start producing somma her REAL boyfriends!!  No Walters, puh-leeze!


Melissa Gorga “My NEW House Is Just Like My OLD House”…

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  MeGo held a Q&A session at the Tampa Home and Garden Show, where the emcee was waaay too excited in her introduction of Mego.  The almost 20-minute chit-chat includes the long-awaited question on everyone’s mind:  Does BigGayRosie still have … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS WretchedRossi BubbaJax TreeJoodice KellyB

There’s some discussion as to whether Tamballs will get an invite to the WretchedRossi/Slimey nuptials.  WHY this is even discussed at this point is moot.  And, really, we’re givin’ this whole WretchedGetsMarried 383746363,998374 Kens, ’cause this is a “see it … Continue reading

Phaedra Parks On WWHL… Will Support Apollo Until His Case Is Resolved!

Listen VERY carefully to Phaedra Parks’ words… VERY carefully!  On last night’s WWHL, Phaedra pledges her love to her felon hubbend, Apollo.  After all, they ARE a fambly, are married and Apollo IS the father to their two lovely children.   At the very end of this clip comes the truth from Phaedra!  Phaedra plans on supporting her felon hubbend until his case is resolved.  MissAndy failed to continue with the next question which should have been:  “What will you do once Apollo’s case is resolved?”  We’re smellin’ a big old DIVORCE!!


RHOA Reunion Preview… Some MamaJoyce Drama

On the next RHOA reunion show… eye roll drum roll, please:


NOTE:  So what if MamaJoyce had Kandi’s credit card??  Mama obviously doesn’t STILL have them!  Oh, the manufactured drama…so BOOOORING.