Gorga Etiquette Tip Of The Week: Correct Gum Chewing!

Melissa shows her very classy technique of slowly chewing and then gently increasing the rate of gum smacking between her teeth, lips and gums… something to which ALL Housewives viewers should aspire to replicate!  And just one more reason to emulate … Continue reading

Gia’s GirlGroup Responds To All The “Adults”…

IS THERE ANYTHING WORSE THAN A SMARTASS 13-YEAR-OLD??  OR THE GHOSTWRITER FOR THE SMARTASS 13-YEAR-OLD?? We thank all of our supporters for their love!  All the kind words and well-wishes make us smile, work harder and love what we do … Continue reading

EX-NJ Housewife Returning Says “Source”… ALLEGEDLY

      REALLY???  HollywoodLife has an “exclusive” stating that FEBUS is coming back to the RHONJ. Praise! The great Caroline Manzo will be coming back to the delicious drama of Real Housewives of New Jersey!  A source revealed to HollywoodLife.com that … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA EXPLAINS HER HOUSE SITUATION: 2012 “Protecting Her Family” … 2014 Montville House SOLD And Building FranklinLakes House

FROM MELISSA GORGA’S BRAVO BLOG OCTOBER 2012… Why am I selling my house? There are some of the most ridiculous rumors out there that we can’t afford it and that we are broke. Joe and I have worked very hard … Continue reading

YODA Circa 2012: Airplane Vocals… Followed SH Before She Was Cast On RHOBH

THE 2012 YODA… loved us before she was cast on the RHOBH and before the lemon house photos!!  Yoloncé obviously took advantage of as much auto-tune as possible!! They ALL read/follow SH… only the really REAL Housewives admit it!!


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GORGA HOUSE??? The Gorga’s were trying to unload their Montville house in 2013… …and were bragging about their new dream house to be built in Franklin Lakes, with JoeyOrgan flashing drawings of his new house back in … Continue reading

REALITY CHECK: How Far Is Beach Access From Yoda’s LemonHouse?

Yoda and DrunkOtis took a walk from Yoda’s lemon house to the Malibu beach. They left Yoda’s lemon house; walked down Yoda’s looooong driveway; from the driveway down CarbonCanyonRd to the PCH; across the PCH to the beach. Certainly for … Continue reading


Best caption will receive a tour of the recording studio where the GirlGroup recorded their songs!  FinePrint: Before stepping into the studio, an unpaid lien must be satisfied.  Last checked the amount was $835,633… the GirlGroup just couldn’t get the … Continue reading


NOTE:  The latest attention-getter now amongst Housewives is boyfriends just under the age of 26.  Sorry, Sonja, but we’re givin’ you and your 25-yr-old boyfriend the side eye on this PR item.  Perhaps you should have joined the other group … Continue reading

Teresa’s Biggest Fan Is Waiting For Her At Danbury!

According to an “inside source” close to the wife of a cousin who use to date one of the vendors who supplied Twix bars to the Danbury commissary who told the cellmate of a Danbury prisoner who was released in … Continue reading


Tree’s Tortured Days Leading To Danbury!

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Teresa Giudice is finding the thought of prison a little difficult to digest. With her 15-month prison sentence just over six weeks away, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has lost her appetite, a source reveals in the new … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS’ DOG BITE SAGA CONTINUES: Is “SecondMother” Looking For A Quick $$$$ Settlement?

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NOTE:  WHAT?!?!   Is this “second mother” even more intellectually challenged than KimRichards?  Kim gave Kingsley to a trainer to be TRAINED… of course, the dog will be returned to Kim! As for the lawsuit, it seems that the “second … Continue reading


MissAndy’s New Book Gets Excoriating Reviews: “A Depressed Teenage Girl’s Diary”

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NOTE:  Cannot understand why anyone would expect anything more from a book by MissAndy??!!  Based on the reviews, his book is nothing more than one of his WWHL shows in written form… all fluff, no substance.  MissAndy is about as … Continue reading