Yoda’s Other “Model” Daughter Arrested… For DUI

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Bella Hadid — the daughter of Yolanda Foster — who appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — was arrested early Tuesday morning for DUI … TMZ has learned. Bella — whose step dad is legendary music producer David Foster … Continue reading

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Heather Dull-BRO’s Total BS BravoBlog…

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Sorry I’ve been MIA! I had an epidural to relieve the pain from my sciatica (I get one every year or so …), and this time had a little complication. They poked a hole, and I ended up spilling spinal … Continue reading


ShannonBeador’s BravoBlog… She Was Betrayed! Tamballs Is A Liar!!

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The beginning of tonight’s episode is quite ridiculous in my opinion. While I am not proud of the fact that I got upset and ruined Lizzie’s dinner party, I am human and had reached my limit. My outburst was far … Continue reading


What Happened On Tonight’s RHOC Episode… The Bad Acting Award Goes To Tamballs

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On tonight’s RHOC:  Tamballs wanted to call an ambulance for Shanny after Shanny left Lizzie’s beach house par-tay in a screaming, frenzied state.  Cooler heads prevailed as Christian canceled that call and Shanny/David returned to the dinner par-tay to say … Continue reading

RHOC Preview: Ryan Leaves Tamballs For Instagram Girlfriend… Tamballs Says She’ll Have No One!

RHOC Preview:  After FitLion drops the bomb that he’s resigned from CUT and moving to Auburn CA to be with his girlfriend whom he met via Instagram, Tamballs says that she’ll have no one!  Hey, Tamballs… didja forget about Ellie?


Kenya Moore Does Fast Recovery After “Gone With The Wind” Slip And Fall…

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Kenya Moore, along with some other Housewives, were in LasVegas over the weekend, where Kenya did her “GoneWithTheWind” fabulous prance down the runway.  The Housewives were in LV ’cause Bravo pimped them out to a select group of high rollers.   … Continue reading


MeGo’s BravoBlog… Explains WHY She’s Moving Back To SerialSquatter Montville House! No Mention Of Singing Career…

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NOTE:  What a bunch of BS.  We can smell a wratchit story line when we smell one! Hi! Hope everyone is having a great summer. It’s goes by so fast. Before you can blink, we’ll be sending the kids back … Continue reading


DRUNKS… In Honor Of All The Drunk-Azz Housewives And Their HouseHusbands!

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  MO-Reese tryin’ to hide from Hagface Kyle…. waitin’ for a bus and eatin’ watermelon.  Hagface will never find him!  Ellie Judge after listening to Tamballs rant… in person! David Beador…  after drinkin’ a case of two-buck-Chuck, lamenting that his house is … Continue reading


TreeJoodice’s Ghostwritten “Nothing To Say” “Buy My Stuff” BravoBlog…

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NOTE:  Looks like Tree’s prison prepper also took over the job of ghostwriting her BravoBlog! Hi Sweethearts! It’s so weird watching Christmas when it’s nice and hot now, but as much as I love summer, Christmas is my favorite holiday. … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! What Did Terry Do To Tamballs’ Face? UPDATE: We Got A Winner!!

 NOTE:  There were SO many great captions, it took hours and hours for the 12-member caption panel to stop their fighting over them and choose one!  


“HOOLRAH” is the recipient of a $5 gift certificate to the QuickieQuagmireClinic… good only at the Burbank franchise located right in the 7-11 next to the BigGulp Slurpee machine!

RHONJ Preview…

ScammerJim can’t be around FelonJuicy and it doesn’t take a “psychic” to know that da Joodice’s aren’t getting off on their charges.  If you don’t know about new-to-RHONJ ScammerJim, read about him HERE.

MelissaGorga In Her Rental House…

These people are idiots.  The rental house is purely a story line…


RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice Pushin’ Her New Dessert Line

RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice’s kids memorized their lines and Tree’s pushin’ her new dessert line:

SH EXCLUSIVE!! We Found Out Who PTHousewife Hit With Her Flying Leg!!

The victim of PT Housewife’s flying leg air strike… is MissAndy!!  Wearing a fashionable SkwisheeSkweezy tank top courtesy of JillZ!!

RHONY ramona pg

RHONY Season Finale: PT Housewife Whips Her Leg!!


NOTE:  This is some real bad acting!!!

MORE “Buy My Stuff” Junk… VapidVicki Selling Products With Her Name Scrawled On Them!

Look what YOU can buy from VickiGunvalson… products with VapidVicki’s name scrawled on them!!   You can also get a phone cover not only with VapidV’s name on it, but the phone cover has a photo of Vicki, too.  Who’s buying this crap??

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.33.47 AM        Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 12.29.04 PM


NOTE:  Other HWs have put their initials on their stuff and AdrienneMagoof designed a purse with letters of  her name scattered on it, but never put the item up for sale.  VapidVicki is in a class all by herself.

(Thanks to SH reader “Dave”!!)


RHONJ: Why Viewers Aren’t Watching… UPDATE: Poll Results… No One Wants To Watch Scammers OR Felon TreeJoodice!

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  Last Sunday’s Season Six premiere episode of TheRealHousewivesOfNewJersey attracted 2.1 million total viewers, down from 2.8 million for the Season Five premiere, and 3 million for Season Four. It is the RHONJ’s second-lowest premiere audience. Is there an explanation … Continue reading


The REAL Reason TreeJoodice Cancelled WWHL!

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TreeJoodice punked out of her contractual obligation to appear with MissAndy on Sunday’s WWHL. We called Teresa at her home in Towota to find out the REAL reason Tree skipped out.  We were surprised when Tree actually answered the phone! Hey, Tree… … Continue reading