Why Dina Married Tommy Manzo… “Allegedly” To Unload Her From FEBUSzoid!

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NOTE:  The following is self-explanatory and includes a link where this comment was originally posted re Dina Manzo… the comment is written by someone who says they have personal knowledge of the whole ‘zoid fambly!  


“A poster named “TheREALhwOfNJ” has some interesting info about Dina. She left this comment on Dina Manzo’s Big Fat Italian Embarrassment of a Wedding / Dina Manzo is a Bitch On Twitter“:

“Oh, Dina Dina Dina. Such a sad little story.

Yes, I know this family, our family has known the [Manzo] family for some years now. Indeed, everything in this video rings absolutely true. Tommy has a less than sterling reputation, and was well known to be a player, in Jersey terms.   NOTE:  The video to which this person is referring is Dina and Tommy’s “Audition For My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding“…

Dina and Tommy dated for a few years, with Tommy cheating on her numerous (not just a couple of) times. In the beginning, she was told that the relationship wasn’t that serious, and she had to deal with it. You know, the old Tommy isn’t ready to settle down thing. However. Being that Dina is Caroline’s sister, and Tommy is Al’s brother, Tommy was basically strong armed into marrying her as a reward for putting up with the cheating and embarrassment that IS Tommy Manzo. Now, in Tommy’s defense, he is what he is.

Everyone knows he is a player, and he will probably always be a player. Dina or no Dina. She just got the wedding, trust me, there’s not much of a marriage there. And of course Dina did not dress nicely or look as polished before RHONJ. She was married to George, who owns a nail salon, it’s not like she was a classy broad or anything, just a typical Jersey girl, with bleached hair, tanning, and fake nails. She only started thinking she was classy after being cast. She was wrong, of course.

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dina tweet

Dina is always going to be controlled by men because she allows it to happen. Her first husband was a controlling Greek, and now she married a controlling Italian. There’s no mystery here. Her father was the same way. Caroline may appear to be in control, but this is an illusion. I’ll explain: in Italian families, (i grew up the SAME way) when the husband/father owns a business that requires all his attention, and he gets his whole family of men involved in it, there is little time for the wife and kids. She has to learn to do all and be all- cook, clean, go to little league, be in the PTA, iron the clothes, do the gardening, manage everything, have birthday parties, christmas dinner, and basically the man doesn’t know anything. Picture those women in Goodfellas, and you’ll have an idea. So, Dina was basically a marriage of convenience – a woman to make Tommy a ‘home’ – someone to take care of him.

Trust me, Caroline was doing a lot of Tommy’s caretaking before Dina got divorced from the Greek (who, by the way was also a cheater), and in our culture, you have to get married to look good. Especially Tommy, who runs a business, he needed a wife. Dina played it right, also, you know, she didn’t seem to be all about the money at first, she NEVER dressed like anything special at any family functions, TRUST ME!

She had bad highlights, and tanned too much and to me, looked older than she was. I thought she looked way older than 36 at her wedding- more like 45, but hey… and the wedding was NOT over a million bucks. Tommy and Al own the place, and call in a million favors, it’s Tommy’s wedding after all. Even the florist bill wasn’t what it was, The Brownstone gives all these people business, do you not think that they all gave Tommy the compadre rate? Of course they did. Their house didn’t even cost that much, so don’t think the wedding did either. People who spend a million plus on a wedding typically would spend more than 8k on their wedding dress, ok? Tommy is not the romantic, nor the attentive hubby, she needs her charity to keep busy.

Unfortunately, Tommy didn’t want any part of this show, (rhonj) nor did the Greek want Lexi in the show. So, poor Dina’s bubble was burst.


It had SO little to do with Danielle Staub, who by the way, didn’t know these women from a hole in the wall before the show started. Her and Jackie were ‘acquaintances’ at best. At BEST, and Teresa’s family knew the Laurita’s, and yes they knew them, but weren’t best buds, so don’t even think that’s close to the truth. All casting, and all crap.

As far as Dina’s personality goes, you hit the nail on the head with Lexi ending up with a controlling man…. Amen. The Greek was pretty damn controlling and from what I know about him, still has his hand in there pretty firmly. Tommy has NOT adopted her, nor does he want to. George has a LOT of control over Lexi. She still spends summers in Greece like all good greek girls do. The Greek (sorry but it’s what we call him- everyone in the family does) is a real tool, and much older than Dina- and now has a new young wife, lol, younger than Dina anyway.

Here is a link to his salon, and photo of The Greek and his new wife… http://www.nishaspa.com/ab.html Dina really thought she hit the lottery with The Greek lol – anyway. Dina is the way she is, and is as you said, a special kind of doormat. She has the Daddy didn’t love me blues.

I do kind of feel sorry for her but she puts herself in these situations and always has. Tommy didn’t like the show, and didn’t want her involved. Period.

Dina does not want another divorce under her belt. Aside from the fact that she didn’t give Tommy a baby, she may not last too long as it is, so she had better listen, if you get my drift. She is no spring chicken, at 40 now. Ehhh. Anyway. Sad story, as I said. Money does NOT buy you class OR brains.

Dina’s ex, George The Greek