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Helloooooo Bravo lovers! As we have come to the end of our journey, I would like to thank you for the support of our show. I hope you will continue to tune in to see the reunion where we all get to share our thoughts and feelings in the hope to get some resolutions in order to move on.

I always welcome your thoughts, feelings, and feedback because I appreciate that you care about the show enough to actively engage with the cast about it. I realize, too, that your view of the show is informed by only seeing the finished episodes. This means that you don’t see or even know about events that aren’t shown, let alone all of the exchanges and interactions that take place beyond when we are around each other. I’m not complaining; we all know that it’s is necessary in making a show. But naturally, it can be difficult for you to understand, and for me to explain the complete context and story of what has happened. This is especially true now.   NOTE:  No kidding…

I’ve always enjoyed this blog because I see it as a chance to share my perception of the journey I’ve taken with these women. Criticism — from the other women or from the audience — isn’t necessarily fun to take, but I always take note, see it in an objective way and respect everyone’s opinion.   NOTE:  Objective???  Come on now… we all know that’s a joke!  

Nobody likes to be judged, including me, but I am the first to say that I am far from perfect. In certain situations I might not look great. But signing up to do this means making myself vulnerable, showing myself at something less than my best sometimes, and not being in control of the story that’s ultimately told.   NOTE:  Nice way to get sympathy for all the Bulls**t crap Yoda has started and stirred!

I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my honesty might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have good intent and I live my life with great integrity.  So, again: I might not like (or agree with) some of the harsh words of the other women on the show, or the pointed feedback from the audience, but I respect the right for others to express their opinions about me and my behavior. NOTE:  We’re givin’ this statement 3874939374,0038430834 on the BS meter!!

bullshit BS gif

All of this — the hope for an open dialogue — helps explain somewhat the core of the group’s frustration with Lisa. I care about Lisa, and I want the best for her. But by not letting me even have a conversation with her about some of my disappointment with her for not being the friend that I thought she would be, and by not listening to others who had their own issues to discuss with her, she turned an opportunity for friendship to grow and thrive into a much bigger issue.  I’m not speaking about what some audience members think was “ganging up” on Lisa. I’m telling you my own personal truth: I simply wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend who wouldn’t even validate my feelings. And others had the same experience with her. And now, our friendship has suffered for it.   NOTE:   What’s preventing Yoda from pickin’ up her phone and callin’ PumpMyStomach… or vice versa???

My only issue with Lisa — and again, I can’t stress enough that I only wished the other women could take on their issues on their own — was that she didn’t actively participate in our friendship. I have been in and out of nine different hospitals and clinics in the past year-and-a-half, trying to find a cure for a disease that’s been incredibly debilitating.  NOTE:  Yoda bringin’ in her “debilitating illness” AGAIN… it’s truly amazing that someone who has been hit so hard with an illness that has reduced her brain power down to 40% can actually string together full sentences and then arrange them in paragraphs which make up this entire BravoBlog!!!   Shades of Messy Salami…



Look, I understand that my sensitivity is heightened while I’ve been sitting on the sideline feeling inadequate because I’m not at my best. But Lisa knows, and supposedly accepted this.

rhobh brandi drunk otis mohamed stella bag arrow

And yet, she only visited me once while I was bedridden for nine months. She showed up in the middle of the day to see David get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but yet didn’t bother to come to see me be sworn in as a U.S. citizen, a major life moment for me.  NOTE:  Did Yoda become a FULL US citizen or does she still have dual citizenship??? Did Yoda relinquish her Dutch passport???  Did Yoda invite PumpMyStomach to citizenship ceremony??    (Yoda was pissed off when asked why Dr.Phil was there… Yoda said Dr.Phil is an extremely close friend!  The picture shows that he certainly is!!)

RHOBH Yolanda David Foster walk of fame captions arrow

I don’t expect the world from her, but I would hope she would care enough to listen to me when I want to discuss our friendship. I believed our friendship to be more substantial, but unfortunately, in trying to sweep my feelings under the rug, I realized she’s a different kind of friend. . .a Hollywood friend. This doesn’t make her any less fabulous or fun; it just changes our relationship.

RHOBH david yolanda foster brandi star walk of fame arrow

Unfortunately, you did not get to see the one-on-one conversation we had before we entered the restaurant in Puerto Rico. Lisa clearly understood my feelings, and said she was overwhelmed with too big of a workload and too little time left for friendships and family. She promised to make a greater effort in the future. Alas, the future ended right there and then, as she decided after the dinner that we were ganging up against her as a group rather then individuals with separate and specific issues that at least should be heard out of respect.  NOTE:  How ridiculous…  PumpMyStomach seemed to have given Yoda some very understandable reasons for not bending over backwards to please Yoda’s friendship requirements.

RHOBH LisaV Pump Rules pg

I understand that even if the issues are separate (and in most cases, addressable), she had a hard time dealing with them at once. I do have a problem, though, that as of today, she has chosen to escalate the issues by portraying herself as the victim of a bunch of women that are supposedly jealous of her.

With absolute respect for who Lisa is and the life she’s created for herself, I can say that there’s nothing Lisa has or is that I’m jealous of, except for maybe her health. I don’t mean this to be arrogant and dismissive. In fact, just the opposite. I’m not in competition with Lisa (or anyone) — but the claim that we’re jealous of her gives an insight into her mindset. I’m just trying to live the best version I can of my life.

And right now, however annoying I feel for writing this and seeming like I’m playing the victim, my life is defined by trying to improve my health. Belittling my disease and trying to convince people that I am using my struggles as a excuse for my behavior is shameless and despicable.  NOTE:  Isn’t Yoda doing the exact same with her “debilitating illness” as she accuses PumpMyStomach???

Imagine my frustration that Lisa didn’t see fit — as a supposedly close friend — to hear me out that I felt that she wasn’t there for me during my struggle, and now is perpetuating the idea that I’m using my illness as an excuse. Lisa’s lack of empathy for my daily battle is very sad, and I can only hope that she or her loved ones will never be struck with the nightmare of living with a chronic disease.

Even though I struggle with severe diminished brain function, I take 100 percent responsibility for every word that comes out of my mouth and gladly admit to my mistakes. Again, I’m far from perfect, but I do listen and learn. It would be nice if Lisa could too.   NOTE:  Amazing that someone suffering so badly with such a “debilitating illness” which resulted in “diminished brain function” could even write this repetitive BLAH, BLAH, BLAH BravoBlog!  We’re givin’ Yoda 3837462,003473 DrEvils…

Dr Evil right gif

Part of my hope in continuing with the show is to have the platform to bring awareness to this debilitating disease and encourage the hundreds of thousands of people around the world to keep fighting until we can find a cure for Lyme disease. Trust me, opening a business or selling products would be a much more fun and glamorous way to use my visibility. NOTE:  Has Yoda stopped selling her “romance” jewelry???  Has Yoda shut down the “BUY THIS” part of  her site??   But I’m gratified that at least in some small part, I’m helping to shine a light on a disease that a lot of people know, few understand, and sadly too many have.  NOTE:  Does Yoda get paid for appearing on behalf of these LymeDisease events????  OR… does she skirt the payment issue by just having the event pay for all her expenses??? 

Just MORE BS from Yoda!!!  We’re givin’ her 993873,398347 GoneGoofyGunns!!!

tim gunn bs gif

The one thing I have always appreciated about being a part of RHOBH is that regardless of our differences, we are all strong and independent woman. Sometimes it would be easier if we were wallflowers! All seven of us woman share part of our lives with the world in the hopes that we not only entertain you but that we share something that you can relate to. No matter how different we may be, we are all woman who are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters — just like you, the audience.   NOTE:   Yoda tryin’ to find some way to connect to everyone!  Nice try, but we’re not buyin’ it, Yoda.

(And: when I tell you the reunion covers a lot of ground in a satisfying way, I’m not just plugging it. If you’re invested in this season, please stick around to see us discuss what happened and attempt to forge a path to move forward.)  NOTE:  The previous two sentences were a plug for the RHOBH reunion shows.

On to the final party. I was frustrated because I had, in fact, reached out to Lisa when she “left” Puerto Rico (though she had tweeted about her lovely stay at another hotel on the island, so at least she was safe), and she hadn’t responded. Whatever you think about what went down in Puerto Rico (and again, there was more than television can contain), I was frustrated that Lisa was busy enough playing the victim that we couldn’t move forward.

Still, though, I was determined to put things past us heading into the final party. Friendship is ultimately strengthened by the incidents that test it, so I thought Lisa and I could have a quick conversation, and based on the positive conversation we had in front of the restaurant in Puerto Rico, have a hug and be done with the nonsense. So then imagine my surprise when Lisa really wouldn’t talk to me, and instead Ken treated me with what amounted to hostility.

You don’t have to like me or agree with what I am saying but I will never let someone minimize me, suppress me or intimidate me — no matter who you are, and no matter my diminished condition. I have never in my life let a man disrespect me, verbally or physically, and that will never change. I feel very strongly about this because it’s something my mother instilled in me and that I have instilled in my daughters. A man should never minimize or suppress a woman’s opinion by talking over her, calling her stupid, or grabbing her in any way, shape, or form to dominate or control any situation. That behavior is disrespectful and unacceptable.  NOTE: Should a man be prevented from stating the truth???  The uneducated Yoda IS STOOPID… and thinks that everyone else is, too!!!


Once again, a three-minute glimpse doesn’t tell anywhere near the whole story. And let me be completely clear: I’m not claiming Ken was physically abusive. I’m stating that he was very rude in intimidating me in a rude, unnecessary way that shouldn’t be tolerated. I can understand if he wanted to help his wife navigate a difficult situation (even though he helped create this situation back in Puerto Rico); but he was less than a gentleman, and I can assure you that he and Lisa wouldn’t accept (nor should they) anyone else doing this to her. No matter how annoyed Ken was with me, I was shocked about his behavior and it saddens me that Lisa would allow her husband to treat another woman that way. It saddened me that someone who supposedly loves my children and is a family friend would not pick up the phone the next day and apologize for her husband’s behavior.



Again, at a certain point, at least my feelings need to be acknowledged. What makes it even worse is that Lisa then would minimize her husband’s behavior by making it seem like I was making a big deal out of nothing — once again to discredit someone (a friend) who was upset. I guess the truth hurts, and denial is how some people chose to live their lives. True friendships cannot possibly survive every disagreement with a simple “Oh please, just let it go.”

I am happy to share with you that my husband and I are great and still going strong after eight years of a beautiful love story. Yes, we are selling our home, not because we are getting a divorce, but rather due to the fact that my health does not allow me to waste energy on running a big home. I need to stay focused on my recovery. Yes, I know you are sick and tired of hearing about my chronic illness, but by the way — SO AM I!   NOTE:  THIS is what Yoda didn’t want YOU to see about her house… a link is included showing the conversation Twitter gang attack led by Yoda held with Yoda about her house and the big “Divorce” word!  Interesting that Yoda makes her house and KingD a part of this BravoBlog!  

As you can see from this end of filming photo, another picture which says a thousand words… looks like KingD just ain’t into Yoda!


As you know my daughter Gigi has moved to New York, and my baby girl Bella was accepted to a college in New York as well, so our nest will be down to one child pretty soon. As a mother, I’m extremely proud and surprised at how quickly time has passed. To you mommies out there, enjoy every minute you have with your children — because they will be spreading their wings before you know it.   NOTE:  Yoda tryin’ to relate to all the “mommies” out there!  FAIL.  No one cares about Alana or Jello… 


It’s been a challenging year for all seven of us, and judging by your comments, it seems like it has been for all of you viewers as well. Thank for you for watching and caring. In a strange way, we’re on this journey together. . .and for as grateful as I am for a life I truly appreciate (and as comfortable as I am with my integrity), I value having you along for a bit of the ride, too.

So long for now.

Much love,



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  1. what is it with these woman that they think every time they throw a party EVERYONE on the guest list HAS TO SHOW UP!!!!! No one else can have a life outside of these idiots and their events. If one does not show up you get ragged on forever that you did not attend. It’s just crazy to me. I may be wrong but everyone bugged lIsa for not showing up Kim for her daughters graduation or whatever and Yo for her daughters shit. The only time I ever heard from Lisa was when she retaliated to Kim and asked her why she did not show up at Pandy’s wedding, but in the long run she could have given a shit she did not want drunk Kim there anyway causing a scene. AND PS KIM the reason you lost a huge part of your life was that YOU CHOSE TO PICK UP THE BOTTLE and make that your priority in AA you face your demons and also ask for forgiveness I see nothing coming from her about all her mistakes.


  2. yoda (aka) control freak, wanna be Queen b really needs to get over herself–she is full of caca, her self-righteous attitude and over the top theatrics solidify her position of being the cray cray clown.
    So glad that Ken gave her back some of the crap she’s been spewing at Lisa—-Ken really put her in her place.
    BTW—I hope all “dutch” people don’t act as stoopid as yoda—she just keeps embarrassing herself with her heart full of jealousy and bitterness for all things Lisa V.
    When yoda grows up–she wants to be Lisa Vanderpump…
    and pathetic BH drunk otis is just grasping for straws—she really is going back 7 years regarding the scheana thing—wow, all season long- we heard that by the end of the season–we would see how terrible Lisa really was—-and this is what the clowns (yoda/brandi) come up with ???? Pathetic attempt and an epic fail—-.. Seriously though, brandi needs to lay off the botox it’s going straight to that one brain cell she has left, and yoda should sue the plastic surgeon for her ugg face…….


  3. I wouldn’t blame KingD for wanting the big D the way Lemons-and-Lymes complains nonstop about her loss of brain function. It’s absolutely boring and tiring being the caretaker to people that complain nonstop about being ill.

    She is a chronic complainer. If it isn’t Lymes, then it’s something else. I envision Lemons-and-Lymes complaining about table runners to the Hamhead ex husband for years. Gee, sounds like fun!


  4. Wow! How convenient that Lyme brain is. Following S3 reunion (4/1/2013 blog), Lemons-and-Lymes blogged that:

    “Lisa and I see each other outside of the show and our friendship and mutual respect for one another has continued to grow. Both Brandi and Lisa visited me many times and have shown me great support during these past, worst eight months of my life.”,2

    So did Lisa only visit ONCE or did she visit many times?


    • ChemGeek – she also gave a similar interview in Beverly Hills Lifestyle It was the shoot she did with David in season 3. Lisa obviously set her up – there are profiles with her and shoots with Gigi and Brandi too, so much for Lisa being a terrible friend! Anyway, in the BHL interview she says no one but David was aware of her illness whilst filming season 3 and then she goes on to say how her and Lisa are cut from the same cloth and have their moral compass set in the right direction. That didn’t last long did it!


        • What’s with her stupid duck lips – when are deez wimmens gonna realise that we can all see what they are doing – were not fooled in to thinking they have lovely pouts! Kyle is the worst because she is so labially challenged it looks even more pathetic.


          • There’s just something so pathetic about a middle aged woman trying to act like a 20 year old. And they’re so serious about it. I was embarrassed for her when I saw that photo.


  5. Ok, at first I felt badly for her illness, but now it’s apparent that she’s blown it way out of proportion. I can’t see anyone gravely ill dressing up to the 9’s and attending all these things. And the last thing an ill person does is create drama. This is the same schtick she pulled on Kyle last don’t visit me, you aren’t supporting me, you don’t care that I am sick…blah blah blah. Bitch you aren’t too sick to bleach your hair and gossip with Brandi. Maybe this disease is really more of a pity ploy to keep the husband around…..


    • She seems like someone who’s sick when it’s convenient to be sick and not sick when there’s something she wants to do. Kind of like how I was when the kids were little. Somehow I could never find a babysitter when I didn’t want to go to something.


      • She seemed to have plenty of vim and vigor when she was choking out that dude in the self-defense class. When she and Alana were schlepping the supplies for the finger painting party to the top of her lemon hills, she had all kinds of energy. Alana was huffing and puffing, but Lemon Lymes ain’t even broke a sweat.

        And another thing, she moans and complains about only having 40% of her brain functioning but then denies she’s stoopid when Ken calls her stoopid. She is stoopid, but it’s prolly a preexisting condition to the Lymes Disease. #highschooldropout


    • She has a full and packed life for someone that proclaims to be so bedridden and longs-for-company. She has no coping mechanisms to understand the reality of her situation. It sucks, but if she keeps chasing the unicorn, she will end up at the end of her life still chasing the unicorn. She definitely is sick when its convenient and/or KingD is an azzhole that totes her off when she doesn’t feel well.

      I feel badly that anyone would look to her as a “hero” for Lymes. She isn’t an example of how one should be coping with the disease. For those that long for eternal victimhood–sure! For those that actually want to live and enjoy life–no!


      • Let’s face it, her reality of sick and dealing with a debilitating disease, and most peoples, is probably very different. Remember her holistic nurse, her nutritionist, that did home visits with IV’s? I didn’t see her slogging it to the local hospital or university for treatments. She’s sick and lonely? She oughta go spend a day at Walter Reed or an university hospital. I am sure Lyme’s Disease is no fun, but the way she’s acted can’t be blamed on it.


  6. These women are certifiable nut jobs! Just bat-shit crazy! Between the flip-flopping of who they are BFFS with one minute, the next minute that same ” bff” is the biggest liar that ever existed. The pack mentality is brutaly vicious with no facts to support their attacks on an unsuspecting victim, it’s insanity. And the reasoning, I use that word lightly, these idiots come up with for their current hate fest(s) are ludicrous.
    After reading the previous comments, thank you Chiantideb and Hair for those enlightening links!! It’s like, holy can of worms, Batman!! The most stunning thingI have ever heard was recently one of the housewives saying that their show(s) are, geez, what was the word that woman used? Oh!…… I believe it was, get ready for it, ready???……. yeah, educational. Am I losing it here? How does a person even respond, if that’s at all possible to a comment like that?


    • Oh thanks sparky, but it was chemgeek and high priestess, whose link I responded too.:) pretty enlightening indeed!


      • Oh….silly me! Well, to whom ever…. but, YES! Chiantideb, ever so enlightening. Hey, we all are of the same mind/opinion for the most part. When we ever have differing opinions, it’s kept civil. Unlike SOME women we can think of. That’s why I enjoy this site so much. We grown-azz womenfolk!! Tehehe!!


        • Wasn’t trying to correct you, just didn’t want to take credit for something that wasn’t me :). ITA . Yo talks about being a girls girl, not a Hollywood friend, then spends the next few episodes NOT being a girls girl, but a alpha dog lol. Women should make each other stronger, not take each other down. I like this site too, it would be no fun if everyone only thought the same way. We is grown ass womenfolk! :)


          • Oh Chianti…if I came across snarky, I’m sorry. It’s hard to “hear” the persons voice inflections when it’s written….kinda thing. I actually think you’re very cool and agree with many thing you say. Anyway…..just want to make sure I didn’t offend you in any way. My sarcasm (at home) gets me in enough trouble!


            • Oh Sparky…….Heavens no! I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t offended you! I like reading you and agree with many things you say…. You have a fun sense of humorI…….. I can be pretty blunt and sometimes it gets me in trouble here at home too! I can be hell on wheels, but mostly I am pretty mellow. It’s all good here :)


  7. All season long she has been making snide remarks about Lisa and what a true friend does and doesn’t do, get a clue Yolanda, Lisa apparently doesn’t want to be nor consider you as a friend. She has purposely not followed your rules for a friendship so get off her case! Geesh!


    • Drunk Otis, Yoda, and HagFace all kind of threw shade at Lisa in their taglines this season, in anticipation of the take down of Lisa. Yoda said “don’t tell me you’re my friend, act like one”. You know, ‘cuz Lisa is such a fake Hollywood friend and all. Drunk Otis with her, “the higher you climb, the farther you fall” was thinking Lisa was going down. HagFace talking about “I know what’s real and what’s fake” because she knows Lisa is a liar and Otis is a truth cannon. Pfffft! They failed miserably. Yoda is the crappy, back stabbing friend, Otis has fallen so far from the good graces of the viewers, and the only thing real about HagFace is how fake she is.


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