YOLANDA FOSTER: On GMA This Morning… Why She’s Selling Malibu House… Where Is David Foster???

How strange.   How very strange.

Yolanda Foster obviously filmed this spot, which aired on GoodMorningAmerica this morning, to coincide with putting her over-inflated asking price of $27.5 million Malibu house up for sale PUBLICLY yesterday.   IMO, selling her house is the REAL reason for the GMA spot… but, it will be chalked up as YODA performing a PSA for LymeDisease!

What is “strange” about YODA, her house sale and all the PR she’s doing???

The  Foster’s Malibu house has been for sale PRIVATELY for the last several years…

  • The fact that YODA’s brain has decreased to 40% capacity (her words… she probably meant to include the word “functioning”!)…. but, is still functioning well enough to handle interviews and more than likely continue on the RHOBH!
  • her life is too stressful… but not stressful enough to stop interviews to sell her house!
  • she just discovered that her daughters will no longer be living in the house…but, she knew that while attempting to privately sell her house for the past few years!

Even stranger… where is David Foster????  Kinda strange that KingD isn’t around to assist his stressed-out debilitated wife…

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19 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: On GMA This Morning… Why She’s Selling Malibu House… Where Is David Foster???

    • I think they just need the money pure and simple. Because for one she bought that place for 4 million I believe and she is trying to sell it for 27 MILLION, which alll the realtors know is overpriced especially for the location. And then she has been trying to sell it for years. This isn’t about moving to a better home or to live with her daughter. They are running out of money and fast (reason for the 27 million). They need money and David hasn’t had to many hard hitting hits lately or to be more exact big money hits.

  1. I’m calling BS on this – what a fakey-fake she is. 40% indeed – she sounds NO different to how she has in the past and does not seem to have any problems with collecting her thoughts and speaking clearly as sufferers of the disease often find difficulty doing (according to my quick interweb search). She should be careful saying that in any case – they’re not going to want to give a design show to anybody who’s not fully functionable.

    As someone on here pointed out the other day, Linda Thompson said that once she allowed the reality cameras into her and David’s home, the marriage started to deterioriate. I still think a break-up is in the works.

  2. Very odd indeed. She could sell her Hermes bags and belts, that bottle of wine that Oprah gave them and then she would be able to afford the taxes on that house. I’m also calling bs on her not caring about material things. I’ve been in her closet <>

  3. housewifefromafar, Ha Ha! I could just hear YoDa trying to push some home designer show-“My brain has decreased to 40% of it’s capacity, I can’t collect my own thoughts,or speak clearly, and I really don’t know WTH I’m doing. When do I start”?

  4. Hate to say I told you so…but. Yeah, this has divorce written all over it. I mentioned this a while back. Surprised that it’s finally now a public listing, but then again not really. Someone wants out, and I think it’s YoYo.

  5. Whenever YOFO says “my love” to her husband, he doesn’t seem to respond. Not like Kim and Kroy, when she said it, it seemed reciprocated. I hope YO gets a show, more fodder for the mill. First segment will be 101 uses for lemons… can’t wait.

    • David seems like a real A-hole. She gushes over him and acts like the sun shines outta his butt while he acts like she is so lucky that he lets her love him. She comes off like a bit of a doormat, IMO. It makes me uncomfortable to watch her give so much love and get so little in return. I’m embarrassed for her.

      • Are we so sure she didn’t get Lyme and lose 60% of her brain function BEFORE she married the guy? What woman in her right mind would marry someone who’s been married so many times?

    • SupperMoon, LOL!!! Ha Ha! YoDa says “My Love” and he doesn’t seem to respond? His face turns pale, like oh no, then he looks around for the nearest exit. A smaller place naaahh!

  6. All signs point to divorce. David Foster is a misogynist pig. Good riddance. She will be better off without him.

  7. I agree with most of the above comments. I’ve always thought the chemistry between the two was off somehow. If so, it’s probably due to David’s massive ego. Let’s face it, a guy who has been married 5 times obviously does not understand or care about the concept of marriage. Yolanda has just been another hanger on as far as he’s concerned and another notch in his belt, which is very sad for her. With regard to the Lyme disease, I knew someone who struggled with the disease for several years. She did not display outward signs and looked healthy, but believe me, she was suffering. Only those of us who were close to the family knew what was going on. Well, as healthy as she looked, she died from the disease. Her respiratory system shut down which is a complication of it. Just because a person “looks” healthy really doesn’t mean squat.

    • Sherry, ITA, and I know first hand how hard it is to struggle with a disease, I myself try not do not display any outward signs, but man do I suffer. I think you go thru waves of wanting to be,feel normal so you ignore it and get on with your life. You choose to be stronger and that has helped, for me anyway. But everyone is different. :)

    • This is true. When it hits the central nervous system, there may not be outward signs, but believe me, what’s going on in the brain is horrible.

      I can’t pretend to know anything about her life, but I do know about lyme and I can believe that she feels 40% of her brain function is gone. I can also believe that she would downsize her life to reduce stress, since that exacerbates all symptoms. Brain function can return in time, but as the doctor interviewed said, it is different for each individual. This is not a one-size-fits-all disease and it takes a multi-therapy approach to get well.

      BTW, the TV doc had her info backwards. Fewer than 50% of people diagnosed with LD recall seeing a bull’s eye rash. Also, LD is found in every state in the US, with the greatest number of infections occurring in the northeast.

  8. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost 40% of my brain capacity after years of a steady diet of watching these inane housewives.

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