BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis Says That Lisa Vanderpump “Lived In The Valley… Faced Bankruptcy”

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DrunkOtis has a Podcast… on PodcastOne.  EVERYONE has a Podcast on PodcastOne!   However, that is beside the point!  The point here is that DrunkOtis makes a bizarre claim… or perhaps not so bizarre.

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DrunkOtis states in her chat with BretEastonEllis … after swearing that the RHOBH is NOT scripted and after pooh-poohing her “I wish I were molested” statement… that LisaVanderPumpMyStomach lived in the “valley” and was facing bankruptcy.

NOTE:  LisaVanderPumpMyStomach issued a Groupon to help get customers…

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(Thanks to SH readers “Sloan” “PMG” and “anon”!!!)

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60 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis Says That Lisa Vanderpump “Lived In The Valley… Faced Bankruptcy”

  1. Big putdown, Brandi. But for the Valley, there would be no Paul Thomas Anderson as we know him, so case closed.

  2. Aw how lovely of you Brandi to put Lisa on blast like that now that y’all are no longer pals. I can’t stand women like that. Friendships end and it sucks but that doesn’t mean you need to put them on blast and divulge things that they may not want others to know. I had a friend who married a crazy man so our friendship ended due to his antics. She went around and talked so much crap about me. I literally could have ruined many of her friendships because she used to tell me all of the embarrassing things they had told her in confidence. Honestly I did consider it, but it’s just not my style. Mama raised me better than that. :)

    • Yes, your Mama did raise you better than that. Be proud of how you handled that situation Richmond. Brandi just continues to shoot herself in the damn foot. What a filthy piece of trash and bitter disappointment she is. Lisa’s tweet to Brandi telling her she could no longer support her (after the molestation gate) must have made the slut seek some revenge. Throw Brandi in with the Mob Wives and let’s see how she holds up. What an untrustworthy bitch.

  3. Brandi is a piece of shiit and this brings yet another level of disgust even for her. Brandi has a history of using personal information about ppl to hurt them or hurt their reputation…..that is why she is so frustrated with Joyce…she has nothing on Joyce.

    I doubt Lisa truly confided in Brandi on deep issues as she is well aware of how low Brandi can go. If living in the Valley is all Brandi has on LIsa….than a huge EYEROLL.

    P.S Brandi…anyone can look up real estate logs and could see how long Lisa and Ken own their properties and where. Again (eyroll).

    Brandi is beyond gross and with every comment, dig, tweet, and nasty blogs….she is putting yet another nail in the coffin of this dead friendship.

    I hope Lisa sees this as yet another reminder as to why she needs to keep Brandi the HECK away from her and her family. I am sure Eddie is saying…”you see… see what I was dealing with for all those years!!” lol.

    • I have seen more and more as to why Eddie ditched the bitch. At this point, I no longer blame him. Brandi is extremely spiteful and vengeance seeking. She’s self destructive and cares about no one but herself.

  4. Thank u so much, Sherry! I have to say I was tempted at times to throw her under the bus. I really enjoyed Lisa’s comment about Brandi’s molestation “joke.” “I know funny and that ain’t funny.”

    • I’m proud of you too for keeping quiet. I had a coworker that was like that . Before I knew how gossipy she really was she knew some of my biz. Once I heard she was telling my coworkers stories I told her I lost respect for her and it was my business to tell not hers. And when i said, you dont see me telling people that your man punched you in the mouth while you were on the toilet do you?? she shut the f up then. I didn’t care for her since lejo. It seemed like I couldn’t get rid of her. She wanted to be close to all my friends she would friend everyone on MySpace and I would warn them about her. I kept her at arms length. When I left the job I wanted nothing to do w her and I stopped contact. Grown ass bully

    • Oh the horror of living in the valley, this from the skank whore who was one step away from being a prostitute in Europe, banged her husband in the bathroom of the bar they were at the first night the met,rolled her divorce to fame and now has a rented house in a good zip code. Wow! You are special.

  5. Brandi is a big shit stirrer. Lisa is a hard working gal. Both Lisa and Ken did their best to help her out when everyone else wanted nothing to do with her. Many times Lisa stood up for Brandi, taking shit for sticking up for her. Lisa finally realized that she couldn’t help Brandi, no one can. Sad to say , the girl doesn’t want help, and Yolanda will come to this conclusion also. Then where will Brandi be. Brandi is a beautiful girl, she has a lot of wonderful qualities. Get help and get on with your life. Enough with the ” oh poor pitiful me “. You have a lot to be grateful for..

  6. Brandi, there are multimillion dollar homes in the valley. The public schools are better and you can get much more for your money. I have lived on the west side & I have lived in Woodland hills, a suburb of the valley. And the valley has a lot to offer if you want to raise a family in a nice environment . She is showing her ignorance when she makes comments like this. Many wealthy people &celebrities chose to live in the valley because they don’t care if they have the 90210 zip code. Brandi does’nt own a home and she is talking smack? Girl needs to shut her trap.

    • And what about less traffic! It once took me 1/2 an hour in morning rush hour traffic to take Wilshire from Bundy to Sepulveda! Michael Jackson lived in the valley and his family still does. Picking on person for where she lives or how she dresses or what car she drives only reflects on the speaker, not her target.

      • Traffic is a biggie. My husband works in Santa Monica and it’s a rat race.
        Alice Cooper, Heather Locklear, the Kardasians, Dan Ackroyd,& Valerie Bertinelli, are just a handful of celebrities that live in the valley. Heck even some of the great old movie stars like John Wayne , Mickey Rooney and Lucille Ball had homes in San Fernando Valley. I guess they all are or were ghetto rich.

    • You know who else lived in the Valley? Brandi — when she & Eddie were married they lived in Calabasas.
      Furthermore, she said recently that she & Eddie were “ghetto rich” (i.e., they had nice cars, a big home, but they had 2nd & 3rd mortgages so were basically broke).
      So her comments about Lisa — trying to “put her down” — are doubly ridiculous.

      • LOL — Justin Beaver lives in the Valley. I guess he’s not rich enough for Brandi’s taste. She’s a twit with diarrhea of the mouth.

        • Not a putdown – but Calabasas is home ot the nouveau riche …

          Nothing wrong with the valley; heck some of these houses are worth tens of millions of dollars!

          Actually, wasn’t Brandi’s previous rented home in the less affluent area of Calabasas, in a – shock, horror – non-gated community?

  7. How does Otis stand herself?!? Who would want anything to do with someone who blabs anything and everything about you so she can feel better about her own messed up life? I see no positive qualities about her at all. She is pure garbage. Landfills can be named after her.

  8. I read some bio on ken and Lisa when the show first started. It was about the first time they moved to the states. They opened 2 places that I think served hot dogs and both were destroyed in the earth quake. I imagine that is what may the hard times Lisa told Brandi about. I know they move back to England after that. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

    • The big 1994 earthquake was centered in “The Valley” part of Los Angeles, so maybe that’s it. Many businesses were destroyed and couldn’t afford to rebuild.

      • Brandi doesn’t have any compassion for anyone. Everyone is supposed to pity her and cater to her rampant narcissism. She needs to be off the show, for reals. I will not watch any future seasons with her on them. I cannot support any show that allows a woman to make such irresponsible comments without an ounce of remorse.

        I loathe HagFace. But I’d rather see ten hagfaces on RHOBH than one DrunkOtis.

    • @Originalcyn, I read the same bio on Ken and Lisa. Serving hot dogs is nothing to be embarrassed about but if you are Lisa Vanderpumps to her it is.

      I agree nothing to be embarrassed about but it seems like their are.

  9. Whomever this guy is needs to STFU. Is she seriously scraping the bottom for guests. I don’t know who this guy is, don’t want to, and don’t care what his “takes” are. Brandi is jealous of Lisa. Look at where Lisa is now. Who cares if she struggled at one point in her life? Who hasn’t? Brandi needs to be real careful here. Her fan base is very small now. I’ve noticed from her twitter those that are her rabid fans that post on her twitter appear to be fairly young. It’s pretty sad that the younger generation is okay with Brandi’s lack of morals, lack of character, and lack of empathy for others.

    • That’s cuz the older people are smarter, and see thru Brandi’s antics. She really is a loser.
      One thing about Carlton , she found out pretty early that Brandi cannot be trusted, and told her to her face after they shared a ‘kiss’
      She was smart enough to know.

  10. Ups and downs are all part of running a business and if it is true that they were down on their luck then they are to be admired even more for turning it around and working hard to make their lives a success and be where they are now. They have earned their money by working hard and at the same time providing jobs for others. What does Brandi do to earn a living? She talks trash, makes a drunken show of herself and sells peoples secrets out in order to stay in the spotlight. She is the worst kind of “celebrity” and a horrible example to young girls of how a woman should behave or how to make it in Beverly Hills. She has no talent or ability to make it on her own – she has to step on others to climb to the top.

  11. Tx all for explaining wth “the Valley” even is for this Midwesterner! :) Love all the movie/tv stars from yesteryear named that were former residents.

    BUH…just say “the Valley” was full of folks like…well…ME? Struggling and working my azz off to be middle class. What would be wrong with a Lisa or a Ken living nearby as they struggled as well?

    If this chick has any PR at all (with the book deal) they really need to sell her a clue bus ticket on that “no filter” thing? Not working! Clueless alienating whatever remnant of “fans” she has left….you really cannot make this stuff up!!! lol

    • The city of Los Angeles is so huge — about 500 square miles — that there are many different zip codes with different community names. They sound like separate cities, but they’re not. The Valley is the part of Los Angeles north of the Santa Monica mountains, and there are many different communities there. Hollywood, Brentwood and Bel Air (many celebrities), and Downtown LA are some communities south of the Santa Monica mountains. Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are also south of the mountains, but they are separate cities. All throughout LA, there are wealthier areas, middle class areas, and poor areas.

        • Actually, remember when the Valley tried to secede from Los Angeles? Wasn’t it because they’re responsible for the lion’s share of tax revenues to the city, by a lot?

          • Yeah. I think that was about 10 years ago. The Valley doesn’t get much in the way of services for its contribution of the tax base. Plus, it’s kinda the Rodney Dangerfield of LA: it gets no respect.

  12. Doesn’t Brandi live in the valley? She’s about to get booted from her rental because of all the dog piss and white trashness.

    • Um No, and she cleaned up after her dogs…piss, turds, and all.
      White Trash belongs to “Tammy Sue” aka Tamera. That is white trash-e-ness & trash-e-ist! At least Brandi is living within her means, and doing very well at it…unlike some other Housewives, wink wink. ;)

      • It’s true. There’s a post here about it. Brandi was going all ham on twitter about it as well. Her landlord is selling Brandi’s house. Also Brandi does cry victim. Quite a bit. All last season she pulled the poor, single mother act while driving a Range Rover and carrying Chanel and Hermes handbags. I don’t have one Hermes, Chanel or a range rover because I actually do live within my means. Those are the only examples I care to give but there are more. Agree to disagree

  13. …has Brandy even ever been to a PTA meeting at her son’s school? I would be embarrassed if she was my Mom.

    • On last week’s show – when they were photographing the cover for her latest book – she said she works part-time at the school and takes turns to car pool.

      • She does work part time at her son’s school and does take turns to car pool. I believe that is a good thing that she does…my mom did it for me and my brothers…no pay included, just a volunteer.

      • Can you imagine that trash box working at school all hung over with the shakes and all? I know they make you get TB screening before you volunteer at school, but in Drunk Otis’s case, they oughta screen for every form of disease and contagion from hepatitis to scabies before they let her near children. She’s such a dirty skank.

  14. People are more likely to judge the gossip teller, than the gossip subjects. Brandi does seem to have her ways of finding out things about people (such as Adrienne’s surogacy and now this – which I doubt Lisa let slip), but why does she feel the need to pass it on? Is she that immature that she’s hoping people will turn on Lisa because of this tale?

    • Otis was desperately trying to get the audience against LV and Joyce before the season even started. She would scoop negative info to bloggers about the others while leaving out her own shitty behavior. I just find that so despicable. Plus, Otis is too pathetically defiant to admit how her stoopid scheme backfired in her face.

  15. She showed everyone who she is when she spilled about Adriennes surrogacy. I couldn’t believe how few people thought that was a seriously messed up thing to do. Just because something is true, or because you have no secrets, does not give you the right to blab other peoples. Especially ex-Freinds. Reminds me of Tamballs. Trust shouldn’t end when the relationship does. And while I’m at it, I find the term “ghetto” classest and offensive as well, at least people living in the so called ghetto are not living above their means trying to be something they are not. I would love to see this chick put in her place by Lisa, but I doubt she cares enough to waste the time and energy to do it.

  16. Slightly off topic, but does anyone else think that “Pandy”, Lisa’s daughter is quite chubby? I can’t stand what we see of her and her husband – they come across as right snobs. I sort of get the impression that Pandy has tried to get more air time but it’s failed.

    • Ooooopsies … hit ‘post comment’ before reading it back!

      Meant to say, that Lisa insinuated that Kyle was fat but she definitely isn’t – she just wears clothing that doesn’t suit her shape very well – and that’s a bit rich for her to say that, when her daughter could definitely lose a few.

      • I don’t think any of them are fat. I’ve seen Kyle in person over a year ago, and she definitely was not fat then. I think the camera adds weight, plus I’ve noticed that they look fatter or thinner depending on which TV I’m watching.

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