EX-HOUSEWIFE JOANNA KRUPA: Wants To Fight Brandi Glanville… SkankyJo “Skeered” Of Black Atlanta Housewives

SkankyJo talks to TMZ… after SkankyJo skirts the question of whether Miami will be back (Miami is DONE… if not, they would be filming now!) and stating that she would prefer being on the RHOBH instead of the OC… wants to take on DrunkOtis, but is skeered of NayNay:

NOTE:  This chick is desperate.  And, it’s obvious that her 2014 calendar didn’t sell well!  If SkankyJo’s life were so interesting, any number of “reality” show producers would be after her for her own show.  Instead, SkankyJo is popping up everywhere in the hopes that SOMEONE will offer her SOMETHING!  

We are offering SkankyJo a one-way ticket to “ShutTheHellUPAndPleaseGoAwayVille” and a consultation with JillZarin on “How To Stay Relevant YEARS After You’ve Been Booted Off A Housewives Show… WITHOUT Bikini Shots”!

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73 comments on “EX-HOUSEWIFE JOANNA KRUPA: Wants To Fight Brandi Glanville… SkankyJo “Skeered” Of Black Atlanta Housewives

  1. Oh man, she really is absolutely desperate. That whore is finished and she’s clinging to ANY attention she can get. She does not belong on tv or in any interviews, period…however, I would pay to see Nene head butt that bitch and shut her up once and for all. God, she’s obnoxious.

  2. She will skank up BH even more if she gets a spot there. See I dont watch BH for the skankiness level. I like it for the Lisas and Yolandas and the juicy scoop from the lives of the rich and famous. They need to go after more of that type. Sorry, I dont watch RHBH for gutter trash. I can watch RHNJ for that.

    • I cannot watch New Jersey anymore. I didn’t watch any of the last season. That show is just way too toxic for me. Since MeHo and KomaKathy came on board, it went downhill for me.

        • Yep, their husbands make me throw up in my own mouth every single time I see them. When MeHO’s dwarf husband starts talking about sex, my eye literally twitches, LOL. The mere mental picture of him in any way sexually would turn any person off of sex for life. I want to punch Richie Wakile in the throat every single time he opens his mouth.

          • AHAHAHA! Richie needs to be put in his place. On the last reunion Andy angered me because he asked Kathy about Richie tweeting terrible things to women on twitter and she stated something like “Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. They have it coming to them.” !!!! Andy let her skate with that. I should not have been surprised. Andy thinks that insults and threats towards women are entertaining.

            • Thank goodness she has been demoted and we get less of Richie. However, I still cannot watch that trainwreck of a show. Joe Giudice isn’t much better.

            • I haven’t watched the past couple of seasons of NJ. The viciousness and hatred they exhibit is beyond my comprehension. It is way to awful for me to watch. Same with OC. BH is just so boring.

            • I haven’t either, but it’s more to do with just how boring the NJ crew are. There’s nothing interesting about any of them in NJ except for the Guidice girls and Juicy, just because he’s a comical character, with his quips and facial expressions.

            • You know, the girls while I feel sorry for what may happen to their young lives due to their lame parents, I don’t care to watch them. And Joe all I can see when watching him is the scene in California and the vineyards when he called his wife the see you next Tuesday word. I just find them all disgusting human beings. And the most offensive thing about all of them? They’re incredibly stupid.

            • That vineyard comment was really disgusting. Like I said, I don’t watch anymore, except sometimes SH’s video clips.

            • Also on the Napa trip Tree asked Juicy if he wanted her to put her finger up his azz. That comment grossed me out more than the c u next Tuesday bit. Ew! I don’t need to know about all that!

    • They must have cancelled the show, otherwise why leave Miami. She is trying everything under the sun to get picked up and no takers, but who knows they may get rid of Brandi (actually didn’t SH say something about Kim and Kyle being let go?) and decide to put her in it and see where things go.

    • We already have gutter trash on BH with Brandi, Kim & Carlton. Some gutter trash is necessary to keep viewers awake. I would like to see Joana on BH & remove KIM. Brandi vs Joana would be fun and I wouldn’t mind seeing Roman. Jusymy2cents.

      • LOL! Only if they remove Kyle too! I can’t believe I am even saying this but I would take Joanna over Kyle. And I can’t stand either one of them.

  3. Hmmm, something stinks about this. Pun intended, of course. I wouldn’t put anything past Miss Andy. I betcha she ends up on the next season of Beverly Hills. She’s been doing way too much PR and “hanging out” with some of the housewives of BH.

    • Or maybe Andy just enjoys seeing how big a fool she will make out of herself and he will string her along then not give her a part!

      • Andy has no soul. Of course he likes watching them destroy themselves as long as he’s getting paid.

  4. I don’t know much about this chick other than the Brandi feud and that she got slapped after chasing a cast mate at a party. Is she as trashy as Brandi?

    • Oh yea, SkankyJo gives Brandi a run for her money in the trashy department. If Brandi was on the Miami cast, she would be SkankyJo. Both drama queens, both liars, and both in love with themselves.

        • I could see Slade bagging her if things dont work out with Gretchen. I cant with Vicky anymore, so I dont tune into OC.

          • LOL!! Lord Yes Babs! I can’t watch the OC because of Vickie either! Her voice. Dear God I get all tense and a stomach ache whenever she starts screaming. And her “love tank” expression makes me want to heave. She is nastier then Tamra and Gretchen combined. IMHO

            • Maybe because she holds the dubious “honor” of being the original first housewife? Or perhaps because she is so over the top with her tantrums and screeching? We all know how much misogynist Andy loves when his HW’s behave like total bitches. The more they demean themselves the happier he becomes. Add her creepazoid shady boyfriend Crooksy and she is guaranteed a position with the OC.

      • Apparently Yolanda denied the rumors of Mohammed and SkankyJo. Who knows? Maybe Yolanda denied the rumors because Mohammed is the father of her children and didn’t want to rock the boat. That could be another reason Yolanda has backed off of Brandi, too. Maybe she’s afraid Brandi will out everything Yolanda told her. The reunion should be interesting.

  5. Can these wives stoop any lower? Physical Violence is wrong and especially for women; maybe JoHo and Brandi and a few others should start a roller derby league.

    • Ann of Pompano Beach, IKR? That self defence class scene was disturbing to see. Yolanda nearly choked the instructor. She didn’t remember that tapping means to stop,so shes strangling him while smiling! She thinks taping means “good job, keep going”! The poor instructor turned bright red and looked like he was in agony.

    • Whoa Ann! My beautiful sweet daughter in law is in the roller derby! She is the mother to two of my beautiful grandchildren and is a wonderful wife to my son. She has been doing this for eight years and loves the exercise and the camaraderie. I’m the one that talked her into trying out and if I was younger I’d be right there with her. She works as a social worker and deals with a lot of domestic abuse cases. The sport helps her blow off steam from a stressful job, get an extreme amount of intense exercise and form lasting friendships with her team mates. I am so proud of her and how well she is doing. Skanky Jo and Brandi would never make it in the roller derby. They are way too shallow, vain and could never be part of a team with their me me and only me mentality.

      • The roller derby was big when I was a kid, and I remember watching the LA Thunderbirds on TV. Thanks for bringing back the great memories. Remember the Raquel Welch movie, Kansas City Bomber?

        • I do remember that movie! Rachel Welch still looks fantastic. Her and Sophia Lauren seem ageless almost. My d-I-l lives in a small town in Eastern Washington and absolutely loves participating in the derby. She is naturally shy and soft spoken and I love how much enjoyment she gets out of it. She has gained self confidence too.

          • That’s neat, Sandy. I once saw Raquel Welch in the Saks BH shoe department. She looked great, but in my shoe shopping frenzy the only reason I noticed her was because she was wearing dark sunglasses indoors!

            • LOL! Didn’t she used to advertise for Foster Grants? “Whose that behind those Foster Grants?” Whenever they publish pics of her around town she is always wearing sunglasses. The only stars I have seen is Rerun and Shirley from Good Times. They came into a restaurant I was bartending at in Seattle about thirty years ago! Oh and I waited on David Bowie! And Robin from Batman and Robin when I was in elementary school.

            • I always figure they put on the sunglasses indoors so people WILL notice them. Who else does that? Your list is pretty impressive. I loved Rerun (I guess we’re dating ourselves). What did Bowie look like up close?

            • He was super thin, had eye liner on and crooked teeth! He was really sweet to me and I was a star struck idiot. I had seen him the night before in a concert with The Tubes. I did get his autograph on a coaster and I still have it! Around 1984? I worked in that particular restaurant for seven years from 1980 until 1987 until I moved to Florida.

    • They belong in a zoo. There they can preen and pose for all the gawkers to their little hearts content. These narcissistic twits would be in their element. We could throw peanuts through the bars when they are on land. When they go in the polar bear pool we can throw raw fish bits and tell them it’s sushi!

      • sandybo, Ha Ha! ITA! And the bars (not the kind brandi lives for) “wood” stop thieves from snatching things like Kenya’s arm and PT’s leg,cause really those things can cost an arm and a leg to replace these days. :)

        • And Carols leg appears to be missing in action too. The bars “wood” protect all the innocent bystanders from these two heels too. Not to mention protecting all those innocent “hallowed” legs that may pass on by. I may be going out on a “limb” here but I “kneed” to know we are safe from these “leggy” drunks in a cage before we all get up in arms and cause a ruckus.

          • sandybo, Good idea. We all “kneed” to know how their limbs went missing and take the “right” or was it her “left” legged precautions. :) Ha Ha!

            • I still want to know how PT’s leg ended up on the floor! And how was she able to leave without her leg? Did she have to hop out? Crawl? Roll like a log? Walk out on her hands? Or did one of the housewives just drop kick her out to curb?

            • I think Tom from pump rules ripped PT’s leg off and beat Jax with it. Then he gave PT a piggyback ride back to her boring, phony home.

            • romo and Luigi! I like the thought of Tom ripping off the leg to bash that gross Jax soundly about the head and face! A piggy back ride though? She would deafen him with her panicked screams and psychotic rantings while on his back. He would end up dropping her in order to cover his poor ears! Then what would she do? How would she get home? Her perv dad may try to help but he is way to feeble to carry his baby girl and would end up dropping her on her head. Then once unconscious on the floor, we can wait for her to come to and reclaim her leg.

            • sandybo and romo, Yes, then her dad must have have been running thru Walmart looking for viagra with PT on his back then he dropped her on her head and kept going! Maybe thats how her leg ended up on the floor. :)

            • NOoooo! She’ll just start a charity for children who have been dropped on their heads. “It’s not about me or my charity, it’s about children who have been dropped on their heads”.

  6. Andy probably won’t let her join BH…but if he did i think it would create a shit storm. She’s friends with Lisa, Kyle , and Joyce. She hates Brandi. She allegedly slept with Yolanda’s ex. It would change the “alliances”

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