EX-HOUSEWIFE JOANNA KRUPA: Wants To Fight Brandi Glanville… SkankyJo “Skeered” Of Black Atlanta Housewives

SkankyJo talks to TMZ… after SkankyJo skirts the question of whether Miami will be back (Miami is DONE… if not, they would be filming now!) and stating that she would prefer being on the RHOBH instead of the OC… wants to take on DrunkOtis, but is skeered of NayNay:

NOTE:  This chick is desperate.  And, it’s obvious that her 2014 calendar didn’t sell well!  If SkankyJo’s life were so interesting, any number of “reality” show producers would be after her for her own show.  Instead, SkankyJo is popping up everywhere in the hopes that SOMEONE will offer her SOMETHING!  

We are offering SkankyJo a one-way ticket to “ShutTheHellUPAndPleaseGoAwayVille” and a consultation with JillZarin on “How To Stay Relevant YEARS After You’ve Been Booted Off A Housewives Show… WITHOUT Bikini Shots”!