WHO IS KASEY DEXTER??? Hardly A “20’s” NY “Socialite”! Kasey Worked As A Trainer In A Gym…Sued Owner

kasey dexter

WHAT!?!?!  Kasey’s favorite TV show ain’t Housewives???


kasey dexter  bio


kasey dexter 1981


Kasey worked at an UWS gym… make sure to wipe down that equipment!!!

A Manhattan woman claims she and her boss knocked boots throughout the posh Upper West Side gym La Palestra.

Kasey Dexter, 32, says La Palestra manager George Peters gave her a job as a personal trainer in May 2012 only “because he was attracted to her,” according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court last month.

“Peters would ask [her] to have sex with him on various pieces of exercise equipment and training tables at La Palestra,” according to the lawsuit. “Her ability to become a regular trainer at La Palestra in the future was contingent on her submission, or refusal, to have sex on certain pieces of gym equipment.”



(Thanks to SH reader “GF”!!)



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22 comments on “WHO IS KASEY DEXTER??? Hardly A “20’s” NY “Socialite”! Kasey Worked As A Trainer In A Gym…Sued Owner

  1. Wow so she claims she HAD to have sex wit him to keep some crappy job and he ends up wit a protective order against her cuz she sent hundreds of calls/emails? She sounds sooooo educated and classy (eyeroll)

    • ya think?! lol In the poll above she says her favorite food is barbecue chicken from the Outback restaurant. Not exactly what you’d expect a “New York socialite” to say.

      p.s. What the heck is going on with her belly button?

      • She’s only a socialite when her back is on a mattress. She is a lowlife. Seriously, Mario is going to get what he deserves with that one. He’s not thinking with the head on his shoulders by saddling up with that one. Didn’t she share pictures of his manhood with some of her friends? LOL.

        Isn’t she the same one he paid for an abortion for?

    • Yeah, I feel you there. Not a Ramona fan, but I feel for her and her daughter. Karma is a bitch and he will get his. Cheaters always do.

  2. Her responses on that questionnaire sound so childish. You would have to be a child mentally to be 32 years old and think Mario Singer is ur ticket to fame and glory.

  3. She’s a horsey faced homewrecker. Good luck to, Mario. He’s going to need it. That girls has opportunist and trouble written all over her smug face.

  4. DO NOT look at her belly button. Thanks SD for pointing that out. I may print it and put in on my fridge to stop me from eating anything ever. Screw Weight Watchers. ;)

      • I thought she resembled his cute daughter as well. Frankly I’m surprised the secret squeeze isn’t Sonja! I saw her giving him “the look” at times & he looked back too.

  5. Ramona is far prettier….. to bad about the break up.I think Ramona would be hard to take, despite her independence she seemed to hard. Mario seemed flirtatious but I thought he’d be too snobby to stoop to this level of womanhood… I remember when JillZ claimed he would flirt with her on the tennis court..or something to that effect

    • That’s right he did. I vaguely remember Ramona and Mario denying that and claiming it was Jill just trying to stay in the limelight. I do remember siding with Ramona due to my extreme dislike of Jill. Seems I may have been wrong.

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