RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner and Mario Gettin’ Divorce… Cops Called To HamptonsHouse To Break Up Spat… Offered Cops A Glass Of Wine! … Mario’s Girlfriend Kasey Dexter Photo

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“Real Housewives of New York” stars Ramona and Mario Singer are in the middle of a nasty separation — and cops were called to their Southampton home Friday night to break up a domestic spat.

After a while Ramona calmed down and then welcomed the officers into the house, offering them “a glass of wine.” We’re told the officers declined and left, and charges were not pressed.

Ramona wine

Mario has been seeing a young socialite, who has since been identified as Kasey Dexter. Meanwhile, Ramona was also seen on a date with a “20-something-looking guy” on Thursday night.

Ramona has ordered Mario out of their Upper East Side apartment, and he is splitting his time between staying with friends and at the couple’s Hamptons home.

The domestic spat comes a day after Ramona was spotted out on a date at the General with a man we’re told identified himself as Travis Millard.  The two had drinks at the bar and were “flirtatious,” before heading to nearby cocktail bar Sel Rrose.

See Kasey Dexter’s photo at Guest of A Guest


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73 comments on “RAMONA SINGER: Ramoaner and Mario Gettin’ Divorce… Cops Called To HamptonsHouse To Break Up Spat… Offered Cops A Glass Of Wine! … Mario’s Girlfriend Kasey Dexter Photo

  1. I think Ramona could kick Mario’s a@$ on any given day……Ramona out an about with a young guy smells of a PR move of saving face IMO.

  2. Well sounds that the rumors that were around last yr were true.

    To be honest i don’t know how he put up with her for so long she’s loud obnoxious major drama queen shit stirrer childish a drunk mean girl trouble maker

    but i must admit didn’t see this coming this is going 2 be such an ugly divorce.

    Another couple cursed by Bravo Hah

    • I agree with everything you said Karma with the exception, I sort of did see it coming just because the woman is a lunatic revved up on alcohol all the time. I wouldn’t be able to stand 5 minutes in a room with her. Also, how could she kick him out of their condo? I’m assuming it’s in both of their names??

      • sherry you’re right thinking bout it how much more could he stand living with a raving lunatic.

        Guess the physic was right after all

    • Hi, Karma! I was going to post, “Another divorce, courtesy of Bravo.” That said, these couples have a major responsibility in this. If you cannot handle cheap reality TV fame, don’t sign up for it.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I think Ramona is a crazy, high stung, mean, dunk and Mario is an arrogant, entitled, womanizing ass. This marriage probably would have suffered these indignities regardless but I think having the details blasted all over the tabloids via housewife fame made impossible to sweep under the rug. The only reason these two miserable creatures would have stayed married would have been to save face. Now that that is impossible, might as well go their separate ways.

  3. I always wondered about Mario. I wonder if Ramona had more of a business relationship with him? He has always seemed gay to me. I’m wondering if she was his beard all these years. I know he is with another woman but still…. Is this the same woman he has been reputed to have had a baby with fairly recently? And how much of this if any is Bravo PR crapola?

  4. I’m lol’ing at Ramona going on a bug eyed, pinot induced tirade on Mario and his girlfriend. I wish Bravo would’ve got this on tape!

    • They probably did, and this is what will save HWNY…. It bravos storyline this year… Anything for a buck…

        • She is such a good kid… I’ve always felt sorry for her… She’s so smart, beautiful, with parents like that…why can’t they play nice for her… So sad.. :(

          • They’re both so selfish. Don’t you remember Avery’s birthday party? Ramona made it all about her. She even made a comment about being jealous about Avery’s party being better than hers. (No she was not joking) Mario just stood around looking board and getting pissed. I felt so bad for Avery. Or S1 when we first met Ramona at her Hampton home. She was wearing a bathing suit that was far to young for her, with really long hair, very tipsy and acting way over the top with her girlfriends and Avery was really embarrassed and begging her mom to tone it down. Obviously that never happened. Ramona always bragged about Avery being a phenomenal child and she was, but not because of Ramona and Mario but in spite of them.

            • I so agree… They didn’t deserve Avery… I’m glad she will be off to school…for some reason, I think Avery will be just fine… Being on this show has never once gone to her head, like the rest of the housewives adult children, I don’t think she would even speak to lauritas, or the manzos… She’s just a really good kid, with really bad parents…

            • Yes! Good luck Avery! Reality t.v. is for losers so use that amazing education you are receiving and have a fabulous life. You deserve it for having to be the parent for all these years. Go have some fun!

          • oh yeah! I almost for got this one too Shelagh! Remember when KKKelly was out to dinner with Avery and Ramona and Kelly mentioned she was on her way to a party? Ramona invited herself along and sent Avery (who was about 12 or 13 at the time) home in a cab, all by herself at about 9:00 p.m. in NYC! Even dimwit Kelly had enough sense to be appalled by that!

            • Yes I remember that… Ramona a drunk, Kelly is nuts, but she seen how awful it was…. Avery blew it off, like it was same ole… She had to grow up fast, just to take care her mother, while her dad was probably playing footsie under the table with her friends!

            • Yes, I think way, way to much alcohol consumption was happening at the Singer home. It makes it that much more comical that she tried to call out Jill Zarin as a alcoholic in recovery!

  5. They probably have been on the outs for awhile. Ramona never seemed to care when the rumors of Mario cheating came up in the past. Like when he would check out other women, she just shrugged it off. I think it was all about keeping an image and story line going. Would love to see them battling it out though!

    • Didn’t Ramona turtle time out and kiss a man on their Scary Island trip? When Kelly flipped out Ramona assured her that Mario wouldn’t be upset about it. Makes total sense now.

  6. So very sad. He’s a philandering pig and she’s better off without him. Stories have been surfacing for a long time that he’s been cheating.

  7. She’s already seeing somebody?? I’ll bet he’s a lawyer…oh wait, what was I thinking? RHOBH has a monopoly on that storyline.Maybe he’s a BLK salesman and they were just talking about distribution deals. Maybe Mandy has some EPT sticks to use up and we know Ramoanster knows how to use them!! Or have I mis-remembered that whole boat ride for that party the Countless threw??

  8. I agree Karma how the heck did he put up with her for so many years. Maybe it was just a business relationship. His religious costume jewelry business is supposedly his but she worked with him in it for many many years.

  9. I also agree that Ramona is pretty insufferable and hearing about her hubby’s cheating is by no means a surprise. If anything, it would be more shocking to know if he could really be faithful to someone so intolerable. I do suspect that the production team knew Mario was cheating all along and only kept Ramona on the show in hopes of filming their marriage dissolve. I think we all know that it was a matter of when Ramona was gonna find out, there’s no real surprise at all.

    • Well sd as you all know I mentioned when I first arrived on this site that Mario was not faithful at all
      So this comes as no surprise
      But in my opinion Ramona is the type not to divorce and would have looked the other way
      So I believe it got really bad and Ramona started looking for another man as a back up, knowing Mario had already checked out long ago. And that led to a divorce filing
      So that’s my humble opinion

        • Oh, I so agree! If you read my comment up thread you will see that I share your sentiment. I think the only reason that there will be a divorce is, in a round about way, because of RHONY. If they had not been infamous reality starts this all would have been swept under the rug. I am sure it has been that way for years. With this new found fame and publicity it was impossible not to address it and an inevitable outcome, divorce.
          I very much remember your comments on this subject in the past so I was sooo hoping that you would stop by tonight to comment! lol

          • Remember that ep where they were all at an outdoor party and Mario wasn’t wearing his wedding ring? That was season 1, maybe. Mmhmmm! Then the Moroccan fortune teller read Ramona got. I ordinarily don’t believe in that crap but she turned out to be right so there’s that. He also eyeballed some girl while out to lunch WITH Ramona. Such an azz!

            • Remember when MariAss and Simone were out shooting pool that one night the ladies were in Morocco and Mario was hitting on all the girls? I also remember they said LuAnn hit on him and we know she’s a big ol’ ho. I always wondered about Mario and Sonja too. Ick and more ick!

      • That’s right, girlfriend, you told us this 2 years ago. You aren’t a Moroccan fortune teller by chance, are you?
        Jk, bad joke ☺️

        • No,I’m a prophet😘
          As for PT and Reid’s marriage I believe that they have the worst marriage of all.
          PT is unbearable, and disturbingly insecure and jealous,it grates on you.
          She spends most of her days manipulating someone that includes her husband.
          They’re not getting divorced for many reasons
          1. Image obsessed phonies
          2. Can’t afford it
          3. PT can’t be alone, and she has no other options
          4. PT knows theres no one else to sucker into another marriage with her, so she made sure to have all those kids to keep Reid in check for misery ever after

          I think their posed photos with the look of agony lurking from underneath their skin says it all

  10. Im hoping we get to see some of the chaos on the NYHW. I can’t wait to see how far out Ramona’s eyes pop in this scenario.

  11. I feel bad for her. If he hated her he coulda divorced her, not let her parade around on tv in lingerie talking about how hot she was for him etc. Douche.

    • Hmmm…I’m a big Ramona fan…but…
      The timing is quite interesting here. As in, anything to get interest for the next season of RHONY. Wouldn’t put it past Ramona-Coaster, Meerio, or Miss Andy

    • I feel bad for Ramona, too. That’s rough. I feel the worst for their daughter. It cannot be easy seeing your parent’s business all over television and all over the internet. I sincerely wish Ramona and Avery the best. They are casualties of the curse of reality TV. SO many couples end up divorcing when they do these types of shows.

      • I have always felt that Ramona was the ambitious one in that family, almost like her husband wouldnt have the lifestyle he has without her. Maybe I remember his family has some business, but she is a go getter, not so much him.

        • I agree. I think they had most of what they did because of her. I think Ramona tried really hard to keep her marriage together. I saw where Jill Zarin was on twitter sticking her nose in Ramona’s business saying something to the effect that Mario choked her and she hopes Mario gets what’s coming to him. LOL

          • Mrs. Pinot Grigio aka Ramonacoaster is a train wreck. Anyone who didn’t see this Big D (don’t mean Dallas) coming needs their head examined. She needs serious counseling and therapy. All that wine & whining indicates she has major unresolved issues.

            As far a Mari-hoe…that’s the kinda man you attract when you are a train wreck like da coaster IMhO. This will certainly challenge their “faith”.

            I do hope the daughter makes it through okay. Seemed like a great kid. Tough age to find out your parents are seriously damaged & always have been. Hang in there kid and go lead your own great life. College will do her a favor.

            • Agreed. Avery seemed like a pretty together kid on the show. I think she will make it through okay. It’s just got to be so tough on her, though.

        • Sorry Parkview Mario had the religious jewelry business that made their money. She then tried a bunch of different ideas not sure which one made money and also her pinto grigio business. I think there was also money before the marriage. TV is not responsible for any break ups of marriages it’s greed and narcissism that causes those issues. I thought Ramona was also a poor role model for her daughter. 90% of the time she is on the tube she is drunk. Avery was embarrassed a lot in the past couple of seasons and voiced it to her. Ramona did nothing to make her feel more comfortable.
          SDHS86 you hit the nail right on the head.

          • Yeah I know about Mario’s family jewelry business. But had anyone here ever heard of it before the HW show? Was it a real, thriving business? Maybe it was. I’m not invested enough to go look it up. But I know anyone can have a business. It doesn’t mean the business made real money just because it existed. I was speaking from a more observational angle. Mario doesn’t strike me as an ambitious guy. And since it’s a “family” business, how much Mario actually went into it? Just from what I saw back when I really watched the show, Ramona seemed like the driving force behind their (real or perceived ) wealth. Just my sense.

            • Yep, everytime they showed Mario at work it looked like he was just shuffling papers around then stapling them and testing highlighters to make sure that they still worked. I think I even noticed that all he had in his brief case were crackers a la Kramer. Lol

            • Lol. Kramer crackers. My idea of ambition doesn’t necessarily involve joining the family business. That’s cool if you want to, if that particular type of business happens to be your passion. But it can be a form of taking the easy way out, too. I tend to see Mario as the type to take the easy way out. I have always thought that about him.

            • Mario just always seemed lazy, the type to play his pro tennis every day.
              Ramona is the bread winner in my opinion……whatever kinda bread that is, who knows w this bunch.
              Whether they divorce or not, this marriage is over.

            • I agree Parkview. And that’s exactly what he did, he took the easy way out, he just checked out of his marriage and started seeing other women. His family makes religious jewelry and trophies etc. and I think he was a tennis player? But Ramona was in NY hustling for a career for years. I don’t think she’s really an alcoholic, she’s too busy. She isn’t even really that loud and crazy probably unless the cameras are on. It’s all about airtime folks, you don’t drink and fight, you don’t have a storyline and you get da boot.

            • Ramona is pushing her wine so she has to keep talking it up. I don’t know if she is an alcoholic or not but I can’t recall seeing her intoxicated on camera. Am I mistaken? All of the housewives end up on TMZ, slurring their words &l loosing their clothes outside of restaurants & night spots. Brandi, Sonja, Taylor ,probably others I can’t recall. But I don’t remember seeing Ramona .. It’s really hard to know unless you live with a person. Plenty of functioning alcoholics out there but I just don’t get the vibe from her.

            • Oops, forgot to say….I do agree that Avery seemed embarrassed by her mother. Was it something more than the general embarrassment most teenage girls assign to their moms? I’m not sure. Take your shyish teenage daughter out to eat, send back your steak, and prepare to witness the Avery-like “stop it, mom!” eye rolls. It will likely be unpopular to say this, but I’m not so sure Ramona was drunk when she behaved like a lunatic. I wonder…..was more her obnoxious personality talking than her alcohol? And she was trying to sell her wine products, so I don’t know. Was her drinking problem just one of those underdeveloped Bravo story lines? Maybe. I don’t care to defend Ramona. I think she must be a hard person to live with. She’s brash, overbearing, sharp tongued, and often rude. But an alcoholic, sponging off her husbands “fortune”? I doubt it.

            • Mario SInger comes from a long line of jewelers. The family business was something like Medallic Classics Singer and SOns (dont quote me exactly on the name) He was not super wealthy growing up but he made his way. He was also married before he met Ramona but no one knows much about her. Just learned that Mario was the one who helped Ramona with her True Faith Jewelry line. I think it is her baby but he has the experience in the business. Anyway whatever and whoever did what they are going to split it or go into a long drawn out settlement. Avery is old enough to decide where she wants to be I think she loves both of them so I can’t see her picking one over the other.

            • Yea romo, I think she bought and sold overstock merchandise……..very garmento
              But I believe she. Add a very decent living doing so.
              How much can Mario’s trophys make?

            • That was my understanding as well. I think Ramona has always been a mover and a shaker and I do remember that she was an overstock broker. They talked about it way back in S1. As for Mario, it was my understanding that Mario inherited the family’s jewelry business. It may have not been famous but I think they made a decent living on it. Don’t you remember S1 reunion? Ramona stomped off the stage when Alex’s nude pictures were brought up, she claimed that she did not want to be associated with that kind of thing in regards to the impact it would have on her business.(Religious jewelry) That’s pretty laughable now considering she was swimming nude with Sonja in a pool in St. Barts. I think Ramona has always been a pill, I do believe she is an alcoholic. I also believe that Mario is a slouching, pouting, lazy, trust fund baby that has never truly known a hard days work in his whole life. In that way Ramona and Mario could not have been more different. I hope for Ramona’s sake the change is for the best. I would hate to see her bouncing around with random younger men like a cougar the way Sonja and LuAnn do. Good luck Ramona.

            • sd: From the SH Masthead: “Ramona Singer, 54, (DOB: November 18, 1956) is the owner of RMS Fashions, a company that purchases excess goods from clothing manufacturers and resells them to discount stores. In the apparel industry, Ramona is known as a jobber – a middleman whom manufacturers sell their surplus fabric to.” TFC!!!! SH

  12. Ramna will be fine maybe hurt in the begging but she has her other train reak on of a friend Sonja Im sure they’ll partly alot drink alot & screw every man who’ll have em.

    I know that sounds hard but their both childish but but IMO

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