PHAEDRA PARKS: RHOA HouseHusband, Apollo Nida, Arrested For Bank Fraud and Identity Theft… Conspired With Galya St. Julien Since 2008…




Atlanta ATTORNEY and HOUSEWIFE Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida was arrested for bank fraud and identity theft.  Apollo was released on $25,000 bond and is awaiting a February trial.    NOTE:  After reading the court documents for Galya O’Neal St. Julien, am surprised at the very low bail given to the alleged “mastermind” of this operation, Apollo E. Nida!  Apparently the Feds would like to observe Apollo further …throwing Apollo in the clink wouldn’t do much good! 

Gayla St. Julien, who was under investigation since February 2012 for bank fraud when a JPMorgan bank officer requested assistance from the US SecretService was arrested October 2013 and described herself as Apollo’s right hand in executing the legwork of his fraud schemes.





St. Julien allegedly told an investigator she received ‘scraps’ compared to what Apollo was earning.

According to the following court documents, “AEN” aka Apollo E. Nida would allegedly steal people’s identities and have O’Neal St. Julien pretend to be them to open bank accounts.

O’Neal St. Julien would then deposit fraudulent auto loan checks, stolen U.S. Treasury checks, stolen retirement checks and checks in the names of real people that were owed unclaimed property from various state and federal government agencies.

St. Julien also claimed “A.E.N” opened a fake auto dealership and applied for auto loans in the names of stolen identities.

According to additional court documents:

Gayla St. Julien nee O’Neal, has avoided arrest by successfully using dozens of stolen identities supported by drivers licenses and other identifications documents to commit fraud for the past FOUR years.   She has also failed to appear in the past when directed to do so by the court.







Count One

L From in or about 2008, through on or about September 11, 2013, in the Northern District of Georgia and elsewhere, defendant GAYLA O’NEAL ST. JULIEN did willfully, knowingly and unlawfully combine, conspire, confederate, agree and have a tacit understanding with

AE.N. and other persons,

both known and unknown, to commit certain offenses against the United States, including the following:

(a) To devise and intend to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud financial institutions, other companies and individuals, and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises, causing the U. S. Postal Service and other interstate carriers to be ” used, and interstate wire communications to be made, in furtherance of said scheme and artifice to defraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1341,1343 and 2.

(b) To knowingly execute, and attempt to execute, a scheme and artifice to defraud financial institutions, as defined in Title 18, United States Code, Section 20, including but not limited to Bank of America, BB&T Bank, Best Bank, Digital Federal Credit Union, Georgia’s Own Credit Union, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Nationwide Bank, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, State Farm Bank, SunTrust Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1344 and 2.

(c) To knowingly possess and use, without lawful authority, means of identification of other persons, during and in relation to the federal felonies of mail, wire and bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1028Aand 2.

Manner and Means

2. It was a part of the conspiracy, and the manner and means thereof, for defendant GAYLA O’NEAL ST. JULIEN, A.E.N. and/or other conspirators:

(a) To incorporate Georgia shell companies purporting to be collection agencies, including Onyx Collections & Locator Service and Reliance Recovery & Collections Group, and apply for access to LexisNexis, Microbuilt and Equifax databases in order to obtain unlimited access to the personal identifiers of others.

(b) To rent dozens of UPS Store addresses online, by phone and in person, in the Atlanta, Georgia area and in other states, in the names of said stolen identities and other aliases.

(c) To create counterfeit drivers’ licenses and other identification documents bearing stolen personal identifiers and the photographs of conspirators.

(d) To apply for unclaimed funds from a number of states by stealing the personal identifiers of the true owners of said unclaimed property, causing the funds to be disbursed in checks payable to the stolen identities and directing the checks to UPS mailboxes in various states for forwarding to Atlanta area UPS addresses.

(e) To access a US. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website listing refunds due former homeowners, steal the personal identifiers of those due HUD refunds and cause refund checks to be issued to the stolen identities for forwarding through UPS addresses in other states to the Atlanta area.

(f) To pay postal employees and others for stolen mail, including mail containing “United States Treasury checks and other checks.

(g) To apply online for tax refunds and social security payments using stolen identities.

(h) To create shell companies purporting to be vehicle dealerships and auto brokers, including Acura Carland, Crown Car Dealers, CroWn Pre­ Owned Mobiles, Ferrari Autohaus, Final Auto Solutions, Fitzgerald Motors, Goodwin Automall, My Capital Cadillac, My North Point Volvo, My Scarrett Lincoln Mercury and Signature Luxury Imports, and in some cases to create websites for such dealerships.

(i) To apply for loans in the names of stolen identities for the purchase of non-existent vehicles from the shell dealerships or brokers, with loan proceeds directed to the shell dealerships by mail or interstate wire transfers.

G) To maintain a disposable phone for each stolen borrower identity to answer any lender inquiries.

(k) To open accounts at Atlanta area and other financial institutions, often in shell company names and always with stolen identities as authorized signers, to negotiate and launder the stolen and fraudulently obtained checks, wire transfers and other fraud proceeds described above.

(1) To attempt the takeover of bank accounts belonging to other persons and without authority disburse the proceeds to accounts controlled by conspirators.

Overt Acts

3. During the course of the conspiracy, in the Northern District of Georgia, defendant GAYLA O’NEAL ST. JULIEN committed the following overt acts

at the direction of A.E.N. and other conspirators

in furtherance of said conspiracy and to achieve the objects thereof:

(a) Used drivers’ licenses bearing her photograph and the stolen identifiers of other persons provided to her by conspirator A.E.N. to access UPS mailboxes for retrieval of unclaimed property checks, HUD refund checks, tax refund checks, social security checks, vehicle loan checks, bank statements, debit cards and correspondence between Onyx and Reliance and Equifax, LexisNexis and Microbuilt.

(b) Posed as an authorized signer in numerous stolen identities in order to deposit and move scheme proceeds through multiple bank accounts before withdrawing the proceeds and providing the majority of the fraudulently obtained funds to co-conspirator AE.N., with said scheme proceeds including fraudulently obtained checks retrieved from the UPS addresses, checks stolen from the mail and wire transfers.

(c) Used the stolen identity of e.O. to rent a UPS address for Onyx Collections & Locator Service, which address was provided to both Equifax and LexisNexis.

(d) Used the stolen identity of M.P. to pose as a principal of Reliance Recovery & Collections Group and to sign documents during a site visit in connection with Reliances application for access to the Equifax database, as well as to open and access Reliance bank accounts.

(e) Returned her counterfeit identification documents, debit cards and other account records to co-conspirator AE.N. after each usage.

All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 371.

Count Two

4. From in or about June 2011, though on or about February 29, 2012, in the Northern District of Georgia, defendant GAYLA O’NEAL ST. JULIEN, aided and abetted by AE.N., did knowingly possess and use, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person, that is, the stolen name, social security number and other personal identifiers of M.P., during and in relation to the federal felonies of mail, wire and bank fraud as set forth in Count One of this Criminal Information and incorporated herein by reference.

All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1028A and 2.

Gayla O’Neal St. Julien was living/working at 7900 Rivertown Rd, Fairburn GA… used as a chop shop

RHOA apollo rivertown rd house




NOTE:  Apollo was one VERY busy HouseHusband!!!  It would be naive to think that Apollo’s wife, Phaedra Parks, had no idea what Apollo was up to… however, that will probably be Phaedra’s story and she will certainly be stickin’ to it!!  

One big question is who is Jeremy St. Julien and WHY did Gayla O’Neal marry him… OR why did he marry Gayla… AFTER she was arrested for the above charges?  There will be MORE persons identified as co-conspirators.  There is no way the only two people involved in this ring are Apollo and Gayla… 

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99 comments on “PHAEDRA PARKS: RHOA HouseHusband, Apollo Nida, Arrested For Bank Fraud and Identity Theft… Conspired With Galya St. Julien Since 2008…

  1. Phaedra said she wasn’t worried about Apollo back when he was messing with Kenya — probably meaning she had so much dirt on him he wasn’t going anywhere even if he wanted

    • I think he may have been connecting with another woman to pull the bank/identity scam he had going? That would explain why Phaedra wasn’t upset about his traveling and didn’t believe the hooking up with Kenya drama.

    • @Drink (love the name) — You’re right, and that’s why Phaekdra treats him like a child. He acts and talks like a total doofus, and she acts like his mother.

  2. This is stupid !I like the atl housewives, know it’s turning into some Jerry Springer shit, I hope ne ne big ass is not involved because she will tell and kick some but too. A life of crime and you marry to it, well I hope the kids are not tarnish by this mess, this is a new show in the dust lets call it “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”….

  3. What an idiot Apollo is. Looks like he’s going down. Now what does fake ass southern belle Phaedra have to say?

  4. What I don’t understand is why would Apollo need to steal? If you look at Celebs net worth Mrs. Park’s worth’s 2 million with a $300k annual income. I mean… I don’t get it! AM I THE ONLY ONE CURIOUS? That’s greed

  5. Didn’t the Feds CATCH Apollo on the phone making deals with the woman? I hope they release the tapes so WE ALLLLL can hear it.

    • Good work!!!
      This tells me that Phaedra made this access possible to Apollo because her license of being an attorney allows her the right to access these files just like law enforcement.
      This tells me that Apollo did not act alone and, was assisted indirectly by his wife. I am wondering if this plan was hatched why he was incarcerated and, set in motion after he was released followed by their marriage.
      Unless they exchanged their hard drives; deleting the trail is impossible. Remember, deletion does not clean any hard drive; it stays forever.
      Again, good job of finding this document!
      There will be hell to pay – maybe even a class action lawsuit. Not sure if Atlanta is a ‘community property state’ as is California. If it is, Phaedra can not escape the responsibility and, may lose everything she has.
      What a mess – appalling really. Another think I found out is that everyone’s identity stolen were women; not one men at all.

  6. Apollo is a dirty f up and his wanna be southern belle are both crooks, I suggest she wear her clothes and make up and she will later get her jumpsuit and kool aid make up, kids will get the bad end because of her you get the crook out then you marry him, its seem she love bad asses with her fake ass.

  7. GREED, pure GREED. They make a pretty good paycheck from BRAVO but they want more. Wendy Williams needs to have Angela Stanton on her show and give her a real detailed interview. That would be very interesting.

    • mica: Stopped watching WWilliams when she went the ‘party line’ on Shana and never asked Shana about any of her lies. Would not count on WW to dig up anything! Williams would never ask Stanton the necessary questions for fear of losing future guests, as she did with Shana.

      If you want to know everything about Angela Stanton’s allegations re Phaedra and Apollo, would suggest you read her book… or, to start, listen to her detailed interview with Vibe, which was on SH two years ago. Doubt that WW could do better: TFC!! SH

      • Then shame on Wendy. She says that she and her Hot Topics team always get to the truth but obviously NOT! She needs to grow some balls and go after it.

        • mica: BS!! Her “Hot Topics” team scours HWs sites for info! Years ago commented that WW “Hot Topics” was reading SH as everything she said was said previously on SH! Stopped watching after WW gave Shana the “nice” interview during her book tour and didn’t ask her any REAL questions! Opinion of WW = PFFT! TFC!!! SH

  8. If you think about it, there’s not many bigger ripoffs than the legal or funeral business, so it might be the perfect foil for these thieves. I thought it odd that Phaedra had such a sinister vibe when she was laughing with Apollo in her office about the funeral home she wanted to open and all the dollars that would bring in. So hilarious to her, but not funny to the ones that havelost their loved ones. Kind of creepy, I thought at the time. She was probably showing her true colors right there. Made her look like a big PHONY with her bogus compassion and fancy funeral outfits. Apollo said he would help her with her funeral home business, but he didn’t want it to “interfere with what I’m doing.” Now we know what he was doing.

    Clearly, no successful attorney is going to abandon their practice to start learning how to embalm bodies for no reason other than she just loves working with dead bodies and funerals — ewww. I mean, how many attorney/undertakers are there? Just weird all the way around. Something not right about this whole scenario. There are lots of little slips they make, not realizing the shiz is about to hit the fan. Sort of like Teresa Guidice and her handfuls of $100’s at the furniture store when her husband was supposedly just a small-time storefront tile subcontractor. Hello, RED FLAG to the Feds! What Dummies.

  9. Well, regardless what happens with the criminal aspect of it, lawyers, judges, and DA will eat no matter the direction the blade. This too will pass. Just like Theresa and Joe on NJ HW’s. People will move on and continue watching SHW’s. However, at least we know who the fall guy is here, uh, what’s her face? O yea, Gayla.

  10. If anyone from Stoopid Housewives wants me to produce the next reality pilot I’m all ready…: LOL
    Kenya and Porsha will take their maternal instincts to the next season: Kenya and Porsha sell their modest mansions…and move into Phaedra’s lair.

    Kenya and Porsha do the noble thing and raise the Guidice girls, The Prince and Mr. President while the Guidice’s and Parks/Nada’s enter the clink.

    Phaedra and Teresa (transfer to the same prison as cellmates) and wow the female inmates by sharing delicious glasses of Fabellini over “free time”. They continue to look lovely and make over the female prison population with the over abundance of Milania Hair Care Products.

    Meanwhile back at the male ranch…Apollo and Joe also become cellmates and invite the “boys” over to their pad to watch recurring episodes of the donkey booty video to get them prepared for their “evening soire”.

    To be continued….

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