BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis Has Inflamed RHOBH Viewers Over “Molesting” Podcast… Issues Tweet Stating She “Didn’t Know Any Better”!!

NOTE:  Where are all of DrunkOtis’ friends and fellow Housewives coming to her defense????  Beuller?   Beuller???

The latest in the very bizarre handling of DrunkOtis’ “I wish I were molested” statement while interviewing “comedian” Jim Florentine on her podcast.

DrunkOtis… or whomever is “guiding” her… is now going the “poor me… I didn’t know what I was doing” route!   And asking for “forgiveness”…

RHOBH brandi tweet re molestation

NOTE:  There is so much WRONG with this DrunkOtis tweet…so, asked DrunkOtis some questions directly.  Let’s see if she answers…

rhobh brandi tweet sh asks

What kind of a mean, nasty person would not forgive someone… especially since the person begging for forgiveness says that she didn’t know what she was doin’???  After all, stand up comedians need very special interviewing skills!!!  Skills which DrunkOtis admitted she didn’t have!

What ARE those very special skills necessary to interview a hysterically funny comedian… like the “comedian” who did a stand up routine about being molested… the guy DrunkOtis interviewed?

We did a very quick survey of a handful of comedians and asked them this question:

Is there anything the interviewer needs to know BEFORE you are interviewed?

These are the responses:  

  • HUH?
  • Just remember to repeat my name a lot… and the time and place of my gig.
  • Just do the intro and I’ll take over from there.
  • Is there someone discriminating against comics?
  • No.
  • No.
  • Nothing.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Remember to bring beer.

    brandi pg  Oh… look!  DrunkOtis has ditched the Stella for a McQueen knuckle clutch.  She’s a real toughie…

There is also a petition being distributed asking for the immediate boot of DrunkOtis from the RHOBH.

rhobh brandi %22F%22 word

NOTE:  This site is unsure as to whether to support this petition, as there has never been a petition which resulted in changing anything.  Petitions are glanced at and then tossed in the trash… that is, if they’re even glanced at… and never get their intended results.  Petitions, are however, an indication of how many people are interested in a particular Housewife… despite the reason!  Therefore, it is your decision…read or don’t read; sign or don’t sign.  ‘Cause, really, we’re just like DrunkOtis… we have ZERO idea about how petitions work… please forgive us.

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52 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis Has Inflamed RHOBH Viewers Over “Molesting” Podcast… Issues Tweet Stating She “Didn’t Know Any Better”!!

    • Thank you very much Chap! I sincerely appreciate this. I signed the petition Ms SH provided a link to and I am grateful to whomever got it going. I don’t know what impact the petition may have but I highly encourage others to sign. For the record, I have signed petitions thru before which were dear to my heart…two of them and those petitions actually helped make an impact in Washington with regard to specific animals. Brandi has got to go. Her comments on child molestation are the last straw as far as I’m concerned. There is NO excuse for the outrageous remarks she made. Entire families have been destroyed over child rape and it is rape no matter how she spins it. Her indulgence in being the “shock jock” both on her podcast and on BH have hopefully, come to an end. Her children should be removed from her care, or lack thereof.

      • My pleasure. At the risk of sounding overbearing, I believe there is a duty to stand up to Bravo and say Enough!

        • chap and ALL: It’s really EvolutionMedia which controls Brandi…Evolution pays her, not Bravo. You can contact EvolutionMedia via the info in the link and via twitter: @EvolutionUSA TFC!!! SH

    • chap: We’ve been through this all before and many have stood up to Bravo and expressed their thorough disgust with them, which is why we know emails to Bravo (and directly to Berwick) and petitions are of no use… even though in this item THREE years ago, Frances Berwick swears that she listens to viewers: Included in this link is the contact info for EvolutionMedia, the RHOBH production company… Evolution is REALLY the company that runs RHOBH, not Bravo.

      However, because what DrunkOtis said has to do with children, MAYBE someone at NBCUniversal/Bravo will actually pay attention. We’ll see. What will probably happen is this: MissAndy will do a one-on-one with DrunkOtis on WWHL, just as he did with Shana, with NO phone calls… and all will be well. Again, we’ll see… but, this is the usual SOP. (If you want more info, please enter “Berwick” in the SH search bar… lots of reading!) TFC!! SH

      • I wish they wouldn’t do that. Otis will be given softball questions and a slap on the wrist by Andy , and Andy is rewarded for higher ratings. No. She needs to be sat down with a panel with actual credibility who would educate her, make her piss in her pants, and then fire her ass. I’m so sick of Otis getting away with her crap. It needs to stop.

  1. It amazes me with all her mishaps of mouth and behavior, that she has primary custody of her kids! I used to feel sorry for her that her husband ran off, but now I can understand! Who wants to be associated with Trash!

    • I think the fact that she does, speaks volumes about her ex. Easier to turn a blind eye, than take full responsibility for the kids. Just the pictures of her this summer, with her clothes falling off, or her stumbling out of her birthday party with two human crutches, should have been at least cause for concern. Really heartbreaking. What is it about fame that usurps natural instincts like motherhood and parenting?

  2. I wonder if Andy Colon will grow a pair and look into this. Probably not since Bravo is known for vulgarity, although Brandi’s words were more than vulgar.

    • I believe Andy encourages and rewards this sort of behaviour. I think his agenda, and Bravo’s, is to chip away at the greater morality of society. With every season, each show introduces darker subject matters, sleazier new cast mates. The bar gets lower and lower. The objective for the cast is to debase themselves, and their cast mates in order to be on the next season. Andy Cohen is the Svengali of reality television.

  3. Everyone I know hated who watches the show feel Brandy doesnt belong on the show. She has no morality and clearly is out of control with her alcohol abuse. How can she possibly parent two young chidren with her vulgar life style. How much humiliation will she be allowed to dump on here kids? I wish Bravo would up thier standards and take her off the show. She is pitiful, not entertaing.

    • The other day she tweeted a pic of her boys and they were shirtless. She obviously caught them off guard too. They were on the computer and her oldest son had a look on his face like, “Really mom?” poor things…

  4. I did like RHOBH but not so much since Brandi showed up. I will not be able to watch in the future unless they do fire her because I feel that to tune in now would be condoning what this disgrace to humanity has spewed out of her gutter mouth. To say this is a joke is beyond comprehension–there are certain things that you just cannot throw out into the media and then say “just a joke”. Bravo really needs to step out to the plate and realize that this person is a liability and sick. I, too, have signed the petition.

  5. Her attempts to gain sympathy for being misunderstood is pitiful. She said what she said, it was disgusting and disturbing beyond belief and Bravo should fire her, but since all we have heard from them is crickets, I think any reasonable person can conclude that Bravo is not disturbed by what she said and they have no bottom line for how low one of their Bravolebrities can go. I guess if somebody shot someone they might consider saying Bravo does not condone violence. Maybe. If the person that got shot was gay. Anybody that buys her book is an a##hole. Her publisher is a disgusting a##hole, Podcast One has supported her, they are disgusting and should be boycotted. I am so glad Ms. SH is keeping this in the news, because she should not get off the hook for this. And neither should Bravo. Shame on Bravo.

  6. Brandi is beyond despicable, and she is not just brainless, she’s soulless: this is proof. I read on some celebrity website a part of this “interview”, where BG confides that her SISTER was molested, not Brandi herself, and that she is “jealous” and “bummed out” that she was, somehow, excluded from this experience. “So bummed out….I mean, why not ME too!…What’s wrong with ME?”
    WTF??????????????????? WHO SAYS OR THINKS THIS SORT OF THING????????????????? I have spent over 30 years of my existence trying to emotionally recover from the three years in which I was raped as a child, and failing to thrive, b/c of those years, same as many of my friends who were similarly abused. And I am only one of MILLIONS of people who struggle with this damning legacy– of lost self , PTSD, self harm, substance addiction,severe chronic depression, and even suicide, all brought on by the indescribably painful, horrific trauma of childhood sexual molestation.For this ignorant, witless, self centered bitch to try to reduce such a vast and grave, devastating subject to a JOKE is beyond grotesque, and proves her to be an utterly unredeemable, wretched person. I hope (probably naively) that she pays for this: I hope that the last and staunchest and stupidest of her fans desert her on this one: that her newest book goes unbought, to begin with.How could ANYONE, with any sense of shame or decency, continue to stand up for her NOW? I’m very glad I no longer watch the “Housewives” franchise—it’s much more fun reading the summaries of the episodes on here!—but I do wish there was something of hers I could boycott. Oh, well—I’m just hoping I’m hearing, with this one, the last of the nails on her coffin. I certainly can’t imagine (again, probably naively) how anyone could rise back for long from this one. Let her splutter out her last unfelt “apologies”—in other words, blame everybody else–then shut her up. Let her have buried her own face The last time.
    (Sorry for the rant. I’m a long time reader, just mostly not a poster, but this shocked me into words. Thanks for the article.)

    • Rant away! I’m sorry that terrible ordeal happened to you and how dumbazz Brandi is forcing you to relive it by being so ignorant.

        • Me three, caitrin. No one should ever have to endure what you did. That, for any reason, under any pretense, anyone, including Brandi, would make the comments she did and then excuse them as “jokes” or blame her inexperience or in any other way try to justify her glib and grotesque behavior is indefensible. She is nothing but a narcissistic attention seeker, doing anything and everything to be in the limelight. I hope she is soon a thing of the past. And I hope you are doing ok. You deserve happiness and peace. :)

    • Well said! I completely agree with you. We should not minimize the potential impact of such an ignorant, reprehensible and irresponsible comment on survivors who could hear and learn about her comments. Brandi is a 40+ year old going on 6 with a foul mouth to boot!

  7. I really used to feel like she was just misunderstood, But about 2 mths ago I really couldn’t deal with her horrid tweets so I unfollowed her she really is a sick drunk. I don’t think I will watch BHHW anymore.

  8. SH….update: there is a petition to get Brandi removed. I doubt Bravo will care as they don’t usually get the hint until it is too late in regards to viewers. Hopefully someone will see this in terms of execs OTHER THAN ANDY, as he usually ignores until shiit hits the fan and he has already tanked a franchise. Brandi is beyond disgusting….and instead of toning it done she continues to show how much of a trashy idiot she really is. She says things for shock value….which worked when she first got in the scene. However her ego has gotten the best of her and she thinks she is invincible. I am sure Lisa is super thankful she aint attached to that trashbox. Yolanda….she is your little project now boo.

  9. Brandi is a joke. She made the “joke” during her podcast. When there was a little heat about her remark, she tweeted that basically she was just doing her job, interviewing a comedian, she watched some of his bits and made a joke. A joke people, get over it … it was a joke. IMO she kind of saying STFU, it’s just a JOKE. That’s Brandi’s MO… she will say something idiotic and when someone reacts she gets huffy and says it’s a joke. But she has stepped over the line with this one and the outrage didn’t subside. So she sent out a few more tweets in that same tone … it’s a joke, she was just doing her job, it’s a show for adults (as if adults would think child molesting is a laughing matter?). When that didn’t work she has move on to her old stand buy … she is playing victim … she was ‘THROWN in2 an interviewing job’ ??? So what is she saying? It’s not her fault? Someone tied her down, forced a stand up comic to sit with her in front of a camera? Did these evil podcasters force her to “JOKE” about child molestation? What next? Was she out of her mind because she had just gotten off the stripper pole and her brain was still in a tizzy?? Or maybe it really wasn’t her on that podcast after all? Maybe it was Joyce in a Brandi costume? Does this woman own any of her actions????

  10. I have never cared for Brandi and always saw what a evil soul she is. Brandi loves herself and whoever she can USE at the time! I googled to look for the petition and sadly found one people signed to make her a full time housewife! She acted the same way then. It was because she was all up in Lisas ass and her fans fell for it. I lost respect for Lisa and Yolanda as well. They laugh at everything until they are offered or mad so Lisas word means as much as Brandis to me. I will sign the petition and hope people don’t make them to ADD anymore housewives as what’s the point of signing to get her on then have to sign to get her off? Bravo should be releasing something anytime and not use upcoming guest (BH Housewives) to give their opinion so they can use that as a band aid like they touched on it. I hope Bravo wakes up. Not all viewers enjoy drunk woman having butt sex w sloppy second pirates, mean girls who bully and make other grown woman cry, stripper pole dances. Most are nearing 40 or older and its time for Bravo to bring back the class and comedy before they are left with a bunch of Brandi type viewers only!

  11. Andy said the reason Jill sarin was fired was due to overwhelming fan response (not VHS of Bethany) …Brandi is getting way mire than that so let’s see him out his money where his mouth is

  12. I personally think contacting advertisers of the show is more affective. If you followed D.D. fiasco it was all about money in the end. Their revenue from the show is what determines what influences the show not morality.

  13. Your best bet is to contact the sponsors of the show and let them know that her actions and words are offensive and as long as they sponsor the show, you will not buy their products. Sponsors do care if you spend your money or not. Case in point–Libman mops featured a rapist and his victim in a swept away commercial. We emailed them that as long as they supported rape as romance, we would not be buying libman products. Couple disappeared from the commercial within 48 hours.

  14. Brandi ~ I grew up in the Orange Unified School District same as you. What is the name of the principal you’re referring too?

  15. I see that Brandi fans are leaving in droves. It takes her actually hitting a direct blow to something they hold dear to break her diehard fans down. Her previous racially insensitive comments were divisive as she originally meant them to be. She wanted to marginalize Joyce and like Sesame Street show that “one of these things is not like the others”. She said “You’re a black person” because Joyce didn’t swim. She kept jabbing when Joyce was speaking Spanish, saying she didn’t like hearing Spanish and the unseen comment of ‘STFU we’re not in Miami’. She went on to use the phrase “Kill a Puerto Rican” rather than simply say “kill a bitch, whore, slut, skank etc” to once again show that Joyce was not like them but different because of her nationality. She told an immigrant to “Go back to where you’re from!”. A greeter for the U.N. she will never be.

    A LOT of people didn’t see these comments as insensitive, racist or xenophobic. If you’ve never been the target of racial hate you’re lucky and blessed. When you have been, be it flagrant or covert, you know the offenders will only be unmasked for their evil when they go too far w/ someone else. In her quest to AGAIN, be funny and edgy,she chose to make light of child molestation. To the millions of viewers who have been victims, know victims or are just decent human beings they FINALLY feel she went too far! Brandi only apologizes IF she offended US. Really? IF SHE OFFENDED? Yes you dirty bitch, everyone is HIGHLY OFFENDED!!! And this is NOT JOYCE’S FAULT!!

    BRAVO and her production company are MUTE on this issue. Will they only make a comment if BRANDI says something stupid about THE GAYS? IT seems at BRAVO, you can be a racist, child molesting advocate BUT you BETTER NOT say anything HOMOPHOBIC… UNLESS you’re a dirty HOMO like REZA!! Joe Guidice was grilled relentlessly for a faggot comment but REZA calling a closeted gay man a faggot doesn’t get a word! Whatever. BRAVO chooses who to publicly flog and who to revere. I signed the petition. I HOPE that Brandi is put out to pasture and turned into glue OR she makes it as a dirty mouthed, racist, slutbag comedienne to support her kids. I just don’t want to see the continuous disfiguration of her face and stupid jerk comments on my TV screen next season. Frances make it happen!! .

  16. Bravo is still “cleansing” the RHOBH facebook page of all things “child molestation”. Its funny how Bravo will air a creepy witch making unwanted sexual advances to her mother-in-law but won’t allow viewers to criticize a castmember for her ignorant “joke” about molestation. This network is run by a bunch of clowns.

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