BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis Has Inflamed RHOBH Viewers Over “Molesting” Podcast… Issues Tweet Stating She “Didn’t Know Any Better”!!

NOTE:  Where are all of DrunkOtis’ friends and fellow Housewives coming to her defense????  Beuller?   Beuller???

The latest in the very bizarre handling of DrunkOtis’ “I wish I were molested” statement while interviewing “comedian” Jim Florentine on her podcast.

DrunkOtis… or whomever is “guiding” her… is now going the “poor me… I didn’t know what I was doing” route!   And asking for “forgiveness”…

RHOBH brandi tweet re molestation

NOTE:  There is so much WRONG with this DrunkOtis tweet…so, asked DrunkOtis some questions directly.  Let’s see if she answers…

rhobh brandi tweet sh asks

What kind of a mean, nasty person would not forgive someone… especially since the person begging for forgiveness says that she didn’t know what she was doin’???  After all, stand up comedians need very special interviewing skills!!!  Skills which DrunkOtis admitted she didn’t have!

What ARE those very special skills necessary to interview a hysterically funny comedian… like the “comedian” who did a stand up routine about being molested… the guy DrunkOtis interviewed?

We did a very quick survey of a handful of comedians and asked them this question:

Is there anything the interviewer needs to know BEFORE you are interviewed?

These are the responses:  

  • HUH?
  • Just remember to repeat my name a lot… and the time and place of my gig.
  • Just do the intro and I’ll take over from there.
  • Is there someone discriminating against comics?
  • No.
  • No.
  • Nothing.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Remember to bring beer.

    brandi pg  Oh… look!  DrunkOtis has ditched the Stella for a McQueen knuckle clutch.  She’s a real toughie…

There is also a petition being distributed asking for the immediate boot of DrunkOtis from the RHOBH.

rhobh brandi %22F%22 word

NOTE:  This site is unsure as to whether to support this petition, as there has never been a petition which resulted in changing anything.  Petitions are glanced at and then tossed in the trash… that is, if they’re even glanced at… and never get their intended results.  Petitions, are however, an indication of how many people are interested in a particular Housewife… despite the reason!  Therefore, it is your decision…read or don’t read; sign or don’t sign.  ‘Cause, really, we’re just like DrunkOtis… we have ZERO idea about how petitions work… please forgive us.