127 comments on ““I BACK PHIL” SIGNATURES WILL BE DELIVERED TO A&E… Beginning Monday!… UPDATE: WHY A&E Decided To “Suspend” Phil Robertson… UPDATE: Robertsons Won’t Do Show Without Phil… UPDATE: GLAAD Reeling From Backlash… UPDATE: Phil Being Fired For “Staying In Character”!

  1. Free speech does not equal a free pass. Phil Robertson HAS the RIGHT to be ignorant and intolerant and AE has the RIGHT to refuse to be associated with a racist homophobe. I think they’ll survive the fallout from that decision. Free speech doesn’t mean consequence free. As an American you are free to possess all the offensive opinions you want and everyone else is equally free to be offended by and call you out for them. Supporting someone who spoke the way he did about gays and African Americans because it’s free speech and his right to feel that way? BS. It’s because on some level you agree with him. Or he gets a free pass because he quotes the bible a lot or something? Da fuq. He should focus on the judge not, lest ye be judged bit more. Lesson AND warning. KKK have protected speech too (and like Phil think African Americans should go back to pre Civil Rights movement status too), wtf would admit to being THEIR fan? Reap what you sow. It’s a bitter harvest for Robertson. But intolerance and ignorant prejudice are the propagators of strange fruit. No sympathy here.

    • Excellent response Maze. Jesus preached LOVE plain and simple some how this got lost in translation in the bible belt states. What hypocrites.

    • Thank you Maze, I agree completely. Just like SH has the right to support this bigot, I have the right not too. If you’re going to say racist shit stand up and take it like a man. Freedom of speech does not mean that there are no repercussions.

    • ITA.
      I support Robertson’s right to say and think what ever he believes in. However, I do not support his proselytizing his beliefs as to who is or what makes a person a sinner – and that sinner will not be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. (This comes from a man who was a drunk and a cheat before he found Jesus.)
      Paula Deen says one word and people went nuts! She was almost financially destroyed, lost many of her endorsements as well as her T.V. program when she admitted to using a word she uttered 30 years ago. I don’t remember such a hue and a cry of backing for Paula.
      My conclusion is this country thinks Paula Deen deserved to be destroyed for using a nasty name for African-Americans – that they use amongst themselves – whilst it is perfectly okay for Phil Robertson to pronounce who he thinks are sinners and will never be welcomed into the arms of God.
      Such religious intolerance and bigotry that is present against gays does not come
      from the teachings of Jesus – Jesus never mentioned homosexuality in any of his teachings…ever!

      • Respectfully, Treasureglen, I’m trying to understand your point, but your second and third sentences are contradictory.

      • Maze, I totally agree with you. That Westminster Baptish Church as free speech and Freedom of Assembly, but it doesn’t make them any less assholes.
        Treasure–I think the fact that Paula was a big liar-face liar, about how she cooked and ate and hid her diabetes until she got a lucrative deal to shill for a drug company, helped her downfall.

    • And tolerance does not mean you must agree with something and not speak your views. If no one could speak their views or religious beliefs then there’d be no reason for tolerance in the first place.

    • Get over yourself

      He never said that’s how others should feel. He never said much other than how he felt and at the SAME TIME, he said he didn’t have a problem with anyone who lived their life as they wanted to.

      Why are you PC liberals always NEEDING to make everyone feel the way YOU do while kicking everyone else’s “freedom” to think, believe, have their own opinion…along the way?

      Funny thing is, he’s no RHW. He’s sitting on millions of $$. He doesn’t need this show, nor does he need the PC police getting all up in his craw telling him that he can’t think/believe how he does.

      And PLEASE tell me where he made a statement as opposed to giving his interpretation/belief/opinion?

      • Those demanding tolerance of others never seem to have any themselves, I am sick of their ‘pc culture’, and I am sick of them shoving it down our throats.

    • this right here. sorry sh we rarely disagree but i’m a little disappointed by your attitude with this topic. he certainly has the right to say whatever he wants but to say there should be no consequence ignores the free market. if a new restaurant opened and the owner did an interview with a local paper saying what phil said, probably would hurt the business. If A&E said or did nothing, it would be supporting those statements and good for them for reacting. and these “values” aren’t those of the 4%, more like the majority who support equality so yeah, when you say stuff that goes against the values of more than half of the country, it’s gonna piss people off.

  2. Robertson’s right to free speech has not been rescinded. Some of the comments on the westandwithphil page are anti-Semitic and/or homo-phobic – not sure that is something to “like”.

    • His right to free speech has been questioned DUE to his interview, and made a HUGE deal out of at the same time.

      Who cares about posters comments? They aren’t his comments, and you can do a search and find enough posters who are anti-Phil Robertson and get your fill of anti-Christian/anti-republican sentiments.

      You know what people think of those who comment and get so serious on blogs about Kyle Richards , Brandi Glanville, NeNe, Teresa Giudice and the rest of those fools we watch on TV?

      Not much.

      • JerseyG,

        His right to free speech has not been questioned; A&E reacted to what he said by suspending him – A&E has a right to do that, just as Robertson had a right to say what he said. Robertson was not, and is not, being censored.

        I care about posters comments at westandwithphil in light of being asked to “like” it. I will not support hate-filled, nasty comments towards anyone. It’s interesting, and sad, that you assumed I, and others, don’t like the vitriol because most of it was not aimed at Robertson, and that if it were aimed at him, we would then “like” the page – speaking for myself, you are wrong.

  3. Signed, sealed, and delivered! I don’t do facebook though…….not a fan, in fact I really dislike it, my space, etc……My vote still counts though, doesn’t it????

  4. He just said what he believes. Which is EXACTLY the same as gays saying what they believe. But somehow if you don’t believe what is deemed to be “politically correct” you are a horrible person. You can be a radical USA hating Muslim or a flag burning anti-American, then no matter who you offend, it’s ok. But GOD FORBID you say, hey I don’t understand or support homosexuality. Or bestiality. Or anything else not in my CHRISTIAN religion. Then you are intolerant, while everyone is actually being intolerant to YOU for your views. It’s a double standard. We can not say it’s ok for any one person to speak their views but not for another. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but you have to allow them to speak.

    • kelli,
      Robertson was allowed to say what he thinks, and he will be allowed to say what he thinks in the future too. He was not tossed in jail, nor will he be, at least not for speaking his mind. IMO, A&E overreacted, but it is within its rights to suspend or fire him.

      • Of course I didn’t think he would be put in jail. But I think A&E is wrong in what they are doing. Do they really think the audience for a show like Duck Dynasty is watching because they disagree with the family’s values? They put these people on tv who are openly conservative then try to censor what they say when not even filming the show? I could see it if he’d threatened someone, but he didn’t. So basically A&E is saying, you can not be on our network unless you support homosexuality. I am surprised they even allowed a hunting show in the first place, where is PETA? Lol.

        • But you did insinuate that he was not allowed to express his views. He did express his views, in a very vulgar manner. Maybe since I am a hetero, other straight people would be okay with me walking around talking about how much I like penis and big c*cks. Oooohhhh, nothing feels better in my vagina than a thick penis. In fact, I don’t know why another women would want to lick another vagina because all I want to lick is a penis. Now, how many take offense to that? That is what he did. He talked very crudely about something he doesn’t understand in an interview in which he is promoting his brand and his T.V. bosses brand. Do you think I might have repercussions for making my statements while interviewing for a company I work for? Of course. It really is not a matter of free speech.

          • If crude language were the issue, then no need to consult with GLAAD. It was his stance on homosexuality, however crudely expressed (or not), that got him into trouble.

          • I think you missed the point. If you like talking about your vag, go for it. But what you just typed is much cruder than what he said. He actually didn’t say homosexuality was bestiality, he said he doesn’t believe in homosexuality or bestiality or any of those things. He was just saying that he doesn’t support any of the things that according to his religion are wrong. That is his right, that is free speech.

            • Did you read the article? He said he enjoyed a vagina and did not understand how any other man could chose a mans anus over a vagina. I am sorry but that is a crude and judgmental way of saying “the bible says it is a sin.” My response was meant to crude so to make one understand that coming from a woman, you supporters would not be as “supporting.” In all my life, being raised as southern baptist (which I shy from now) I have never seen or heard such language when speaking of sin nor can you use the bible to justify “I don’t understand.” Exactly, you do not understand and therefore should not set forth judgement as to wear a man wants to stick his penis unless it is a child and then, we as a society, have decided that is wrong, not the bible (child bride anyone?). I have no problem with people supporting his views but why cant any of you see that what and how he said it was crude, hurtful and judgmental ?

              • The Bible he follows tells him that homosexuality is wrong. That’s his religion and it’s his right to say so. It’s really simple. If you don’t agree or follow his religion then you don’t. Even if it wasn’t religious based it’s still free speech.

  5. So being openly conservative should be equated with being with being racist and a homophobe? Those swamp hillbillies belong on CMT not A&E. Problem solved.

  6. A&e hired these Rednecks and now they are shocked they are acting like well Rednecks. I spent enough time in lower alabama to know rednecks when i see them.
    And that me excersizing My freedom of speech.

  7. First of all, he is NOT an ignorant man. He, as all of the “tolerant” liberals, has his opinion. He also stated he would “Never,EVER discriminate against someone because they are different than him”. It sounds to me, with the name calling going on, that everyone else WOULD discriminate against others for differing opinions. They don’t need A&E, as the highest rated show on cable, they need them. They were well off and happy,happy before this and they will be after.

    • He talked about vagina’s and men’s anuses. For some reason, no one here wants to be clear about what he actually said. I know many people that feel the way he feels, love the sinner not the sin, BUT the way he addressed it was crude and inappropriate. I really wish others would walk around talking like this as I think it would be fun as hell and if others don’t like it we can just throw out the free speech card. It will be like high school where e yelled out “penis” and “vagina” while in crowded public spaces.

      • Boondocks, the vagina and anus part of his talk WAS crude, no doubt, but that’s not what got him in trouble. It was his stance on homosexuality. We live in a world where talking about anuses and vaginas has actually become de rigueur.

        • I disagree. I cringed when I read it and his opinion is nothing I haven’t heard before, nor am I offended by it. I do not agree with it but it is common to hear such statements. I think the way he said it is what got everyone’s attention. People like me, although not offended by his meaning, can understand why it would cause criticism. In my world we do not talk like that except around very good friends and if I caught one of my employee’s speaking of their like or dislike of vaginas or anuses, then I would be very upset. They might even get suspended. I personally think this is a PR move by A&E but I find it interesting how everyone in support of these comments can not or would not express the same ones in the EXACT same manner.

  8. First Amendment protects us from the GOVERNMENT restricting our speech not a PRIVATE CORPORATION! No, this is the FREE MARKET responding to this Duck-Head’s bigotry. Suck it up! Robertson freely spewed his hate – and his boss is freely choosing not to allow it to continue!

    • thank you, I don’t care who says what and where but people who do should not be surprised if they are terminated from their jobs. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences

  9. “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” Robertson claims. “Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotten with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash.”

  10. He adds, “They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

    • Probably true from his perspective as a child in his small part of the world. Lets hope he has had some true American history and realizes that those were not regular times for black people in the south. I get his point on entitlement, etc. but it can be made without even bringing up race, in fact, “white trash” offers plenty of examples.

    • While reading what you said he wrote -( I did catch up on the gq article)
      From the way he made the black comments, it did not seem to be in malice. Granted, I would probably never ever say that because I understand how serious slavery was and any comments about that would cause a controversy. But like I was saying all he said his experience at the farm. He said positive things Too. You cannot rewrite history or past experiences that people have encountered. In this day and age you no longer can say anything without people getting offended. Xmas is the biggest holiday of the year and the most celebrated holiday as well yet people who are ‘offended’ have gotten their say in and have taken some of the joy away by getting schools to stop saying Xmas and all that jazz. I mean really, some things should just be left alone.

      • I think the offense comes from him asserting that black folks were happier then, before the govment got involved. From a childs perspective at the time that may be true but he fails to recognize that from other perspectives and in other places, times were difficult and scary. I do not think he is racist, I think he see’s the world through a very narrow scope and has a hard time putting himself in other’s shoes, so to speak. Just MO but if it offends someone else, yea, I get that.

        • I agree with you. I think his memory is that of a quasi happy one on the farm, but I understand if people got offended. He probably thought he was saying something positive… Idk I wasn’t there. I just state what I thought when I read it and I really don’t think he meant it in malice, just like his comments about homosexuality. He stated his opinion, and he has a right to it. He also said he wouldn’t treat homosexuals differently. It’s not like he said they should be banned from the earth or anything.
          It’s like I said in one of my comments from another post. In time things become more accepted… Some things take a while but that’s what the NAACP and glaad are for, to bring awareness. You cannot change the way people think, but you can try and make them accept.. If all else fails just go on a shooting spree.
          Kidding 😉
          If I have offended authorized gun users in my last comment- too bad. It was a joke.. Deal with it 😝

  11. Look, the guy didn’t just buy air time and start spewing hate! He was being interviewed, he was asked certain questions and he answered them honestly! What you are being fed are certain lines and parts of the interview to incite you! A&E put these people on a ‘reality’ show to supposedly show how they really live and who they really are and then throws them under the bus when they go off script? Sounds like they took a page from Andy’s book.

  12. Money talks and BS walks, number 1 show on A&E, I bet you the show will be back on or another network will pick up. If you any of you recall, sitcoms in the 70′s and 80′s and even movies were very unPC, words and names that were said would be considered very offensive today. Everyone needs to relax, please if this was the case, Al Sharpton should be boycotting Brandi G. and Puerto Ricans should band Bravo after Brandi offended!!

  13. He signed a contract. He lost his moral high ground when he sold it for a buck. Now I can’t stand Ann Coulter but there is a reason she doesn’t have a contract with anyone. She can say what she wants without having to answer to anyone. I don’t watch this show but from what I have read this Phil guy seems like he is a smart business man. He went into this thing with eyes wide open. I’m sure he knew this would be great exposure for his company. Perhaps he’s having second thoughts getting in bed with “devil”? Maybe he wants out and this was a way to get released from the contract?
    Lesson: Don’t sign away your freedoms for the almighty dollar.
    I really don’t care what happens to the show since I’m not the one watching it, but I don’t think Phil is a total victim here. All that money and unlimited time to go hunting….I should have such problems.

    • I read awhile back that they had taken a firm stand (in their contracts) about not compromising their Faith or the relationships within the family. I have to wonder if A&E hasn’t compromised their agreement giving the Robertsons the upper hand.

      • Could be. It might be cheaper to break it than fight to get out of it. Somebody on another site said he was done with it anyway. Could be that they found a loophole?
        It seems they don’t need the money and who knows, maybe they are tired of the fame?
        There is a lot of merchandise in the stores this year with their faces on them. I have always thought that that is the last push of a brand.

  14. What the Gay/Lesbian don’t seem to understand is that Phil will not change his beliefs on homosexuality any more than he will adultery. In the same faith he is taught to love all and let God do the Judging not man. Phil’s words are not words of hate. His beliefs teach to him spread the word of God, saving those that sin so they may live eternal life. I don’t guess to know that Phill’s beliefs or mine for that matter is path to follow in life. You have to respect his beliefs in the same way you want your beliefs to be respected.
    No, I am not racist, homophobic, ignorant or white trash if you don’t care for what I have written.

    • Hi, Cyn! As you know, I have tremendous respect for you and always enjoy your posts. Again, I give this one two thumbs up. Bless you.

    • Do you really believe that his words will change whether or not some man is attracted to another man? Do you believe it is a choice? And he is not clear on lesbians as he praises vagina’s so will that give all (I never have but maybe I should) a desire to try one out? Just so confusing.

  15. It is entertaining to listen to conservatives scream ‘Freedom of Speech’ to defend his right to say what he believes but when Natalie Mane of the Dixie Chicks did it all Hell broke loose and it destroyed their careers. So does freedom of speech only apply to religion and not politics? And before anyone brings up that she was in a foreign country, it was the UK, one of our allies in the war. It wasn’t like she was hanging out with the enemies like Jane Fonda in the 60s. If we don’t support freedom of speech for ALL we are not truly free.

    • Here’s the difference between the Dixie Chicks and Phil Robertson.

      When the Dixie Chicks commented about President Bush, President Bush responded, “The Dixie Chicks are free to speak their mind. They can say what they want to say … they shouldn’t have their feelings hurt just because some people don’t want to buy their records when they speak out … Freedom is a two-way street … I don’t really care what the Dixie Chicks said. I want to do what I think is right for the American people, and if some singers or Hollywood stars feel like speaking out, that’s fine. That’s the great thing about America. It stands in stark contrast to Iraq ..”

      However, when Phil Robertson commented about homosexuality, GLAAD met with A&E and urged them to take action against Robertson, resulting in his suspension.

      • That’s a good point Hers. There was no strong arming from a conservative org to their record label causing them to lose their contract. People who disagreed just remembered not to buy their CDs. And I don’t think they lost any career cuz of what they said…if they aren’t popular now it’s because their sound got old. Kanye thinks he’s bigger than Jesus, and he is still around saying dumb crap now. Lol.

    • Oh dear….Jane Fonda. The woman who handed over the info the prisoners tried to hand her so their families would know where they were. So revolting.

  16. I am sure A&e really dosnt care what he says what they are afraid of is losing companies buying add space during the show, if companies refuse to buy the airspace they don’t make money. corporations dont want to be associated with someone who spews hate and ignorance because if they are people will boycott the product . So A&e is just showing the corporations that buy Add space that they will not tolerate intolerance. It all boils down to the almighty dollar and nothing more. don’t believe me look how many people and how fast they dropped Paula Deen. first thing people do when they see. Something on a show that is offensive is call for a boycott for all products advertised

    • I imagine it is going to be a tough call. The majority of purchasers are going to be faith basted not the 3\4 percent that are so vocal. Which side will they want to alien with? The ones that believe in the bible and tradition values or those that choose to go against them. For sponsors this is a lose lose situation.

      • I would love to bring my 16 year old 4.0 student who will help anyone over to your house, and you tell him that because he was born gay..he does not have traditional values.
        this is complete bs. I am so disappointed with everyone on this site. read my comments below. You guys are hurting young people saying they don’t have traditional values because they are gay. I hate andy because he is a mean evil little person..but just claiming that Ian, my son, isn’t Godly, or doesn’t have traditional values, because he was born gay is the reason this society is screwed up!

        • I was citing the situation from a sponsors point of view. I’m sure you son has similar values as my own from what you stated. Like it or not it could be viewed as I stated. It wasn’t an attack on either you or your son. From reading my posts over the years you should have known that right from the get go.

          • I have never seen you post on this issue before, and this issue is really bring to light what people really feel about gays and have been mute on the subject. All I am reading everywhere is that Phil is right because he supports traditional values. Like gays can’t stand for traditional values. Everyone that repeats that phrase is furthering the concept that gays in some way don’t have loving traditional values. And anyone supporting someone saying gays are like people that are doing beastiality or terrorists is not someone I think, thinks many positive thoughts about gays.

            • Nancy honesty. I think Gays should afford every right that all citizens enjoy. They should be able to live where they want marry who they wish and adopt children I see nothing perverse about being gay . Plenty heterosexual couple engage in activities I find strange I’m sorry your son is being harmed by what is being said

              • lisa..i am in tears. thank you for understanding. I will tell him there are still people who have completely loving hearts!

              • nancy: This is NOT about gays. It IS about tolerating differing opinions… on ANY topic. However, The gay advocacy group, GLAAD, made this entirely about gays… as THEY were behind the decision to “suspend” Phil Robertson. Therefore, you can thank GLAAD for putting the spotlight on gays. You may want to contact GLAAD and ask why they are intolerant of other’s thoughts.

                Please read the Camille Paglia item: http://stoopidhousewives.com/2013/12/20/camille-paglia-camille-on-duck-dynasty-controversy-pc-police-are-utterly-facist-utterly-stalinist/ … you may understand better the topic. TFC!! SH

              • glad showing disdain for people comparing innocent sweet gays to beastiality and terrorists. How dare they. Thank goodness they spoke up. My son’s facebook page showed no hatred this past year for once. Since this issue, I have had to call three parents and tell them to stop having their kids post on my son’s facebook…”it is you gays who are ruining Christian values. You might as well sleep in the barn with your animals,e tc. But I am glad to know you support this kind of talk and want it disbursed more. Again, I am all for Phil saying what is on his mind, but people should say that kind of talk is disgusting and hurtful. And Glad to know Glad was criticizing this talk, so my son knows that not everyone supports people thinking gays are terrorists and are equals to those sleeping with animals.

            • I like that you are very close to the situation. Not with my son but one I raised as a son. I don’t believe that homosexuality is unnatural because is occurs in nature. What’s Ironic is that when I lived in LA and far from family and friends it was the gay community took me under their wing and saw me through all my firsts even motherhood. What we had in common was that we were all in long term loving relationships. I am grateful that times have changed an Homosexuals no longer have to pretend to something other than who they are. Coming from a different generation where people tried to conform witnessing the pain that it left in it’s wake. I prefer see fundamentalist like Phil (even if misguided) are preaching out of love and in his mind trying to save someone soul rather than out of hate. When all is said and done God will judge us on what we have in our hearts and how we lived our lives. I get up every morning and try once more to be the person God meant me to be, falling forever short but everyday I begin again. If what I said hurt you I feel regret. I was simply giving a black and white analogy from a business point of view not my own.

            • Nancy, your son should take heart that gay marriage is legal in two additional states as of this week, Utah and New Mexico. Nevertheless, there will always be those that find gay sex repulsive and express their feelings in crude or unkind ways.

        • Conservatives and Far right are very selective on who should have the right to express their opinion and exercise their free speech rights. If you don’t agree with them then you are not entitled to your free speech. My point in my comment was that they are hypocrites. I didn’t see them this outraged when they were banning Dixie Chicks songs on the radio.

          • How many gay teenagers committed suicide this year? Yes, lets take a look at that number, talk to their families and then discuss whether these children chose their life or felt defeated in life? Or should we even care? Maybe, we should ONLY care about Phil Robertson’s views and his ability to make $ off of them.

            • We really can not blame Christians or the other religions that do not endorse homosexuality for gay suicides. You can blame depression, bad or absent parents, substance abuse, etc. But you can’t say everyone that follows the Bible is at fault for gay suicide. No where in the Bible does it teach that gays need to commit suicide.

              • I did not write any of those things nor did I suggest them. I am suggesting that by those that want to constantly harp on “gay is a sin,” “repent and turn away from that sin,” etc, etc. that they are re enforcing and idea that gays are not tolerable. If it happens to be mostly so called Christians, well, I can not help that. We are all lost and ALL that matters is love!

  17. the very big problem is when people say that gay people have different values than anyone else.
    They have the same values. They just don’t want to be hated on, put in the same bucket as people that practice beastiality, and put in the same sentence, as terrorists. It is very sad that people just can’t see that. Gays only agenda is to be treated fairly and humanely. Telling them they might be forgiven, like terrorists…people that kill indescriminately…is not treating someone humanely. Telling them they have different values and are the same as beatiality is not treating them humanely. All the hate speech against gays that Phil has stirred up really made my son cry and he could barely study for finals looking at some of the stuff on the news. I had to grab his phone and turn off the computer. You guys just don’t get it. He can say what he wants and he can have a show, but the damage to young teens who listen to people say they have different values and are the same as beastiality people is just aweful. I am disgusted to even say that I am a Christian these days with the terrible comments people post about gays as a result of this. My son never speaks about being gay unless people spew hatred about it. There is not agenda. He just wants to live a good moral life without hate and descrimination. I had an angel visit me once in a dire time. Only pure love came from her eyes. It was the purest love I have ever seen, and she was from God. God only wants us to have pure love for each other. Hatred towards jews in the 30′s boiled over because there was hate speech against them and people did not speak up about it. They did not say…no the jews did not destroy Germany, and so it caught on like wildfire to blame the jews – and then hate the jews. People should speak out against people that make others feel terrible about themselves. No wonder gay teens have the highest suicide rates. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in people that cannot see it is appropriate to speak out against this opinion. He should not be cancelled, because people can watch what they want on TV. I used to watch his show, but knowing he compares my son to a terrorists or thinks he is the same as beastiality (watch some of his prior preaching sermons, etc.) makes me to ill to look at his face on tv.

    • Hi Nancy, I’m really sorry to hear about your son being upset. I’ll bet most of us here have gay family and/or friends that we love very much. I know I do, and they’ve been some of the nicest people I’ve known.

      The only time I feel any anger toward LGBTs is when they brand me a homophobe or hate-monger simply because I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. If the LGBT advocates would stop vilifying everyone who disagrees with gay marriage, that would go a long way.

      • it is hard when a 16 year old is told..their love is completely wrong and against God, and that is why they can’t get married. You have to put yourself in someones shoes that is constantly told they are against God….until you have been there, you cannot understand.

        • also, really, jews were vying for rights in the early 1900′s and the more they tried to get rights, the more the speech against them. People allowed people to speak against them wanting their rights, and promoted that they were ruining Christianity. Really I do not see the difference. There has to be outrage when someone voices such vile comparisons against sweet innocent people. I am not saying to silence him, but these comparisons can lead innocent teens to suicide. tens of millions of people telling my son, he is the same as someone who would sleep with a goat could lead to serious depression, etc. you guys do not get how harmful this stuff is. Please rethink your attitudes.

          • Nancy, you only need to explain to your son the amazing feeling of a vagina. He shall be cured! I jest, but seriously, I feel for you and your son. Please let him know that he has so many supporters in this country. The younger generations are embracing this change and hopefully the focus of Christianity will turn to love, unconditional love. I hope he has an amazing life!

        • Phil Robertson didn’t say any of those things. He merely paraphrased a passage in Corinthian where it states a list of people who will not inherit the Kingdom of God. It is what the Bible says and Mr. Robertson believes it. Others don’t have to believe as he does and his views don’t impact other people’s lives. It’s not like he is Ahmadinejad who orders gays hanged, beheaded, stoned, and burned alive. Ahmadinejad who, BTW, was invited to speak at Columbia University (where is the outrage?)

          Growing up Catholic, I heard people of other Christian denominations say that Catholics are idolaters and won’t go to Heaven. It bothered me at the time, but I have since come to realize that everyone is entitled to believe what they want and it really doesn’t affect me.

          Growing up mixed race (Irish and Mexican), I was subjected to racial hatred–we had next door neighbors (with a brood of 8 inbred looking troglodytes) who would sit on their front porch and shout “beaner” and “spic” at us as we walked to and from our house. Their hatred made them less of a person, not me.

        • Nancy, I’m so sorry. I’m sure that is very hard for your son, and therefore also for you. I wish your son could realize that he is God’s precious child, and he should not take his self worth from what others think of him, and that nothing will separate him from God’s love.

        • Nancy I get it and agree with everything you have said here. I think that Phil has every right to say what he did, but I don’t agree with him and I don’t watch his show simple.This topic breaks my heart I feel for you. Love is love.

        • Christianity, and many other religions, teach that marriage is between a man and woman. If your son is gay, no one is going to force him to follow such religions. He can either choose one that condones or supports his lifestyle or create a set of values for himself. That’s fine. I hope he finds peace within his own life and beliefs. But we can not rewrite the Bible or tell everyone who follows it they aren’t allowed to or they are horrible people. It’s the same thing as the anger many women feel when they see those religions in which women are deemed “less than” and forced to be submissive or covered by veils. They aren’t going to change or stop practicing their beliefs because some people don’t like it. It is free speech and freedom of religion.

      • This idea that has been perpetuated that if you don’t agree with gays, you hate them is what bothers me the most. This is the antithesis of tolerance. Being gay is against Christ’s teachings, so is not loving your neighbor. Just because you disagree with someone does not mean you hate them. It is this obnoxious attitude that is holding the LGBT community back.

  18. Miss SH, exactly, I am saying that someone so supported and loved in the world like Phil, stating their opinion…that gays are equivalent to people who do beastiality and terrorists, and having their opinions supported – is awful. I am all for free speech, but all the blogs about everyone supporting his Christian values and the statement of such. If everyone supported someone’s free speech coming out and saying Jews were dirty and killers of Christ constantly, or blacks are stupid monkeys, it would lead to more people thinking this is true. Tens of millions supported Phil’s comments as correct. When beloved people spout such terrible opinions and they are embraced, it leads to more stereotypes. I don’t get why this is such a hard concept. Let’s start having Phil come out and say that all fat people are lazy and should pay 50% more money in health care for their sloth..people would start having that opinion of fat people and it would lead to more bigotry. It is not good to embrace speech that truly hurts others. People can say what they want but everyone in the world should know that those words can cause teen suicide.

  19. i read the whole thing about 5 times yesterday and watched 3 of Phils sermons from 2010. I will leave with this one last thought. Terrible group think opinions are formed when people embrace this kind of dehuamnizing rhetoric against a group of innocents (and it is dehumanizing to lump any human in with someone that sleeps with animals or terrorists). Just ask the jews what happens when no one speaks to their defense when people embrace this kind of speech and their freedoms to spew it. Thank you for letting me know your true colors over here. Very sad after all these years.

    • nancy: You are comparing apples and oranges and jumping to very senseless illogical conclusions. AGAIN, it is NOT about anyone being gay! As has been explained, it IS about being tolerant of other’s views. PERIOD.

      Your comparison of this topic to that of Jews in Germany is way off the mark and extremely offensive! Are gays being FORCED to wear identifying marks on their clothing? Are they being shipped off in boxcars? Will this happen because of Phil Robertson expressing his views?? Don’t think so.

      Again, would highly suggest you ask GLAAD why they are intolerant of someone’s views who are not “in line” with theirs. YES, a GLAAD rep actually said that Phil needs to “get in line”! Now, who is it that is spewing speech demanding lock stepping? TFC!!! SH

  20. Here’s my take on this. If any of you haters that belong to GLAAD and are mad at Phil Robertson, go on down to West Monroe Louisiana and tell him to his face. Case closed, sissies!
    Merry Christmas,
    Love to all,

  21. He was asked a question; he answered it. A&E suspended him before they found out whether the sponsors would back out or viewers would leave. It should have been a business decision, just as any other TV shows are done. Instead, because what he said got an activist group up in arms because he doesn’t agree with the group’s ideas, the group convinced A&E to suspend him. It should have been up to the sponsors and viewers. Just my two cents. As Phil said, if you don’t think you’re going to like the answer, don’t ask the question.

  22. How is it on Big Brother the cast mates could say all the racial comments they wanted and there was no talks about being canceled ?!???!! But this man shares his opinion and gets the boot?!!?!?????? #istandforphil

  23. Am I surprised that he feels that way? No. Am I surprised that he was that candid? Nope. However, Phil Robertson still has his freedom of speech. He isn’t in jail, he isn’t facing any criminal charges over what he said. Freedom of speech isn’t a “say what you want and get away with it card”. There can be consequences. Case in point, the woman on Big Brother, she lost her job over comments she made on the show. She had the right to say what she said, she still has the right to say what she said. Just because she lost her job, doesn’t mean that her freedom of speech is violated. He made some ugly remarks regarding gay people, black people, Muslims, and Shintos. There is going to be a fallout from that.

    That being said, i watch the show, I enjoy Si the most. I loved the scence where he had a tea party with a niece. It was a sweet moment. He is the kind of kooky uncle I would love to have.

  24. Phil said nothing hateful. He stated his belief. Therefore, all those who are all up in arms over it are not upset because of what he said. You are upset for what he believes. You would only be happy if he kept his mouth shut, as well as anybody else who believes similarly. I guess when gays came out of the closet, the thought police put others in the closet.

  25. Im suprised this didnt happen sooner, about any number of issues. I think its ridiculous when a company or organization feels compelled to come out and announce……We at (insert name here) in no way support the statements of (insert another name here). Ok, we dont think that just because you air a particular program that your station agrees 100% with everything that is said on it. If Honey BooBoo says…oh I love meatballs! …..am I to assume that everyone at TLC (?) loves meatballs? Its just so dumb. What about the NHL? Do we have to endure announcements like…We at ESPN dont condone the usage of violence as a means to win a game!? No we dont. And why? Because we have come to accept viewing violence as part of the risk, or for some the enjoyment, of watching the sport. Does that mean that its ok, or that ESPN thinks its ok, to randomly attack people in the streets? What would have happened if A&E would have just responded with something like….we dont control what is said by our tv personalities in interviews. Period.

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