127 comments on ““I BACK PHIL” SIGNATURES WILL BE DELIVERED TO A&E… Beginning Monday!… UPDATE: WHY A&E Decided To “Suspend” Phil Robertson… UPDATE: Robertsons Won’t Do Show Without Phil… UPDATE: GLAAD Reeling From Backlash… UPDATE: Phil Being Fired For “Staying In Character”!

  1. Here’s my take on this. If any of you haters that belong to GLAAD and are mad at Phil Robertson, go on down to West Monroe Louisiana and tell him to his face. Case closed, sissies!
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  2. He was asked a question; he answered it. A&E suspended him before they found out whether the sponsors would back out or viewers would leave. It should have been a business decision, just as any other TV shows are done. Instead, because what he said got an activist group up in arms because he doesn’t agree with the group’s ideas, the group convinced A&E to suspend him. It should have been up to the sponsors and viewers. Just my two cents. As Phil said, if you don’t think you’re going to like the answer, don’t ask the question.

  3. How is it on Big Brother the cast mates could say all the racial comments they wanted and there was no talks about being canceled ?!???!! But this man shares his opinion and gets the boot?!!?!?????? #istandforphil

  4. Am I surprised that he feels that way? No. Am I surprised that he was that candid? Nope. However, Phil Robertson still has his freedom of speech. He isn’t in jail, he isn’t facing any criminal charges over what he said. Freedom of speech isn’t a “say what you want and get away with it card”. There can be consequences. Case in point, the woman on Big Brother, she lost her job over comments she made on the show. She had the right to say what she said, she still has the right to say what she said. Just because she lost her job, doesn’t mean that her freedom of speech is violated. He made some ugly remarks regarding gay people, black people, Muslims, and Shintos. There is going to be a fallout from that.

    That being said, i watch the show, I enjoy Si the most. I loved the scence where he had a tea party with a niece. It was a sweet moment. He is the kind of kooky uncle I would love to have.

  5. Phil said nothing hateful. He stated his belief. Therefore, all those who are all up in arms over it are not upset because of what he said. You are upset for what he believes. You would only be happy if he kept his mouth shut, as well as anybody else who believes similarly. I guess when gays came out of the closet, the thought police put others in the closet.

  6. Im suprised this didnt happen sooner, about any number of issues. I think its ridiculous when a company or organization feels compelled to come out and announce……We at (insert name here) in no way support the statements of (insert another name here). Ok, we dont think that just because you air a particular program that your station agrees 100% with everything that is said on it. If Honey BooBoo says…oh I love meatballs! …..am I to assume that everyone at TLC (?) loves meatballs? Its just so dumb. What about the NHL? Do we have to endure announcements like…We at ESPN dont condone the usage of violence as a means to win a game!? No we dont. And why? Because we have come to accept viewing violence as part of the risk, or for some the enjoyment, of watching the sport. Does that mean that its ok, or that ESPN thinks its ok, to randomly attack people in the streets? What would have happened if A&E would have just responded with something like….we dont control what is said by our tv personalities in interviews. Period.

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