THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Next Episode… Yolanda Foster Is Heartless

Really???  Whining over place cards?  Really????  LisaVanderDumpTruck’s “cutesy” act just gets more BLEEEECHIER by the episode…




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19 comments on “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Next Episode… Yolanda Foster Is Heartless

  1. The producers made the place cards with hearts. I can’t believe these people give two flips about name cards. It speaks volumes about the types of worry and concern these charactes have in their life and the lack of true happiness and tranquility… and it truly speaks to the utter bullsh*t that is “reality” TV because who the hell would argue over name cards? The production team better start getting “real” because we’re not buying what they are selling.

    • Yep. Most disturbing to watch the tiny little things that upset these people. Even if its all fake. I went to two teenage funerals last week. Sobering. Stop sweatin the small stuff.

      • OMG sorry to hear that parkview.

        I i went on a rant about Yolanda because i just hate the way she judges others when she does the same staged or not.

        But reading your post i feel so bad & honestly i feel like a dick coz i know it’s more than likely scripted

        • Oh no. You can rant! Thats what we are here for! Im talking about these shallow housewives who live in pretty little bubbles and need to learn to be grateful instead of petty. Thanks for your condolences everyone. My prayers are for their parents.

          • I, too, am so sorry, parkview, that you had to go to two teenagers’ funerals last week and I am terribly sorry for their parents’ loss. It is unimaginable, certainly compared to the nonsense of RHOBH. I realize we all know what we’re in for when we watch these shows starring “adult” adolescents who cannot ever seem to get enough attention to fill their desperately hungry egos. And I also realize that at least most if not all of this melodrama is producer-induced. Still, for someone as “classy” as Yolanda to sit there at the head of her silly dinner table, almost giggling about the stars versus not-stars of her “dream team”… With every season, this (and all the RH franchises) just gets more and more absurd. It’s one thing if we know they’re guilty pleasures we agree to watch, but maybe quite another when we– or at least I– end up feeling like I need to take a shower afterwards. At this point, it’s the amusement I get from Ms. SH and her followers more than the shows themselves that keeps me coming back. Happy Holidays, everyone! :)

  2. The script this season is really juvenile. It’s like, straight out of the diary of a 16 year old girl. Kyle with her husband cheating storyline. Kim with her tried & true, final nail in the coffin, end-of-your-role “I found my voice” season. Now, card hearts for “teams”?! I can’t decide if the hearts are worse than Joyce, Kyle & Kim’s reactions to actually for once told they can’t really sit at the “cool kids” table! I cannot fathom that these women are this unaware & have made it this far in life. I guess I thought being rich as hell & living in a warm climate would be, at the very least, relaxing. These creatures make it seem like the 10th circle of hell: high school foreeeever :( :( :(

  3. Alright, I made the place cards! Yo didn’t want to go along with it, but finally did when I agreed to clean the finger prints off the glass fridge 10 times a day. Dream team!

    • You’ll more time to put hearts on everyone’s place cards after you get your zebra and you don’t have so far to walk anymore! lol

  4. Wow and Yolanda always talks & critiques everyone else “Etiquette”.

    Lisa is smiling now because she got a stupid heart but in a couple of esp we’ll be seeing her so called “friends” Yolanda &Brandy(Brandi) turn against her lets see how snug she is then, this is why my opinion of Lisa has changed Im seeing a different side to Lisa Im not liking.

    As Carlton would say “Really” Yolanda and you call yourself a gr8 hostess & claim you have class. Girl take a seat you don’t have any of those things. You’re a condescending stuck snob & a bitch.

    Maybe you need to go back to Holland milk a few cows & learn what the meaning of being humble is.

    Yolanda criticized Joyce dinner party at Palm springs for her dinner party.

    But Joyce didn’t exclude anyone unlike you i also call BS on it was her sub-conscious

  5. Oh dear God, dinner at the Fosters. Remember if David sings and plays the piano, no smiling, chatting, laughing, singing along, oh screw it, NO HAPPINESS is allowed! My how the mighty have fallen! David Foster on a HW show. (I know jumping point for Yo’s show, but come on!)

  6. I think David is getting sick of YoFo. He never looks at her at all and has the pissiest look on his face. I hate Yofo with the ‘You have to Earn my (fake) friendship’….what the hec?

    Joyce looks gorgeous.

  7. It’ll be interesting to watch the whole scene – – can Kyle really see Carlton, Lisa and Brandi’s place cards from where she’s sitting? Or, did the production crew notice the hearts before they sat down and clued Kyle in, so she could stir up the dinner party? What kind of (rude) dinner guest repeatedly points this out? Wonder if she goes to other people’s houses and loudly complains about where she’s seated at the table, or how much (or little) food she’s served? Someone needs to send her a “Miss Manners” book FAST.

  8. What a bunch of childish women. Brandi just gets more and more on my nerves as time goes by. I remember her calling out Kim for being a drunk. Brandi dear when you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. She’s a nasty drunk. What did Joyce call her last night with Ms. Andy? Yes, a conniving drunk bitch. That summons it up very nicely.

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