HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Shannon Beador “David Beador’s Assault/Battery” Charges… Is ALLEGED New RHOC Shannon Beador ANOTHER “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Case?…Shannon Beador’s Driving Record… Tamballs “CUT’S Cut-Rate Rates”…RHOBH BravoBlogs… Amy Phillips Does Yolanda Foster… Where ALL Housewives Will End Up…

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The ALLEGED new Orange County Housewife, Shannon Beador’s HouseHusband had a run-in with the Orange County Court system!  NOTE:  This is a sure-fire indicator that the Beador’s are Bravo Housewife material!

Back in 2003, a complaint was filed in the OC Courts against David Beador for assault and battery… David Beador pled “Not Guilty” for assault…

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Beador’s 2003 charges were dismissed in 2006 per the OC PenalCodeSection 1203.4 “Petition For Relief”…

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NOTE:  Since the case was dismissed and closed, the complaint is not accessible.   Sounds like another RyanCulberson case!!

While we’re on the subject, one of Beador Construction work trucks was stopped and fined…in 2011.  NOTE:  Another sure sign that the Beador’s are Bravo material!  If Beador Construction was as successful as reported, their trucks would be up to code in every respect!



Shannon Beador has had her own run-ins with the OC Courts… for driving infractions.  Stay off that cell phone and stop speeding!!!

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Speakin’ of the RHOC… Tamballs is STILL trying to attract paying customers to her fitness center!

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Tamballs is STILL offering discounts and is trying to get the lowest possible type of fitness buff… like attracts like!!



The discounts and the disgusting video of the trainer Tamballs thinks is hysterical can be seen at Tamballs’ FBPage

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If YOU are interested in the BeverlyHillbillians BravoBlogs… you can read them at  They are simply waaaaay too booooring to give them any atten-shun at SH!

Amy Phillips does another Yolanda Foster

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THIS is how ALL the Housewives will end up after their Bravo franchises bite the dust!   An unemployed ex-con winner of $27 million…   has died in a community hospice care after reportedly losing his mansions, cars, Learjet and moving into a storage shed.

(Thanks to SH readers “LabLover” “romo” “Justin” “FLPhil” “PMG” and “PMD”!!!)

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  1. I know this is going to sound crazy but I know exactly who that lottery guy was because I was kind of obsessed with his crazy story! I remember when he won all that money and I saw an interview with him about a year afterwards. He gave a tour of one of his Florida mansions and I was gobsmacked! It was full to the brim with crap! It looked like they had bought every offer the Franklin mint ever offered and every doll ever sold on home shopping channels. The wall was covered in samurai swords and there was a plaster statue of the blues brothers in the back yard. They had bought their daughter a zebra painted golf cart to drive around the neighborhood and then he gave a tour of his cars and planes. I told my husband then, this guy is going to be broke in no time. Sure enough, a couple of years later he was featured on “Curse of the Lottery”. They had lost everything. The Florida mansion was lost because he didn’t pay $5,000.00 in home owners association fees. They said they left in the middle of the night and the house was auctioned off. A German woman bought it for a $100,000.00(a steal) and she said it was a disgusting mess inside. I am not surprised it ended that way for him. If you read the article the part about the drug overdoses was disturbing. What makes people do that? Why do they just blow through money like that? I don’t get it.


      • hmm, you really could use one to get around in Yolanda Foster’s closet. It’s kind of a long way from the door to the very back of the closet and catching a ride on a sweet zebra might be just the thing! lol


        • Tell me about it. I’ve gotten lost in this place many times. I finally stared to leave a trail of lemons so I can find my way around.


    • Thank you, I remember him also but not from the curse of the lottery show but from the one what you saw where he was telling the story of how he won and how he married that woman because she took care of him when he was down etc. etc.. And during that show he told of a story where he was supposed to ring the bell at the NY stockmarket but it was during 9/11 and he didn’t make it and the lawyer who was in NY said that by him cancelling he wouldn’t have been in the Two towers. I was shocked about his guy, I thought he would make it, but he didn’t.


    • I would definitely donate to charities of interest, help family and travel, travel, travel. I’m not much of a thing person….I don’t think that would change with that kind of money. I don’t buy lottery tickets so I don’t ponder the possibilities too much. ;)


  2. I read all the BH blogs and their comments :). Ok, yes, maybe I should question how I spend my time. Kyle, Brandi, and Yolanda all bash Lisa in their blogs and they each have about one positive comment for every 15 negative ones. They need to stop if they want to protect their fan bases (if they all ever had one). They are all making a huge mistake and pulling a Manzo/ Wakile/ Gorga move and trying to change the viewers perception with bashing us over the heads with negative comments. They need to all remember how it worked out for the popularity of Meho, Caro, Jac, and Kathy. Melissa and Kathy never had a strong fan base and the one that Caroline had has all but disappeared due to her overall negativity. Some people on this blog love Tree, some hate her. Her fan base has definitely taken a hit because of this huge mess she is in. Nonetheless, we base our opinions of these women based on of what we see with our eyes and how we interpret it, not from what other case mates tell us to think. Yes, these shows are edited to death but ugly is ugly, bashing is clearly bashing, these blogs didn’t write themselves. Scripted, sure, but wake up ladies. None of you are influential enough to make us dislike who you want us to and if you think you are, you have totally mistaken your 15 minute infamy for fame and have wayyyy overestimated your ability to influence public opinion.


    • Lol! Yeah trying to slam others worked out great for the Manzo/Wakile/Gorga’s that always makes you look like such a stellar human being. You do have to wonder where they got the idea that they COULD influence public opinion. Most viewers aren’t jealous 5th grade girls. & who besides those that are really unhappy in their own lives would even bother hating one castmate based on another castmate’s opinion? You’ll always have jealous or unhappy people & they aren’t hard to manipulate because of their own weaknesses. Maybe that’s why they think they can manipulate others.?? But healthy minded people have no reason to care what another says. Especially the types that try to push their misery off on others. If you’re not strong enough in character for me to respect you (hello phony Mego, Sad bitter Caro & SloJoe) why on earth would I respect you’re opinion of your castmates? Odd that they assumed viewers are that dull-wittted to begin with. I hope the new cast members of NJ are interesting people. Otherwise the show is totally done for.


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