RHOC NEW HOUSEWIFE: Shannon Beador… What You Might Not Know About Shannon!… Shannon Loves Fung Shui… But, WHY Is This Chick Signing Up To Be A Housewife??

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  • Shannon Beador was born March 1964 as Shannon Marie Storms.
  • Shannon is 49.
  • Shannon currently lives in Newport Beach.
  • Shannon Beador attended La Jolla Country Day School in La Jolla, CA and graduated class of 1982.
  • After her 1982 HS graduation, Shannon Beador attended USC.
  • The Beador’s Newport Beach home was purchased in 2011 for $2.35 million
  • The Beador’s house was listed as “Bonita Canyon’s Largest Home
  • Shannon’s parents also live in Newport Beach
  • Shannon is married to David Beador.
  • Shannon and David have three children… one set of twins.
  • One child didn’t like sleeping in their bedroom; Shannon called in a Fung Shui consultant (see below).  Another Housewife who wastes money on phonies!
  • David is President of Beador Construction… a company started by his father.
  • Beador Construction has wildly varying sales of $10 to $100 million per year… based on which site you visit!  This reporting site states $13 million
  • BeadorConstruction has no operating website… is “under construction”!  How ironic!!

The BIG question is WHY would Shannon Beador not only be hangin’ with Tamballs, but WHY is Shannon signing up as an OC Housewife????   WHY????

The other big question is what is Tamballs, an highly un-educated person who would be workin’ at McDonalds if she didn’t agree to do anything asked of her for Bravo, doin’ at a USC game??  Does Tamballs even know who the QB is?? Or know anything about USC??

Is Shannon another decoy Housewife???  There has been no official word from Bravo as to who the next moronic Housewife from OC will be.


Also, it has been reported that Tamballs put out all the info re Shannon “accidentally” and got herself in “big trouble” with MissAndy!  Because MissAndy demanded, Tamballs took down everything she said re Shannon… except for her original tweet stating that “she’s out with the new OC Housewife.”

This is total bullsh*t!  There is nothing that happens with these Housewives and Bravo by accident…



Shannon is a devotee of Fung Shui… 

“When my twins were born, my husband and I had to move our 3 year old daughter into a new room. She screamed all night every night. We consulted doctor after doctor and finally Elaine was recommended to us. I was willing to give Feng Shui a try but my husband wasn’t. I called Elaine anyway and when she came to our home, my husband was so angry he would barely speak to Elaine. When she saw my daughter’s room, she immediately moved some furniture around and my daughter slept soundly from that night on. I also implemented other cures she suggested and many wonderful things happened for our family.A year after meeting Elaine, my husband built his own office building. He quietly asked for Elaine to come and help him with any Feng Shui issues. We are now building our dream home and consult with Elaine every step of the way. Our lives have drastically changed for the better since Elaine entered our life. She is such a wonderful person with a tremendous heart and we owe her so much!” 

Shannon Beador
Newport Beach, CA

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41 comments on “RHOC NEW HOUSEWIFE: Shannon Beador… What You Might Not Know About Shannon!… Shannon Loves Fung Shui… But, WHY Is This Chick Signing Up To Be A Housewife??

  1. I hate to say it SH, but I think it’s because maybe they are having money troubles (construction took a big hit back in 2008) and they need the show for promotion.

  2. They look like real Newport Beach money, but I think she’s on the show because she’s just plain stoopid. Look, she’s palling around with Heather McDonald. She probably just wants to be a celebrity herself.

  3. David Beador is in concrete freeway construction, not housing construction. His company has been the successful bidder on several recent projects, including one for over $50 Million in Orange County. They have actual money, not credit card money.

      • You can Google “Beador Construction Orange County” and you will find contracts posted by OC Government and CA Dept of Transportation showing multiple projects worth many millions of dollars. One contract was updated 12/5/13 — that seems pretty new to me. If you have specific info regarding the company’s inability to get bonding, you should provide a source rather than just throwing out a random comment with three dots after it.

  4. Another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This one is as captivating as a cup of sand. Seriously, who would want to watch this woman do anything? And who is Elaine? The third wheel in their marriage?

  5. Her husband has psycho eyes! I assume their story line will be him giving the evil eye to Crooksy. Everybody knows that’ll get ya some camera time. Just don’t put your feet up at Vicki’s house :-/

          • Hey, it’s their life. Let them do with it what they want! Just watch and see what happens. Hey, at least I finally get to meet her! I do have some juicy info, but my lips are sealed. In due respect!

            • Lou: If you have never met Shannon and don’t know anything about her, what possible “juicy info” could you have? And, if you do have “juicy info” why would your lips be sealed? Is someone giving you instructions??

              With all “due respect”… you have obviously confused the name of this site with the people here! Is your birthday July 1960? Just want to make sure I’m speaking with a real relative… you are very obviously scouring Housewives sites to do pre-season PR work for Shannon and David for a failing Housewives show! Nice try… but, no one here is stoopid! SH

            • Well, believe what you want. I am David’s Uncle. I live in Orlando Florida. And yes i was born in 1960… I just ran across this website today when I did a Google Search. I don’t watch this show, and don’t care to either. I was just interested in finding out more about Shannon. Besides, who cares if I’m related? What the hell difference would that make? If it was a family member of yours, wouldn’t you be curious yourself?

            • YOU said you were related! If it were a family member of mine, I’d be ashamed. However, since Shannon is a family member of yours, why don’t you just call her and find out more??? You’re doing pre-season PR work for your nephew and his wife for their failing show. You don’t have to be PAID to do PR! You are doing Google searches to leave these messages about your “relative” on as many sites as you can. Come back when you have info. OR… maybe you’re tryin’ to be the OC’s BigGayRosie, since you’re a BigGayFromFL! Pathetic. SH

  6. The OC show is hanging by a thread. No clue why that woman would want to join in on the “fun”. I agree about her husbands eyes. He looks like a hot tempered jerk with the big crazed eyes.

  7. Regarding Elaine changing their lives forever — what a total crock.
    I have a few friends who attend(ed) USC –University of Spoiled Children.

    • My school was also in the Pac10, and at football games we’d waive money or credit cards whenever the band played the SC fight song. It was pretty fun.

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  9. Hi guys, I’m new here. Just HAD to say something about “Lou” who says she knows the new hw…..I LOVE how you caught on to her baloney! Laughed my arse off!! If she was really related or knew them, she woulda given us something.

    • I’m sorry Sparky, like I said in a earlier post… I don’t know Shannon. I would love to meet her someday. But that will probably never happen. I don’t work for any PR company. And I have never watched this show…. Not once!

      • I believe you to a point Lou……but since I have a cousin who is engaged to an “A” list celebrity, although I haven’t seen him in forever, we do have family reunions, I get info here & there (since I haven’t attended one in several years myself) but still, would give SOME dirt up when admitting to that relation….using discretion and honoring some family privacy that is. Not a big deal.

          • Yeah? Ok….my cousin is Justin Theroux, engaged to Jen Aniston…….and NO
            HE IS NOT A SLOUCH!! He’s actually a very talented screenwriter and successful on his own. So, anyway, last I heard from his dad, he loved “Jen” . It was before last Christmas! we heard all about her $225k ring too. They were SUPPOSED to be married during the holidays. But……since we are talking about Jennifer Aniston, who knows what’s going to happen. Frankly, I haven’t heard anything more exciting since. I think she is stringing him along now. Sorry this info is pretty lame. If I get good dirt, I WILL fill ya all in. I just now realized it was a year ago! Clearly, not a close family, but it’s time to get together soon.

  10. I hope they can find a few younger women (early-mid 30’s) for RHOC. So far, with the four they have now, it feels like an old cast, no offense. The last thing I wanna see are women in their 50’s who think they can rock an outfit from the teen’s section.

    • So true! Those women in their 40’s and 50’s acting like they are in their 20’s is just unacceptable. As a matter of fact 20 something’s are repulsed by them. My daughter is a 25 year old professional and she said they all need to be kicked off the show. They are offensive to younger people. She watched two episodes last season and had enough at that point.

      • Bravo should do a pay-per-view of each HW going through honest evaluations by the both the What Not To Wear team and a reputable psychologist.

  11. They need to build a mental hospital specifically for used up, washed up, crazed, self absorbed, stoopid, arrogant, important in their own minds only, bitch, reality housewives. Then lock them up and throw away the keys. That’s my solution and I’m sticking to it.

  12. I don’t know for sure but the fact that Lou dropped the obligatory “guess you’ll have to watch and see what happens” makes me feel like his/her comments are Bravo motivated. If I’m wrong, my apologies but either way I won’t be watching boring old RHOOC and this new boring old house wife with her Fung Shui Rasputin.

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