RHOC NEW HOUSEWIFE: Shannon Beador… What You Might Not Know About Shannon!… Shannon Loves Fung Shui… But, WHY Is This Chick Signing Up To Be A Housewife??

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  • Shannon Beador was born March 1964 as Shannon Marie Storms.
  • Shannon is 49.
  • Shannon currently lives in Newport Beach.
  • Shannon Beador attended La Jolla Country Day School in La Jolla, CA and graduated class of 1982.
  • After her 1982 HS graduation, Shannon Beador attended USC.
  • The Beador’s Newport Beach home was purchased in 2011 for $2.35 million
  • The Beador’s house was listed as “Bonita Canyon’s Largest Home
  • Shannon’s parents also live in Newport Beach
  • Shannon is married to David Beador.
  • Shannon and David have three children… one set of twins.
  • One child didn’t like sleeping in their bedroom; Shannon called in a Fung Shui consultant (see below).  Another Housewife who wastes money on phonies!
  • David is President of Beador Construction… a company started by his father.
  • Beador Construction has wildly varying sales of $10 to $100 million per year… based on which site you visit!  This reporting site states $13 million
  • BeadorConstruction has no operating website… Beador.com is “under construction”!  How ironic!!

The BIG question is WHY would Shannon Beador not only be hangin’ with Tamballs, but WHY is Shannon signing up as an OC Housewife????   WHY????

The other big question is what is Tamballs, an highly un-educated person who would be workin’ at McDonalds if she didn’t agree to do anything asked of her for Bravo, doin’ at a USC game??  Does Tamballs even know who the QB is?? Or know anything about USC??

Is Shannon another decoy Housewife???  There has been no official word from Bravo as to who the next moronic Housewife from OC will be.


Also, it has been reported that Tamballs put out all the info re Shannon “accidentally” and got herself in “big trouble” with MissAndy!  Because MissAndy demanded, Tamballs took down everything she said re Shannon… except for her original tweet stating that “she’s out with the new OC Housewife.”

This is total bullsh*t!  There is nothing that happens with these Housewives and Bravo by accident…


Shannon is a devotee of Fung Shui… 

“When my twins were born, my husband and I had to move our 3 year old daughter into a new room. She screamed all night every night. We consulted doctor after doctor and finally Elaine was recommended to us. I was willing to give Feng Shui a try but my husband wasn’t. I called Elaine anyway and when she came to our home, my husband was so angry he would barely speak to Elaine. When she saw my daughter’s room, she immediately moved some furniture around and my daughter slept soundly from that night on. I also implemented other cures she suggested and many wonderful things happened for our family.A year after meeting Elaine, my husband built his own office building. He quietly asked for Elaine to come and help him with any Feng Shui issues. We are now building our dream home and consult with Elaine every step of the way. Our lives have drastically changed for the better since Elaine entered our life. She is such a wonderful person with a tremendous heart and we owe her so much!” 

Shannon Beador
Newport Beach, CA