TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Fifty-Year-Old JFK Assassination Film Being Shopped To Media… Zapruder Knew Instantly As He Filmed That The President Was Dead…


There is… all of a sudden, fifty years later… another film of the JFK assassination.  The only-seen-by a handful of people “new” film claims to have footage of a rifle shooting from the grassy knoll.   The film is in the hands of a Texas real estate developer who is now shopping the newly discovered film to various media outlets.  It was held by a TV producer for forty years.  The article does not say whether the news producer shot the film or why he had the film or why he kept it under wraps for forty years.

One person who saw a portion of the film told TheWrap:

“You can see a guy in the bushes with a gun,” said one of those individuals. “It looks like real footage, though I am not an expert.”

From FiveThingsYouDidn’tKnowAboutTheJFKAssassination:

“Although the film shot by Abraham Zapruder is the most famous footage of the JFK assassination, literally dozens of cameras — both motion and single-frame — were in use that day in Dealey Plaza.

Researchers have accounted for at least 32 of them — one of the most compelling being uncovered by the Discovery Channel’s Unsolved History series — and yet none caught anything beyond the brutal, appalling death of one man.”




Seconds after the shots were fired, he screamed, “They killed him!” He told bystanders. He called his son in Washington, who had heard that Kennedy was wounded, and said, “No, he’s dead.”    Abraham Zapruder knew instantly that Kennedy was dead as he was filming his now-famous movie of the assassination… MORE from TheWashingtonPost.


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On a much better note:  It’s great to know that Kennedy cousin, Michael Skakel, who was convicted of murdering neighbor, Martha Moxley, is getting a new trial.  It’s even better knowing that Skakel somehow pulled together enough cash for his $1.2 million bond and will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at home.  You can see Skakel and listen to the BS his attorney is spewing at

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  1. It does bring back the memories that’s for sure. I remember we had just moved back from Switzerland to Dallas two months prior to that day. I was sitting in 8th grade Science class. The teacher left the room, came back 15 min later and told us the President had just been killed. We were old enough to realize the seriousness of the situation. The teacher looked visibly upset and all of us kids were pretty much in shock. School was dismissed, parents came to pick us all up and my Dad came home from work immediately. Somber time. Anyone else remember where they were that day?


    • I was in elementary school. My teacher came back in the room and told us the president had been shot. She started crying so the rest of the class started to cry too. My parents both came home from work early and were in tears. We always had two pictures in our living room. One was of the pope and the other JFK. We had a week off from school and were all glued to the television. I remember seeing Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on live tv. I think most of us that were alive then remember exactly where we were. Hard to believe it has been fifty years!


      • Sandy, I do remember seeing Oswald get shot too! My parents and the three of us kids were glued to the news. My parents were just blown away when we actually saw that live.


    • This statement was about the post itself, and people coming up with new films/ theories over the years- including this new film being shopped around.


  2. It was my Bday and assumed that is why we got our of school early. My family was so upset, crying, worrying there might be a communist attack (cold war days and Cuban missle crisis) that it became the Bday tat everyone forgot. Everyone was glued to the TV or radio for the next few days.


  3. Happy Birthday Cyn! My son has something somewhat in common with you….his birthday is 9/11. Even tho the world seems so focused on that event, we try to really make it a special day for our son….I am sure your family does the same. I hope you did have a special day for yourself today.


    • My mom was also napping, one of my older uncles was holding my Mom trying to comfort her ( as he said he was crying too) my grandpa was at work but his work let eveybody go home as soon as they heard the news. A horiffic day for all of America and the world, I cant even imagine what they were going through* The Kennedys.


  4. It’s a sad day, but a day to remember why our ancestors came to this country. We are here to be free–as best as we can. We are here to honor those who came before us and to hopefully pave the way for those who follow.


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