KRISTEN TAEKMAN: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About New RHONY Housewife… Kristen’s Passion? Greeting Cards!… How Kristen REALLY Became a RHONY Housewife… Josh Taekman Talks About EBoost “Buy My Stuff”!!

KRISTEN TAEKMAN at Mermaid Parade...
KRISTEN TAEKMAN at Mermaid Parade…

That little blurb from NYPost re how Kristen Taekman was chosen to become the new face on the RHONY is seriously misguided.

The NYPost item implies that MissAndy just took one look at Kristen and wanted her as a New York Housewife:

Kristen Taekman went with Brandi Glanville to the Bravo “upfront” promotion earlier this year and started chatting with producer Andy Cohen, who immediately asked, “Why aren’t you on ‘Real Housewives’?”

In reality, Kristen was at the BravoUpfronts (the Upfronts are just a big party where Bravo sells their shows to advertisers) because she was ALREADY a NY Housewife…

…and was not attending as a guest of Drunk Otis!

DRUNK OTIS AND TERESA "Jailbird" JOODICE… Bravo Upfronts 2013

DRUNK OTIS AND TERESA “Jailbird” JOODICE…        Bravo Upfronts 2013

While Kristen and Brandi are ‘friends’ from their long-ago modeling years, Brandi Glanville is NOT the person who secured a spot on the RHONY for Kristen.  

NOTE:   YIKES!!!  LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiverPumpDump was callin’ HagfaceKyle “fat” back at the Bravo Upfronts!!

rhobh upfronts 2013 arrow lisav calls kyle fat arrow


Kristen got her Bravo golden ticket thanks to fellow New York castmate, Heather Thomson!

However, it is much better, PR wise, to attach newbie Kristen to DrunkOtis.


THE RHONY WILL BE BACK IN MARCH 2014…                                                                                                                  NOT FEBRUARY AS HAS BEEN WIDELY REPORTED!

WHY?… Why the attempt to attach Kristen to that lovable blabbermouth, uncouth example of white trash?  WHY!?!?

Unfortunately for the RHONY, their public persona is that of old, staid and covered in two inches of dust.   NOTE:  That is not to say that individually any of the New York Housewives are old, staid and covered in two inches of dust!  Perhaps lightly coated… we’ll chat about each of the NY Housewives later!  


Kristen being New York’s “young-ish” Housewife, ala DrunkOtis, breathes new life into the NY franchise… at least, that’s what Lord of the Housewives, MissAndy and Bravo is hoping and trying to shove down viewers throats help along the RHONY viewers perception of that franchise!  The RHONY needs a drastic ratings boost and Bravo/MissAndy is hoping that Kristen will help with an increase in the coveted age group of 18-49 demographics.

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about Kristen Taekman:

  • Kristen grew up in Farmington Connecticut.
  • After graduating from high school, Kristen moved to Paris to pursue a modeling career.  Just as Drunk Otis did…
  • Kristin graduated high school at the age of 16.   (Drunk Otis ditched high school when she was 24 and still in the ninth grade!)
  • As a model she lived in or traveled to Italy, Australia, Miami and Los Angeles.  Along the way, she met and modeled with Brandi Glanville…. their paths cross and uncross several times.
  • Kristen is married to Josh Taekman.
  • Kristen and Josh Taekman are the parents of two children.
  • Josh Taekman is the founder of Eboost, an energy supplement.
  • Josh worked for Diddy as the VP of Marketing for Bad Boy Entertainment.  This is how Heather first met Kristen.  (Heather used to work for Diddy as the founding Design Director for his clothing line.)
  • Heather Thomson calls Josh Taekman “Joshie”!  “Joshie and I have known each other for a very long time,” says Heather.  How cute.
  • Heather introduced Kristen to the cast of the RHONY because of her closeness with Josh Taekman.
  • Kristen had modeled for Heather’s YummieTummie shapewear.
  • Kristen is still friends with RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville.
  • Kristen and Josh lived in Venice Beach, California where both of their businesses began to take off.
  • Josh Taekman owns EBoost energy drink.
  • Kristen owns the greeting card company 2nd Street Press.
  • The Taekman’s moved from California to New York City and has lived on W 25th for years.
  • Kristen’s “2nd Street Press” sells greeting card organizing boxes to customers worldwide.


From 2ndStreetPress:  How the business came to be… according to Kristen…

“Greeting cards have been a passion of mine for years and I collect and send them with vigor. Keeping them organized and at the tip of my fingers has proven to be the ongoing challenge. Life would be much simpler if I had a dedicated place to store and categorize all of my greeting card needs. Thus the birth of my Card Box!

I’ve created two elegantly designed boxes which look great on any desktop to house all of your cards, pens, calendars, stamps and so on. I am thrilled to share my dream with you and I hope you find it simplifies your life as much as it has mine!”   NOTE:  WOW!!!  This chick is really into greeting cards and how to organize them!!  A real brainiac…

LOOK FOR MORE INTERVIEWS WITH JOSH AND KRISTEN TAEKMAN… pushin’ EBoost energy drink!    Look!  A $5 discount in exchange for your email address!



Kristen is an “investor” in EBoost and will probably be taking on more of a “spokesperson” role as soon as the RHONY’s next season premieres in March!  Interesting that Josh Taekman states that vitamins do not supply the body with energy… Hmmmmm…

NOTE:  Will there be cross referencing and tie-ins with other Housewives??  Look for Yolanda Foster to mention that a great place to keep all the cards and stationery purchased from Yo is one of Kristen’s boxes!  Oh, no!!  Just gave away another PR move for these Housewives!  That might or might not happen… what WILL happen is that viewers will be seeing some product placement on the RHONY for that EBoost stuff!

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112 comments on “KRISTEN TAEKMAN: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About New RHONY Housewife… Kristen’s Passion? Greeting Cards!… How Kristen REALLY Became a RHONY Housewife… Josh Taekman Talks About EBoost “Buy My Stuff”!!

  1. If I wanted or needed a “greeting card” organizer instead of using one of my desk drawers where they reside in now (gee, whoda thunk?) I would make one myself. Shoebox, wrapping paper, scissors and glue and voila.

    • They also make spiral bound notebooks with pockets for each month. I used to have one, but it just takes up space. This woman must be really into greeting cards.

    • IKR? I buy my cards as I need them. Who wants to store a chit load of greeting cards? Who’s buying her unnecessary storage boxes anyway?

      • I really wish I could ‘unknow’ this- that these are the fruits of her her business acumen/ this is her big business. Selling a couple of boxes doesn’t strike me as (big/ real/ hard-work/ whatever) ‘business.’ It reminds me of when Dr. Phil’s dtr-in-law and one of her triplets were selling swaddling blankets. Set up a web-site and sell. Shark Tank is far more compelling. Sigh…

          • Uh, yeah- that *really* ticked me off. Bet they made boatloads of cash, too. Lots of pretty colors. Hint: it you want to pick your own colors, head over to Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.

        • To clarify: no offense was meant to Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank. Even if it has become more formulaic with each season. Couple weeks ago, there was this farmer with sapling-saving irrigation/ protective covers. He wanted to keep the prices low because he was selling to other farmers, and had developed it with his now-deceased dad. Real tear-jerker, that one.

          • I loved that one! We were all reaching for the kleenex when the Paul Mitchel dude stood up and offered the deal–no questions asked. Really was a good moment on TV. I hope they have a follow-up and “Mr. Wonderful” has to eat his words when that business has profits through the roof!

    • A girl after my own heart, Dennie. Or one can use contac-type paper. Clear- over nice papers/wrapping papers is an option. Besides a drawer.

      • Hey, Zeebs! I actually enjoy making things. And here’s the rub, so to speak. If they come out as big FAILS, I don’t care because the joy was in using my mind and the act of trying to create.

        One thing I’d like to do is buy old women’s watchfaces and make an ornamental display for a wall. They are so elegant!

        • Not watchfaces of old women — but watchfaces from vintage ladies watches! Ha ha, that sounded wrong! :)

          • I knew what you meant :)
            I love to make things, too- but don’t do it enough lately. I’ve been meaning to get back to that, as it’s a form of meditation in and of itself. Plus all of the other benefits. Your watchfaces idea is really neat, too- very clever.

            • Thanks! I also just bought a bag of gorgeous pink and green seaglass, and I know i’ll be mosaicing something eventually! Gotta go to a yard sale or something to find the mosaicee! :)

            • I save/collect empty old wooden cigar boxes! I design each box to the individual I am making it for. Some I decoupage (my favorite) some I paint and add jewels, stickers, buttons etc. My grand kids all get one each new school year for their pencils etc. I made my bff a really cool purse. One of her friends saw it and offered me a hundred dollars to make one for her. My brother rides a Harley so I made him a really cool box that he uses at his bedside to put his change, watch etc. in before going to bed. You can make all kinds of stuff out of them. The best part is individualizing them to each special person in your life. I am not crafty at all. I just started making my own candles last year but not near as much fun as the cigar boxes. The boxes to put greetings cards in is pretty lame. Mine are piled up inside a beautifully shellacked vintage cigar box.

            • Funny, sandy- your talk of boxes made me think of how I like unique boxes for some things. The HW ‘boxes’ just made me think of the crap I typed about.

        • that sounds very creative and pretty…the watch faces. One of my relatives at one time used men’s ties to create couch throws…very nice…she was fussy about colors and patterns. The ties were purchased from second hand stores … really looked nice.

  2. She’s very pretty and seems really sweet. Guess I have to wait and find out about that though. Her husband seems to have his act together. He made me want to try the eboost but it’s too expensive for me.

    • Hi, Sherry! I honestly don’t believe in that junk; a lot of it has extra caffeine that provides nervous system energy, which is a false energy.

      I have found that a truly healthy diet — nutrient-dense (veggies, fruits, whole grains) along with a good multivitamin — can improve your daily natural energy production.

        • You’ll want foods that have a rich content of B vitamins, notably B 12 and B6. Asparagus is a great veggie source for B vitamins. You also want to keep blood sugar levels steady — no spikes. In the morning, try plain nonfat yogurt (the best quality) which has a good content of magnesium, which helps assist in energy release and use; fresh fruit (antioxidants and fiber). Snack time — try cashews, almonds and hazelnuts — also rich sources of magnesium, plus that all-important protein.

          Just some ideas, honey! You can always look this up on Google — and enjoy your supermarket shopping — and eating!

          • Wonderful ideas Dennie and thank you. 😊. Now that I’m getting older I’m paying close attention to what goes into my body. I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up….when my kids give me grand kids that is 😊

  3. That’s funny, I keep my pens, stamps and such in a drawer; which is quite handy and a zero challenge to organize. A plus is there is no bulky storage box on my countertop/desk, whatever. Pffffft

    • That’s what I was thinking …. and as you said ^ I buy my cards as I need them. I worry more about keeping my important papers/documents in order… “happy birthday” greetings..not so much. ;)

    • After all the comments, I looked at her face more on the show and was really struck by how much bigger/puffing-outer her right face is. I don’t know how fillers work- is she like sleeping on the one side and flattening it? I saw a pix of Fergie and she, too, looks horrible altered, especially from certain angles. Article said Fergie was only 39. You must live in a sea of body dysmorphia out there, Hers.

      • I do. I had a friend who moved to LA from the Midwest. Within a few years of arriving here, she had totally redone her face. She admitted it was because she thought everyone in LA looks like a model and she felt she had to keep up. But I see it here on SH, too. We call Kyle fat, when she’s really not fat at all. It’s just that she looks big standing next to bean pole Brandi.

        • That’s true, the relative size impressions. I keep recalling someone who met Kyle and posted here, saying she was so tiny.

          • I don’t understand the need/desire for the types of fillers that are making all the women look like chipmunks. It’s horribly unnatural. Listen, I’m not opposed to a little strategic use of botox if lines are deepening. I’m 47 and have a couple on my forehead, but they’re covered up by bangs. I may want to get a tiny bit on the two furrows starting to show up between my eyebrows. I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon and she said it would be a tiny bit, and that would do the trick. She said she’d never give me anything more than that.

            Still considering it.

            • I, too, have no opposition to these little fixes. Keyword little, I guess (tho I have nothing against those who want surgery, either- to each her own type thing). It’s about judgment, restraint, proper age, all that…Plus I’m sure your friend is measured and also of the theory that you could do more later if a little bit first failed or something. It’s so trite, but it seems to come down to the ethics of the folks with these tools in their hands as well. The old, ‘How could you let someone walk out of your office like that?’ (re these people we see with the overdone fillers. Fillers sounded good to me, too, in theory- but…)

            • She was overdressed in winter clothes for regular, boring BH weather. I was in capris, t-shirt, cardigan, and ballet flats, and she was in, as I recall, heavy black leggings, black suede high wedge boots, bulky black sweater cinched at the waist, and a fedora. It was around the corner from her restaurant, so I guess she was dressing to be seen. But I could tell from her legs and otherwise that under the heavy clothes, she was pretty small. Maybe a size 4? Not fat by any stretch.

            • Wow! Whodathunkit? I was watching Shahs of Sunset the other night and (odious) Lilly was trying on jeans and the 24 (size 2) was a little big on her which puts Lilly closer to the 0 range. But she is teeny, tiny, scary small. But she was almost into that size 2, which would put Kyle only one or two sizes bigger. Chuckie also claims to be “tiny”–a size 4 but she looks much, much bigger than Kyle.

            • She’s not fat, she just dresses 2 sizes too small and wears age inappropriate clothing. Plus that hair has to go. Hair that long on someone as small as she is just swallows her up and makes her look even more stocky. She needs to show more neck to give her height. I don’t even know if she has a neck. I’m only 4′ 10″ so I know how this goes. I can’t wear massive statement jewelry or large prints. Kyle does this all the time.

  4. I just clicked on the link and she’s selling those stoopid boxes for $49.95! Surprisingly, they’re sold out of both boxes. They must manufacture them after someone places an order.

      • My Kingdom to be a fly on the wall when this happens: eventually some fan *will* buy one of these boxes. Longshot, I know, but America’s a diverse place. So when/ if said fan’s significant other sees the invoice arriving with said box…THAT’s what I wanna see. On the next episode of Hoarders…

    • OK so now you see why this reminded me of the ‘celeb’ marketing of a swaddling blankets store. But I think those blankets were $40 and came with an instruction card, plus they probably did do their jobs (LOL) so I am thinking the blankets were less shady than $50. boxes.

      • Now I’m *really* laughing: same here. They’d all think my computer was hijacked or plan some big ‘talk.’ LOL!!!

      • Lol! It’s a party to get people to buy those $50 boxes. Not a real party that’s fun like a bday party. I wonder if that $50 box comes assembled. 😂

    • romo, I clicked on your link out of sheer boredom and I was surprised to see that there are NO actual greeting cards! Its just a box for sale. I didnt expect, necessarily, for the box to be filled with cards for such a cheap price(!), but dang, I thought she would at least be also selling some cards. How the heck can you have a party with 20 of your closest friends…all of them staring at just TWO BOXES!?!?!? What the hek would you do the whole time? See a slideshow about the discovery of boxing things? Try them on your heads? What?????

      • My guess: you are supposed to bring your pile of dog-eared, disorganized cards *with you* to discover a New Way: Cards in Box.
        Yes, I meant it that way.

      • Don’t forget about the stamps and pens. Her $50 boxes accommodate those items too! Not just cards, lol! Ooh, I bet one could put some paper clips in those boxes too! Not sure though… She could give her greeting card box party guests a box of paper clips at least! Sheesh

  5. Greeting cards. Someone has too much time on her hands. A friend bought me a gift of a box like this (much bigger), full of every occasion greeting cards. I think I saw it at Costco for 25 bucks. It was kinda cool because I hate buying cards and I always forget until the last minute. This womans box is only a good idea if it comes prefilled with cards. Otherwise, give me 5 bucks at the Dollar Store and twenty minutes……I can do better.

      • I didn’t even know they had cards. Haven’t been in awhile- we have one pretty close, but it’s also a little out of the way. Do they have ‘everything’ or mostly just artisanal foods like in their flyer. (i.e. can you get milk there?)

        • Yes, they have milk and most everything you want, plus lots of organic choices. I go to the regular market only for stuff I can’t get at Trader Joe’s. They also have great treats, especially now for the holidays. Check out the Minty Mallows – dark chocolate covered minty marshmallows. I could eat the whole box. And the flowers and plants (even orchids) are always lots cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere.

            • The chocolate bar is a gateway drug to the Cookie Butter. Watch out. If you keep inhaling those bars, eventually you will buy the Cookie Butter.

            • Follow-up Qs on this Cookie Butter. I see it comes in smooth and crunchy. Do *both* versions have the cookie bits? Does it work like peanut butter, where there are smooth versus crunchy people? And do you eat it like peanut butter, like on toast? Or just gather oneself into a hoarder-corner with a spoon, jar, remote and have at it?

            • I’ve never bought it in the jar (afraid I’ll gain 5 pounds), but I think it’s just like peanut butter. The crunchy version means there are cookie bits, while the smooth means it’s totally ground up. I’ll bet Trader Joe’s would let you sample it before buying. They’ve done that for me before.

            • Thank you for elaborating, Hers. Sounds like the smooth might be more ~ granular? Anyway, it made sense. And this is a split smooth-crunchy household, LOL. I usually concede to smooth, but I want my cookie chunks!

            • and PS, I just watched Shahs, and saw how snotty Lilly was about (allegedly) trying and failing to gain weight. I call total BS, because of said coy/ cute snottiness. Maybe we should ship her a few jars.

          • Thanks, Hers (and Ana- Cookie Butter!?!?!!!!). We go between the local butcher and regular store, usually do Whole Foods if something special is needed. Never would have guessed that there are good deals there (or pedestrian items, like milk!) from the image, I guess.

    • My family started recycling cards. We just cross out the person who signed it name and add ours. It funny when you get your own back with bunch of names xed out. It has now become a tradition.

      • I love it! We have a slightly more disgusting tradition…a regifted can of Spam that has been making its rounds for twenty years.

        • Lol! My family has a size XXXL grey sweatsuit that’s been gifted for years. It’s between my husband and brother-in-laws. Whoever is fattest that year gets it. 😕 Those guys are cra… They also have the skeet shoot out. Maybe I shouldn’t tell people that story. Lol! I’m gonna win that shoot out this year though! Go romo

  6. I never heard of BLK going anywhere . I wonder just how big a failure it was. You can tell they think if they put something on t.v. the sales will totally take off, ’cause you know , we’re nothing but sheeple :P I think BLK may have proved them wrong on that theory.

    • Why couldn’t they just make that water look like normal water? I don’t care for its molecular structure or whatever. People like clear water. It is what it is.

    • With all of these ‘Corporations,’ I wonder if it really even matters if the products do take off. If it fails, they just dissolve or go BK and move on to the next- if anyone buys it, fab. We could try this, maybe-its-zeebah corporation could sell GRN water. Cause it’s “Green!” And green is healthy, good for the environment, and GRN vaguely evokes Generation Rescue. Maybe Trader Joe’s will pick us up. Or vomit.

      But with all the wheatgrass stuff, I bet we’d sell more GRN water than black!

      • I bet GRN water would taste normal and be filled with excellent green stuff like kale and spinach–yum!!! :)

        BLK water is nothing but the chemical remains of rotting, decaying matter. I can appreciate fulvic acid in nature but it has a certain blech factor in drinking water AND it makes one’s cells very porous to materials, including the bad stuff that is a byproduct of being alive. Thank God this water has a gross appearance because it deters people from drinking it.

        • We know they weren’t counting on their audience being chemists :)
          Clearly they also weren’t counting on all of us having instincts as well. Blessedly for us. Anyway, the details you gave lead me to suspect that this stuff must be treated for or extracted from *bitters,* another thing that would prevent drinking it in real life. There’s a reason we shouldn’t consume franken- food and -drink.

  7. Call me crazy but I think it’s kind of cool she designed a greeting card organizer. I mean, at least it is personal and specialized and she seems actually passionate about greeting cards. Unlike, say, Gretchen who just slapped her name on some generic ACME make-up. It’s quirky.

    • LOL, romo- while I missed Fashion Police (mainly because I can’t take Rancic anymore), your general statement says it all…I’d more be scrambling for the rerun if she got some look of the week award!

      • I recently read a comment in which the person likened Rancic to a praying mantis, and now that’s what I see whenever I look at her.

        • It’s in my head now, too. I’d remembered being ~ relieved? seeing those other comments, as I thought I was the only one put off by her. E! was airing some unrelated show about how you never know what a TV person is really like/ how they can be so different from their TV personae. I know it’s a Duh! kind of thing, but I’m often hit with those Duhs!

  8. I can’t believe this couple uprooted themselves from CA to NYC for this dumb show. They could have easily joined RHBH or RHOC while staying put. The crossover show wouldn’t be necessary because YoFo could take EBoost after a Master Cleanse. BTW: I thought I read somewhere that Andy got the hook…?

    • It doesn’t bode well for RHONY that they had to be dispatched to NY. Fake dispatched, even? The Andy news is the same as was posted here, but a lot are taking it as a demotion after it sunk in, it seems.

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