JOYCE GIRAUD: New Beverly Hills Housewife Gives Hair Tips… IT’S HAIR WARS!!!

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New RHOBH Housewives, Joyce Giraud, was hired to start HAIR WARS!!

It’s Joyce v HagfaceKyle!!

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87 comments on “JOYCE GIRAUD: New Beverly Hills Housewife Gives Hair Tips… IT’S HAIR WARS!!!

    • And as far as the hair war goes…there is no war because Joyce wins hands down. Her hair is beyond gorgeous. Sorry Hagface, you lose!

          • Love her tips. My daughter has long thick hair to her waist. I wash mine maybe twice a week. Another great trick is a little bit of baby powder at the roots, a quick cool blow on it and poof! Big volume hair.

            • @LabLover27 @Sherry- I use a hair powder on my hair, Obaji, and it smells like lemons-super yummy… it’s white and with my dark hair I really have to work it in but the volume is amazing with a blast of heat and a roundbrush. Also comes in regular and travel size.. I’ve had both and totally worth a little splurge. It lasts forever!

  1. While Joyce does have an amazing heap of hair; although I’m curious if she can do the splits. Everybody knows that’s what is really important. Am I right? Lol

  2. That Joyce woman DOES have her some gorgeous hair, but only washing and brushing it once a week? That’s nasty. I have to wash mine every day or I feel gross. I guess if my hair has “memory” like Joyce says, it’s suffering from PTSD

    • My daughter and I have to wash ours every day too. We both go nuts if we can’t! God forbid we had to wait a whole week.

      • I have an aunt that does the once a week appointment, and it seems to work okay for her because she doesn’t exercise. This Joyce talked about exercising, so not sure how she keeps the sweat off her scalp!

    • Washing it once a week works w/ dry hair only. I have excessively dry hair and I don’t wash it but once every other week. That being said washing = shampoo. I wet it in the shower and wash my scalp w/ conditioner, but nothing that’s going to strip my hair out.

      • Me too DMB. I do that in the winter–and right after I get it colored. It’s surprising how clean just water and conditioner will get my hair.

        • Well, I consider water and conditioner washing, so that must be what this woman does, then — only shampoos once a week.

        • OK- me neither. I don’t know why I continue to let these people confuse me with their nonsense. I thought I heard poorly-enunciated “teeth;” she points to her teeth; my brain tries to re-work the whole thing because I do not understand for the life of me the memory of teeth. Are they the same to her because they’re both considered mostly not ‘alive’ in their respective ways, and she’s teaching us a lesson that it’s all false? There I go again, perseverating at sense-making.

          • I think her teeth have memory statement deserves a nomination for the “Stoopidest Comment” by a housewife. I think she meant hair can be trained like teeth–(i.e. braces) It’s a bad analogy and I hope that she doesn’t only clean her teeth once a week the way she does her hair.

            • Well you pretty much saved the day with that one. Makes total sense. I’ll leave the sense-ferreting up to you from now on. Definitely nom-worthy.

  3. I agree with not over washing your hair, but she must REEK if she only washes her hair once a week. Especially in LA where it’s warm year round. GROSS.

    • I just have to wash my hair everyday. I feel gross if I don’t. Some mornings, I think my hair looks better the day after washing it and I wish I could go without washing it that day. But, I can’t.

      • I hear you. Just can’t imagine going a whole week. In junior high, I sat on the bus behind a kid who always had greasy hair. When the window was open, the smell in my face was unbearable.

    • ITA, I have an oily scalp and long thick hair so I wash mine every other day. Nothing worse than standing downwind of someone with a dirty unwashed scalp – in the top 10 worst odors.

  4. She really does have beautiful hair. I love the cut too! Kyles hair looks crappy mext yo hers she Needs layers stat
    It’s so hard for me to get a cut like that it’s seems no matter where I go they don’t understand what im talking about! I’m gonna bring a picture of her hair.. Lol
    She seems like a positive addition with lots of energy. Time will tell.

    • VaFa, when I was a little kid I got this exciting treat of a hair cut at the mall (I was a kid, LOL). I asked for Dorothy Hamel; I left looking like Don King. Does anyone remember the Dorothy Hamel bob-wedge-whatever it was? Understanding hair cutting a bit more as an adult, those cuts are the exact opposite!

      Moral of the story: I hope you leave the salon looking like Joyce and not Vyle!

      • I had the Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut as a kid, too. Mine turned out as it was supposed to. But, in retrospect, that wasn’t such a good thing, either.

        I am suffering from a bad haircut crises at the moment. I asked for side bangs. The stylist had them herself and in case she wasn’t sure what I meant, I told her I wanted the same bangs that she had. Yikes! She chopped a big hank of hair off the right side of my head and I still don’t have the bangs I wanted.

        • Ouch! Ana, you’ll probably appreciate this one. I met a client for lunch years ago. She arrived looking different than I remembered. She explained that she’d been to the Sally Hershberger salon on La Cienega the day before. Her hair literally looked like a blind person had cut it and then styled it with an egg beater. I’m not exaggerating. She knew she looked horrible, and I felt so sorry for her. I think she paid $250 for the haircut. All I could do was reassure her that it would grow out. And yours will, too.

          • Sally Hershberger was the one responsible for Meg Ryan’s shaggy haircut that was in all of those years ago. I never got the whole messy hair thing. Why style your hair to look like a big ol’ mess.

            • Exactly! And I didn’t have the heart to ask the girl, “Well, why’d you go to her in the first place?!!”

            • I always thought Meg Ryan was so adorable and didn’t care what she did with her hair, she was still cute. That is until she went to a training class for plastic surgeons and came out looking like she used a potato masher on her face.

          • Your description gave me riotous laughter: I could see Sally whirring away at some hair nest with said egg beater.

          • PS: In my mind’s eye, she had a long-ashed cigarette dangling from her lips, eye squinted; with a white Hanes-like men’s tee and black vest.

            And Meg Ryan’s haircut.

        • Oh, no! That’s horrible, Ana! I’m sorry some doofus wrecked your hair life. Do you have any way to fix it, or does it just have to grow? Or fix and grow?

          • It’s still long enough to pull back so I’m doing that until it grows out. Luckily, my hair grows quickly.

            • Whew. At least you have an option. I take hair very personally- but maybe everyone does. Knock on wood, no crises in well over a decade.

      • Zeeba, I feel for you, I’d look like Don King if I had a Dorothy Hamel haircut, too. The flatiron is my friend.

        • This is a great mystery of my life, Hers. While my hair turned curly- wavy in my teens, it was thick shiny blue-black as a kid. I don’t get how that happened then! I’m going to have to see if my mom has any pix. Maybe I had an undercoat like dogs do, LOL, and it got exposed.

          • It’s amazing how hair can change. My son had black curly hair when he was born and then it turned straight, dark blonde/light brown. When puberty hit, it turned into a curly ash brown bushy mop of hair.

      • Lol zeebs I’m totally laughing @ leaving looking like don king. Sweet baby Jesus may I never leave a salon looking like him

        • I need some advice. I know I have to cut my hair but I’m waiting still. I love my hair long it’s up to the bottom of my chestickles. But my hair is naturally wavy so when I do my hair str8 I curl the tips with my fat curling iron. Between doing that and dying my hair, my hair has a hard time ‘remembering ‘ not to frizz and to hold the curl. I need to condition the bottom portion of my hair… I used hot olive oil treatment last week and then guacamole a few days later. I was thinking of buying coconut oil I’ve seen donewitbravo talk abt how great it is. My question is do you think it will salvage my dryness and improve my hair?

          • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the ONLY hair product I use, along with shampoo/conditioner!!! I, too, have thick, long, curly(not wavy) hair that becomes dry from coloring/bleaching. I do wash it, blow it (with my T3 blowdryer–the only one I’ll use!!), and most often I’ll quickly flatiron it and then add back some waves with a big curling iron. Lately I’ve just been blowdrying it and it looks great. I add about a quarter’s worth of GOOD coconut oil (virgin, organic) and work it on after I come out of the shower. Work it from the scalp to the ends. You might need more if your hair is longer or thicker. After you blow it, you might need a little more before using any other appliances. IT WORKS!!! I even add a dab daily to freshen it up. It makes your hair grow and look healthy. You could also use it as a deep conditioner. It’s truly a miracle product! Good luck!! I bought a hugeass jar at Sam’s Club for $14.99!!

            • And, btw, mine stays ‘straight’ even in Florida’s unbearable heat and humidity (99%!!!!). Unreal!!! It only curls or frizzes if it gets wet.

            • I tried looking for it at cvs yesterday done. I have coupons there and I’m not afraid to use em lol. I think I saw it at another location. I’m gonna try n see if it says organic I’m hopin! Now, you have dry hair you said. Mine after one day is greasy requiring me to wash everyday. Sometimes I leave it for two days if its straight. I can’t put too much gunk in it before I do my hair cuz it will bring my volume down and as an italian volume is everything girl. Anyhoo I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t put it on my scalp ?

            • Maybe next week I’ll get a cut but I will show a picture of miss beauty pageants hair up there. I’m supposed to be going out on a date this weekend and if I do it now and my haircut is horrible, I’m gonna regret it.

            • 1. Buy it @ Sams Club/Costco/BJ’s or an organic store (Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods).
              2. Only use a *dab* if your hair gets greasy! The longer you could go w/o washing it, the healthier it will be.
              3. YES, put it on your scalp–massage it into your scalp–that’s what helps it grow!!

            • A little afraid to put oil on my scalp, but will give it a shot, Done. But I’m thinking that for people who don’t have dry hair, It might be better just to cook with it, to get the same effect.

        • Well the only saving grace was that I didn’t know of Don King when I left that mall as a child. But when I saw him on TV in the Mike Tyson era, with his hair foofed straight up in the air, I was like !!! *that’s* what that girl did to me! Flashbacks, LOL.

      • Yes, Dorothy Hamill’s “short and sassy” look was a big hit. I loved it, but I have curly hair and it doesn’t work with my texture. My worst hair story was when I was a sophomore in college, I went to a random hairdresser and asked for a trim. My hair was long, hanging down my back. He pulled it together in his hand and chopped it ALL off. He said I should wear my hair like Jane Fonda’s shag (in Klute). I screamed because that was stupid, My hair wasn’t straight. I left there completely upset, with my hair in a bag. It looked really horrible. I never had the patience to grow it back out completely. So many years later, I found a perfect hairdresser who understands my texture and styles it so my curls rule.

  5. So far, in one episode, I am seeing that Vyle is the one that is gonna be getting the bad edit this season. Lisa and Yolanda have set up their team and the Richards sisters are no competition for the imports. I also think its funny that the producers brought in some hair competition just to throw shade at Kyle. We all know that her doing the splits and swinging her hair is her favorite thing to do on camera…. every episode and interview she has ever done. I would’ve laughed if Joyce woulda picked up a pantene product and done some squirts into that fabulous mane of hers.

    • Not that I like either of the new women, but I hope their entrance will mean the back door for Hagface…and don’t let it hit ya on the way out!

    • Standing next to Joyce her “hagface” is more prominent. If that’s possible. Pantene says ‘buh bye’ to Hagface, hello to Joyce!

      • I know! LOL! I have a feeling Joyce is going to drive Kyle into a frenzied hair tizzy– I can’t wait! ahahahahahahahaHA !!! :-D

  6. Ok looks like my comment didn’t go through. Loved the video and tips from Joyce. She wins hands down with the hair and personality. Run Kyle run you lose. This is my 3rd time trying to send,

    • Barb: There are comments which are ending up in the “spam” department… yours are not the only ones. Have no idea why, but this has happened before and for no apparent reason. Am watching and retrieving the comments from ‘spam’ ASAP. The incorrectly ‘spammed’ comments seem to correct themselves all by themselves… **eye roll**… it’s a mystery!!! TFC!! SH

  7. I’m not buying it. No way with workouts, restaraunts, sex, etc. can u only wash once a week. No way. Unless by day four she reeks like an animal and dabs incense behind her ears to combat the smell…

    • Didn’t she also say she doesn’t brush it, either? How is that possible. It would be a big stinking rat’s nest at the end of a week. She has a great head of hair, but telling people she doesn’t wash it ain’t gonna get her any haircare endorsement deals.

      • She is lying. You know she goes to the salon for treatments, maybe shine treatments or body perm. You know she combs it or it’d be a nasty mess. If she doesn’t wash it but once a week she would have to comb it or all the oil would clump on her scalp. She has to probably curl parts or flatiron bumps out if she she ever sleeps on it funny.. it’s all a big ole lie imo. It’s the classic “look how beautiful I am without trying” routine. Gag me.

        • Yeah, the sleeping part (with dry hair- coiled up or not) was not making sense re: next day look. That plus the teasing. You can’t just do that without getting it out with conditioner. I only had it done once for a prom and it was the worst thing to try to de-nest my hair.

  8. Mine is very dry (curly, thick, color-treated), and I only wash it twice a week. It wouldn’t get oily if I left it alone for a month!! I guess it has the potential of smelling a bit if you’re working out vigorously and sweating, but I wipe it, add some coconut oil and I don’t think it smells. If it does, I wash it. I have to watch her video now to see her tips. Mine is now down to my waist and I put it in the dreaded bun every night so that I don’t wrestle with it in my face at night. I wind up with beachy waves in the morning so it’s cool. I don’t like the baby powder idea–it drys my hair out even more. Blech.

  9. I wasn’t sure why Vyle took Lisa’s Pantene comment as such a dig directly at her until I just read an interview Vyle did last year with Glamour, she said she’s been asked to be a spokesmodel by various hair companies but everyone knows she uses Pantene so she would only consider being a spokesmodel for them if they ever asked..and if she had the time in her busy schedule .
    Also did anyone else notice Mauricio leering at Joyce during the party?! He kept sneaking glances at her chest & figure, trying his damnedest to look subtle with Vyle standing next to him. He may or may not be faithful but no doubt that man has a wandering eye .

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