CARLTON GEBBIA: Don’t Make Fun Of My Kid’s Names!!

Carlton the Doorman has three kids.  Their names?  Mystery… Destiny… and Cross.

Anyone who puts out a warning before mentioning their kids’ names are bound to hear some comments about the kids’ names!

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51 comments on “CARLTON GEBBIA: Don’t Make Fun Of My Kid’s Names!!

  1. Watching this made me realize what I love about Yolanda — she’s not always adjusting her hair like the other HW do. Lisa, you’re in your 50s, stop playing with your hair as if you’re posing for a selfie.

  2. Lisa has a gorgeous head of hair and if I had that on my head, I’m afraid I would play with it too! What on earth was neon teeth thinking when she named her poor children? Did she not stop to think how those names might affect them by the time they reach middle school age? Oh well, to each his own. I do think neon teeth spells big trouble this season. She just seems like the type of person who will tear you limb from limb if you don’t agree with her. She’s scary.

      • Good point. So genderlessness has been accomplished, but as Maud observes, these non-names really have limited what their futures could ‘be.’ Though I imagine the goal of such names is more spacious (and I want to say specious).

    • LOL exactly Maud! They scream “pole dancer” “reinassance fair worker” or “hooker”!!! too funny!

  3. I am sure she thought she was being bohemian or trendy using those words as names. To me it sounds more like a question on a board game or a caption contest on stoopidhousewives; Use the words Mystery, Destiny and Cross in one sentence. “It was destiny that our daughter Mystery would grow up to work a pole with that stripper name…hashtag sign of the cross. “

  4. What a dumb witch. She got knocked up for the first time and it was a “mystery”. Then the baby daddy married her so it was “destiny”. Now she’s a few years into the marriage and the whole deal is a “cross” to bear.
    Wake up witchy-poo, Bruce and Demi already played that game out in the 80s.

  5. Wow SH, created a nickname before the season starts for Carlton, good.

    Well, her children’s names are……….unique. She looks like she would whoop someone’s ass though.

  6. People don’t understand that when they saddle their kids with very oddball names, they add a bit of stress to that kid’s life. Having to explain their name time and time again. If parents want their kids to be unique, they need to support and encourage their children’s natural, innate distinctions that create a wholesomely unique individual.

    • I couldn’t agree more. My mom saddled me with an unpronounceable Irish name that has been the bane of my existence. To this day, I dread any circumstance that requires someone to call me out by name.

      You would think that a woman saddled with a jacked up moniker like Carlton would have a little more empathy about burdening a child with a goofy name. But, then again, my mom had no such compunctions about giving me a crappy name despite herself being given an ugly name that was a feminized version of her father’s name.

        • But, the Gaelic spelling is so messed up. Nobody can pronounce it or spell it. I really wish I would have changed it. It would make life so much easier to have a “normal” name.

          • I’ve known adults who have changed their names, or at least go by a more Americanized name. How about that?

            • I’m kind of old, at this stage of the game. What, in my 40s I’m gonna all of a sudden call myself…whatever. I think the time to start doing that is when you are in school. Plus, with post 9-11 security measures, having names not match up on records and documents is a pain in the butt. My mom found this out. She never used her given name, always going by her middle name. She had different names on her documents–social security, property deeds, driver’s license, etc. She ended up legally changing her name and then changed any documents that had her given name to reflect her “new” name.

          • Heck my nick name was gang green for most of my school life. I understand that my parents were happy that I was born after losing 3 children. For goodness sake couldnt anyone say the name out loud. I spent my entire childhood with the nickname gang green.

  7. My problem is that she chose such “different” names so she would get a reaction, now she’s upset that it’s not the one she desires. She’s expecting, those names are so beautiful … but they’re not. They’re gothic (individually would be fine but together reek of a theme) and immature. She would be equally pissed if someone said nothing. I know the type …

    • Yes. This is the same type of person who tattoos themselves like a circus side-show, has weird piercings and other painful looking body modifications then gets all insulted if you stare at them like the carnival freak show that they are.

  8. The name Cross isn’t so bad. It isn’t an unusual name in Spanish–Cruz. But, why would a Wiccan name their child Cross. It must mean cross, as in angry.

    • My favorite names are still Pajamas (pejamus) and Divot (the hole a golf club or polo mallet makes). I laughed so hard I couldn’t talk. I did ask why they would name their child that.

      • You asked? I’m dying to know what the answer was. The mind boggles. What goes through someone’s head when they name their child after their favorite booze–Tequila, Courvoisier, etc. Or luxury products like, Lexus. I met someone who had named their child, Sensimilla, which is the female marijuana plant without seeds. Why……just….why?

        • A kid named Lexus — one step worse than people who name their little yappy dogs Chanel. My son had a friend named Charcoal, named because of her eye color. Or what about a regular name with a wacked out spelling, like Tieler.

            • Ana: It is the honest-to-God truth! Could not believe it when I first saw it… then further disbelief when there was more than ONE! Imagine the wedding invitations: “Please come to our daughter, Velveeta’s, wedding. Blocks of processed cheeses will be given to the charity of your choice… please check a box to indicate the number and size of the cheese blocks you wish to donate.” LOL!!! TFC!! SH

          • Or how about when people name their kids something that when combined with their surnames makes something goofy. I knew a family with the last name Frost and they named their kids Winter and Jack. I also knew a Johnny Walker and a Richard Less (um….people gave him the unfortunate nickname of Dlck).

        • I was living way down south at the time. Fridays were welfare days. I grew up in a navy town where everyone was the same no matter race or creed we were navy. Moving down south was a shock to me.It was hard to take q12 ND 13 year old mothers seriously and their own mothers take it as the norm.It broke my heart and opened my eyes.

  9. I met two brothers (they were in their 70′s) Harry and Adolf Balls. So it proves that it’s not a “new” thing to name children outside the norm. BTW they HATED their names their whole lives.

  10. Best of I saw was ” Bread of Life ” honorable mention goes to Mercy killins funny thing about mercy was killins was her married name

  11. Vile throwing herself all over her husband I think this year is going to rot. Lisa wasn’t playing with her hair no more than most of them. I do think it’s a little too long though. Time for a re-vamp of the show. Vile needs to go. Whatever happened to children with regular names?

  12. I think giving your child weird or made up names is a further example of parents living through their children. I think it’s very selfish.

  13. I am going to give my kids some really stupid, idiotic names, but place don’t make fun of them. ok Carlton.

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