Was not going to make any big deal about today, as after hitting the ONE MILLION mark milestone quite a while ago, stopped with the self-aggrandizement.

However, since it was pointed out in comments by SH readers… today IS the three-year anniversary of SH!

As I’ve said from day one… this site would not be a blip on the intrawebby if not for SH readers AND the wonderful, witty, intelligent, insightful, delightful, compassionate, funny people who take the time to share their thoughts as SH commenters!


For all the laughs and for being such a beautiful, intelligent, witty, thoughtful, kind and caring group!

And, a sincere “ThankYou” to the commenters who have been commenting on SH from day one… you are very, very special group!

thank you

The following is the very FIRST entry THREE years ago today.

After reading this very first entry, can say that only ONE item has changed in these THREE years!  Camille Grammer has proven herself otherwise… Camille is one VERY extraordinarily brilliantly smart Housewife!!!  And… nice, too!!

camille pg

The Stoopid Housewives

The Housewives on Bravo are not the brightest bulbs in the socket.  A few of them are downright despicable.  These particular Housewives try to show that they are rich, fashionable, intelligent and have perfect marriages.  We know these Housewives to be stoopid.  They are:  Teresa, Jill, Camille, Lynne, Dina, KimG (she’s part-time, but I’m including her anyway) and Nene.  I’ll start with this bunch.

Teresa is quite the little con artist.  She and her husband are holding on to their marriage by a thread and she is well aware of every financial transaction that led to their bankruptcy.  Teresa’s signature is on every loan they took out.  Teresa appears on talk shows spouting off about how she didn’t know anything and it’s all Joe’s fault.  Teresa, you are stoopid.

Jill is the consummate backstabber.  Jill has to be the center of attention.  Jill just couldn’t take it when Bethenny was shown to be intelligent, logical and a true friend, unlike Jill.  Jill’s jealousy of Bethenny radiated through the TV screen.  The camera not only adds 10 pounds, but it intensified Jill’s negative feelings toward Bethenny.  When Bethenny took center stage and got some attention, Jill instructed the other ho-wives not to film with Bethenny.  Talk about hi-jacking a show!  Jill can’t see that her book is a bomb.  Let the book die its natural death, Jill.  Please.

Camille… maybe it’s too soon to say that Cami is a stoopid ho-wife, but there’s little to like about her.  Cami got really lucky and latched on to Kelsey.  Cami tries to impress by saying that without her, Kelsey wouldn’t have survived.  She may be right.  We don’t know what actually went on in their home in the early days.  Kelsey was a wild cokehead and a drunk.  Cami may have helped him, but I’m thinking that it could have been the girl that Kelsey dumped for Cami that put him on the clean and sober track.  In other words, Kelsey was going to be OK no matter who he was married to.  Cami made a great deal; she married Kelsey with no prenup, owns multiple homes, has numerous staff.  It’s hard to feel anything for her…  Cami, people don’t like to hear how hard it is for you to take commercial flights instead of private jets.  She’s staying in the stoopid category until she proves herself otherwise.

Lynne… what can I say?  You’ve all seen it.  She’s has to be doing some type of substance because she wakes up stoopid.  She treated her girls like her friends and we all know how that turned out!  If you don’t you can check out The Dirty to see photos of her nekked girls grinding in a club.  Lynne and her husband live like homeless grifters, moving into rental properties knowing they don’t have the rent money and get evicted over and over again.  Lynne is a permanent member in the stoopid category even though she is no longer on RHOC.

Dina.  Ugh.  Dina thought the NJ show was going to be about her and her friends.  Nice and bland, just like Dina.  And then Bravo got smart and hired Danielle and Danielle stirred up Dina’s fairy-tale existence.  Not that I like Danielle, but without Danielle, the RHONJ would have been worse than the DC ho-wives.  Back to Dina.  Dina is stoopid and pitiful… so that would make her stoop-iful.  Dina wants and needs people to think of her as a beautiful, charitible person.  Dina’s beauty becomes ugly whenever she’s held accountable for her actions.  PLB has come under scrutiny.  Instead of answering questions posed to her about PLB, she became defensive.  If Dina wants people to donate to PLB, she will have to answer their questions.  For this reason alone, Dina is stoopid.  Despite her many declarations of love from and to her husband, the curiosity about Tommy Manzo has not died down.  Dina is rarely seen with Tommy.  There is something not quite right about the two of them and maybe the rumors about Tommy are true.  Is that why Dina always seems so sad?

KimG.  Kim wiggled her way into the RHONJ.  She’s a grown woman with grown children. KimG was part-time and we don’t know if she will be back for the next season.  Kim, why are you even doing RHONJ?  Take off with Tom and don’t embarrass your kids any further.  Kim, you are stoopid.

Nene…Nene Leakes.  She’s crass, loud, demolishes the English language and uses Greg.  Nene seems to be happier with her new self (nose, lipo, tummy).  I am all for people bettering themselves in whatever way they want, which Nene did.  She still needs to work on herself.  Nene… you need to take etiquette classes.  Nene is still stoopid.