RHOBH: Guess Who’s Gettin’ The Bad Edit…

As if we didn’t know this already… LisaVanderDump gets the bad edit on this season’s RHOBH

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21 comments on “RHOBH: Guess Who’s Gettin’ The Bad Edit…

  1. Eeeww! That tranny looking Carlton has more tattoos than a worker in a carnival midway. And is that a herpes sore on her lip at :57 of the clip? I wonder if she gave it to Brandi when they swapped spit. Too bad she can’t come up with some spell or incantation that will cure the herpes.

  2. Isn’t one of the new HoWives from that ‘reality” show Siberia? I think it’s Joyce maybe? What is it with these people who make a living by jumping from one reality show to another?

    • (Now laughing- it figures.)
      I clicked back to the previous page to see her interview is about promoting some charity pageant. And I had not heard of that Siberia show (of course in the NBCUNI family). Didn’t know they were making the poor TV writers who have jobs these days now write *fake* scripted reality shows. Oh, my.

  3. Geeez it looks like all the brunettes got their faces pulled back like Silly Putty. Yolanda might feel fair, but she looks the best! The other HW are probably mad at her for pulling out the Lyme disease card. Lisa, I think she might be the Bev Hills Teresa–except for the criminal accusation part. And as for the new girls? Well let’s just say the California Raisins are missing two of their RIsisnettes:P

  4. It looks like Kimmy got a boob job. Maybe a lift and reduction. The Wiccan one has a cheap and trashy boob job. That’s all for the boob report. Lol

  5. Lisa wont be a tough sell as the bad edit victim. It wont be like Teresa..where the producers kept putting her in situations, hoping she would slip up, but never actually getting any good nasty comments by her..only the things other cast members SAY she said or did. Lisa has a razor sharp tongue and it wont be hard to twist what may have been a fun snarky comment into a polarizing national incident. Maybe Bravo learned something from NJ.

    • That’s unfortunate- but at least she’d handle it with acerbic wit. And editing/ storylines be damned, there’s no way anyone could come off worse than PT. I don’t think she can help it.

  6. That Carlton dame is scary. Come on real Beverly Hills housewives with class and I mean class do not run around with all those tattoo’s gracing their body. That pony tail that Yolanda is sporting isn’t the same color as her hair. Bad choice Yolanda where has your class gone. Grow up Kyle. Love Lisa and she will prevail.

    • I’m not worried about Lisa either, although I hate to see Andy give her the bad edit. She has more class than the entire cast put together. Love her and sorry Andy and Hagface Kyle, you will never change my mind.

      • Lisa’s a good people-susser (assuming Cedric is the exception). I was reminded of that while watching her call out Shana’s trouble-making to Kyle in the Season 1 reruns. This should be interesting..to try to guess what is storyline and what is real friction.

        • Zeebs! Yeah I think in Lisas line of business, you learn to make pretty good quick assessments on how to deal with an individual. Working in healthcare all these years, I have had to do the same thing and my almost immediate intuition upon meeting someone seldom turns out to be wrong. And it seems Lisas eateries are successful so she has probably learned this delicate dance a long time ago. I think it will be interesting to see how she handles this bad edit allthough it does, of course, seem unfair, at least relating to the ladies she has known for years…they know her wit and have mostly tolerated and/or agreed with it. Now they will have to find her insulting. I think of the clip where Brandi says something about being called a bully in front of her kids. Im wondering if Lisas comment was a joke or a serious discussion that last season, Brandi would have laughed at or taken as motherlike advice…now she has to feign injury. Lets see how good she can act.

          • park! Now I’m thinking of all of their off-screen mutual ‘debts,’ a la Shaena (sp), Lisa’s show, and all that. This truly is going to be a matter of their acting skills and our catches of Bravo’s nonsensical edits.

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