DUCK DYNASTY: Phil Robertson Talks About “Goin’ Hollywood”… Bleepin’ Out Jesus’ Name… Adding Bleeps When Nothing Was Said… The Spiritual War Now Going On…

Duck Dynasty

NOTE:  This item was included in “Stuff Besides Housewives”… however, after watching this video again and then again another time, it deserves it’s own space.  Why?  Because DuckDynasty is just like those moronic Housewives in the ‘editing’ sense.  

In a whole other much more important way, DuckDynasty is NOTHING like those moronic Housewives, as DuckDynasty actually STANDS for something and is not afraid to say what they stand for!  You can read more details re faith and sports… the April 2013 issue of SportsSpectrum also includes the TerryBradshaw article, in which Terry thanks Phil Robertson for quitting as QB at U of LA!

phil robertson duck dynasty

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Dynasty talks about the editing that happens as soon as the tapes have been sent off to LA.  Phil is kinda bewildered as to why the geniuses in the editing room are adding bleeps to make it appear as if the Robertsons are swearin’ up a storm… when in REALITY, nothing was said.

Phil also brings up the war going on in Hollywood as it affects DuckDynasty.

If you are a DuckDynasty viewer, you know that the Robertson’s say a prayer at the end of each program… praying to Jesus.  However, the wise editors of DuckDynasty have decided that Jesus’ name must also get a bleep.

Phil Robertson is a very smart man… not only academically, but strategically when it comes to handling the phony editing of DuckDynasty.  Phil knows that the MAJORITY of the country share the same values  depicted on every episode of DuckDynasty… which is WHY DuckDynasty has astronomical ratings.  The same values which are depicted on “19KidsAndCounting”… Viewers WANT to see these types of shows!

Viewers are aware of the “reality” of DuckDynasty… they are scripted shows;  and they are having silly fun… it’s a fun-to-watch show, watching them deliver their lines!  In contrast to the Housewives… when asked in every interview if their show is REAL, the Housewives lie straight to the interviewer’s face and swear that everything on their show is REAL!  We ALL know that the Housewife is lying… we ALL know that there has been nothing REAL on any of the Housewives franchises since Season One, Episode One of the Real Housewives of Orange County!

Strategically speaking, Phil Robertson knows that eventually these unnecessary and totally phony bleeps will stop.  Phil will put up with the fake Hollywood molding of Duck Dynasty for now, as Phil also knows that “Hollywood” is getting the message loud and clear that what the Robertson’s are sellin’ is what viewers are eagerly buying.

Phil is also patient knowing that DuckDynasty is on the “good” side of the spiritual war happening now.  We love DuckDynasty and will stand with them… ’cause if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Let’s take a look at one of the first dubbed in voices caught on the Housewives.  Remember when BubbaJax was kickin’ her daughter outta her house… and little autistic Nick knew how and exactly when to say “ByeBye” and a loud “I love you”???   May 2012…