MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga Construction Site Down… Where Does Joe Gorga Spend 10 Hours A Day?… NJ License Expired…

After watching the laughable “He said/She said” exchange by da Gorgas from their appearance today on the BFrankel Show… where JoGo let it slip that he works every day from 6 am to be exact… decided to take a look at what JoGo is offering at his “JoeGorgaConstruction” site!

The same “JoeGorgaConstruction” site which had been mentioned on SH last year!



At last look, JoGo took himself a substantial downgrade, going from being a “PREMIERE CUSTOM HOME BUILDER” to that of installing back yard ponds.  It comes as no surprise to see this at “JoeGorgaConstruction“!



JoeGorgaConstruction was under the microscope last year…the following was a result of research into JGC November 11, 2012:

“We gotta sell this house, babe… we gotta!!”

“While Melissa Gorga has been braggin’ that her husband, Joe Gorga, is a PREMIERE custom home builder …  JoGo even did a bit of braggin’ on himself after being sued by StarliteWindows for a measly (at least) $25,000 in 2010.  JoeGorga pfffft’d at the lawsuit, ’cause he’s a “BIG projects” guy:

When the suit’s filing was reported, Gorga responded that he is a developer who works on “big projects” and in his line of work “discrepancies happen all the time.” Gorga designs, builds and manages apartment buildings in Paterson.  NOTE:  The Starlite Windows lawsuit was settle right before trial was to begin.”

More details:  BBB “F” Rating… Builder’s Ratings… at SH November 11, 2012.

Let’s do some updating!

According to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, JoeGorga decided to let his contracting license expire… it had to be renewed by December 31, 2012:



Clearly, JoeGorga ain’t doin’ any construction work!   Included in the November 11 item, it was mentioned that JoeGorga oversees his rental properties.   Is JoeGorga that dumb or that slow or just doesn’t know his construction profession well enough that he has to spend 10 hours a day at his rental properties??

AND… now that he allowed his official NJ contractors license to expire, if he does any work on his properties, he would be performing work without the proper license.

So, what exactly DO JoeGorga DO???  Besides followin’ around MeGo; starin’ at MeGo; and pickin’ out head coverings for his massive headgear collection…

Doesn’t Melissa Gorga wonder where the hell her hubbend is goin’ EVERY DAY at 6 am???


Hey, look!!!  It’s “Anthony”… looking on as JoGo displays his tree-climbing skills!

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58 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga Construction Site Down… Where Does Joe Gorga Spend 10 Hours A Day?… NJ License Expired…

  1. LMFAO–”if you need your lawn mowed, call those guys at the black water place…” Keepin’ it real as always! PJ

  2. When he said work, he meant going to the gym and working out. You know those guys that use the weight machines and seem to take hours between sets. It’s a fulltime job!

  3. What is up with her and that “side eye”? She just cannot look people straight in the eyes.
    Very telling…..

    • Personally, I really dislike when people say that because some people just have issues with eye contact! I am one of them! And I am super honest. It always gives me anxiety because I fear people assume I am lying or dishonest or just insincere because I often make eye contact for a split second and then continue to look around especially when I am talking. But with MeGo, its pure dishonesty and I feel like shes not even a good liar. She also tends to look around a lot when others are speaking to her or asking her a direct question which is odd to me.

  4. Just WOW! No wonder dirty diaper Gorga is pimping his wife out for those singing projects and he’s all over it like wet paint. Those two are down the toilet if they should be fired by. Bravo. I’m constantly amazed at how people on these shows think they can be on national tv and believe their dirty little secrets will never be found out…awkward. If I ever had one single thing to hide the last place I would be is on tv. They have no common sense. Great job Ms SH, you should open a detective agency.

    • I agree. Why must the Lauritas, Giudices, and Gorgas do this to themselves when their monetary business stuff is just exposed like this. The Gorgas and Lauritas might be next after the Giudices. So Melissa made all the money for them this year. Interesting.

      • Hmm does this sound familiar? I do believe during MeGos first season Tre was the breadwinner of her family and that was constantly spoken down upon by other cast members. Either by sarcastically mentioning “well Im glad she will do what she has to do” etc. but mostly by focusing on Joe and how much of a deadbeat her is and how horrible of a business man he is. When is JoGos dirty laundry going to be brought up? What about the lauritas?

  5. I think this show is finished. Teresa doesn’t want a show focusing on her family and Andy threw the Manzos a lifeline by offering them a pilot. The rest better have their Plan Bs lined up, IMO.

  6. I just read an interesting article on another site. Teresa put Bravo on blast. I’m really surprised she would want to stay for another season considering how unhappy it appears she is with Bravo. At least she’s not afraid of them and I bet they are pissed as hell right now.

    • Sherry: If you haven’t guessed it by now… this is simply the RHONJ PR at work. No one is “pissed” and doubt if Tree even wrote the piece herself. ANY of these Housewives who say a WORD without the approval of Bravo is looking at a very huge monetary fine and lawsuit. TFC!! SH

      • Fo realz. I doubt she is coming back and the show will most likely get renewed. Ratings this season were lower than other RHONJ seasons, but still a lot higher than the other seasons of the other cities but Atlanta.

          • So if it comes back, you’ll not review it? I honestly hope that Bubba and Kathy go with her, or just recast. I honestly only started watching this because RHOA was off the air and I needed something to watch and according to a lot, this was the second best. They need to RHONY this lineup.

            • I will still watch RHOA and RHONYC and if you SH do or do not post anymore about RHONJ, like I said in a previous post you are not the only one getting off the NJ train. 2 other popular bloggers, one which I discovered thanks to you, are done vlogging about them and to my surprise, nobody cared! :D Ppl are so fed up with them and it’s more obvious now the fakeness why even bother? I’d rather watch a good movie instead now. Love your web site!

            • Wow, I don’t know if you are taking about uclosetfreak and ashleymiller1987 (they’re my girls) are the vloggers that stopped, but no one really cared. I know a lot do not care for it anymore and this season was so highly anticipated.

            • This news makes me so happy. Im glad the public and the internet attention is starting to stray away from NJ. Bravo needs to scrap – leave it off for a year and then recast sort of similar to what they did with Miami the first time around.

    • Sherry Teresa is a willing participant in these storylines, she knows what is happening she reads the script and says her Lines and gets her paychecknLike everyone else. She isnt a marytr.

    • Tree is in it for the money without Bravo she has no endorsement deals or appearances and lets not forget what she is paid for Bravo. She can’t afford to give that up.

        • I actually think Tre is in good enough shape to deal with a prison yard. She might not be willing to swim in the lady pond yet, but she is buff enough to cut a biaotch with a shank!

  7. And looky there: the Starlite Windows atty was the same one who represented Danielle Staub, twice. The second time was for her action against castmateS for the Ashlee hair-pull incident.

      • What is wrong with him? The part that he wrote in there telling men to rape their wives:

        “Men, I know you think your woman isn’t the type who wants to be taken. But trust me, she is. Every girl wants to get her hair pulled once in a while. If your wife says “no,” turn her around, and rip her clothes off. She wants to be dominated.”

        After reading that, I believe those rumors about him in college.

        • I can see him being so dumb and unworldly that he doesn’t understand how offensive and possibly ILLEGAL his barbaric conduct is. But she supposedly went to college. Didn’t she take even one women’s study class? Didn’t she come across ANY feminist professors during her years at school?
          She may want to live her life as a sex slave and servant but be aware of how damaging that sort of reputation is to him. I mean, if you were hiring a contractor would you want a guy like that around any female family members or employees?

          They are both just so stupid and SICK.

    • …and no wonder she was so fixated on J.Joe calling Teresa a C. Melissa needs validation that she isn’t the only one in a nightmare marriage. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her.

    • @Kay thats an excellent article, I thought of mentioning it on this site but wasnt sure what the rules are. The comments are hilarious, not to mention the pictures.

    • And yet people are trying to say that the rumor of Joe having to leave college because of a rape allegation and the witness not taking it to court is a lie. Yea from what she is saying I think Joe doesn’t know the meaning of no means no. And I think this is going to backfire on her big time, I can’t wait. For her to put that in the book (she’ll blame the publisher but didn’t she read her own book?) it will sink a big chunk of her career if not all. Unless she plays victim and blames Joe, I see that coming.

    • Wow Kay, just Wow! Come on she can’t have lived her past life and think this is ok? What she wrote does not jive with calling Jogo an idiot. How are people interviewing her with a straight face? One thing I am more sure of than ever…these two really deserve each other and Jogo looks like even more of an ass! Quite an eye opening read.

    • The fact that all of these horrific ‘ideas’ got past an editor means that they got past an editor. (That *alone* is the biggest red flag.) The jezebel writer, who should know better, oddly, placed all of the blame for Messy’s screwed up notions of marriage and male-female relationships onto her learning it solely from Joe. Did the author not read Chapter 1, or know any HW backstory about how Messy came to write this book blaming Mommy for Daddy’s cheating?

      So while I agree with all that it’s an abhorrent read, several details make no sense as presented. To me, this sounds like another PR option for Messy to go solo. Can y’all see the US cover now? Never Let Me Go: Escaping My Abusive Past: Melissa Gorga opens up to US, and explains the difficult decisions that led to an ultimately happy life, solo.

      • @zeebah. Probably right. This is the trajectory of her carefully constructed exit strategy. She leaves the marriage and everyone applauds. Don’t get me wrong Joey is a hot mess.x a million. However I don’t think MeGo is a fading flower by any means. She owns that victim card.

        • True ‘dat. She’ll never be anything but a victim. Problem for Joey is, I think he has *no clue.* Well, besides his general sexual jealousy. And not that I care that Joey does have this problem. It’s just that the BS never ends. She’s got so many fishing lines out there, she’ll take the best bite. I’m just so over being disgusted by this show and these people.

        • @ JF
          SHe is no innocent, she uses sex as a means to control which is just as repugnant to teach young girls/women.

          Maybe they are made for each other and their warped view of love/sex is the glue that keeps them together.
          They’re both despicable subhumans.

  8. Pathetic couple….I feel sorry for Melissa….She doesn’t even realize how screwed up her relationship is….she wrote a Book!!!!!!….she should READ it.

  9. After reading some of Lookers interviews I can tell you that Joey doesn’t spend his days doing dishes, cleaning the house or changing diapers. In my opinion nothing sexier than a man who helps around the house. Now that is a man a what to cuddle up to at night and have a long love making session with. Not a “no more than 10 minutes, 3 times a week, get on-get off type like Joey.

  10. Also in the book (I didn’t buy it, I read this over on the Jezebel site)
    One time he broke the baby’s highchair. Another time he threw a chair in the middle of a restaurant.

    Did Joe even get to read what she wrote in this book about his temper? There are many references in this book about it. Why would he allow her to paint him in such a bad light if he is so controlling about other things? Could she be setting him up for when she decides to leave him she can pull a Shana Armstrong?

    The part about him breaking the baby’s high chair was really disturbing also. Was the baby present? How many times are those kids in the room when Joey loses his temper and throws and breaks things?

    • Please don’t make her a DV victim, she is not. She gives as good as she gets gets. She is obviously a manipulative bitch, oops I mean poutana. She believes her own hype, she really believes she is Ms Thang! I am thoroughly disgusted with both of them. Doncaro and these two ruined RHNJ. Ugh. Do these two people know they have a daughter, oh I forgot her sisters take care of their kids.

  11. Melissa’s blog is up. More bulls*it from her. She is saying that the vocal coach had her sing every note on the scale and she did it perfectly! More lies. I wonder how she will explain the part in her book where Joey talks about raping his wife. There are no comments yet, am curious to see what Bravo will let through.

    • Did I miss anything? I had to go to Burger King to poop, thank god hubby doesn’t suspect a thing. Dread pooping during the winter season, slippery roads and all!

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