MELISSA GORGA: UPDATE…MeGo’s Amusing Amazon Reviews…AND… LV Bridal Expo Scrubs MeGo From Their Site…


The customer reviews for Melissa Gorga’s marriage “advice” book have been streamin’ in at Amazon.  At last count, there were 86 reviews… there are now 119 for “Love Italian Style: The Secrets To My HOT and HAPPY Marriage.”

RHONJ Melissa book 119 reviews

After comparing and contrasting the released chapter to the reviews,  the reviews are quite amusing and written better!  Perhaps for her next book, MeGo should track down somma these reviewers and let them take a swing at ghostwriting for her… funny stuff!!

Just a few of the latest ONE-star reviews:

  • This is not an easy read, to say the least. It read like the ramblings of pre-teen girl with a serious, untreated case of attention deficit disorder. It was all over the place, from one thought to another. However, there was one common thread in every situation- everyone is out to get her. Her classmates- jealous girls and hormonally crazed boys were out to jump her or jump on her bones. The victim theme continues with her relationship with her husband. She is setting the tone for the reader to think that she does everything to make him happy yet he controls her every move. She writes as if she adores the man but she doesn’t paint him in a favorable tone at all- and she knows it. Victim. Again.
  • Read the free pages that Amazon has on here and save yourself from reading a bunch of fiction. Melissa reinvents her childhood and talks about expensive possessions. Her supposed advice covers such things as not taking a dump when your husband is around. Unfortunately she has 3 children and they are being raised by nannies. You will see them online in Melissa’s photo ops. Melissa is busy running around the country selling books and crying that she had to get up early to be on tv shows.  Oh the poor thing. Be sure to see her videos on youtube of her horrible voice although she made the choice not to take singing lessons.   Whatever!
  • If you are looking for an advice book about marriage then this is NOT the one. This book is more of an autobiography is ALL about her and how great she thinks she is. Things don’t make sense, poorly written and a waste of money. Also Im not a big fan of all the brand name talk, about her 7 bathrooms, and rolex watches, Range Rovers, Jimmy Choo shoes etc. Again don’t waste your time if you are actually looking for some kind of marriage advice. St. Martin Press should be ashamed for publishing such book instead of giving real writers and authors a chance!

To be fair, let’s throw in a FIVE-star review:

  • This book is SO great! I’ve learned how to be a good wife and now my husband will never cheat! Thank you so much, Melissa! Don’t forget to read my, errr Jill Zarin’s book. It’s still the best book ever!! Don’t drink Skinny Girl drinks. Shop at Zarin Fabrics.

The funniest part of the Amazon reviews?  It must be killin’ MeGo that the “frequently purchased together” with her book includes Tree’s…

RHONJ Gorga Giudice amazon books

… AND… the categories for discussion!

RHONJ gorga amazon book discussions

MeGo has been pushin’ her appearance at the LehighValley Bridal Show today from 12 to 3 pm.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga LV Bridal Expo

Maybe those people at the Bridal Show read somma Amazon’s customer reviews or watched somma MeGo’s TV appearances… there is not a word about her appearance on the LV ‘official’ BridalExpo site!  Even after doin’ a search…

RHONJ Melissa bridal expo

Maybe she was supposed to “sing” …  or, maybe they found out that MeGo was draggin’ along JoGo…the SladeSmiley of NJ!

 (Thanks to SH readers “romo” “Jozy” and “BlueIvy”!!!)