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NOOOOO!!!!  This cannot be true!!!  CountlessLuAnnie and her Jawks are no longer a couple!   Shocking!!!

Just can’t help it… LuAnnie on a camel:

We all know that the Manzoids are gettin’ their spinoff, but LOVED this intro from… yes, their spinoff is definitely a test of viewers limits!!

“Still testing viewers’ Real Housewives viewing limits, Bravo has given the go ahead to a The Real Housewives of New Jersey spinoff, starring Caroline Manzo, called Manzo’d with Children.”

Over the past ten years, Jim Caruso’s Cast Party has become the ultimate spot for show folk to mix, mingle and entertain themselves and the people who love them.  This past Monday night, the cast of “Real Housewives of New York” joined in on the Cast Party fun.  Oh, Good Lord… Heather Thomson is singing…

Sip –n– Shop & Book Signing Event Hosted by the Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim D

A judge has stepped in to try and calm the bitter divorce between  BLEEEECH! BFrankel and Jason Hoppy.   No more secret recordings!  Poor Jason… poor kid.

Singer and tabloid fixture LeAnn Rimes had a blast in Ireland last week – until she landed in an emergency room in Dublin to treat a bad cough.  Brandi Glanville was probably hopin’ it was pneumonia!

Jenny McCarthy pretending to eat a McDonald’s MightyWing.  Does HeatherDull-BRO’s friend do anything BUT pretend??  Jenny was pretending to read MeGo’s book a few days ago…

RHONJ Jenny Mc Melissa book

LuAnn de Lesseps, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” is selling her Hamptons home for $9.995 million.  Love the $5 discount… down from $10 million!! Like no one would notice that!!

Gretchen Rossi Poses With Partner Slade Smiley At Macy’s Passport ‘Glamorama’…   BLEEEECH!!!!   NOTE:  Slimey has quite an interesting LinkdIn bio!   He claims he attended USC’s Marshall School of Business from 1988 to 1991, the same years he was VP of Marketing at a title company!   He doesn’t mention any kind of degree, though.  He also says he “Oversees all divisions, from Marketing, PR, Product development, sales and integrations” at Grayson Entertainment… as if Grayson Entertainment employs hundreds of people instead of just one!  

INTERESTING!!  The Anatomy of a Gifting Suite!   How else will that photo of one of the Real Housewives holding your free yoga mat make it out to the masses?

Good grief!!  They’re passin’ out FOOD awards like AA Opree handed out cars!!  Heather Dull-BRO and Vicki Gunvalson will be presenters at the Sept 29 excruciatingly long GoldenFoodie awards ceremony… there’s even an award for BestTaco!

The target demographic for blk. water, according to co-owner Albie Manzo, is young women in their 20s.   Wishful thinking… Lil ‘zoid is hopin’ that Coke is goin’ to swoop down and buy his black stuff!  Dream on…

Here we go again… ANOTHER Housewife book!

PT Housewife book

NOTE:  UH…PT Housewife’s past is pretty much covered on SH!!  No need to buy the book!

Tree congratulates her brother and his wife…

RHONJ Tree tweet to Melissa Joe Gorga

(Thanks to SH readers “Dave” “GF” and “PMG”!!!)

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  1. pitiful to watch how hard wretched and slimey tried with all they had to get a spin off. i guess now she’s not stuck having to marry him.


  2. I think its a lovely avatar my dear. Look at you with your miniature halo and your georgeous eyelashes. When I first started posting my given avatar was a puppydog with a slinky for a neck. Had to sign up for wordpress to get my picture on there. Welcome dumb, that dont seem right… what about lets say we refer to you as DAC? Welcome DAC.


  3. Wow, wtf is Bravo thinking with this manzo show crap. Surely they realise this will BOMB (although it’s going to be satisfying to see that part at least). Is the case here that Tre was all set for the rhonj spin off but bravo can’t/won’t do it thanks to the indictment? Sooo they picked Caroline instead of all people?! Tre and her family are the only ones that can hold their own show. This crap is going to be one big infomercial and I won’t watch a second of it. Hey any chance once it bombs Caroline will get the boot from rhonj too?


    • A man goes into a bank (several times) with forged W2 forms to commit fraud in seeking loans he has no intention of paying back; gets arrested for DUI as he wrapped his vehicle around a tree; presents his brother’s birth certificate as his own in order to obtain another driver’s license; is accused of cheating on his wife with other women while calling her a c*nt and bitch on national tv; leaves his tenants without heat in the winter so he can finance his wife’s greed; insults the gay community and has no visible job other than appearing on a “reality show”; is facing a 39 count indictment for fraud that could send him to prison for a period of time, along with his self absorbed wife, should be “rewarded” for having his own show?

      What am I missing here?


      • None of them should get their own show. The viewers have had enough of all of them. They refuse to go away. They are all horrible people.


        • I think they all come on with the intention of eventually having their own show.

          Melissa is out there now trying to stir up interest in her awful singing career and her “happy wife” book which I am sure is a huge part of her agenda.

          Caroline had it in mind from the beginning with her unmotivated kids, her “hard working husband”,and other family members she snuck in there from time to time. It all began when Dina was first appearing on the VH1 show about million dollar weddings that had Caroline “on display”.

          Dina succeeded on occassion which led most of them to believe they “had what it takes” to become genuine “stars”. The Manzos are close to getting a green light perhaps because Bravo realizes that Tree Top and Stumpy have pushed the envelope a little too far with the Feds and they need to fill space on the network programming.

          However, when you lack real talent there is a limit when all you have to offer is a mangling of the English language, an incomprehensible understanding of current events, and a tendency to behave like millionaires on a beer budget, chances are the audience will tune out in the long run.

          Even “Jersey Shore” was forced to throw in the towel following a few years of stupidity.


        • Selective reasoning is when anything mentioned about Melissa Gorga is accepted at face value but when applied to Tree Top and Stumpy it “needs to be proven”.

          Thirty nine indictments suggests that the Feds were working overtime to bring the charges to the attention of the courts.

          No doubt a “deal” will be offered but this does not lessen the severity of these two who cheated the banks and creditors out of a bucket load of money in order to live like royalty.

          With so many people living below the poverty line who have been threatened with having their food stamps eliminated because we are broke watching them mince all over the place in fur coats and expensive bikinis is disgusting.


          • @ Pat
            Once again facts evade you – the reduction in food stamps is NOT about those in need.

            The bill would encourage self-sufficiency and reduce waste, fraud, and abuse by restructuring so-called “categorical eligibility” provisions. The bill would save taxpayers an estimated $39 billion over the next 10 years.

            A key provision of the bill is a limitation of so-called “categorical eligibility”–a provision that makes an individual eligible for one welfare benefit categorically or automatically eligible for others. Categorical eligibility has helped swell the food stamps rolls in recent years. In January 2009, 31.9 million Americans received food stamps; today, 47.7 million receive SNAP benefits.

            What this means is that even if your assets or income level should make you ineligible, you will receive food stamps regardless. In one state, simply calling a pregnancy hotline can make you eligible for food stamps–regardless of whether you meet the program’s requirements. The program is not being run honestly, effectively, or fairly.

            No law-abiding beneficiary who meets the income and asset tests of the current program and is willing to comply with the applicable work requirements will lose their benefits under this law.


            • Too bad the eligibility rules are changing just when Tree Top may need them.

              But I do know a few people who rely on them who are not pregnant nor “using” the system for gain.

              Several are elderly and have only their social security benefits to live off and one is a family where the dad hold three part time jobs just to make ends meet.

              But hey, don’t let my facts stand in your way in defense of the NJ scammers.


            • @ Pat

              Your friends will NOT be affected- jeez louise!

              FACTS are wonderful things, you should READ a little more versus spewing anecdotes.


          • Yea i find it funny that everyone is guilty just on a mere rumor but with the Guidices its “lets wait until they to to court” or “innocent until proven guilty”


  4. I wonder what Ramona things about LuAnn’s house sale and breakup with Jacques? Maybe she should give LuAnn a blindfolded wine tasting of one of Jacques’ wines. And invite LuAnn to her Hamptons house for the weekend.
    I think Ramona will have the last laugh on LuAnn.


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