REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Penny Is Blamed For The Melissa Gorga “Cheatin” Rumors…

Bravo…  Shut up, Caro!  Haven’t the subhumans overstayed their welcome at Miraval??


NOTE:  If you have been reading SH, you would have known about Penny’s involvement with Melissa Gorga goes back at least two years!  All of the info has been gathered for your conveeeenience in this item on SH August 28, 2013.

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164 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Penny Is Blamed For The Melissa Gorga “Cheatin” Rumors…

  1. Oh wow, first comment. Anyways, Joe really needs to take anger management classes. That was a nice cup.

    Notice how Melissa did not say or do a damn thing. I wonder if this was after the toast.

      • He definitely exhibits signs of Roid Rage, and I wouldn’t be surprised at the other alleged drug. He & MeHo need to disappear from the public eye and stay gone! Sick of both of them as well as Kathy & Rich DoucheLord.

  2. Midget Joe is such a d’bag and with some serious anger issues..puhlease and MeGo sitting there all victim like ..Get Wyatt back in there and let the horse kick ther asses….”there’s facts out there” wow really there are a lot of facts out there about your sister now where did they come from ? god they are just such idiots .. Stand up for yourself what are they 2? if it isn’t true who cares …I think they do protest and throw things too much

          • Above was in response to Denise…I replyed under you and sorry I was late in my answer, I am cooking sweet n sour chicken and was at the stove. :) ps, Hey Made, perfect video for friday…an olde lol.

            • Awe. Thanks Maythel. Someone mentioned prison, as they always do on a RHONJ thread so I found this lil gem.

            • Rotflmao! HAAAAAhaaaaa, oh ,that is so funny I have tears from laughing so much!! What a gem it is! I thank you for a TGIF.

              ps if this post twice I am sorry, I dont know what I am doing wrong when I answer a reply when my thing lights up.

            • Are you talking about your wordpress notification? The cartoony conversion thing that is used in comics to show dialog? I am sure there is a correct word for it but I just dont know it. when I get a lil light up orange it means I got someone who has replied directly to me. So for instance as soon as I press reply on this yours should light up letting you know.

            • I am talking about when I hit the light up orange and read it, I then write an answer and then I hit the blue *Reply* once but when I look on SH it always sends it 2 times, 3 times or more, so , I dont know what I am not doing right. is there a one click thing to view or a time limit? Duhhh I am at a lost.

            • I am talking about when I hit the light up orange and read it, I then write an answer and then I hit the blue *Reply* once but when I look on SH it always sends it 2 times, 3 times or more, so , I dont know what I am not doing right. is there a one click thing to view or a time limit? Duhhh I am at a lost.

            • in my sweet and sour both…and deep fried battered pork. I know some places put their pork in the sweet sour naked,

      • @ maythel
        Because Fredo No Nuts it bothers to be short; Juicy could care less and laughs about it calling himself a midget.
        Mockery is a very sharp weapon, it cuts to the bone.

        • Gia called him a midget and he agreed if not Joodice would never admit he is just a short man. He never (mocks) himself. He is insecure and cut to – mr. tough guy ao called man, nothing bothers me, everything rolls off me, I tell everyone to shut up my own family first even my girls. This season ( someone ) came up with *zip it* instead of shud up, wow, what a concept…

          We the viewers are quick to see he has not changed… just the wording.

          • @Lisa the Irish Dragon, Im sorry i could not reply to you about your fried sweet n sour pork, sounds delicious and I must say I have never had the pleasure eating your dish I cant wait and I would love your reciepe, so please tell me! :)


  3. Pig Joe Joodice is the big d’bag and has anger problems..just look back at every season and you will see. I thought Tree was taking Dr. V advice to confront as a united one-Tree & Mel against the people who are spreading the rumors about Mel & Joe, but it seems Tree does not want to do this and has not.

    • Nobody really gives a rats long tail about the cheating rumor. What they do care about is the r word rumor. Starts with R rhymes with grape. “Facts out there.” are alleged of course but could THAT be the thing “no one knew?”

      • Well, made, that’s where my money was, because that’s the only ‘fact(s) out there’ that there was no record of when Ms SH checked…The construction loan house stuff- all out there…So, too, the coke alleging wasn’t verified, but any dumbo knows that’s no secret when one is out and loudly doin’ such things. So my money’s on grape and maybe the open marriage thing in the mails? And then- as if to prove yet again he has no physical boundaries, he goes apesht…
        Tired, blathering, apologies: sleep time :)

      • Add:
        On cam this season, Me/JoGo blame T for disseminating all the info Kim D/ production/ (Penny et al) were involved in. Recalling JoGo’s profuse apology to Kim D at the reunion, I def think these items are the ones he’s referring to…
        OK, now really to sleep. Ya get my RHONJ-roundabout, tho?
        I know that WL/PDK/JTG et al camp was represented in the letters, but I am still trying to recall exactly what was going on over at twitter as this was filming. A few events I remember, but ? if anything else was floating in the ether about JoGo specifically that we may add to the suspect ‘facts’ list…

    • He knows exactly what her past is. Whoever cannot see that is clearly not that bright. Why else would he blow up when Giudice asked him about it in the S4 reunion, and Melissa was about to break Tre’s arm? I still like them more than the Giudices though.

    • Seems to me that Joe Guidice doesn’t get bothered by all of the drama created by Meho and Stumpy, and just let’s it roll off his back. He knows Joey is a drama queen. But, i will bet my bottom dollar that he really dislikes Melissa, as she has proven to be a truly despicable person.

      • Have you seen his eyes? Juicy lets things roll off his back becuz he is drunk most of the time. When he does start to sober up he remembers he’s going to prison… and then goes back to the bottle.

      • Despicable person, maybe but she isnt going to jail in 2 different Jusristictions. Ill take 2 melissas over one Juicy.
        he lets things roll off his back because he is faing real problems of his own making he is distroying his own family with he and Tre lying and cheating and frauds, so of course he can let this stuff stuff with Joey and Mel roll off his back they are not distroying his family he and Tre are doing that.

  4. Who charged who in Lake George? Little Joe charged Joe Guidice. Also, Dr. V did suggest that Teresa and Melissa confront the rumor spreaders together and Teresa agreed. It was Melissa who refused. Melissa does not want to confront, only to blame.

  5. I am so over all of those people. The midget suffers from short man syndrome. He has to act all tough and attempt to make his personality or lack thereof, bigger than his teeny weeny body. Every short man I was ever associated with through work acted the exact same way, so I started calling it short man syndrome. I just ignored them and steered clear. I think they were intimidated by me anyway because I’m 6 feet tall. Teresa is certainly no prize, but she needs to just ditch the midget and his wife. Their relationship will never change and you cant fix stupid. He and Melissa have always been jealous as hell of Teresa anyway.

  6. lil’ joeyM throwing that cup or whatever? BWAAhaAHAHAHAHAHAHA. For some reason that just cracked me up. He’s such a fussy baby! lol!

  7. He’s mad and jealous of Teresa and Joe, and it doesn’t help that Melissa knows he’s stupid and she is easy to manipulate him.

    • I don’t think she manipulates every single thought he shares. He CHOOSES to not believe Teresa and has said more than rude things to his sister WITHOUT Melissa being around. Joe is not a marionette that cannot have his own thoughts. Mel definitely fuels the fire, but he is choosing to do what he does.

      • What do Joe & Mel have to be jealous of what Tree & Pigjoodice have? Now that is a joke. ITA that Joey has a mind of his own and is not a marionette, that is Pigjoe talking.Just look at what he has sewn…now it has caught up with him,Tree & his family.

      • I agree. Mel does not have to sway Joey’s opinion of his sister…. becuz he and most of us can figure out why Joey doesn’t believe a word his sister says… she’s a proven liar. Troublmaker. And jealous of them!

        • Thank you. Melissa may be bad, but she is not that bad and Joe is not one who is scared of anyone or to express or form his own opinions. People need to remember that.

          • Melussa is actually a master manipulator because she is SO much smarter than her husband, but it also seems very likely that the reason Joe refuses to accept the possibility of Teresa’s noninvolvement with the remarks concerning Melissa is that he suspects there is some truth to the accusations. And THAT would not only be devastating to him but would be an assailt to his vision of himself as a man and his Don Juan image would be dissolved on national television in front of everyone he knows. Continuing to call his sister a liar is easier than facing reality.

        • Only person green with envy is chewbacca guidice, melissa has a husband that loves her,a husband that isnt facing jail in 2 separate juristrictions melissa is now number one is joeys life and chewbacca isnt. it kills Teresa esp that last one teresa isnt number one even in her own husbands life or her brothers teresa is selfish she has to be number one or else.

          • Yeah, go over to their house and ask them–oh, WAIT, you can’t. They don’t have a house ‘cuz The Angel from God stole it right out from under them.

  8. I guess I’m watching a different show…Tree agreed to something she misunderstood. She has no problem telling her brother to back his sister up and throw a stranger out if his Xmas party to be united, so why us it so hard for her to grasp they want her yo stand up as his sister and tell penny and kim d and whoever else says a word to stfu. Kind of like, yeah my uncle can be a dick and I don’t agree with half of what he says but he’s my ass&%$le uncle and you stfu! You know. Seems like Tree just doesn’t want to confront because she knows damn good penny and kim would throw her right under the short bus if she raises a stink.

    • NO you are not watching a different show and what you say is the truth and I agree with you. Tree wont confront Jen, Penny, & esp.Kim because your right, they would throw her under the short bus if she were to stand there with Mel and tell all of them to Stfu.

      • @ Maythel and Ninja

        The Milania Launch party was Terresa and MeHo confronting them together so your moaning of that never happening is incorrect.

        • Adios, you are mistaken Sorry. Jan confronted Mel. Penny came in and Tree never uttered one word other than I was involved Right?. Penny paused and refused to tell Mel who told her. Tree never said one word to either Penny or Jan to unite with Mel and Confront them about what they are spreading. So No. No confrontation took place in which Tree stood behind Mel as a SIL and asked those witches to explain who said it let alone teoldthem to stfu.

          • @ Ninja

            Teresa’s presence there was enough. How can Teresa fight a battle that she has no stake in? She did not start the “rumors” nor did she disseminate the rumors BUT she was there, to the side, in support of her SIL. MeHo’s HUSBAND stood there saying nothing also, what do you have to say about his lack of confrontation.
            Teresa specifically stated on the phone to MeHo that Jan and Penny were coming giving MeHo an out and because MeHo can’t bare the thought of not being where the cameras are she chose to go. Teresa, on the same phone call, said they could use it as an opportunity to confront them about what they were saying.
            I believe Teresa was asked to step away by MeHo as well, MeHo wanted her husband to take his sister to the bar for a drink, remember? Yeah, she wanted to get rid of the both of them because she wanted to make a deal w/Penny. Meho knows these aren’t rumors having not ONCE said that they were untrue. The only thing that has MeHo pissed is that they made it onto the internet and now the show.

            • Adiois, Well I am not sure why you haven’t brought out your super duper mind reading thingy before! What deal was Mel going to make with Penny- enlighten me…. And that little ditty that Mel wanted to back out of going to the Milana party but her love of the cameras was to strong so that’s why she went….I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the fact Tree told her Yes they are coming we will confront them together. But those are just details-pesky little details I’m sure. I’m sure glad I’m not a mindreader and have to explain everyone elses REAL inner thoughts based off their REAL external words and actions. Maybe you should be a part of her defense team–Hey, that’s an idea! You can explain to the judge how everything Tree did was Melissas fault. Keep me posted on that.

            • I notice you conveniently pass over everything in my post other than me thinking MeHo wanted to get Teresa and Fredo No Nuts out of earshot because she wanted to talk to Penny on the sly. And, yes, it is my OPINION that MeHo wanted to weave her web around Penny w/o her husband and SIL there. Jan stated that that took 4 HOURS to tape – I would love to know what Teresa said and did not say even though there can’t be much more that Teresa could/should say than confirming she had nothing to do with it.

            • 4 hours to film huh, sounds like it was scripted much like the “ambush” porch scene so I guess that was fake to. why am not i surprised

            • @ Lisa
              I don’t think anything is scripted, I think it is “situated”. A script is putting words on paper for actors to speak by rote.
              It took 4 hours because a lot was said, just like the porch ambush.

            • well I remember reading here how the Porch scene was reshoot over and over, that screams scripted to me not situational i bet the farm the 4 hours it took to film gossipgate was the same, filmed over and over till it was done right. Im not saying you are wrong but It seems to rehershed to me to be a situational thing.

      • Thanks, that’s my Affirmation of the day that I’m not crazy so much. Brooks stopped sending my affirmations via twitter so I needed a little pick me up!

  9. I could care less to go to a specific site that throws all the Joodices problems on the backs of the Gorgons. If I had a brother in law like him, I’d scheme to turn him over to get him out of my sisters life. But thanks.

    • I wouldnt believe a word on Famewhorgas, they post stuff wth out proof. Its clear who ever is behind the site is out to defame the Gorgas. I would much rather go to a site that is unbias’d because Famewhorgas clearly is not.

    • Yeah, that site is clearly biased, but there are some truths to it. They do ignore all the Giudice’s issues but bash everyone else (to a lot of a lesser extent than the Gorgas).

    • I wouldn’t scheme against anybody in my family. Schemes don’t always work out the way you want them to. Sometimes little children and parents get hurt int he process.

    • Yeah. Even though some of their stuff is true, it is clearly biased and they say the same things over and over again without adding much new info. They are bashing one family and ignoring the others’ issues.

  10. Funny how its always someone elses fault, now its Joeys and Melissa fault Tre and Juicy got indicted, frankly i dont care if Mickey mouse turned them in with evidence Daffy duck passed on. They are in trouble becaus eof no one BUT THEMSELVES.
    I wish people would stop blaming everyone but the Guidices.

    • I wish that too, that some people would quit blaming everyone else for Tree & Stumpys 39 counts. Its nobodys fault but their own. Period/ End/Done/ !

      • God Forbid the Sainted one and her “nice “husband be at fault for anything, someone else did it.

        The feds went looking because of the Lying those 2 scam artist did when they went through thier bankruptcy. No one ran to the Federal building with boxes of paperwork because they were pissed about something that happened on a stoopid scripted tv show. The feds most likey did interview each cast memeber but they had no choice but to anwer questions thats hardly “turning them in” .

        • Well if I didnt know any better Lisa, I would think you were kindly sweet on ole Juicy. Do I detect a bit of sexual tension in your aggression? baahahaha

        • And they had their “Problems way before the show started” so they cannot shift this to the cast members about that.

          I didnt see this until now Lisa so please forgive ok?

        • Lisa… I’m very patriotic…. thank you so much for your past service to our country!!!! And for the civil career you have going on now helping our service men/women. Thanks to everyone who is currently serving or has served our country who reads this site.

  11. If they have a problem with what Penny tweets then they should stay off her timeline. Especially if the rumors she’s tweeting about MeGo aren’t true. Why give a flip?

  12. Of course little Josie Marco Gorga would think Teresa fed info to “his enemies” because he and his wife the shore whore Melissa were and prob still are feeding info to Monica and Kim G about Teresa and juicy finances.

    Therefore he’s paranoid because he and his skank are SCUM and would sell out their own family which Josie has time anytime again he even sold his parents house to build that spec house for the skank now that they’ve sold the home for the $ they want will joey aka roid boy, stump, midget the list s on buy a home for hed. parents or is he hoping that juicy and Teresa go to jail so if can put his parents in there.

    Only thing the Guidice home is mortgages

    • The Feds dont need any help finding dirt on the Guidices, they supplied all the info they needed themselves when they Lied and committed perjury during their bankruptcy proceedings Joey didnt need to pass on any info on,But its cute people think he did God Forbid the Guidices take the blame for anything.

    • So, if I’m reading you right, you have a problem with Joe selling HIS house to finance buying a bigger house. And because the Sr’s lived there, they went where..out on the street? Or does he pay for the rent or the mortgage where they live now? Do they live off Tree now? Do kids take turns putting a roof over their parents heads? If so, then whose turn is it? And…if Mel is, on your words, a “scum, shore whore, skank” why should that trump 39 counts of fraud? Lots of women are skanks and slutty but does that mean it’s all their fault when their sister in law forged W2 forms and submits them to a bank? I need some clarity.

      • Being a shore whore and a stripper isnt against the law, frankly id rather have a ex stripper for a SIL then have one thats a cheater and a fraud, but thats just me.

        • I agree wholeheartedly here. If my brother had married a stripper who treated him well, who am I to have a problem with that. Stripping is a J-O-B it says little to nothing about your character. Lots if soccer moms worked a pole to get through college and marry a man who’s educated and provides for a family. Many more become successful on their own. I don’t get the stripper thing being an issue in the same catagory as 39 felonies.

          • Tre acts like she has some moral fiber its apprent she does not. She is as slimely if not more slimey then the rest of them Its funny how she looks down on Melissa who may have stripped in her past but has no problem with her and her husbands lying cheating ways.. funny huh.

            • And Tre and pigjoe joodice pre-ten-ded to- be hard working, honest;pay cash/ working people while Tre was out with Gia trying to get her into modeling and acting. A stage mom and now looking back..hmmm?

            • She prob would have stole that money to well If Gia had actually been picked for any real acting or modeling jobs.

            • I agree, and looking back at that Gia didnt seem very happy at her mom taking her from place to place, I felt so sorry for Gia cuz it sure did look like Tree was determin to make her a Star. ,remember Tre being so over excited about Gia being in a movie with the *Rock*., & remember all the pictures Gia had to take ( cuz of Tree) she looked so sad and complained to her mother and Tre said something like ” this is what you want Gia isnt it Gia” like I said this is what you want Gia isnt it…now smile.

              Very sad for little Gia.

            • Uhm yea and now Gia calls herself a medel/actress on twitter. When I begged for singing and piano lessons my mother MADE me keep with them. I did not choose them for my career ( but listening to tone deaf MEHO makes me question that) but it made me extremely successful in my chosen field because I DON’T quit! Same thing with ballet… I wanted to go on point ( toe ) the first day my feet bled and I cried. My mother said give it a year… I gave it four. Rather have a mother promoting her children then herself. Seriously… Where are her kids when she is at clubs promoting a ( hahahahahaha ) singing career? Seriously fugly Marco sisters get off these sites… No one can stomach you!

            • I am not a Marco sister. I am myself. Umm, isnt Tree promoting herself at all her book signings and her Miliana haircare promos, and her teeth whiteing, spray tan, meet n greet, bridal, cooking events, whewwww, boy Im tired just taling about how Tree is not promoting herself!

            • Im gonna ask nicely you nicely new jersy Princess please do not call me or anyone on this site Fugly Marco sisters. I am a real person who lives in Hawaii and serves my country. You look like a ass when you accuse people of being a Marco sisters.. Sorrry Ms SH for using the word ass.
              Gia is not a model or a actress she hasnt worked in a movie or a play not has she modeled.

            • And Lisa the Irish Dragon… You serve the country? Wow! Thank you. And I mean that with 100 percent sincerity. My husband is active in the Coast Guard. I did not speak to you specifically. I do not think the Giudices did nothing wrong but that “family” of theirs is a joke. Plus with all the horrible “editing” how do we not know they didn’t show Gia at the end of her rope.. Which all moms know kids go through in activities as well as at Chucky Cheese? Let’s agree to disagree…

            • WOW?! South Jersey you really went after Lisa, are you for REAL? Lisa is the real-est lady I have been privey to know and she speaks the truth, her truth and has served our country and yet you go after her with your snide remarks. Why?

              Please I ask you nicely I would urge you to not ofend her or anyone else. Thank you kindly.

            • I am not active duty I was at one time back in the dark ages I am a proud civil servant who worls for the dept of the Army. I serve those who serve. Thank your husband for his service.

              I dont care who you were addressing its rude and insulting to accuse posters here of being people of being these losers. I bet the farm if any of them were posting here MR SH would know.

            • Maythel I think she was saying we all were Marco Sisters . Its my pet peeve that people call others cast members I over reacted a bit.

            • I do not think you did Lisa, maybe I did? I believe she was saying that we were the Marco Sisters and you are not and I am not. I guess I am my mothers daughter and I am proud of that, she taught me how to be a loyal friend so I am guilty of that., and you are loyal too. I thank you.

            • I do not think you did Lisa, maybe I did? I believe she was saying that we were the Marco Sisters and you are not and I am not. I guess I am my mothers daughter and I am proud of that, she taught me how to be a loyal friend so I am guilty of that., and you are loyal too. I thank you.

            • Sorry for the double post again. I am slowly learning on how to reply at this lit orange

              Glad all is ok., and everything is cool. Yea!!

              If this double post, just shoot me ;)

            • @south jersey princess, not everyone who criticizes Teresa is a Marco sister. We don’t know jack about Melissa’s kids becasue they are not on the show much. For all we know, they could be soccer stars of their school. Get over yourself, and Teresa is the biggest self-promoter and opportunist out of the bunch. I am not a pure Teresa hater and I will call the Gorgas out on their bluffs too when the time comes (and it has). Don’t you dare call me a Marco sister when you don’t know jack about me. If I was a Marco sister, I would praise Melissa and Joey and think they are perfect. Your snide remarks are unnecessary.

            • I did apologize and I wasn’t goin AFTER anyone. Sorry I see those minions on twitter all the time. I am new to these boards and just figuring things out.
              My shackles go up anytime children are mentioned.
              Especially Teresa’s since I don’t see them ever in a pool with a bunch of irresponsible adults.

            • We are cool. I get you are a tre fan and thats ok. No one as going after the kids just the mother. I happen to think Gia is a very talented dancer and hope she finds a career in that because she is really good as a model and actress not so much,.

          • Being an alledged stripper does NOT trump being indicted on 39 counts… but it’s all the Tree huggers have as an excuse.

    • Karma, I see what you are saying. People tend to believe things of others that they are guilty or capable of themselves. Bottom line is they are all equally shady though! :-)

      • The Marco/Laurita bunch have a serious case of shiny balls. They are typical master manipulators, though, & They figured out long ago that if they shine up Juicy & Tree by doing literally nothing but talk about The Giudices, the average viewer gets distracted for a moment & forgets what they were previously supposed to focus on. It works on dogs, so why wouldn’t it work on the average person, who is just as obedient, but half as smart?

        • I agree with you bullie except for the “typical” part. There is nothing “typical” about these folks or any other career manipulators. That’s why we call them “masters”. Right?

          Plus, maybe she’s just extra smart or the jersey housewife gang is just extra dumb–but I’d put money on my dog any day against these self destructive morons. :-)

  13. viewer: AGAIN… Monica Chacon is not privy to the Federal indictments… nor was she “working” to assist in the indictments… NOR was she “building a case” against the Joodices!

    ALL of the Housewives and others were visited by the Feds, which was an item two years ago on SH December 2011:

    Monica was probably questioned by the Feds, just as everyone else was. This has been discussed several times on SH. Monica don’t have no special info or no special insight into the indictment… despite anyone else’s guesswork! TFC!! SH

  14. Horsey Face and Stumpy have the worst case of youngest-child syndrome I have ever seen. Adults tend to outgrow the baby in the family attention seeking behavior. However, these two thrive off of it, even create it, and they are that way with one another. “What about me????” It is a competition to see who can get the most attention.

    Who the f—k cares about the rumor? It is so washed up at this point. These outside players claiming to have inside information…who cares? I wouldn’t pay them any attention. The less attention they get the more likely they are to go away, so I do agree with the snippet of Tree sayin’ she isn’t going to give Penny the attention. Any attention, even negative attention, is still attention and that’s all those people want. I learned that from training my parrot: Don’t give the drama reward.

    RHONJ S5 is like watching a rehashing of Twitter. I am not a fan of Horsey Face at all, but I don’t care if she cheated or didn’t cheat. The rumors about the paternity of her child are disgusting. It is clear that her book sucks, and that RHONJ is on the way out the door and her gravy train will go along with it because her lack-of-talent cannot sustain her and she hasn’t properly taken PR advice to build her brand (or whatever you wanna call it).

    • I agree ChemGeek I certainly couldn’t give two sh*ts about the stupid cheating rumors. What gets me though, is that it’s Joe and Melissa who repeatedly bring it up. I haven’t seen the cheating rumors as a topic for anyone else on the show except for the hired guns Jan(?), Penny and Kim D. As for Melissa and Joe that’s their storyline and they’re sticking to it.

      • I don’t understand all of the outrage the Marco-Gorgons have for the cheating rumors. Didn’t we watch them on a bus to the “Adirondykes” discussing Teresa’s marriage and how her husband doesn’t love her and cheats on her, etc, etc. They really are in no position to be so offended IF Teresa is starting rumors about their busted up sham of a marriage.

        • There’s a huge difference!! First of all there are pix out there of Juicy and another woman. There was talk about Juicy talking to another woman while on the Napa trip (he’s not going to be talking to a businessman and say oh my c*nt of wife is coming up.) And anyone who watches the show can see there is plenty to talk about in how Juicy (before PR) treats and disrespects his wife. There is no evidence or pix of Mel with another man. They have shown throughout all the seasons he adores her and she adores him. So what does jealous and miserable Tree do…. either starts or helps spread rumors of her own brother’s wife of cheating, stripping, and being a down right whore. THAT is a huge difference.

          • The Whore from the Shore dropped her panties for those guys. She looks guilty and is more interested in finding out who is starting the rumors than she is in denying them. If my BFF was telling people I gave my ex a blowie in the parking lot of a restaurant, I would be suing her for slander, not getting mad at my sister in law. Shore Whore wants to deflect the issue and make it about Teresa spreading rumors rather than about her spreading her legs for any swinging d*ck. She is repulsed by her husband, she cringes and pushes him away whenever he puts his stumpy little midget hands on her. Her “hot and happy marriage” storyline is about at laughable as Chucky’s “successful workaholic offspring” storyline.

            • Its very hard and usually not worth suing anyone for slander unless they have deep pockets even when Elton John sued that british paper it was long and drawn out and he had to prove his reputation was tranished because of what they printed.. Melissa isnt the only one spreading rumors I have heard Independantly from the show and the Rags mags Juicy cheats he has been seen making out with strippers. So unles Teresa had “family friends” that are strippers in clubs Juicy is cheating and its more then “just rumors”.
              WHO gives a rip about her sex life if she doesnt want him pawing her on camera BTD Id rather see that then Teresa lame attempts to get her husband interested in her when he cant be bothered to put his beer down or stop playing pool That pathetic if you ask me.. oh lord no cock ring that is more disgusting then anything.
              Teresa gets my vote for most pathetic in the sex dept.

            • I don’t give a rip about her sex life. I just find her to be so phoney talking about how hot her marriage, oh, excuse me, I meant her “maaaahridge” when she is clearly repulsed by her chrome domed midget troll husband. She should be writing a book about getting some strange on the side in a parking lot. I am sure there is a market for such a book with the Ashley crowd. As far as her “maaaahridge” bible, I don’t know anyone who wants to read such a book from a adulterous gold digging slut.

      • ITA. Stumpy and Horsey Face complaining about the rumors is absolutely absurd, particularly when they choose to make it their story line.

  15. I highly doubt Melissa Gorga cheated, I’m pretty sure she knows what side her bread is buttered on,
    That is just that skanky Jen’s way of getting on this show when she has no game.
    BTW, my sister Louisa & I saw Penny at A & S at Paramus Park & OMG that chick looks 70!!!!
    Older, by far, then Kim Granitell even. At least Kim G has a bit of an excuse, she had a brain tumor 10 years ago, Penny is old & ugly that woman could either win or lose a homely contest.
    Her arms were so wrinkled they looked like 2 deflated long balloons. & Her face! Why do they even want this nasty krone on the show. Crap my Grandmother is available & looks way better!

    • :-| Lol! I wonder if Penny lost like 300 lbs at some point and that’s why her bod is saggy and wrinkly. Maybe she also used to smoke 2 packs a day and that’s why she looks 20 years older than she is. There are nice beauty products out there. She should’ve invested in them a long time ago. That’s mean but whatever.

      • @ Romo
        That’s sun damage, plain and simple. I bet she worshipped the sun and did quite a few hours in the tanning beds as well. The depletion of collagen is what gives that saggy appearance. Also, if she hasn’t lost a substantial amount of weight it could also be from extreme dieting as well as sun damage.

        The French have it right, once you pass 40 a few more pounds are kinder to your face. The French choose to add a little weight to preserve their faces.

  16. Sooooo…..Lil’ Jo Marco is mad about the rumors and says that some of it is true. Which parts are true? That he stole his parents house? That his Marble Mausoleum was built as a spec house and they illegally occupied it until they (eventually) took out a mortgage? That he is broke? His power was shut off? Most of this information was gleaned from public records, how can he blame Teresa for people digging up dirt on him? That is what happens when you put yourself in the public eye and you are a shady MoFo.

  17. I’m glad to hear some Tree huggers recognize the Guidice’s have faults… however…once the 39 indictments came down on them… not to mention Juicy and his other lawsuit using a fake driver’s license…. I am still shocked that the fans still back them. Maybe it’s just me… but people who have little to no respect for the law are not people I admire/support or enjoy watching. They disgust me. And do either of them act contrite? No…. the only thing Juicy has said is…. it’s not like I killed anybody. He just doesn’t get it. Go away Tree/Juicy.

  18. I’m glad some Tree huggers recognize the Guidice’s have faults. But I’m still amazed/confused as to why they still have fans knowing they have no respect for the law? People like them are not to be admired or fun to watch. They are criminals. And after all the crap has hit the fan…. the only thing Juicy can say is…. it’s not like I killed anybody. He/she just doesn’t get it. Maybe in prison they can think about what they have done to their family… all for greed. I’d like to think maybe they can find a conscience too…. but that will never happen. They truly don’t get it.

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