VICKI GUNVALSON, LAURI PETERSON: The RHOC “Extra Footage” Episode… Lauri Got Paper!

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Good grief!  Ya think that The Real Housewives of Orange County was FINALLY over with the airing of the FINAL Reunion Show, but MissAndy has to wring out another RHOC episode… hopefully, this will be the FINALE!

RHOC Cast Reunion S8

Lauri Peterson and Wretched must have gotten together before the reunion taping, ’cause on the upcoming “Lost Footage” RHOC episode, just as Wretched produced her “MalibuCountry” docs, Lauri pulls out documents proving that she’s smart… and produces Vicki’s insurance license proving that Vicki is licensed to sell insurance!!  OH!  Those poor delusional “highly-educated” OC chicks!!   NOTE:  Whilst everyone in OC is producing their paper, where ARE the original “highly-educated” documents proving that Heather Dull-BRO is “highly-educated”???

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Lauri’s blasting Vicki on this season of the RHOC added nothing and her document-producing adds even more nothing!


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25 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON, LAURI PETERSON: The RHOC “Extra Footage” Episode… Lauri Got Paper!

  1. Lauri, you are ON TAPE earlier seasons saying u were struggling. Your rich ex husband divorced u and u did not have any money. ON TAPE u said George saved you. Vicki gave u a job when u had none. There are many multimillionaires and billionaires that didn’t go to college and were able to be successful due to DRIVE and MOTOVATION. Your drive and motivation was to find a rich man to take care of u….and I think that is what Vicki meant.

    • And oh what Vicki would give if she could earn her living on her back also. But alas she keeps attracting men she has to support…the crux of Vicki’s whole problem. She tired.

      • You think so made? I’m not so sure, Vicki is one of those Type A’s; one hell of a workaholic. Wasn’t it Don who told that story that when she was young and worked in a grocery store she was the fastest bagger–put the task in front of her and she’ll get it done the quickest, with great attention to doing it right, I dislike a lot about Vicki lately with the whole Crook fiasco, but I’ve always admired her workaholicness.

        I think Vicki is right now like Terri Garr in that move FIRSTBORN, you know, she’s doing okay and then she’s divorced and she gets involved with bad guy Peter Weller, lowlife cocaine addict abuser–and she defends him, aligns herself with him, nearly ruins her family….
        Meanwhile Brianna’s pulling tricks like Terri Garr’s eldest son in the movie, waving big red flags which Terri refuses to see, getting into battles with the mother’s boyfriend. Very similar it seems.

        • I only say that because she always seems so all fired pissed off when she talks about her work… kinda like she really resents it down deep.Now no doubt, she prolly works harder than a one armed paperhanger with a case of the crabs but I dont see that she gets any real joy out of it. I’m gonna have to watch Firstborn now cause it does sound a lot like what is going on.

  2. Oh Lord, I am so tired of these foolish, fighting, backstabbing middle age women…with the exception of one, who is close to being a senior citizen and tries to dress as if she were twenty something. Vicky is the oldest and the worst of the entire lot. The more I look back the more disgusted I am that some middle age women act like that. They really are all an embarrassment. All that aside, Lauri does have the right to stand up for herself and who could blame her for holding a grudge. Vicky is a thoroughly nasty person.

    • LOL…..Duh-bro is a laundress. Isn’t she also a cook who claims she can’t cook and a tutor AND a tutor. When you send your small children to a tony private school, I don’t think you have to tutor them. Funny Madepiley.

  3. Heather Dubrow had a co star role in Jenny McCarthy’s 2 season stupid sitcom & a handful of roles in tv movies! A lucrative career??? Come on lady that is bs. Ya your career as an Ahctress was so good ya just took a job on the worst reality show on television.
    Gretchen’s bag line sucks ass too her & Alexis big nose make junk. Vicki is a train wreck & yes gal you are fat & so is your daughter. Instead of looking for love look in the mirror & get to a gym.
    Tamara is just plain odd & I think her marriage to Eddie is a sham. I think Tamballs is pretty & funny but I think she needs to examine why she is married to this younger gay man. & Lydia oh please kick this twit off the show. Bulemic, bug eyed jesus freaks just don’t cut it!

    • I began to feel…annoyed–very mildly, with Lauri during the season when she married George, she kept pronouncing wedding as “wed-deen”. Just totally dismissing the old
      “–ing” ending–Every Single Time she said it.
      I couldn’t take it anymore.
      In fact, I don’t watch RHOC and I don’t want to watch her, I…I don’t think I could mentally tolerate it if she uttered any -ing words improperly.

  4. I didn’t like the whole ” I saw Vicki with another woman in bed with another man” gossip that Lauri brought to the show. Although it wasn’t technically a lie, I thought it was stupid and there was ill-intent there. Having said that, I still like Lauri tons more than Vicki. Just the way Vicki, over-the-top, freaked out about it, reminds me just why I’ve never liked her. I watch this clip and its infuriating how Vicki will ask Lauri a question, yet interrupts, talks over her, deflects, changes the subject and attacks while Lauri keeps her cool. Its like comparing apples to turnips. That kind of behavior is BS and such a waste of tv time. We want answers not more ‘everyone yell at once’, headache inducing babble!

  5. Poor ol’ Lauri. When she left the show everyone assumed happily ever after & of course it wasn’t. You knew the minute she came back trying to slam someone that all wasn’t well with her. In the end people would have thought much better of her if she hadn’t bothered to return just to start with a bunch of rumors about another castmates private life. Other than troubled /unhappy soul , who would care about Vicki’s private life ? & her piece of paper? Yawnnnn.

  6. Hey Lauri. Among many successful business people, Walt Disney dropped out of high school…and obviously did not attend college. Stick that up your ugly butt.

  7. @Belle…..I believe you missed the point Laurie was making regarding being educated and Vicki. Vicki is ALWAYS putting Laurie down; and saying she had nothing because she wasn’t intelligent or college educated; and it was because of me that Laurie was able to support her family. This is why Laurie felt it was necessary to present her college degree. It was Vicki who was pulling Laurie down; therefore, she defended herself.

  8. Lauri dear, it does not matter if you went to college. What are you doing now? Relying on a man. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Nothing wrong with being a tranvestite… to each their own…. but was it mentioned that Lauri won a poll as the Housewive who resembles one the most? Or something like that??

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