TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Federal Indictment Update… “NOT Guilty” At Arraignment… Trial Set For October 8… Courtroom Sketch… Photos

RHONJ Juicy Ray Liotta pg

The attorneys representing Juicy and Tree appeared in Federal Court today to enter a plea of “not guilty” in the 39-count indictment case against the Joodices.  Each of the Joodice’s attorneys spent less than five minutes before Federal Judge Esther Salas entering the plea.  A trial date of October 8, 2013 has been scheduled.

After appearing in court, Tree is spending the rest of the evening sellin’ those cash only books signing her cookbooks at Kim DePaula/DiPaola/whatever KimD’s Posche Boutique.

Can you tell the difference between the sketch artist’s rendition and the REAL Juicy and Tree?

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.06.44 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.16.00 PM

NOTE:  You can read the indictment at:  

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.55.21 PM

Apparently Juicy’s mother swatting away the cameras wasn’t effective… da Joodice’s got themselves a bodyguard…

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.08.39 PM

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice (L) and wife Teresa Giudice appear in court to face charges of defrauding lenders, illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans as well as allegedly hiding assets and income during a bankruptcy case on August 14, 2013 in Newark, United States.
(August 13, 2013 - Source: Mike Coppola/Getty Images North America)

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282 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Federal Indictment Update… “NOT Guilty” At Arraignment… Trial Set For October 8… Courtroom Sketch… Photos

            • barb, do we know this name from our of our sites lisa christofan i’ve been getting phone calls from her today rings twice hangs up called number back not in service

            • i have lots too,pick out what i want to read, delete more , oh just ordered chocolate lava cakes from france they are so good. party time next week

            • real trial for that cable is sept 5th, lets see if bravo shows the fight before season ends by then,also ,see if bravo and all the news stations show that too

            • its chocolate molten lava cakes, like size of cupcakes, you put them in microwave for about 15 seconds, then watch out melted cholate is really hot, but so good. i like to put pile of whipped cream on top and guess what i’m not pregant either lol

            • I have to say the Article on face book, Teresa looked nice that hair bun suited her look. She looks so much better dressed down and make up toned down.

              still hope she goes to jail if convicted.

            • Lisa, I am LOL about your throw her a bone comment. I read it out of context- all the posts are going separate- and I thought it was about the bun (Flinstones). I guess that awful sketch is still in my mind’s eye.

            • Yeah, that bone in her hair is the one Lisa threw at her – it wasn’t meant to get stuck in her hair though!

            • Indeed, Stup- I saw Lisa’s bone made its landing in the next SH sketches post. Makes sense- had to cross an ocean and the continental US to get there.

      • I was wondering if those were body guards, I guess poppa Guidice decided to stay home and not moon anyone today.

        • Juicy parent’s behavior was appalling. They acted like real thugs. I’m pretty sure their lawyers recommended that they stay home.

            • Interesting, that Juicy mom followed behind and didnt make a nuisance of herself like last time. I really dont see a good ending for the guidices on this. It irks me to see Juicy walk with a stupid smirk/smile on his face. My god, I didnt realize how short he really is. I cant imagine how heart broken Teresa’s parents must be. I’m surprised that Nonno’s pacemaker hasnt exploded in his chest.

        • Both of Joe’s parents used filthy language for the cameramen last month. It shows what a slimy family he comes from.

          • I don’t agree at all. If you saw any of the news coverage, they could not even walk through the cameras and microphones in their faces. Teresa and Joe had to keep pulling their heads back to avoid being hit in the eye with microphones. It is not possible for anyone to say with certainty how they would have reacted or what sort of language they might have resorted to in the face of the same treatment. I have no idea who is guilty or not guilty of what–except for the media presence on that day. The representatives of the media outlets who were present were guilty of obnoxious and intrusive behavior.

            • “GUILTY of obnoxious and intrusive behaviour”? PLEASE, let them have their day in court before casting such aspersions upon them. Innocent until proven guilty is the cry of the land and until then you cannot, must not, comment on their actions in a negative way.

        • Poppa Guidice is probably flipping burgers at McDonalds right now. He will soon have 4 little mouths to feed.

      • If Tre does time, it will be a travesty of justice as I truly believe she either didn’t sign relevant documents or didn’t have all the information regarding what she was signing.

        Her apparently forged signature on the Power of Attorney dd it for me — Joe as clearly doing things behind her back. If he’s going to go so far as to FORGE her signature on a Power of Attorney so he purport to have legal authority to sign legal documents in her stead, I cannot imagine that any reasonable person could think that he would tell her anything at all about their financial dealings.

        Tamra’s picture reminds me of how ironic I think it is that all the ads for her wedding spinoff are focusing on her telling people not to tell Eddie how much things cost and obfuscating about the wedding budget!

          • I agree with you, Just me. Before we were married, my husband promised to take care of me and to provide for me and our children. He has done a wonderful job. For the past 36 years, 2 children & 3 grandchildren, he is a wonderful provider. If he says sign this, I sign it. I have no reason not to trust him. We are not rich. We are not well off. But he has kept his promise. The difference between us & them, is that we have always lived within our means. He’s frugal, that’s for sure.

            • I am glad you trust your spouse i would think most spouses have a idea how much their husbands make and would question it if all of a sudden there were piles of cash around. Teresa never did she should have but she took a risk now she has to pay the price of not asking about what she was signing plus she is being accused of crimes independant of juicy like bankruptcy fraud.

          • OMG that made me laugh so hard – what a classic! Why is it that other people (Jersey Girl) can tell commenters to STFU but if anyone dares make a comment about mafia grandma people are all up in arms? Is it because she has the word “Grandmother” in her name? If I became “StupefiedGrandmother” would people be over-protective of me and not let anyone call me a dummy? I know you expect better from this site Grandmother but obviously it’s because you’ve been mollycoddled in here whilst others have been fed to the wolves.

            • It’s simple. I know that mafia grandmother isn’t dumb so that’s why I spoke up. If someone called you stupid then I’d pull their hair too.

        • It didnt matter what she didnt know its her resonsiblity to get all th einformation before she signs a thing, not know will not save her. I know You like her but come on dont be silly now
          It wont be a travaesty of justice if she serves time it will be a good lesson however next time she wont be so damn stupid.

          • Some people actually trust their spouses and don’t have a reason not to and never will have a reason not to.

            • I amquite sure your husband is no juicy, but if he came home one day with a ile of cash and said go buy yourself anything you want here is 100,000 my guess is you would ask where it came from.

            • I told Lucille Mason yesterday that her comment was “just silly” and no-one batted an eyelid. Sorry Lucille, there’s a Sonja Morgan heirarchy going on in here and you seem to be the Cindy Barshop :(

          • I dont have any idea of whether Teresa is guilty of anything at this point, but even the IRS has an “Innocent Spouse” law. So yeah, it may save her.

            • For the tax returns Yes I dont think they are nailing her for that. The the foirgerys I dont think they will hold that against but her known signature is on some documents so that is on her.

        • Oh so you think Teresa is incredibly stupid and/or didn’t care where her shopping money came from? That’s the only reasons, duh!

          • “Duh”??? Isn’t that the caveman equivalent of calling someone a (in hushed tones) “dummy”? Gasp!!

        • Teresa is going to have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that she was fully ignorant of all these fraudulent, felonious financial shenanigans. Sounds impossible to pull off because just her words pleading ignorance will not work viably as proof or evidence.

          I do trust they are receiving (hopefully) sound legal advice and will deal most appropriately with whatever outcome shall occur.

        • that would fly in the face of the current stance that they are a united front. if he forged her name…she doesn’t seem upset by it nor as of now are their legal manuverings showing anything about her vs.him…. we’ll see….I am curious about the defense positon on this. It seems, at this point, difficult to not have a her vs. him…if her defense is the documents were forged.

      • I hate to tell you this, but how there look and including the court drawing makes them look alot meaner than usual. I know the lawyers wanted them to look more family but Joe is smirking like a chimp and thinking nothing is wrong and Teresa has that look of the walk of shame and friends see her. She doesn’t like this and I think that she knows this won’t go well. I bet anything her lawyers (have Teresa been alone at all with her lawyers, I always see her and Juicy together) may tell her to cut bait and throw Juicy under the bus. And Joe is not wanting that, he’s hoping her celebrity status will safe him and her. But if she did throw him under the prosecution may go soft on her (they shouldn’t) but they may and give her house arrest for a year and major probation.

        • What do you think about the Jacksons recent conviction. Rev Jackson’s son: I understand he will serve his time first and than his wife will serve hers once his sentence is complete because of the children. Wonder if Giudices would end up with something like this if both are convicted.

          • Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded to the count of conspiracy (one count) and his wife to one count of tax fraud I believe. Nothing no where close to 39 counts, the judge will allow it because he gave jesse less than the federal guideline of 47 to 55 months. I think in the Giudice’s case they will both serve because they are looking at major time.

            • did you read he story about Teresa and juicy wanting a Plea deal but the USA turned it down because it included no jail time for Tre. He must think he has a solid case agaisnt her.

  1. One thing that I find a little suspicious is Sterling Bank. It must be made of money, lol. In November 2007, that bank gave the Gorga’s $2,250,000 – for the construction loan. Then in February, 2008 it gives the Guidice’s $1,700,000. I don’t know why, but I find that very shady. I don’t think this is a large, nationwide bank, like CountryWide, but it seems like it was practicing in the same manner.

    • The Gorga’s financing is just as shady, I wouldnt be surprised if they are the next couple to do the walk of shame.

      • they very well maybe next, maybe teresa and melissa can share a cell, thats a realty show i would watch.

        • do you think that wacko should go to jail for hitting man in forehead with her spikes, while poison joe and chris were beating him up, she could have blinded him or even killed him.

          • If it was indeed a real fight and not for the show yes oh and if it was unprovoked and not self defense.
            I hope you approve, actually i dont care if you dont.

    • Small private community banks invest in their locals all the time. I’ve dealt with small private banks and the requirements for any type of a loan tend to be much less, but the terms/rates can be nuts.

      Have you ever heard of Magyar Bank? Probably not. New Millennium bank?

      Doesn’t mean they don’t lend big $$$.

  2. I hope they both do HARD TIME! Can’t wait to see Juicy get deported and Tre being dragged off to jail by her hair, kicking and screaming.

      • Seriously! This is getting a little crazy. Agree that crime=punishment. But these people are no Bernie Madoff or John Gotti.

        • glammy, or our old gov here in jersey jon corzine, obamas buddy,muti millionaire, has never been charged, yet they go after teresa and joe.. watch the answers i get on this comment and you’ll know what i mean

        • Watch American Greed on CNBC sometime, a lot of charges listed in this indictment are things the criminals on that show have done. Creating fake documents to get loans from banks, not paying taxes for several years, forging signatures, then they tried to wipe away all their debt by filing for BK and lied when they filed that document.

        • Well to be fair…..Bernie Madoff is no John Gotti. I mean Gotti actually murdered for a living. As for breaking the law… crime is crime. Are you suggesting we rate crime on a scale of who does the most/worse?

          • Nope, punishment should fit the crime. That’s what I’m saying. People are treating the Guidance as the two named above. TFC :)

    • Stinky, I agree with you. I have a problem with people who feel so entitled and above the law. They need to be held accountable.

      • ITA with Stinky and with Sherry. They had to know what they were doing somewhere along the line. There’s no defending them anymore!!!! This is not a character assination; it’s a well-documented defiance of the law. They are a disgrace.

    • Even if he is sentence, he would go to a federal prison, he will NOT be with murderers and rapist, he would probably serve in a low/medium security prison…sorry to rain on your parade.

  3. Joe Giudice is the best on any of these shows. Not a phony bone in his body. I hope they go easy on him.

      • If Teresa dumps him im gonna write to him in jail and be one of those women who write convicts, im gonna propose marriage to him because he is such a honest upstanding citizen.

        i need a hot shower i feel dirty.

    • @runtheball

      I’m of the same thought, damn the naysayers! ;-P, lol! I love the little b@st@rd!

      • Does anyone else think that ‘Juicy Joe’ looks like one of those Buddha figurines where they portray Buddha as having a gut and man-boobs? I hate to sound mean, but every time I see him without a shirt I think of those little statues. Maybe it’s because he’s so short?

        • @ Annie

          I’d rub him for luck! Hahahahaha!

          I just think he’s a sweetheart no matter what the vicious tongues are wagging about him.

          I doubt they would have plead not guilty if they were looking for a plea deal or that they are in fact not guilty. Or the statutes haven’t run out. Or a combination of the two, not guilty and statutes have run out.

          As for the nastiness about Teresa’s pocketbook – I bet stylists/shop owners/designers were falling over each other to dress both Teresa and Juicy and probably the parents as well. Those pictures are worth ridiculous amounts of free advertising and Teresa knows it THAT is how she keeps herself and her family in wardrobe. Notice she is never photographed or spotted shopping in any high-end stores. I don’t necessarily consider TJ Max high-end, perhaps some do and I do not intend any offense it is just that you do not find high-end items there.

          • adioslunatic, I’m not sure what the not guilty plea means. I think it’s common to initially enter plea of not guilty (even if you are guilty), but I’m not sure if that’s wise or unwise in federal court. I’m certainly not an expert on the subject.

            As far as clothes go, I agree that people have probably bent over backwards to get Teresa to wear their clothes in front of the cameras. It’s a perk that I’ll bet other housewives benefit from as well. But I would also add that she did her fair share of shopping till she dropped before the bankruptcy, since she had some pretty outrageous credit card debt.

            • @ Annie

              I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to find the TRUE total of what Teresa owes to CCs- MS SH – help a gal out?
              Why is the amount – $12,000.00 – sticking in my head as the TRUE CC dept???

            • I thought it was 11,000 to NM and 12,000 to a fertilty clinic Plus smaller ammounts to local high end shops in the area

            • adioslunatic, together Joe and Teresa owed $104,000 in credit cards bills when they filed for bankruptcy, including $20,000 to Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

            • @ Annie

              20 k in CC debt isn’t out of the norm.

              The other 84 k was Juicy’s dept as well, perhaps it was business expenses – e.g. building materials.

              Again, not out of the norm or OTT

            • In my middle-class world, owing 20k on department store credit cards alone is a ridiculous amount. I won’t speculate on whether it was Teresa or Joe that charged up the rest, but I’m sure it wasn’t just one person, and some of it probably went towards shopping.

              My husband lost his job a few years ago in a company lay-off, and it was over a year before he found another job. We managed to pay all of our bills on time, thanks to our (now depleted) savings, but we were literally weeks away from not being able to make our mortgage payment. What saved us during that time is that we’ve never felt the need to have things we can’t afford, or to charge things that aren’t necessary. We know a few people who lost their homes around then or shortly after, and I know how easily that could have been us if our monthly bills had been higher.

              So anyway… after coming so close to losing everything when we were/are careful with money, then to see a couple file for bankruptcy owing such a large amount of money on things like credit cards/department store credit cards, an expensive car loan/lease, fertility treatments, etc.., I’m sorry, but it all seems really irresponsible to me.

            • @ Annie

              It had to be tough on you and your hubby, I commend you for your efforts and tenacity – it’s a very difficult time for all of us right now and we all should follow your example.

              It seems irresponsible to you because you’re listening to people that have no idea WHAT the Giudices have REALLY been doing to make up their debts.
              Teresa withdrew her petition for BK and I believe Juicy did as well – please correct me if I am wrong. If he did not withdraw I believe he may have had to forgo BK because of issues with the initial filing – or – he corrected said issues and has been working with creditors through a Chapter 13. Chapter 7 they would have not been able to retain their house ( in PA you can’t) but Chapter 13 enables you to make payment plans and the creditors accept a lower amount with the % of interest much lower.

              I think everyone needs to stop the guesswork and let this unfold. If any of us want to comment we should stick with the facts and comment on those only.

            • From what I’ve read, in Chapter 7 bankruptcy you do get a percentage of what your home is worth (25%)?, so actually keeping your home depends on your equity, which decides whether or not it’s worth taking and selling your home to pay off your debts. I don’t remember the exact numbers or percentages, but anyone can Google the information. Not that it matters, since the Guidices are no longer in bankruptcy.

              What was irresponsible to me is that they acquired those debts to begin with, not what they’re doing to actually make up the debts now. If they really are attempting to pay them off, then good for them.

              As far as the federal case goes, I agree. Lets see what happens. If they are found guilty of any charges, then I hope they get whatever sentence the rest of us would get. Not a lighter sentence because they’re famous, but not a harsher sentence so they can be made an example of either.

            • @ Annie

              The bulk of their debt was in real estate and their income was based on that real estate. People were not paying their rent therefore Juicy and Teresa saw their income plummet. Their spending, which I contend was still pretty tame, was based on an income which they no longer could count upon.
              It was a chit-storm of the first order and they got washed out to sea but they worked hard and built a life raft.
              I think people will be shocked how they have rectified their issues. That is just a guess but, I feel it in my heart. I just don’t see them as the greedy, heartless beasts that others have decided they are.
              Time will tell.
              Have a great day, Annie!

            • We may not see eye-to-eye on on everything, like what kind of spending is “tame”, but I really do appreciate you being civil in your posts to me, and giving me your viewpoint without any attitude or backlash for my opinions. I can’t say that you’ve changed my point of view (I still have issues with members of our society spending beyond their means, and includes the Guidices) but you have given me things to think about. :)

            • @ Annie

              That’s so sweet, back at ya!

              I ascribe to a frugal way myself I just assumed ( bad AL!) that most people, when looking at the statics of CC debt, have much more debt than I would ever feel comfortable carrying.

              One of my favorite sites is Thrifty Fun, you should check it out! Is that cool, Ms SH?

              If not – could you delete the site name? Thanks!

      • its true, i saw it on comcast, since we live in jersey,it was on the local news,with cameras too, also it was on abc, cbs and nbc

          • well next month, we’ll see poison joe, chrispy critter and the wack job walking out of the court house too

            • And right into the big house. lucille, don’t get too invested with these people. These are very serious charges against them. At best, they are lying people with no moral backbone. Why would you support them???????????? Go emulate someone worthy. Someone who gives their time freely and HONESTLY and makes a positive change for the world; not these 2 scumbags.

            • just cuirious,why do you have to use words like scumbags.that is one of most disgusting words people use now

            • I don’t normally use foul language, but it perfectly describes these “people”. Sorry. This is why I refrain from watching Bravo these days, and this is why I refrain from letting loose with my feelings for these lowlife poor examples for human beings.

            • Yes Lucille, you’re right! “Scumbags” is right up there with “dumby” and “silly”. Some people really need to watch their language around here – it’s disgraceful!

            • If it’s offensive, I’ll watch my words. Believe me, I could come up with 10,000 more descriptive words to describe them. ;)

    • Actually, it says that they made their second court appearance, not their second court appearance on the same day. Their first appearance would be when they were indicted two weeks ago.

      If I’ve misunderstood your post then I apologize in advance.

      • annie,you did misunderstand it. people were sayiong teresa and joe never showed up yesterday. barb and i both saw it on our local jersey news,so thats why, barb put the article up,to show they appeared for both hearings lol

  4. I think that ,if they are found guilty of these charges, they should be made to make restitution plus fines. Also community service, perhaps at a homeless shelter or a battered women’s shelter. But I disagree with prison time. Not only would the taxpayers be charged for their care but they would not be able to earn money to pay back taxes, creditors etc. I do not think locking a non violent offender in prison helps to deter these types of crime. But making them work to repay the funds may be a better lesson. I for one am waiting for the trial before I condemn. And BTW I do love Tre and Joe and I hope that if they are found to be guilty of the charges they continue to work toward bettering themselves. I am through with my rant now..

    • Making them pay how? they already stiffed people out of money due, you really think those 2 grifter will pay all the back taxes which are something like 2 million,interest and penaties added on. and what happen if they dont pay just forget it. Please these two esp Juicy have thumbed there nose at the law and acted liek the laws dont apply to him. If you think they are gonna pay you should think again they wont. they will plead “they dont have the money” “they cant get a job”

      • I believe they have already been paying off the debt that they attempted Bankruptcy on. However that aside. Do you think that they are going to be able to pay if they are in prison? If they are ordered restitution and they do not pay then perhaps prison may be in order. If they are allowed to stay on the outside and work then I feel the government and their creditors have a better chance of being repaid. Also if Joe is deported Teresa will follow. Again giving no chance of repayment.

        • They will never even try to pay the debt if they dont go to jail, these 2 cant be trusted to abide by the law if they didnt pay there debts before they arent gonna pay them if convicted. Juicy had building reposseed then sold he didnt pay squat and Joe M never got the money he was owed.

        • That make sense to an extent but they still need to be punished… Maybe 5 hours of cleaning up rubbish around New Jersey every day for the next 10 years and they can work to pay back their debtors for 8 hours a day. I’d be happy with that.

          • Oh, with one more thing – they must live a prudent life and can only have something like $50,000 a year to live on – anything in excess of that must be paid to their creditors until they are paid back in full. If they are caught at any time taking cash for their work their jail sentences come back in force. That, with YEARS of community service picking up rubbish and cleaning public toilets would be quite fitting.

    • They’ve been committing crimes for at least 10 years. Just what is there to love about these materialist thieves? Jail time would perhaps prevent them from doing it again and show others that crime does not pay. The laws exist to be enforced and not just for some who you “love” for some weird reason.

  5. One rag mag was reporting, Tree would plea ignorance, “she did not know what she was signing” or was her signature forged? If it comes down to one taking the fall???

    • That excuse wont fly, if she signed something without knowing what it is them she is at fault. Ignorence of the law has never been a excuse that flew in court. Now if her signature was indeed forged them thats another story, but her known signature is on some of the documents.

        • But her known signature is on some of those documents, she wont be able to plead she didnt know what she was signing because any fool knows thats stupid and not good practice. Howevr some are forged I am sure.

          • Maybe if it happened ONCE, it might be forgiven, but there’s too much of a paper trail here, and the signatures are glaringly obvious!

        • its strainge that joe’s partner,had power of attorney,then sues both teresa and juicy. they go to court,teresa has argument with monica,then monica gets kicked out of christmas party at melissa;s, then monica goes on two different talk shows, says she and her hubby are lawyers, and all of this explodes.

  6. Ok real/fake twitter experts… What do y’all think of this one? JohnnyTGrk says fake but … Pffft, right?

  7. OK All I have to say is I really hope that sketch artist doesn’t do wanted sketches for the police. The likeness is horrible!

        • o.m.g. lisa, u really do hate tre. do u know her? just asking. i could never hate
          anyone like that, especially if i really did not know them.

          • First off AIl have never said I hate her and what I say isnt any worse then what is said about Melissa,jax,caroline or the others. I dont see you commenting on what is said about the others

            I do however like making fun of her chewbacca hairline.

            • I dont hate anyone, so stop telling me what I feel.
              I have defended Chewy plenty of times.

            • Blah blah blah scumbags silly dummy Guidices! Who cares if Lisa is obvious in her dislike? Not everyone on here shrouds themselves in rainbows and bluebirds and pretends to be the Virgin Mary.

            • You know what i dont get, people hear say way worse about teresa then i do but im the one who catches hell wtf.

            • It’s a wolf-pack mentality and it’s infuriating to say the least. Just keep up the good work and fight back. It’s actually a lot of fun if you look at it as putting people in their place rather than defending yourself. You don’t have to explain youself to anyone on here – let alone defend your own views. Just stick it to ‘em! ;)

            • It is ammusing seeing people get their knickers in a wad esp when you point out the double standard in thier views.

            • No Lisa, everyone catches heck. No one is going after you in particular. At times I really enjoy your comments and agree with most but at times ( not necessarily with you) it’s the excessive piling on. T was not blind to any of this, maybe at the beginning she was but as time went on she knew. She should have to pay but not be completely ruined.

            • Oh and people dont dump on Melissa or Jax excessivly they do and what they say is way worse then what i say about Teresa difference is everyone agree with the

            • @ Stupified and Springtime

              WOW, we have something in common! I don’t care for Gwyneth Paltrow either.

              She is insufferably elitist and just ugh…just ugh!

        • Juicy’s lawyer said that Joe was unaware that Joe himself wasn’t a citizen as the rest of his family are citizens. *That* is bull$h!t! Joe could never obtain a U.S, Passport for trips to Italy. So much B.S.

          • @ Tammy

            Someone is fibbing and I don’t think it is Juicy…Juicy could NOT obtain a passport without the following:

            Primary Evidence of U.S. Citizenship (One of the following):
            Previously issued, undamaged U.S. Passport
            Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state*
            check box Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
            Naturalization Certificate
            Certificate of Citizenship

            *A certified birth certificate has a registrar’s raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal, registrar’s signature, and the date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office, which must be within 1 year of your birth. Please note, some short (abstract) versions of birth certificates may not be acceptable for passport purposes.

            • He had to present paper proving his citizenship when he renewed his driver license………….oh wait nevermind.

            • where do you get your info from, i just renued my license, answered few questions gave them my check, and got new one, yes i live in jersey

            • I know I bought some stuff to get rifd of Mucus at target they asked for my ID didnt want my state ID but my DOD ID i ask why she said we can scan that one…WTF

            • @ Romo
              In PA only first time voters have to show ID.
              We’re working on that and we should be having to show ID each time real soon.
              People need to call their State legislators and tell them they need to pass a Voter ID law NOW. One person, one vote!

            • @ Barb
              I agree. It should be a Federal law but the best we can do right now is get our State’s on board at the minimum.

            • @adios
              I didn’t know that you lived in PA. For some reason I thought you lived in NY.
              Ooh, rhnj is on!

            • @ Romo

              Lived in Long Island for about 5 yrs on and off but born and mostly raised here in PA! Love NY but, PA is home. I need green things and friendly people around me, lol! No offense to NYers! I love yuz too but in a different way…I need an NY fix badly. We use to go a lot and before Christmas was a must. Maybe, God willing, we can get there this year!

              I am waiting for the DVR to record before I watch RHONJ – I just can’t stand commercials!
              Have fun!

            • I’ve never been to Ny or PA. Go figure… I need to get up that way one day. I’m sure it’s lovely!

            • @ Romo

              PA is sooooooo beautiful, I mean that with all my heart. When I’m in “the city” (NY) I love it but, after 4-5 days I NEED to see a mountain, the sky, a tree! I get a sense of relief once we get to the interstate and I see my beloved mountains and trees.

              I love the city but, I am such a country girl at heart!

              You should make the trip, it’s worth it- you’d love the Poconos! Anywhere in PA actually. Well, NY is NY, it’s an easy 1.5 – 2 hrs away. Stay here and do a day trip to NY!

            • @ Barb

              Hopefully we will have nice foliage this year, the weather has been strange. We should being that it hasn’t been to dry or rainy.
              If you can push your visit to the second or third week of October that is peak season! It’s really quite spectacular, the mountains remind me of huge glistening 70s era shag carpeting that had the mix of fall colors…remember that? Lol! So beautiful! Much, much prettier than carpeting but, that’s the only way I can describe the colors!

    • LOL! What is the white squiggle in Tree’s bun supposed to be? Where is her bust?

      Looking at that sketch reminds me of those picture psychological evaluations where one has to say what he/she sees in the image. I see cheez-its! ;)

      • I didn’t see much likeness at all! They could have had a character artist come in from any local theme park who would have done a better job. Even if you’re not a Teresa fan, you have to admit that looks nothing like her or Juicy!

      • Also, Thank you, Chem, for seeing the humor in my comment. I don’t think I take my housewives as seriously as a lot do. I find them entertaining.

      • LOL Zeebah, Thank you. The way I see it right now, we can speculate about what we don’t know, or we can discuss what we do know, that sketch was awful. I saw another one somewhere that looked a little more accurate.

  8. Disturbing to see quite a few posts sympathizing with alleged -oh who are we kidding- with criminals. Just because there are seemingly worse -to some- offenders out there does not minimize the criminal actions these two have committed for at last a decade. This is no temporary lapse of morals brought on by sheer necessity. This is who they are. It was prolonged, premeditated, deliberate behavior to steal. Also, what makes the others mentioned (maddoff, other RHONJ cast members) worse..? It is because they stole more $ or because they are not found as charismatic..? These two failed to pay contractors, who in turn had to pay their workers, for sometimes weeks of work. This no doubt had some impact on the lives of these workers and their families. Maybe someone’s kid had to wait on a new pair of shoes so these two and their more precious kids sat their bums on brand spanking new toilets in a marble castle. Disgusting.
    And the lack of payment for services rendered is part of the bankruptcy case they filed. These are facts not waiting to be proven in a court of law.
    Also, if they truly had repented and wished to repay a significant -doutb they can ever repay all- portion of their debt, they would have sold the McMansion along with its expensive gaudy over the top furnishings. Hell if they at least learned something they would have made the decision to downsize not necessarily to pay their past debt but to at least now live within their means. But the flaunting didn’t stop. Who goes to their little kids soccer game in fur…
    This is not a case of the people against big corps or the govt. These are no Robin Hoods. These are examples of pure greed and dishonesty. This is turning into a case of semi celebrity grifters and the people who love them.
    Not looking to or interested in changing anyone else’s opinion. Simply stating my own.

    • You are absolutely correct: it is when you “drill down” to the actual facts that it becomes even uglier considering how many small businesses had to take the hit because of the greed of these two determined to live like royalty without having to actually pay for it.

      At one kid’s birthday party she was feted with a child sized SUV that cost over $2,500. Unimaginable for the average person but now we know it was probably never paid for or paid for with stolen funds.

      I honestly do not understand defending, supporting, or celebrating people who have pulled these scams on a consistent basis in order to live a life of privilege without ever having to work for it.

      • Why is that Adios? Is “kidding” now a rude word like “dummy” and “silly”. Please, lunachik, tone down the language – there are probably children reading this on their gold-encrusted computers!

        • @ Stupified

          Let me explain…it has nothing to do with “who are we kidding” being offensive words; it is after this phrase that she changes her POV from “allegations” to what she is saying as “truth”. A preconceived assumption of guilt based on her prejudices and NOT fact.

          Actual facts and NOT un-named sources and conjecture and still to be proven charges should not be what people base their opinions upon.

          I doubt THEY would want to be judged on innuendo or someone’s personal feelings about them so why should they judge others on anything other than FACT. An indictment is NOT fact. If it were there would be no need for a trial.

          I can sue anyone for anything and so can the Feds. Even hearsay.

          THAT is why we are assumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  9. Did I miss something? I thought this years show started off with a grand opening/party/fight and Kim D’s Posche store? What happened to that plot line. Did I miss it or was it editited out entirely?

  10. As a lawyer, I can tell you that you talk yourself purple in the face about maintaining a certain demeanor (including any parents or relatives) when in court and in public, but your clients often OFTEN think they know better than you do. I have had clients get very upset with me when I told them the truth about the way they were dressed for court after I gave them very specific instructions on how to dress. I am happy to see that Tre decided to wear an appropriate blouse beneath her suit on this occasion. Joe looked as well-dressed as Joe can look. His parents need to stay home.

  11. P.S. Teresa’s smirk really does bother me in this context and I mentioned it before, but looking at her face in these pictures I wonder if she just has a natural smirk on her face OR if when she sees a camera, any camera, she is still so tickled with herself that she is, in fact, suppressing a big Teresa grin. Joe has a natural dour expression, I think, and he also seems more aware of the seriousness (or seems to be more aware, who the hell knows) of his circumstance.

    • Hey girl! Hope you and your kiddos are doing well. I can’t believe school is about to start. I love having my boys home all day and having fun. But I’ll be back to sitting in the carpool on Monday. Woo hoo! Lol!

      • Howdy Romo. Gabe’s school has already started back. I kinda lost him this summer anyway once he got that license… off n runnin. Next step will be that after school job and mommytime will be severly curtailed. :( Momma rented her house out for the races so we are busy lil bees over here gettin the place all gussied up. I swan these people will prolly just use it as a crash pad but momma always has every nook n cranny pristine and spends exorbitant amount of time on the yard when I dont think any of our racepeople have ever really stepped foot in the backyard.

        • Your Momma cracks me up. Does she do all that yard work herself? God bless her. I think I might plan a vaca get-a-way to her house. She sounds like the best hostess! 😊

          • For the most part yes. And its kinda scary since she has a bulging disk which we have taken to calling it her bulging (word i cant type on here) Anyway she downs ibuprofen which masks it combined with her bipolar high and she thinks she can conquer the world on her own. I did talk her into letting someone else mow the yard at least. That is supposed to happen today. If you ever get down this way, please come on over would love to chat with cha.

            • I will definitely look you up if we ever get to Bristol. It would be great to see you and your dear Momma :-) Hopefully Gabe would play me a song or 2.

    • Hey toots. I take it things have been rough. Things can always be worse you could have Teresa’s hairline!

        • Is Gabe looking forward to school? We haven’t seen much of him lately. It’s hard to be a grandma groupie when he’s making himself scarce. LOL. Rock and Roll is good for whatever ails you!

            • Sweetie keep a close eye on him. It hit my son really hard and at 22 he is still struggling and he’s about to become a father. Let me know if you want my email so you can vent.

            • Thank you Cyn. I know this is bothering him MUCH more than he is letting on. Gabe is very much a hold it all in kinda kid but a momma knows. My daughter is crushed too. She is doing so good though plugging along with work and school. Throwing herself into her own life which is a good thing. So very proud of both of my youngins.

            • I hope Gabe puts the car keys down and picks up his guitar real soon. He’s very talented and his creativity needs to be enjoyed.

            • Thanks, Ms SH.
              Awesome song. Harrison has my favorite solo career – All Things Must Pass – a must have for anyone’s music collection.

    • Lucille like many others don’t understand that what they know of Teresa is a facade, someone playing a part like all the housewives.Had they been on this site long enough they would understand by now that the shows are scripted and edited to create these characters. Real life sometimes gets in the way of the characters they play on the show. IThat makes it hard to accept that they may not be who they think they are. It’s much like people who believed that soap opera actors were the parts they played.

  12. 39 counts! Jail time is a given, You don’t face that many charges with the Fed’s and walk away with probation. I feel sad for TG I don’t believe she was the master mind behind this! I’m sure her thug husband just ask her to sign here and here. If he was any bit of a man, he should take 100% blame so the girls would have ad least one parent home. He should then request to do his time in Italy because I have no doubt he’ll be deported so he should just move his family and live the remained of their life in Italy (not a bad place to live).

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