REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY Reunion Show: Gretchen Rossi… Tamballs Is Tired Of Takin’ The Heat

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Show, Wretched BLEEEEECH Rossi’s boyfriend, Jay Photoglou, is mentioned… not by name, but by photos which Vicki passes to Tamballs.  The photos depict Wretched cozying up with no-name Jay while Wretched was engaged to her dying fiancee, Jeff Beitzel.

Wretched explains during the reunion that she cozies up to all her male friends… just like she’s done with Jay… while her fiancee was dying.  UH… OK, Wretched!!

gretchen photoglou

Wretched behaves this way with ALL her male friends… watch out Terry Dull-BRO!!

RHOC Gretchen Photoglou pg


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 3.30.15 PM

Everybody knows that Wretched and Slimey will be havin’ a kid… just to keep their story line goin’!   Will Wretched have to search for a surrogate???  OR… will Wretched have to undergo IVF treatments to have multiples?  It’s a cliffhanger and one that everyone will be dying to watch!  It just screams “SPINOFF”!!!!


NOTE:  It was great of MissAndy to take the advice of many at SH and stop with the questions about bra sizes and dump the ridiculous shoe cam.

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55 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY Reunion Show: Gretchen Rossi… Tamballs Is Tired Of Takin’ The Heat

  1. Two things I noticed: Alexis sure looked closely at those blurred-out pix she grabbed up. Gretchen dinnin do aneetheen they accused her of (the nasallies really came out hard with each denial).

  2. Heres my issue, is that this Jay thing keeps coming up and I don’t find Tamra to be anything but a bitch for continuing to go back to it. It has been hashed and rehashed and either your going to let it go or you aren’t, but it needs to end. Period. It just is so 5 years ago, and how would Tamra like someone going back on her crap repeatedly after they had agreed to move past. And to be truthful, it isn’t going to get her anywhere- it’s like the GOP who keeps trying to defund Obamacare for the 40th time, knowing they don’t have the votes to pass it, it’s just a waste of everyones time. BORING

    • And then she says she’s the kind of person who lets things roll off her shoulders and will go after anyone else who rehashes crap from the past. She is crazy

    • I agree with you Ninja. I have been wondering myself why on earth this Gretchen cheating thing has gone on for so many years. It’s brought up every single week by one reader or another and is just so tiresome. As good old Heather would say, “if everybody tells you that you’re dead, it’s time to lie down”. The story is like beating a dead horse. Get over it and move on.

    • ITA! Why is Gretch’s infidelity worse than Vicki’s (she copped to affairs while married to Donn.) In principle, it’s despicable to do that. However, Gretch was new to them, yet Vicki & Tamrat treated her poorly. Whatever she did, was none of THEIR business. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about how sleazy Gretch was. Tamrat’s behavior is hardly above reproach.

      • Wretched does it solely for money, that’s why. She is also a serial cheater, cheated on her first husband with Jeff, cheated on Jeff with Jay, and cheated on both of them with Slimey.

  3. By your own admission, Gretchen, if THIS is what you do with ALL your guy friends, should it be any wonder other women cant stand you? Personally, Id rather you have cheated on your dying “fiance” than sit on the lap of and stick your tongue down the throat of every guy you know.

    • O M G ! So true Parkview and Ms SH has pictures of Gretc/Wetch dancing with some guy with his hands all over her etc. Besides the photos why is she in the bar while she knew Jeff ” fiance” was dying? And how long was it ???when she and sludge hooked up after Jeff pased?

    • Maybe at these reunions everyone should have a lie detector test hooked up to them. When they lie they get zapped with electrical currents.

  4. Tammy didn’t take any heat, she loved every single second of it.

    It’s not her business what Gretchen did or didn’t.

    It’s not Tammy Sue’s job to call everyone out for a liar and demand they acknowledge their “wrongs” (in Tammy’s eyes) and apologize to ANYONE. Tammy didn’t have to keep talking to Jay. She could have blocked his number quite easily.

    She’s got one huge set of misplaced balls.

    Run, EDDIE….RUN. Or at least get an annulment.

    Tamra’s a bitch, but she’s 10x worse when she and Vicki are on the same team.

    Those two are so miserable in their own lives (sorry, Eddie) they have no idea how pathetic they are.

    Is Alexis coming clean or getting back at Gretchen? How dumb is she to not know that next week Gretchen/Tammy/Vicki will be besties?

    • Nah, Tamballs was never really friends with Wretched, that was for the show. Stupid Wretched actually thought she had a seat at the mean girls table and stabbed Alexis in the back. I bet Alexis knows a whole lot more about liar Wretched, she is just not mean enough to spill it. Like the lie about Wretched getting her lips done last season.

    • Whatever anyone thinks of Eddie, he is in the right in trying to rein in her spending on the wedding and everything else. She is an airhead. He’s trying to stick to a budget, and she keeps trying to undermine that.

  5. That was stupid with their photo evidence. Reflects badly on them. Who does that. Dont they have lives. That 2nd picture really does look like they are being silly – a lot of people act stupidly like this

  6. And Lydia needs to STFU with her “well, what do u think” tagline. Thats all she does – instigate drama and drag everyone else in

  7. who cares what she did or did not do. she was single at the time, the guy was single at
    the time. she was engaged also; but how does anyone know what kind of a agreement
    she and jeff had. he was very ill, she was young, he was happy to have her take care of
    him. he had been married several times. if they had an agreement, and she will not admit
    it, i say good for her and for his memory. besides was it not tamara, who was whoring out
    her own son, at one point, when she and vicky were trying to get gretchen wasted? only
    jeanna, and lynne, were trying to stop her from drinking. tamara is and will always be
    trailer trash.

    • Oh yeh, thats the other thing.. Everyone makes out that Jeff is some innocent victim. Who knows his intention or the terms of arrangement. You can’t say that 100yo guy is that naive and stupid. Why anyone is obsessed with Jeff & Gretch’s relationship is beyond me. I smell haterade and jealousy

      • Me too! They must find a new horse to beat. It has nothing to do with her current fiance’. I liked Tamra until she used Gretchen to fill the friend tank after her fight with Vicki. Gretchen is the dumbest girl in the OC or sunthin to think Tamra’s apology was sincere. I wonder how many times she’s heard “I told you so” from Slade and anybody else who cares. Alexis gets a decency point for saying she’d take up her issues with Gretchen later, but maybe she hasn’t forgotten how it felt.
        I must be crazy.

      • If Jeff had an arrangement with Slut face gretch. then why not just come out and say so?? Please ,she is a pig who would sleep with anyone.I would not want a friend like that around me.Also subhuman was is there to be jealous about i find Gretchen to be homely please what a horse face yuk.

    • ITA Kayek. They are all hags. I watched the reunion with disgust for all of them. This group shows no solidarity. I can honestly say that I don’t care for any of them, so I don’t watch. This Jeff storyline is done! Let his kids remember their father as something more than a rhw plot line. This group convinces me that all the hw shows should end after 3 seasons. Do any of these women improve over time? I think not!

  8. Because we all French kiss other dudes and let them take naked wasted pics of us with vibrators while we’re so in love with our dying fiancé, right? Happens all the time…..yeah, ahaaa.

  9. Why all the hate for Gretchen? I’d rather hang out with her than vile viscious vapid Vicki, trailor-trash-talking two-faced Tamra, bible-beating Barbie, high horse ho hum Heather, loose-lipped Laurie or love and lightweight la la Lydia

    • Why the hate for gretc.? Are you kidding Mixed. Why would anyone want to hang out with her so that maybe she could sit on your husbands lap and rub her body against him.Get out she is gross

      • Bottom line, women do not like their friends to constantly lie to them. It breeds mistrust. Without trust it’s very hard to keep the friendship going.

    • I have to somewhat agree with you. Gretchen seems to suffer from a bad reputation (with photos to prove it.) However, the rest of the cast is no bargain for the reasons you state. They all need to be flushed, especially 2-faced Tamrat and Vicious Vicki. Shame on them for focusing their malice on Gretch, who actually never did anything to them that deserved the unrelenting persecution.

      • Oh yeh, thats another thing. What did she do to them to make them go all PI. They were just threatened and couldnt handle it, and were obsessed with her. I’d too chose Wretched over the rest. Did I already say that?

  10. I totally think Gretchen cheated on her dying finance and is now trying to back peddle so she doesn’t look like a gold-diggin whore.

    • I think so too, Gretc/Wretch cheated on Jeff but now she is trying to back track to no avail…. She has proved she has no firends except the ones at her party…and that is very sad.

      She is a wanna be so badly of any sort I think she is loving the attention.

  11. This news is so 4 years ago! Speaking of “shoe cam” SH: my dog @Rosie_Bassett tweeted Heather yesterday and asked if any of the HW pay for their own clothes and shoes for the reunion and Heather actually tweeted my dog back “I pay for everything myself! As far as I know, so does everyone else.”

    • I bet on their yearly taxes they can write off their clothing, make up and hair artists, and much more. Vocation: Reality star housewife.

    • OMG PJ!!!!!!!! Your dog is Rosie_Basset !?!?!? This day gets better and better. I saw Rosie on Ms. SH’s twitter the other day and was so happy! My baby Emily (RIP) was a TN basset girl, too.

  12. Although Gretch is continually under fire for her past and her lame excuses, Vicki and Tamra are also ridiculous in the way they continually change their tunes. Examples are: 1) Vicki claimed she is “all for monogamy” and she believes that marriage is so great (blah, blah, blah). She steadfastly said that she was always faithful to Donn. Then, this season, she claimed that she always “owned it” that she had affairs during that marriage (& so did he, so there!). 2) Meanwhile, her version of Renfield (i.e.Tamrat), wooed Gretch all last season with tears, & promises of undying friendship at how sorry she was about doubting Gretch’s faithfulness (yada, yada, yada). She complained that she hated being perceived as a liar. Then, in previews, she admits that she LIED to Gretchen about her sincerity. Both Vicki & Trampa are liar faces when it comes to any convictions they attempt to put forth. One thing came out last night though, Gretch really has no friends on the show. She needs to leave the show and take her Slimeball with her.

    • Well, Wretched had a friend, but she stabbed her in the back to sit at the mean girls table.
      I dislike wretched the most of any of them.

      • And who wants to be around a woman who is always trying to get EVERY guys attention? She apparently thinks its normal to sit on laps, mouth kiss, whatever any of her guy friends. She told us that herself. Every time I try to like this girl, she just slaps me back into reality.

    • That is what I thought too. They ALL ganged up on her. She has no friends. And they do it, because it’s for their own benefit to be against her. I dont know why she bothers with these people either. I always say it. Or why she engages with them – tell em to F off. She gets so upset when they come for her. It’s hard, but I think she’s gotta learn how not to get upset by these people. I think she cares too much about them and what they think of her. I think she actually likes them and wants to be their friends.

      • It must be like a deja moo moment for Wretched because this is exact bullshit that she participated in last year against her friend Alexis. You know, all of them ganging up against her because Alexis is a little shallow?

  13. It’s being brought up to show what a lying, untrustworthy, gold digging, shady, phony mofo she is. She is a turd. Her and slimy deserve each other. Bleeech!!!!!! BTW Once again she looked not only f’ing ridiculous with her over the top hair, makeup and costume she looked like she had a hangover. She is so gross. Ish

  14. The housewives have 2.5 million reasons to not like Gretchen. That’s what Jeff left her and that is the money she uses to pretend she is successful. (Remember her saying she worked really really hard to get where she is?) Without the dead guys cash Gretchen Christine would resemble poor broke down “cat poop in the condo Laurie” (the Laurie we knew when she worked for Vicki) lol

    • Not to mention that if that were the case, she would not give the time of day to a broke dick like Slade, but since he is her ticket to stay on the show, she is in love and just trying to ‘enjopy’ her engagement.

  15. I am sick of Tamballs and Icky bringing this up over and over again, Tamballs 1st husband reporting she cheated on him and now we know Vicki is a HO, other media reports that Vicki has always been a cheater; bottom line, they just do not like Gretchen or Slade and they are jealous of her, Vicki is not attractive, many times Gretchen is in various media outlets in a bikini and you know Vicki would never be. Tamballs is very insecure and deep down inside has always been jealous of other people. Exlaxis sitting on the evil side of the couch chimes in like her life is perfect……Jimbo and Peggy, Jimbo’s share of legal problems?? Heather just focus on your house and bossing your kids and husband around. Lydia, grow up!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I wish they would all just SAY what they are actually mad about. It’s all subtext. Like they (the other liars) want to paint G as a liar. They allude to this as a general trait but will only talk about over-flogged topics like Jay.
    I’ve said before that I think G winning that last round of the suit gave her this sense of pure victimhood/victory- like winning that meant that the cheating rumors were also untrue. So while the suit is going on and she’s vulnerable, she makes nice- or tries to- with the biggest mouths on the show. When she’s exonerated- in her mind- her need to make nice goes away, and her attitude changes. I am convinced that this is why they are so mad at her. Like she’s gone back to being the liar face/manipulator as they are so find of saying. But they can’t or wont explain it- or her other offenses in their eyes- so they whip out ancient photos. It’s clear at this point she’ll never give up the ghost.
    My kingdom if any of them would just come out and say it- WhateverTF it is!

    • Zeebs! I like what you said…about how she thinks winning the suit maybe exonerates her. And then her attitude changed. So just maybe there is a little disconnect in Gretchys brain that makes her gloss over the WHY she won, and not so much that she never had anything romantic to do with him. See, guys! I won! Unfortunately for Gretch, the point in question for the lawsuit wasnt whether or not those two slept together. Those little details will get you every time! But I do agree with those who say theyve all done their share of lying. In that respect, IMO, Gretch is no better or worse than the rest.

      • What you said- and they are all pros at answering the Qs they’d prefer be on the table. Plus I do think G is lying through her sinuses about not dooeeen aneetheen. I don’t need any pix to see that.
        As long as I’m shedding my irritants on the topic, I’ll add this: she’s prob only showing up on anyone’s radar bx she keeps claiming that she(‘s the only one who) owns things. In her lengthiest blog discourse on the topic of said ownership, she concludes by explaining how her real friends just change their minds and realize they were wrong about her all along, after hearing her explanation. Um, that’s not ownership.

      • PS about the suit. Besides her winning having nothing to do IRL/outside of her mind with not cheating, I have wondered about her win there, too. Jay consistently won Judges’ rulings; then she wins the jury trial and he claims it’s because of star-struck jurors. Seems laughable on its face, but *someone* is buying all of her Gretchen Christine shill. The local Rolls dealership found enough advertorial value in partnering with her. Just to make an unsaleable (monogrammed?!?!?) pink albatross. There must truly be a bunch of OC-GC aspirational ladies. Maybe they’re trying to follow in Alexis’ alleged footsteps to get on the show.

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