VICK GUNVALSON, RYAN CULBERSON: Vicki Has More To Deal With… Ryan’s “Domestic Violence” Record?… Let’s Wait To See The OFFICIAL Court Documents…

NOTE:  If you subscribe to SH, you received notification of this post earlier today.  When you clicked to read, the item was unavailable.  Why?  After double checking the OC County records, there are some questions which cannot be answered without reading the actual court documents.  The documents are unavailable online.

In a nutshell, a Culberson petitioned for divorce on November 11, 2009; their divorce was granted less than a year later, on September 9, 2010.

ryan divorce dv arrow ryan dv rhoc arrow

BEFORE the Culberson divorce was granted, a temporary restraining order was filed against Ryan Culberson on July 8, 2010.

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What does this mean?  It looks like, from the limited information at the OCCourts online, that perhaps there was another party involved in the marriage in 2010; that party became involved with Ryan and before the divorce on September 9, 2010, a restraining order was filed by the third party, which at this point can only be assumed is a girlfriend.

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Many are making the erroneous assumption that Ryan Culberson beat the crap outta his girlfriend because a restraining order was filed.  As Tom Wolfe said, “You can indict a ham sandwich”… you can also create a very imaginative scenario from two words:  domestic violence.

WHEN the official documents become available, they will be posted on SH.  Until then, please keep in mind that anyone can file for an emergency restraining order… with no proof of any injuries.  In the meantime, if there are factual illustrations of why a restraining order was filed, please send them.

The following is the item posted and retracted this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 3.05.06 PM

Looking at situations from the outside gives one a more focused view.  With no emotions involved, one can watch the interactions between Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers and come to the quick conclusion that Vicki needs to RUN, Vicki, RUN… get away from that affirmation-spoutin’ phony-fur-buyin’ Crooks!

However, there seems to be a  very deep connection between Vicki and Crooks.  Crooks, despite what others see, seems to have filled Vicki’s love tank.  IMO, Vicki and Crooks’ constant breakups are the result of others opinions.  After listening to and reading criticisms of Crooks, one of them (Vicki or Crooks) announces a breakup.

If Vicki loves Crooksy, then by all means, ska-rew all the critics and stick with him.   Vicki may see what others see in time…


Vicki has more important problems to deal with… in particular, the problem with Ryan.

Vicki loves her only daughter, Briana, and Briana’s baby, Troy.  IMO, Vicki would never allow Briana to be put in harms way.  However, there seems to be some controversy swirling around Ryan… which Vicki may be unaware.

As much as we like Ryan Culberson at SH, he may have been involved in a domestic violence case with his former girlfriend.

ryan dv case arrow RYAN RHOC DV arrow

Ryan married Briana Wolfsmith October 23, 2011, after a brief (seven months) online courtship.  

The quick courtship resulting in a quickie Las Vegas wedding was explained by Briana.  Briana felt that anything could happen and with Ryan being deployed, he may not return… justifying that Las Vegas marriage.

Briana has shown herself to be a very smart, level-headed person who happened to fall for a soldier.  Part of Briana’s attraction to Ryan may have been the fact that he is a Marine; Briana wanted to join the armed forces to serve as a nurse.  If you recall, Vicki flipped when Briana told her of her plans.

Could Briana have subconsciously been “getting back” at Vicki’s disapproval of her plans to serve her country as a nurse by quickly marrying her Marine?

NOTE:  There are always several sides to a story.  Hopefully, the official court documents can make the accusations clearer.  The reason for redacting the other party’s name is to protect her identity (at least on this site) in the event that she was a true DV victim.

Perhaps both Vicki and Briana need to take a break from the adult men, who seem to be  complicating their lives… and concentrate on one little guy, Troy.

RHOC Brianna update

AGAIN…when the detailed official court documents are available, will continue this post.

(Thanks to SH reader “BrOn”!!!)

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60 comments on “VICK GUNVALSON, RYAN CULBERSON: Vicki Has More To Deal With… Ryan’s “Domestic Violence” Record?… Let’s Wait To See The OFFICIAL Court Documents…

    • I called this months ago and when I saw Ryan’s aggressive behavior toward Judy it pretty much confirmed this for ME. Ryan looked like he wanted to hit Judy….it looked pretty scary. I don’t give two shiits what went down that “producers” supposedly didn’t show….the kind of aggression that Ryan went beyond that. The way he talks to Vickie is beyond rude and disgusting….considering she is his MIL….a mother in law you are just know building a relationship with after a quick relationship and marriage to her only daughter. Not to mention a MIL u are currently living in the home of….regardless if u pay rent. Ryan should have stayed a background player on this show.

      • Mel, ITA with your every word! Ryan should have had a diminished role on the show. Plus, he should have entered Vicki’s life in a much more supportive or quieter way. From the moment they met, he tried to overpower her. That’s bizarre to me. He’s turned into the “Son-in-Law From HELL”.

        • I thought Briana had more sense than to take up with some total stranger online then marry him 7 months later.

          How can anyone say they “know” somebody when their courtship seems to have taken place online?

          Looks as if they are getting to know him a lot better now.

  1. Briana, and especially the baby, do not need whatever weird vibes are floating around Vicki and the grifter. I am very happy to hear she is getting her own place. Thought I’d heard that Crooks was finally and forever out of the picture. I would not trust him in my house alone, let alone with my daughter or grandson. Vicki needs to grow up and move on… quickly! If he is the best she thinks she can do, I suggest she seek therapy asap.

  2. Wow didn’t see that coming ! Not. Talk about a control freak. This guys a ticking time bomb. Very short fuse. Tick tick tick.

  3. It’s great advice given to Vicki and Briana to get away from the toxic men in their lives. I would like to add that they should steer clear of reality tv to concentrate on what is REAL life for them. Clearly, the show has heaped tons of stress onto both of them.

  4. Watching reruns when Briana was 18 she has doubled in size.Looks so much older.She may have low self esteem and if so Ryan will hold that over her head to control her.Hated the finale when Vickie was in that too small dress with the pulled seam up the butt look.Her tired titties swinging were a bit much.She was dressed inappropriate for her age.Guess those boob jobs do sag in time.Her dresses are too short and too tight for her age.
    I do hope Briana and the baby moved out and let Vickie screw Brooks if that is what she wants.Its her house to do as she pleases.Both women have made bad mate choice but its their lives.

    • I’m sorry I have to agree with your take on the situation. It was sad for me to see how darling Brianna was at 18 and I had too many negative thoughts about what that douche bag/prick was probably saying to her. I believe he smelled the $$$ and said “Vegas?”

      • i would hate for brianna to move out of vicki’s house. for her to be alone in a
        apartment, with the nut case she married, is a recipe for disaster.
        god only knows what he might do to her. brianna, swallow your pride, and
        divorce the maniac. get the baby back into mom’s house for safety

        • I had not seen the OC episodes with Ryan since the wedding and did not know about his DV charges and apparent controlling personality problems when I last responded that Bri should move out on her own, away from Vicki and the creep. No woman should subject herself to that kind of guy, and certainly not subject her son to him. If she has an inkling that he might be abusive or controlling with her, now is the time for Bri to get herself and her son out of the marriage. In this instance, Vicki could be a huge help.

        • Briana has apparently moved out if we are to believe what we hear from these people. It concerns me, too. Normally, I would say absolutely no way is it a good idea to live with your mom when you are fully grown and just starting your life. But in this case, I fear the distance will further isolate Bri from those who would be willing to help her should the worst scenario be the case. Bri has already shown she is willing to defend Ryan no matter what so she will probably hide all the negative happenings from her mother and everyone else. There is one hope, though. Ultimately, moving out may be what finally forces Bri to realize her mistake. Living with Vicki, she can, and has, been able to blame Vicki for all of Ryans behavior issues. He blames her too. Who will be to blame when it is just him, her and baby Troy?

          • FWIW, I do think Bri would tell Vicki. I think Bri just didn’t want to discuss it with Vicki in front of the cameras. As the adage goes, victims are the experts at keeping themselves safe.

            • Eventually, when the sh!t hits the fan, Bri will have to tell her mother. IMO, not until she is very close to leaving him (and she will). But for now, she will keep hiding, hoping that he will change because you cant untell a story. If she tells her mother, whats a mother to do with that info? Carry on with Sunday dinner across the table from the man who just kicked out one of her daughters teeth? This is why so many women are abused for years and nobody knew about it. They intentionally hide it.

    • My heart goes out to Brianna. From what she has revealed and described on past seasons of the show, it sounds like she’s had nothing but crappy male role models in her life. It was either her or Michael that said their biological father wasn’t around much after Vicki divorced him, and I don’t know how positive of a role model Donn was. If all she has seen was negative and abusive, of course it explains why she was drawn to Ryan, because to her that feels ‘normal.’ I’m not surprised at all that these court documents surfaced and Ryan was involved. Don’t know the facts, but I have my suspicions. I thought he was bad news from day one. JMO

      • All I know of Donn is that both of Vicki’s kids have said that he was their ‘real’ father and that they remain(ed) close to him after the divorce.
        Lots of women end up in controlling or otherwise abusive relationships without prior male violence in the home. Though you’re right, Love, there’s usually some way that it feels normal for women to be drawn in. IMO there was something off because of all of the controllingness in the home, so much so that it was part of the viewer questions/ Reunions (before the Reunions turned into the mess they are today).
        But maybe it was such a quick relationship (am aware of that being a sign) before the pre-deployment marriage, pregnancy, etc, that Briana didn’t suss things out enough.

  5. As “involved” as Vicki is in her children’s lives, I imagine that she already knows this. Does anyone remember last season when she and Brianna were at Brianna’s condo talking about Brooks and Don and before Vicki left when they were in the kitchen Vicki brought up something about Ryan’s past? I can’t remember what she said. Wish I could watch that again.

    • I think when Briana told Vicki that she has concerns about Brooks Vicki said she does too, about Ryan. Then Briana asked why Vicki brought up Ryan when they weren’t even talking about him. Vicki said it’s because that’s how she feels.

    • @ Seasaidh yup, when they were sitting on Bris’ couch and Brianna said” she looked Brooks up online” then V said “she looked up Ryan too”. Thats were the two kids came in. Vicki said it. i remember how it was said so quick and dropped.Dont remember the season, but i remember that episode.

  6. One has only to note that Ms Lawrence filed a FIVE page complaint against Culberson. Culberson files a SEVEN page response. The Court grants the TRO. And we are to believe there’s nothing worthy in those documents — that someone went to the trouble, expense and embarrassment of drafting 5 pages of baseless fiction just because?? I ain’t biting…

    DV doesn’t solely rest on one party “beating the crap” out of the other; verbal abuse, fear of infliction of current/future harm or a shove all qualify. While Ryan may not have punched or choked Rachel, my money is on his having done something abusive that warranted her seeking protection.

    A little known fact (at least here in NC – 30 minutes from Ryan’s hometown): If your husband/fiancé/ boyfriend puts you in a rear choke-hold while breaking your finger, should you try to make him to let go by either kicking at his leg/foot or scratching him with your free hand, YOU will also be arrested for DV when the police arrive? If there is no proof that he attacked you first and that you were only acting in self defense, then a judge will sort it out. But you both get arrested. How screwed up is that? So it will be interesting to read the cross allegations in these filings. Think it’s safe to assume that a trained soldier wasn’t the one being abused. My advice to Briana wd be to buy one of Ms Phaedra’s pink tasers and always keep it on her person. BC as sure as the sun will rise, that angry man she’s married to is going to hurt her.

  7. There is something about Ryan that I noticed on the finale. Of course the screaming and cursing was awful but the most shocking thing to me was how Vicki, who is always in everybody’s face screaming and making a scene, seemed to be extremely scared of Ryan. Like terrified. Briana needs to dump him ASAP. Also he said I OWN the house then backpaddled on that when he was yelling at Judy.

  8. Ms SH,
    I think Jac is referring to you.. LOL!!

    ” I’m sorry if some of u don’t believe my twitter followers r real…but they ARE!Keep hating.I don’t buy followers!People know I tweet a lot! “

  9. I wonder if he is brain damaged because of the large scar on his forehead? Perhaps that is what Briana meant when she mentioned to Vicki that he wasn’t like them. If he is, it might account for his bizarre behavior. Brianna might feel sorry for him and be ignoring some warning signs, even unduly flattered in a sense about his overprotective nature (which is actually controlling and disrespectful of HIM).

    • I get what you’re saying, Debra. IMO there is something additional that fuels his aggressive behavior, but I have no basis to say it out loud. I don’t think it’s ‘roids or PTSD, certainly, but something else.
      Usually abusive men or classic DV-types are suave enough: (1) NOT act certain ways in public, (2) especially NOT versus women, and (3) know to apologize. It’s all part of the pathology.
      Ryan has not even apologized to Judy, per last I heard, and was publicly right-fighting, last we heard of him.
      Regardless, they all need professional help.

      • suave enough *to* : (oh, eff it- that won’t fix it all).
        Separately, I can say this: certain commonly prescribed medications can cause (or facilitate) hypervigilance, aggressiveness, paranoia, etc. Especially when mixed with alcohol at the end of the day…and/or combined with certain personality traits. I do not have any information that this applies in this case.
        And even if that were the case, my refrain stands: they would need professional help.
        But maybe something *like* this, or what you/others suggest, is why many with experience with DV- personally or professionally- are seeing this differently. ish.

        • Zeebs! I think Ryan came to the party that night looking to fight. I think he thought the fight would be about Crooks. Look at the way he was dressed. Like he was going to Walmart. Kind of a big FU to Vicki and the other party goers.

          • Oh, I think that’s exactly what happened. He wanted to get his agenda on film straight-away with G &S. (And I think the no take-out trash thing was about V having staff, and R saying eff-you to playing along with that, too. Many chips, many many chips on those shoulders).

          • Exactly-He showed up with a chip on his shoulder and wanted to engage Vicki in a fight about Brokes-hence dishing dirt with Gretchen and Slad-Vicki’s enemies-but something caused him to veer off course.

    • Ryan is an a-hole. Bravo reran this episode today and I was paying special attention. I’ve met creeps like him. Brianna, who was usually pretty level headed, is in for heartbreak. What a stupid move, getting involved with that moron. The reason for the scar on his forehead? Maybe someone tried to knock some sense into him. I despise people like him, male or female.

  10. THANK YOU SH! for asserting benefit of doubt on this until more information becomes available. I try very hard to take these court records that don’t show the actual declarations and affidavits, only the filings, with several grains of salt. Just because Ryan was accused of DV does not make him guilty.
    It’s not right for folks to form an opinion until they have all the facts, and even then, details are sorely lacking in statements, or distorted, etc. I don’t like the old saying that Heather Dullbro relies on: “There’s three sides to everything – his, hers and the truth.” I call BS! There’s way more than three sides.
    I’d really like to suggest to those who might be interested to check out Dr. Elizabeth Loftis, PhD. She’s done outstanding work on eye witness testimony, video facts and fiction and a number of other papers and books on the subject. Please people, try to remember to gather and glean as many facts as you can before forming an opinion or making an accusation. Thanks again Ms. SH for your responsible and accurate postings.

    • punkin: There is more to come re Ryan and the “DV” allegations. Can only say at this point that info is being verified…people certainly are painting a “DV” picture who are not artists! That HeatherDull-BRO quote is quite an old one… and totally agree that there are MORE than three sides!

      A much more appropriate quote re Ryan and the “DV” allegation would be from Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities”: a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich’ …. More to come… TFC!!! SH

    • I dont know if Ryan is a hitter of women. But IMO, he is verbally and emotionally abusive. Thats bad enough for me. And sometimes its worse, because its easier to hide than physical abuse.

    • Punkinseed, ITA with you. Many were so quick to jump on the hate Ryan bandwagon and didn’t have the facts to support their statements. I still stand by my original assessment of Ryan and my thoughts will not change unless something very drastic happens. Thank you Ms SH for how you reported this.

  11. Being an “olds” and on the dating scene for years, Ryan had warning signs from the first encounter. Sorry, being very experienced, you’ve GOT to take heed. He had at least 4 or 5 women crying/upset. Who does that? No one in my company, for sure. I’d give him a matching scar.

  12. We all have natural intuition, that gut feeling. Women, mothers and survivors of DV are especially sensitized to indications of aggressive/controlling behavior, “the little red flags”. We see the signs, warn our daughters, but they want/have to experience for themselves before they reach a conclusion based in logic vs love, hopefully in time.

    I don’t know Ryan, and don’t wanna know Ryan, but MY GUT is on fire, as if Bri were my daughter. Things happened really fast with them (7 months courting online – hmmm YOU CANNOT “KNOW” SOMEONE VIA WORDS ON A SCREEN OR PHONE, or over 7 hectic days face to face).

    Hindsight is 20/20 of course, and we don’t know if Bri or Vic GOOGLED Ryan before tying the knot. Perhaps 1 or both did, but TRUE INTERNET LOVE prevailed. (side eye)

    So now what, since we’re all up in their kool-aid? Pray! Pray that God: keeps Bri, Troy, Vicki and Judy safe…allow Bri a clear head to step back and reflect honestly on her current situation….assess any “little red flags” that come to mind (they’re there, trust me)…decide next steps.

    Best course? INTENSIVE THERAPY FOR BOTH. She can explore what NEED/VOID was within her to marry a man she met online, “courted” for 7 months and saw for a total of 7 days?? And perhaps re-examine the gall to tell her Mom who she can/cannot date and invite to her home. Oh and does Brooks have a DV RO on him. I don’t know/care, but think about who is worse to be around you son.

    He can explore his “love” for women, and the meaning of respect, and need for control and how we can “tweak” his personality ever so slightly to make him seem human and empathetic. And while he’s at it, he can look into what made him tweet about people standing in line on Black Friday to “go get a better paying job”. I’m sure there were some “spoiled entitled” people’s butler/assistant in line to get deals for their bajillionaire boss, who didn’t get rich being stupid. Hmmm…people are morons for standing in line to get a deal….and they Must be Poor etc to be there.

    IMO there is cause for concern indeed. #pray I hope Bri takes this glaring opportunity to explore herself, and I wish her and Troy the best. sorry to go on..just passionate and empathizing

    • I agree with you. There are major red flags with that guy, but then it is easy for me to say, as a middle aged woman who has been around the block a time or two. Pulling the wool over the eyes of a young naïve girl in her 20’s is a whole ‘nother Oprah, as they say.

  13. A thought: let’s be mindful to not inadvertently pull a Jodi Arias, and ‘see’ the truth of a man based on the worst of his behavior stacked on tape in the most extenuating of circumstances.

    I’m not up for pulling all of my prior comments into this one. It’s a long, evolving discussion.

    I do think that a lot of what we’ve seen onscreen is the result of someone trying to control the ‘truth’ of what’s put out there about himself, his relationships, and his dogs in various fights. And as the attempts to do so escalated out of control, so too did his reactions.

    I’d bet V knew all about any prior intersections with the law, so to speak, given her line of work- among other things.

    We should assume V and B know way more than any of us, talk amongst themselves way more than what was shown on TV, etc. If we take away their agency, we repeat what we condemn.

    Let’s put it this way: I just want to make a simple comment that’s not along the lines of rounding up pitchforks, and the mere thought of all the ways it’s not ‘just right’ or disclaimer-ridden compulses me to say more. As I’ve said elsewhere, commenters alone are quite passionate about various truths as we see them. We’re maddened by manipulative people in our own lives. I cannot imagine the ratcheting impacts of being *filmed for broadcast* amongst layers and layers of manipulations and angling players. I know I would not fare too well. I would not be described as an angry person, but this type of *ish would make me angry, especially if I was younger and dumber enough to respond. Like trying to bail flood water with your bare hands…

    I bet Blavo’s got plenty of footage of Ryan being a loving SIL, husband, father. Maybe he’s even got a sense of humor- who knows! But once the finale party blew up, the edge of the knife became *a lot* sharper.

    • It would be nice to believe that there’s a kinder, gentler side of Ryan. So far, it hasn’t been shown. Even the Crooksmonster has been seen as a “poetic” guy (albeit swiped from Hallmark) trying to woo “his lady”. We laughed at his constant smarmy talk, but at least he didn’t intimidate anyone in the beginning. Right out of the gate, Ryan staked HIS territory to be everything he sees. He has never been shown to be the least bit helpful, kind, or loving (which is weird since he is a new Groom and Dad). Even a little sweetness would have seeped through the hours of filming, don’t you think?

  14. Hi, Lynda- that was kind of my point. We do not know if they’ve got better behavior on film. But if they do, they’ve got less of an incentive to air such footage versus all of asshat behavior once he exploded. The editors/producers on all of the ‘reality’ shows acknowledge doing this type of thing for storyline purposes. To make an analogy to a much lesser situation, take the Vicki and Lauri thing. I felt awful for V that they sort of ‘bolstered’ L’s claims by airing all of V’s sex-related comments around then (the gross Mexico trip). Yes, she said those things. And maybe all of that behavior is related to the same core ‘thing’ about V. The overall impression was made worse, though, with that footage versus other comments she may have made.

    Given his disdain for the show and general personality, I think he thinks he’s ‘right’ about an awful lot of stuff. So much so that he doesn’t or cannot bother with the Crooksy-suave routine.

    Thank you for recognizing that I was talking about a different nuance of this issue, not defending him or unringing the alarm bells. I’ve engaged in plenty of critical commentary over the issues we’re all concerned about…

    The OC ladies are screaming in my ear right now- cannot concentrate! Hope this makes sense.

  15. Thank you for this info SH. A temp restraining order is not as binding as a permanent restraining order. If one violates a permanent restraining order, they can be arrested. Police will honor a permanent restraining order over a temp one. Ryan will have a DV record only if he was prosecuted for DV. As someone who has worked in the field of victim and wittness protection services, Ryan did register on my creep-o-meter. He acts like he is personally threatened if he does not have control over a situation. It did not surprise me that Breanna eloped. She wanted the wedding her own way and she got it. Keep an eye out for who and what pushes Ryan’s buttons. And I must say that Ryan is not as bad as PT’s father George!

  16. I do agree that many temporary restraining orders are given based on a persons word vs proof. However a JUDGE hears the case and makes a decision. It is offensive to all victims to claim anyone can get a temp restraining order. The bottom line is a judge agreed that Ryan was a significant threat. The temporary may be followed up with a timed order. Usually a year. The fact that it was not followed up in no way means the temporary one was bogus. I will not speculate too much but it could also mean the Marine was afraid for his career and backed off. You also do not need to “beat” anyone up to be deemed a danger. A restraining order is given if one fears for their well being due to actions from another. Given ryans demonstration on camera his anger is serious and he doesn’t care if he throws that anger toward a women. Can you imagine being alone with such as a women? That anger may indeed be the reason fear was invoked hence protection order. I personally would never judge based on any reality show as a norm…but I as did others watched that boys anger toward a women, even worse a women of retirement age. I dont care what she said he Ryan has zero….yes zero respect for a lady or an elder. Vikky pointed out who she was hence age, he said clearly he didn’t care. Any women who has ever seen rage from a man and watched ryan…not editing Ryan himself, words, action etc…..recognizes that rage. He has an issue, its a serious issue. I dont care what any women said his own behavior on camera was one unjustified. I feel bad if his service to our country is causing ptsd or other issues. But make no mistake if this was the president himself displaying ryans display I would still agree. Ryan needs help, he is the furthest thing from ok. My experience and opinions come from 18yrs of working with battered women and children and 15yrs of running anger management groups for the batterer. I am simply calling a spade a spade. No amount of PR can undo or justify the actions we all witnessed.

    • Where I live if a DV call is made a RO is automatically put in effect. It then gets reviewed. I think that your history may cloud your judgement as mine does. I think that we are basing all of this on a phoney baloney show and the 5 minutes we watched. I think that is wrong. I would make bet you will never see this couple expose themselves to us or Bravo again.

  17. Vicki is attracted to Women; I’m a lezbo from SF, CA. It was not a “leak”, when Tamara hugged her and pulled her down on the bed her body responded, a love release. Women who love woman know the “release”. It is pretty obvious to the Castro – she jizzed!!

  18. Does this restraining order against Ryan suprise you…well it shouldn’t. He is a cocky, disrespectful, scum bag. And for Brianna she is definately her mothers daughter. Just like Vicki she makes excuses for her mans behavior and refuses to see the truth, that Ryan is a looser. Brianna is not this sweet level headed person everyone has made her out to be…but then again compared to all the completely insane woman on the show I can see how Brianna can come out top dog. Never the less it still doesn’t say much for her, but only that she is top on the sh_t pile.

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