VICK GUNVALSON, RYAN CULBERSON: Vicki Has More To Deal With… Ryan’s “Domestic Violence” Record?… Let’s Wait To See The OFFICIAL Court Documents…

NOTE:  If you subscribe to SH, you received notification of this post earlier today.  When you clicked to read, the item was unavailable.  Why?  After double checking the OC County records, there are some questions which cannot be answered without reading the actual court documents.  The documents are unavailable online.

In a nutshell, a Culberson petitioned for divorce on November 11, 2009; their divorce was granted less than a year later, on September 9, 2010.

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BEFORE the Culberson divorce was granted, a temporary restraining order was filed against Ryan Culberson on July 8, 2010.

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What does this mean?  It looks like, from the limited information at the OCCourts online, that perhaps there was another party involved in the marriage in 2010; that party became involved with Ryan and before the divorce on September 9, 2010, a restraining order was filed by the third party, which at this point can only be assumed is a girlfriend.

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Many are making the erroneous assumption that Ryan Culberson beat the crap outta his girlfriend because a restraining order was filed.  As Tom Wolfe said, “You can indict a ham sandwich”… you can also create a very imaginative scenario from two words:  domestic violence.

WHEN the official documents become available, they will be posted on SH.  Until then, please keep in mind that anyone can file for an emergency restraining order… with no proof of any injuries.  In the meantime, if there are factual illustrations of why a restraining order was filed, please send them.

The following is the item posted and retracted this morning:

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Looking at situations from the outside gives one a more focused view.  With no emotions involved, one can watch the interactions between Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers and come to the quick conclusion that Vicki needs to RUN, Vicki, RUN… get away from that affirmation-spoutin’ phony-fur-buyin’ Crooks!

However, there seems to be a  very deep connection between Vicki and Crooks.  Crooks, despite what others see, seems to have filled Vicki’s love tank.  IMO, Vicki and Crooks’ constant breakups are the result of others opinions.  After listening to and reading criticisms of Crooks, one of them (Vicki or Crooks) announces a breakup.

If Vicki loves Crooksy, then by all means, ska-rew all the critics and stick with him.   Vicki may see what others see in time…


Vicki has more important problems to deal with… in particular, the problem with Ryan.

Vicki loves her only daughter, Briana, and Briana’s baby, Troy.  IMO, Vicki would never allow Briana to be put in harms way.  However, there seems to be some controversy swirling around Ryan… which Vicki may be unaware.

As much as we like Ryan Culberson at SH, he may have been involved in a domestic violence case with his former girlfriend.

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Ryan married Briana Wolfsmith October 23, 2011, after a brief (seven months) online courtship.  

The quick courtship resulting in a quickie Las Vegas wedding was explained by Briana.  Briana felt that anything could happen and with Ryan being deployed, he may not return… justifying that Las Vegas marriage.

Briana has shown herself to be a very smart, level-headed person who happened to fall for a soldier.  Part of Briana’s attraction to Ryan may have been the fact that he is a Marine; Briana wanted to join the armed forces to serve as a nurse.  If you recall, Vicki flipped when Briana told her of her plans.

Could Briana have subconsciously been “getting back” at Vicki’s disapproval of her plans to serve her country as a nurse by quickly marrying her Marine?

NOTE:  There are always several sides to a story.  Hopefully, the official court documents can make the accusations clearer.  The reason for redacting the other party’s name is to protect her identity (at least on this site) in the event that she was a true DV victim.

Perhaps both Vicki and Briana need to take a break from the adult men, who seem to be  complicating their lives… and concentrate on one little guy, Troy.

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AGAIN…when the detailed official court documents are available, will continue this post.

(Thanks to SH reader “BrOn”!!!)