MARISA ZANUCK: RHOBH’s Marisa On “Million Dollar Listing”…


@MarisaZanuck will be appearing on three episodes of “MillionDollarListings” … Marisa will be selling the most expensive ONE-bedroom home ever on the market in Beverly Hills! Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.54.51 AM

Yes, this is the same home which MO-Reese… one moment, please… any excuse to insert this:

… was featured on the RHOBH tryin’ to sell!  If you recall, Mo-Reese was instructing Marisa on how to sell Marisa’s father-in-law’s, Richard Zanuck’s, house!

RHOBH MO-reese Mauricio pg
Selling Marisa’s father-in-law’s house:

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  1. I can’t wait to see it either. That caption reminds me of Pepe Le Pew, lolololololo. I bet also Mauricio is sick sick sick that his pitch for a show about his realestate business (the agency) was never picked up by bravo. Bravo already had a few good realestates and they decided to go with Lisa Vanderpump’s show.


  2. Speaking of Maurice, I noticed he made a ‘cameo’ appearance on M$L. Guess he heard there was filming going on and wanted some extra face time. I like the guys on the LA M$L a lot better than the NY crew, but I watch both since I am a confirmed Bravo junkie.


    • I caught his drop by to Altman’s listing. I expected him to say, “Honey, I’m homeeeeee!” He looked very uncomfortable being the 2nd banana to that little pisher of broker, Josh.


  3. I don’t see how that could really be just one bedroom? The video only shows the lower level rooms, but when the walk out you see the house has two wings and a second floor..what’s in those rooms?


  4. I love Million Dollar Listing! Madison is my fav. As most of you know.. I also like Josh Flagg. Josh Altman however is king of the douche lords. Omg that guy! @ Kelli: I would assume that there’s a huge screening room on the second floor of the Zanuk house. There’s probably a few bathrooms and full bar up there as well. I don’t know for sure though. Maybe they have those plastic surgeon machines up there like Adrienne Maloof had for that spa party. There also could be a huge aquarium up there. Who knows? Lol


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