ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Launches WWHL YouTube Channel…

Good grief!  Lord of the Housewives, MissAndy, has invaded YouTube with his own WWHL Channel!

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14 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Launches WWHL YouTube Channel…

  1. Seriously? He has sunk to a new low. That was disgusting and people have to pay to subscribe? What dumb ass would spend money on him and his garbage? He was speaking as if anyone who watched that clip was 5 years old and might not understand what he is pitching….insulting much?

  2. I bet his episode where he made the horrid comment about biglips regarding the white house will never see the light of day on this channel. did anyone see that? wowsers. Live TV.

      • I have been trying to find a clip of it but as I suspected its scrubbed from the interweb cause it was a massive booboo. I think it was the night Billy Iekner(sp?) was on and I think Gretchen too. He said something like “speaking of big lips, I heard you recently visited the whitehouse…” It was a total WTH moment and one he didnt really apologize for after he was called out on it immediately via his twitter followers. Maybe Oprah will hold his feet to fire on that when she visits the clubhouse.
        Give Andy the Lance Armstrong treatment when you are there. See What Happens.

        • Yes! I heard that too. Initially, I thought my ears were still bleeding from Wretched’s “singing” on RHOC and that I must have heard incorrectly. Nope, Miss Andy is a dick.

          • His half assed apology was maybe even worse than the initial slip up. Much as Orpah grates on my nearve it will be interesting to see if she lets him just slip on by with that one as she is doing her obligatory press junket for her upcoming movie. She has got to feel like WWHL is small taters for her so I can totally see her trying to make an old school gotcha outa her visit if you know what I mean. And Andy should just let her and then REALLY apologize this time. Saves face for both of them. win/win

  3. I cannot stand andy cohen and i do feel he is a bit sadistic and evil to treat these characters as he does. He has NO respect for women or most straight people unless they are outspoken for his causes and rich. He is a poor representation for the gay community and for NBC. Wish he would go with the Real Housewives Of New Jersey. They have RUN THEIR COURSE for me

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen this guy other than the reunions. Thank God I don’t get WWHL where I live. So he promotes drinking and porn, his show looks pathetic and embarrassing to be on. What’s the deal, why would respectable personalities participate on a show which makes them look like fools? From what I just saw I decided I don’t like this Cohen dude, he came across like an immature little pr*ck who just wants to drink and watch porn.

  5. Oprah….forget your movie….stay away from any association with him, the network, etc.
    WAY BENEATH YOU!!!! Don’t lower yourself! Make a detour!!!!!!!

  6. So he just admitted that he gets celebs gypsy and then pushes them to make a fool of themselves? Why would anyone with any self respect go on his show if they did not work for him. It would be funny if all celebs that went on just refused to drink at all. Ginger ale please.

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