TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: What Will Happen To The Joodices???… The Top Three Questions… It’s a Hard-Knock Housewives Life!

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The top three questions re the Joodices.

Ex-RHONY says the Joodices will have to become professional “reality” show people… which is precisely what Silex had done!  However, those “reality” show gigs for ex-Housewives are drying up!

KimZ says that being on a “reality” show is hard work!  UH… OK…

NOTE: Just replace Miss Hannigan with MissAndy… those poor, poor “reality” Housewives!!   Such hard work…

TV personalities Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice appear in court to face charges of defrauding lenders, illegally obtaining mortgages and other loans as well as allegedly hiding assets and income during a bankruptcy case on July 30, 2013 in Newark, United States.
(July 29, 2013 – Source: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images North America)

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145 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: What Will Happen To The Joodices???… The Top Three Questions… It’s a Hard-Knock Housewives Life!

  1. Well according to FameWhorgas it was snitches that brought them down with the Lauritas being invovled – this whole mess is disgusting and Bravo needs to give them ALL THE BOOT. I hate the snitches more than I hate the crimes the Giudices ALLEGEDLY committed.

    • And just like all snitches the laritas might have been motivated to to take heat off them…. Its so very gross.

      • caroline, wacko jaco, melissa,fat kim g, monica chacon, that lady lawyer that was kicked out of melissa;s christmas party, are all involved in this. now if teresa loses her job,all of these people except for monica, better watch out,the show is done.also jacko better watch,that they don;t turn on her next, all want to be the next teresa on the show,i\m not judging teresa, will wait till after the trial

        • The fact that MeGo even filmed for one little min with Monica says all that needs to be said about her and her fambily loyalty….and JoGo too for allowing it.l.. yes I said allowing it.

          • Dang straight Made! So glad to see you again! Hopefully you’re well and 😊. Prayers for the Guidice family and you Made.

            Also, Issa is saying the new IRS appointee is in the way of the investigation of the IRS. I say screw the IRS….(ala..hey hey, ho,horga, the IRSlauuritamanzogorgawakilie has got to go!)

        • wasn’t it just last season when glitter gulch’s own jackie lured teresa to the “back porch shake-down/hijack”? repeatedly asking financial questions and such? then along come scowly-jowly chuck to chime in? as i recall, bringing up (and out) the Guidice’s finances, was the entire agenda of those two swamp-hags– complete with scowly chuck’s parting shot of “nice bag.” i don’t think it’s naive, nor off the mark, to suggest that they had some hand in providing information (accurate or not) in order to hurt the Guidices.

      • You have to know that the driving force behind getting the gudices indited was most likely his ex business partner and his attorney. Monica admitted as much to the press. If I recall there was some bad blood between Monica and Teresa. I think she went crazy on Monica after court during the trial.

      • Don’t those scum of the earths know that without Teresa there is no show,why would they risk all this? Teresa is the show imo

      • Great Song! Also, let’s not forget since season one, how many times did we Tree and Joe paying cash ($$$) and not for gum but for some major purchases, talk about a red flag to some IRS agent watching the show. Other sites are talking about Juicy being deported back to the home country, no green card???? ROL talking about intimidation, gang style. If Martin Scorses and Mario Puzo( was a live) talk about material! Careful Mego, remember God Farther II! “Never go against the family Fredo”

    • I have to read this. Did they really rat on them? Does anyone have a link?

        • Chem: From whatever site it originated (it may have originated on ROL)…IMO, it is an overblown piece. Monica probably was asked questions by the Feds, just as the rest of the RHONJ and others who had dealings with the Joodices over the years. The pieces re Monica make it seem that Monica was actively “working” and involved with the Feds to uncover info on the Joodices. Very doubtful. TFC!!! SH

          • I agree. Monica was not out of line in answering questions regarding the situation. I also highly doubt the other RHONJ cast members were the snitches. I don’t believe Jacaloon and the others were trying to force Tree into commenting on her money problems to “rat” on her.

            Every RHONJ story line revolves around Tree and she is the focal point of discussion, but just because her life is the hub of RHONJ does not mean that everyone was out to set her up. It does mean that everyone on RHONJ had to talk to her about producer-induced scenarios.

    • They “snitched” on themselves.

      When they filed for bankruptcy they “failed” to mention certain sources of income on their application. They were then reduced to withdrawing the application or face heavy duty charges of fraud.

      This is what led the IRS to begin an investigation into their financial dealings that brought them as far back as 2000 when they “produced” false W2 forms and fake pay stubs to substantiate Teresa’s non job. Who does that?

      This was again followed up a year or so later when she then produced more fake forms indicating she “owned” a company that earned her 12,000 monthly in order to bolster her chances of obtaining another loan.

      Then he claimed to be a “property owner” who collected the rents out of a gas station that later turned out to be a “false company” itself.

      They took over several million dollars from the banks, spent it on themselves, then filed bankruptcy in order to get around paying the debt back. Pretty clever.

      So how this is the result of “snitching” by other parties is ridiculous. Their signatures are all over these fake documents and I would bet that the episode where she was throwing around multiple thousands of dollars in cash to pay for furniture did not go unnoticed.

      When you go 5 years without filing an income tax report you are responsible for your own demise and has nothing to do with “snitches”.

      • Pat, once again, thank you for bringing reason. The Guidices can only blame themselves for their current troubles, no one “brought them down”.

    • NonnaB It was not “snitches” that brought them down. Joe and Teresa brought themselves down. They made a choice to steal money from the government which effects every American citizen’s pockets. These charges are very serious and should be and will be dealt with in accordance to the law. They will be held accountable for their own actions as they should be.

      • They did not steal money from the government. The government doesn’t create money. They stole money from the banks, which the banks allowed them & many many others in this country to do. Were you conscious in 2007-2009? I am so perturbed that people do not understand how the financial system in this country operates. The federal government doesn’t even own the mail service guys! The system is fucked beyond fucked. Again, this doesn not make the Giudices innocent, but they didn’t steal jack shit our of our pockets because they didn’t get bailed out. That was the bankers!

        • YES Bullie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I’m getting an eye ache from the lack of understanding. Thank you. :-)

        • Bullie YOU ARE SO CORRECT!!!!!! Yet i think you have to spell it out to some people.These f’n banks are the cause of all this sh*t in the good old USA and yet they can get bailed out,while there are people who lost their homes.

            • NO! The government is NOT paying for the banks. We are! They are just collecting our money to forward the payment.

            • Exactly! So why are you saying everyone is wrong for getting pissed off that “they are stealing money from us, the tax payers?”

        • It was thousands of real estate shenanigans just like the one the Giudices pulled that caused the housing collapse and the recession. Joe and Teresa were just able to stave off the inevitable longer than most, partly because of her six figure salary from Bravo. Ironically though, the evidence that episodes of the show will provide about their lavish lifestyle could very well help to prove the state’s case.

          • “It was thousands of real estate shenanigans just like the one the Giudices pulled that caused the housing collapse and the recession.”

            Actually, you can blame the housing collapse on the Community Reinvestment Act reform in 1995 & the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, all brought to you by the great former president, Bill Clinton! :)

            • Actually, I will blame it on the greedy assholes who caused it: The dummies who took all the equity out of their homes and/or bought property they couldn’t afford on the speculation that it would continue to go up in value, and the predatory mortgage brokers, bankers, and lenders who allowed and encouraged it all to continue.

            • That’s fine. Then blame it on ALL the greedy assholes who caused it, not just two of them. The only reason why you feel like these people took money out of your pocket is because the system allowed them to. Things used to be different, don’t you ever think they are the way they are for a reason? Why did the American people have to bail out the banks? Because the Giudice family asked them to?

            • Community Reinvestment Act: ACORN intimidated and threatened the banks, forcing them to make these bad loans to unqualified buyers. They knew the NINJA loans were never going to be repaid, they just let the American taxpayer pick up the tab in the form of bailout.

        • We do pay for their lavish lifestyle out of our pocket through our homes devaluing, rise in certain taxes and court and jail costs.

          • You think they will still have a lavish lifestyle after this? Maybe I am not making myself clear: the Giudices are screwed & will never recover from this. The bankers, who gave people like them loans & allowed the corruption of the housing market because they knew they would make money off it tanking, their lifestyles are fine. The bailouts paid for them to give out some nice bonuses, not to loosen up the restricted loaning processes. That is where the money that came “out of our pockets” went to, not to the Giudices. They will have to pay back what they took out. What about the bankers? What will they have to do? These people don’t pay their fair share of taxes, either, the government just allows it because most members of the government have or will work for these banks when they don’t get reelected.

    • If Teresa tries to say that Joe signed everything and he was the one forging the information, Joe won’t be getting out of prison. I mean why should the govt. give him any deal when it falls all on his shoulders via the testimony of his wife. He may at least get 50 or more years and if he’s still living once done with his sentence, he will be deported. But I think they have her also and she may know it.

      • By law they don’t have to testify against each other right? You don’t have to testify against a spouse.

        • Hmm they can’t be forced to disclose private conversations I do believe they can disclose actions the other spouse did.
          She or he can choose to testify agaisnt the other. Wives testify all the time against husbands and visa versa but its about what they did not or what they said in private.

      • Buck Henry so he almost gets life but a rapist, murderer can get out in less time WHAT THE F*CK

      • I don’t believe that Teresa didn’t know what was going on via the loans taken out in her name. You have to be present when you take out a loan in your name as well as show ID. She may have gone along with what Joe wanted but she had to know it was a lie.

      • OK but Juicy has admitted to forging Teresa’s name before. (I was pretty sure I had read it here so I just found he link.) Are these different mortgage documents in question? If so, how many mortgages do they have? Also, If Juicy did sign here name, she is clear. So basically, is her case going to come down to whether or not it’s actually her signature on the mortgages? I read the indictment and the only other charge on her is withholding income. She could actually get very little time if any out of this because of previous court appearances. Now if any of the signatures match her real signature, they are both in trouble.

    • Oh please FAMEWHOGAS is hardly a reliable sorce being they are so PRO TRE
      This came from 2 places, Juicys ex partner who never got his money and the fact the Feds were already on the Guidice trail because they lied so much on their bankruptcy paperwork. As someone who went through that first thing I was told was never ever ever Lie on any of those documents and dont lie under oath, something both Guidices did. My Lawyer told me if you lie and you are caught the feds will start peeking around and see what else you have lied about and the first place they look is your tax returns.

      • lisa: The Joodice bankruptcy info has been on SH from day one… interesting that others are just now catching up! Joe Mastropole has never been paid a cent and said that he would have to sue to recover his loss… which means that he would have to get in line behind all the others listed in the Joodice’s very long list of bankruptcy creditors! TFC!! SH

        • IMO i dont think the Feds ever stopped looking into the Guidice wrong doing, i think its only took this long We Feds if anything take our time and are very Anal about such things. You are right Mr M is probably getting his 250,000 bucks worth of payback right about now.

          • I actually agree, Lisa. I don’t buy this huge conspiracy. Do I think the feds interviewed everyone and that some suspect information came from those interviews, maybe? Anything is possible. However, I don’t see the Feds starting a case based on Housewife gossip, either.

      • Wait a second, you mean FW site ISN’T reliable? They are the reason I transfered my IRA to Teresa’s bank account. They promised a huge return on my investment. Oh man, romo really did it this time 😥 Lol!

    • NonnaB I am positive that is true.All last season Wacky Jacky tried to get Tre to talk about any and very thing on camera. Thats why it is such a sad sickening event. Nothing like a den of jealous thieves…thinning out. Head up TRe!!!!!!

  2. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!!! They were their own worst enemy ie: greed, vanity they asked for it they got, have only themselves to blame not the snitches! If you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about!

  3. I don’t think they’ll fire Teresa, I honestly don’t think she will be able to film next season, she’ll be in jail. I see nothing but a true fall for Tre and Joe, they will lose their house, their possessions. I don’t think there will be a happy ending for them, and I don’t think Teresa will be able to claim ignorance to evade punishment.

    • If she’s in custody, I’ll be that the story line next season will involve the rest of the cast visiting her in prison! I can see them going to see her one cast member at a time — that would take an entire season if it’s stretched out to include all the children!!

    • She wont, the US Attorney isnt that stupid, he has witness lined up i bet who will all testify she knew and probaly bragged about what she did. Both the Guidices are so smug they probably never figured they would never get caught.

    • vish, Hi! I’m wondering how Teresa will be able to film anymore seasons without their house, money and possessions when the show is all about the housewives of N.J. living lavish life styles.

  4. What should happen to the Guidice’s now? How about for a start they lose their home, beach house, expensive cars, designer clothes, overpriced furniture, jewelry, overpriced toys, and any and all purchases made by defrauding the banks to enrich their lifestyle.

    The next in line is that they serve some time for deliberately committing these crimes with the intent to forfeit payment which led to false bankruptcy filings by hiding assets. Thumbing their noses at law enforcement and making a mockery out of the tax system would send a message.

    Freeze whatever assets from those cookbook sales that may help to reduce some of the monies they stole along the way to feed their out of control greed. I’m sure most of this has been earmarked for lawyers anyway.

    Quit blaming everybody else for their getting caught in their own web of lies when it is clearly their signatures that are on those bank applications they used to live like they “earned” it. Greed is what led to these indictments not Melissa’s sisters.

    Have the commonsense and decency on behalf of their children to get off t.v. once and for all. Dragging out anymore of this self inflicted drama on these poor kids is unconscionable. Few are about to buy into Teresa’s possible claim that none of this was her fault.

    I don’t want to see anymore crooks and criminals being paid between $600.00 to $750,000 annually for appearing on Bravo as has been reported to be Teresa’s obscene salary. She does not deserve to be “rewarded” for her actions.

    Let the courts and juries sort out the punishment for these two but the first order in hand is to deprive them of their ill gotten gains. This is the mess they created and not the fault of “jealous
    relatives or “hating” friends.

    Payback, as they say, is a b*tch.

    • Just ask the hundreds of sport celebrities making millions a season and committing murder, illegal drugs, rape, animal cruelty, fraud, tax evasion ….. payback is a bitch – oh wait – they still have their jobs.

        • EXCELLENT point NonnaB !—-did you mention politicians, judges and cops? the first two of which are typically ELECTED to protect justice and sworn to do the right thing, and the third supposed to be blindly trusted to “protect and serve”? just a question…

      • Hernandez the NE Patriot is toast. NFL receiver Plaxico Burress and QB Michael Vick
        both did their times in prison.All the other athletes who committed crimes that I know of got sentenced and removed from their teams. You aren’t making too much sense.

      • NonnaB May be, but you never mess with the IRS, because in doing so they stole money from every one of us American citizens. Now their house, furniture, cars, all assets will be taken away from them as it should be. Then they will go to jail where they belong.

    • This^^

      Everything you said is right on the money. Tre wanted the life of luxury and thought they could get away with it. Nope. Someone is always going to notice doesn’t matter who the snitches are Tre and Guiseppe dug their own hole. Now they have to suffer the consequences.

    • I think whoever you r go get a life.
      I hope things work out for Tre and Joe.
      What about all the people in this country that don’t belong here and
      are milking the gov for all they can get.
      They didn’t murder anyone ,they are
      Parents of four children . Give them
      Some compassion , after all ,how many people in this country are getting away with myrder ??? And are still living the good life or all the illeagle
      Peopl that don’t belong here and take
      What ever they can and get away with
      It?? What about all the sleezy crook
      Politicians ??? I wish Tre, Joe and
      There family the best !!!

      • Everyone makes choices in this life and are accountable for them.
        If someone robbed your home or stole your life-savings would you feel the same compassion? Would you expect the thieves to be given a pass because other criminals do it all the time?

        • or given a free pass because they have kids at home.
          What politicians/cops and other americans do has nothing to do with what the Guidices did. My compassion dosnt extend to liar and cheaters, The Guidices were not thinking of thier kids future when they were breaking the law so why should I.

      • Barbara, this couple did not pay their taxes. I’m sure YOU did. They blatantly lied about income and purposefully hid assets so they could live this rich lifestyle. My question is: if this were NOT the Giudices but instead a celebrity you don’t quite care for — would you still wish the celebrity “the best?”

  5. Teresa is going to say she had no knowledge of the fraud, and that Joe handled all of the finances and paperwork with respect to the bankruptcy. She just signed what was put in front of her. Then they are going to prosecute Joe under the full power of the law… then when he is found guilty he will be deported to Italy because he isn’t a US citizen and will essentially get away with the entire scheme. He has probably been sending money to Italy for years in anticipation of this and will be just fine. Teresa will go on with a book and spinoff and be fine for a while. Then when she spends all of her money, her daughters will be older and she will then move in with them like her parents have done and the circle of their life will continue on.

    • Grace, you might be right about that, I didn’t even think of it, they might have money in Italy, but wouldn’t our government be able to find that money–they have passed so many monetary laws lately that it’s very, very difficult to hide assets.

      • The I didnt know what I was signing excuse will not work and its not a defense anyone who sign something without knowing or reading the document is a fool and deserves what come their way after.

        I am really shocked as how many people here think her stupidity will keep her out of jail, It wont, Her head cocking and giggle/blank stare that fools her fans will not fool the Judge.

        And Joe will do his time BEFORE he is deported.

    • In the episode when they all travel to Italy, if Joe was not a U.S. citizen , how die he reenter the U.S.? Teresa also commented on that trip while pointing out Joe’s father’s old home on the side of the winding hill was empty and needed work and that one thing she wanted most to do was fix it up again. Hmmmm

      • I meant how DID Joe re enter the U.S.? Also. not sure if the empty house in Italy Teresa pointed out was her parent’s house or his parent’s house that she wanted to fix up .Any one else remember?

  6. I love Teresa and Joe. However, I do believe that Joe did KNOWINGLY commit these crimes. I think Teresa just followed in trust of her husband (or he forged her name). Also I do not care at all for the others on the show. I feel they have shown their true colors. I do not think they are the “snitches” who brought down the Giudices. Tre and Joe did this to themselves. But their so called friends and family are reveling in the ugliness of it all and Karma is a bitch. None of them are above board.

    • And you “love” them because…………………………?

      Their honesty? Hard working skills? Good parenting? Their humility? Charitable work? Community service? Fidelity? Charm? Accountability? Taste?

      There must be something other than that they appear on t.v.

          • The trouble with your example is that those two are repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat offenders and I’m pretty sure are not remorseful for their crimes. It would be hard not to cast the first stone against them – but I would try.

            • NonnaB you are a known passionate TG fan and I think your fandom is so complete, it interferes with your reason and sensibility. I like this couple, too, I find them very entertaining. But unfortunately, even her staunchest fans have to realize that indeed, they were indicted for “repeat, repeat, repeat” offenses; as one example, not paying taxes for five years, repeating the crime five times.

            • Nonna I agreed with you in regards to athletes and their crimes. However, if the Giudices are found guilty, they are no better than anyone else. There should be accountability for their crimes. My heart goes out to their children, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Even if the IRS is corrupt, doesn’t make I right to not pay taxes.

      • In my case I love Teresa for many reasons. The love she shows for her children and her parents is so honest and heartfelt that it touches me. This year, watching her try to reunite her a**hole brother and wife back into the family was painful to watch, especially how many times she had to swallow their crap, and keep on trying.

        I admire her strength, when they first had money problems she got her rear in gear and didn’t stop. She made appearances everywhere and stayed until every person got their book autographed. When everyone on the show turned against her she still went to work with those vipers and had a smile on her face. When she apologized to Slo Joe and his shore whore, I don’t know how she kept from choking on the words, when she was the one who should have been receiving, instead of giving the apology.

        Last years reunion was so hard to watch all of the nastiness and venom directed at her by family and former friends, but she didn’t skip the reunion like Jaq, she went and took it all. I don’t love that they did not report their income, but I am sure there are similar fraud charges that could be leveled at everyone on the show. She seems to be the only one who always has to answer for everything, and I tend to always favor the underdog.

        I enjoy her way of expressing herself, her ditzy logic, her kindness and her unique personality. She always makes me laugh. I will keep her,Joe, her parents and the girls in my prayers that they all make it through this ordeal.

        • I am not going to argue with you about these two because you seem sincere.

          However, keep in mind that what they stole they stole from you as well. Your tax money went into their pockets to support their buying sprees and whatever else it took to make them feel wealthy. The same tax money that you paid that was taken from that prevented you buying whatever you wanted went into their greedy pockets by way of lies.

          That “nastiness” you refer to could have all been prevented but instead they allowed it to play out on national tv where their own children were subjected to watch their entire family disintegrate in the public eye. There was no need for it and this applies to all of the cast who decided to participate.

          Those book signings were required the buyer to submit cash: no credit cards or checks involved as to keep out a paper trail. So staying until the last customer was handed a signed copy had other side benefits as well.

          What this latest damage is doing to all these children has yet to be seen but at 12 Gia is old enough to know what is going on both on tv and inside her own home.

          Teresa and Joe Guidice put themselves first above all else and this is the issue. The public pays through the nose to cover the debts and the criminality of those who break the law. They are no different than the Wall Street looters who took from the public out of their sense of greed.

          I would assume that in time many supporters will come around when it is revealed just what that money bought them. Starting with the coat of armor that resides in her home to the money spent on kids birthday parties, the cost of which neither you or I could afford.

          • I appreciate that you don’t want to argue with me. Just want to answer you with honesty. I have bought Teresa’s books, once with a Visa card and once with a debit card, so I am not sure where you got that info.
            I already said I didn’t like that they did not pay their taxes, or anything else that they did that was not legal. Were you this upset that the good people of New Jersey had to pay for Al, Caroline and Lauren’s lapbands cause Daddy lied about his residence? Were you grateful that Christie put an end to that BS?
            My point is, I don’t remember that being on the show, or Manzo going to jail, like I said only Teresa has to answer for everything.

            • The Manzo situation was dealt with between he and the Christie, sorry he wasnt thrown in chains and whipped with a cat o nine tales. and the salery ammounted to abiut 8000.00 a bit different then the MIllion that the Guidice stole or didnt pay taxes on.

            • Did I say Manzo should have been whipped or put in chains? His salary may have been small, it was the fraudulant insurance coverage that was the real money score. Maybe i can state my point more clearly, it is that the only one who has to pay on this shit show is Teresa. Also, Mr. Manzo, great friend of Bernie Kerick, I am positive has many skeletons in his closet.

            • At the moment the Manzo’s are not charged with anything. We are talking about two other people who purposely misled the government for their own greed.

              Bringing up members of the cast itself who have not been charged with crimes is redirecting the attention from the two who actually have been accused of committing them.

              Buying those books online forced the buyer to pay the extra fee that did not happen when it was done in person.

              But the most egregious part of this whole mess is what it may be doing to those four kids. What must they be thinking watching this on tv as their family rips each other to pieces, breaks out in a slugfest, then finds their parents doing a perp walk into federal court for 39 charges of fraud?

              The fault lies with Teresa and Joe Guidice from start to finish. But if this were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blow from Podunk the outrage would come with a different tenor.

            • Its funny i was always being accused of bringing up the Guidices to deflect from the other castmemebers But Now the shoe is on the ather foot now and Tre huggers are doing the same thing but the difference is its ok when they do it. I just find it funny.

            • I did not buy the books online. I bought them when she appeared, after waiting on a long line. She signed it and was warm and gracious.

          • Pat, IMO you will never get through to some fans who “feel” for Teresa, especially telling them about her overt abuse of her children by subjecting them to a national audience. A mother, IMO, who cared about the emotional and physical health of her children would not let family, economic, and child custody issues be public fodder. This goes for Jacaloon, KomaKathy and Mego also.
            It’s a life of narcissism and greed that has overtaken our pop culture and, really, everyday life. It’s the old saw that many may see themselves being the Giudices’ and will vigorously defend them against all others…even though what they have allegedly done is illegal, immoral, and unjust to many.
            Oh, they will “couch” it as being entertaining, but if they were made to read aloud your eloquent posts to their peers, hopefully more people would agree with your statements than their “I just love seeing her play with her children” response fans typically throw out.

            Haven’t responded recently because others have really written posts that were far more intelligible than mine. I don’t DVR NJ anymore since Gia read her letter to the family at the pizza birthday party. As the show evolved and the adults in her life didn’t see the harm it was causing ALL the children, remove them and change the content of their actions, then the show didn’t need my support.
            Again, this is my opinion, not more valid than any other.

          • Our tax money did not go to pay for the Giudices. The federal government does not have a surplus, friends! The Giudices will serve their time & pay for their crimes, so we didn’t bail them out of ANYTHING! It’s the banks who took our money. The banks who lend money that is owned by a private entity. The federal government does not print or own our currency. The largest holder of US debt is the federal reserve bank, which is not an entirely public operation. The Giudices lifestyle was not funded by the taxpayer anymore than the home you live in & the credit cards you use. Unless you paid cash for your home & have no mortgage, by your financial logic, the taxpayers are taking on the burden of your life, too!

            • Boy you got that right, I can testify the Goverment is broke and has no money.

            • What do you think FDIC stands for? And whose money do you think was being lended?

              The last I looked there were no money trees growing next to my bank in town.

            • Who gives a sh*t what the FDIC stands for? Do you even know what it is?! Haha a money tree growing next to your bank? What the hell do you think a bank is? It’s a big, boxy, inorganic money tree ;)

              The funniest part is, you could go make a money tree & plant it next to your bank. Just doodle on some toilet paper or something. It’s worth about the same as the piece of paper you think was gifted to you by the federal government for being a good taxpaying citizen & following the rules! I pay my fair share of taxes, don’t get me wrong, but I curse the entire time I fill out our quarterly check! Luckily, I am not rich! Every financial trends researcher who understands the reality of our global economic system understands that the upper middle class & middle class are the biggest threat to global corporations. That’s why people who have media attention get taken down by the feds, actors & reality tv stars are mid size-small businesses in & of themselves. On a local level, we witness small businesses failing daily because of the banks business practices. Why do you think the medical industry is going through reform? Because the government really cares? If only they could figure out a way to get rid of state law & unify everyone into one legal system run by THEM, they could make money off of every petty lawsuit the same way they will make money on every living person who exists through Healthcare reform.

            • Hm. I replied to this but I am not sure it went through, but I don’t feel like typing the essay again haha. Let’s just not worry about what FDIC stands for & instead focus on what the FDIC is ;)

              The money being lended is fun money! It’s monopoly money. It’s not real! What is it backed by, again? Who profits off of it? Not Teresa or Joe Giudice, that’s for damn sure hahaha.

          • The Guidices unfortunately deserve all that coming to them for their alleged crimes. But comparing them to these Wall Street financiers who basically looted the treasury to the tune of billions in corporate bail-outs is really a stretch.

          • I don’t find anyone on this show to be a genuinely good person. However, I do, by far, consider Teresa, Joe, Milania, and Rosie to be the most entertaining and fun to watch. I can honestly say, if they do go away, I will be netflixing a lot more, because I won’t be watching.

        • Teresa was forced into going to work because of her overspending and wanting a lavish lifestyle. She dug a hole and was trying to get out of it but it looked like she was continuing to spend, spend. Greed was her enemy.

    • Oh give me a break, Teresa downloaded those w2 and forged them and signed her own name, Forging charges will be easy to disprove all they have to do is get Teresa’s know Signature and compare them to the document if they match to bad so
      sad. Ignorence of the law and saying you were forced to sign will not fly in court, I am quite sure they Prosecution will parade witness after witness to prove she knew what she was doing, The US attorney is that stupid,. Look what happned to Taylor Armstrong who tired to do the same thing and say her hubby forced her by beating her and made her sign document, she was basically laughed at, Same will happen to Teresa.

      • Lisa,
        Glad to see you back in fighting form. ;-)

        Now as to your assertions…Really? C’mon, I know you don’t like them and think they’re crooks but are you seriously telling us you believe this nitwit, who can barely string a sentence together in 2013 and can’t type beyond a hunt and peck, in 2001, DOWNLOADED W2’s herself? Forged them herself? I believe she signed them but she didn’t download shit 12 years ago. I doubt she even owned a computer 12 years ago.

        I’m not gonna defend her because I believe they did the crimes but I don’t believe for a minute she is bright enough now to download a w-2. LOL

        • Lets say she does say he forged her name, it will be easy to disprove since all they have to do is get a hold of her known signature/writing and do a comparision, if it matches then to bad so sad, she can try and claim she was forced but she should give Taylor Armstrong a call and ask how that worked for her. If its her signature that all the USA needs to know.

          • I don’t think she will say anything against her husband. She’ll claim ignorance, not that it will do her any good. But since this will be a jury never know. They may give her a pass since if they believe there was no malicious intent. The FEDS have to prove beyond a doubt that this was willful on her part.

          • I don’t know about that Lisa, part of forgery (if you are good at it) is practicing and signing just like the person does. And if you sign your own name 10 times on a scrap of paper, you’ll see that no two signatures are exactly alike. I know as I signed my own mortgage docs my hand got tired and my signature on the last page was different than the first… I think if Joe will admit forgery that will fly.

      • You may be right. I am certain signatures will be compared if they haven’t been already. I am not disagreeing with you. I am saying since it’s been admitted in court before, than it is a possible issue. The truth is that until this case goes to court, than nobody knows exactly what happened. Also, the same can be said for the Lauritas in all truth.

  7. Nonna you are right, I think Alex hit the mark in her statement on SBT last night, Bravo edites everything to turn out to be be what’s not real. Like Teresa paying cash for her furniture, doubt that’s a fact. If I remember correctly, in the very first episodes of RHONY they made us beleive Alex’s husband owned a hotel instead of being a manager, then went on to portray him as a clown. I’m surprised he didn’t end up like Russell God forbid. Ratings are the name of the game and that’s Bravo’s bottom line. Also 2 people were fired from their teaching jobs for even appearing on Princess’ of Long Island. Talk about a sleez-bag show, this one is beyond gross.

  8. I got nothing…am always sorry to see anyone stumble, the whys are many, but dang, the stumble makes my heart hurt. Will wait out the trial and the conclusion. Can do nothing except say prayers for all, especially the children.

  9. The poor children… And who gives a shit about that flop RHONY ex member in the video. I cant even remember her name

  10. Kind of makes sense to me now (in a sick way) why everyone on the show was anti Teresa & Joe. For 3 seasons the cast knew the Giudices were being investigated because of course, they were feeding the feds info on them and they were figuring the public would hang them once they were charged. And of course Caroline plays both sides of the fence at the last minutes just in case they all gambled wrong and the Giudices fan base would be loyal. Well I for one hope they CANCEL the show or better yet, keep the show on minus the Giudices and see how fast they all fall because of lack of ratings.

  11. I have a totally off-the-wall question – does anyone know who’s shoes Tree was wearing yesterday with her white suit? I quite liked them! And I wonder how much they cost(ed). ha

      • I so surprised that I liked (past tense) this show as I usually hate rich people. A very lapse in judgement on my part.

    • On the bankrupty they stated that the clothing they owned was $3000. A couple pair of her shoes would cost that much. Knowing that all will be taken away from them do you think they are busy hiding clothes etc.?

  12. I truly believe that Teresa was an innocent in this. I hope her husband mans up and takes the hit for this. I believe that she can be completely innocent based on my own experience. My ex-husband submitted all our tax returns, which I signed. He controlled the account that taxes, if owed, were paid out of. He always insisted on getting the mail. Dummy me but he was controlling and it wasn’t worth fighting about, or so I thought. Not too long after he moved out I got the mail and the box was filled with horrible letters from the IRS. For five years he did not file the returns or pay the taxes due. It left me in financial ruiin. Learned big lesson from this but if you are married to a controlling person and try to get along, things like this can happen. I also knew someone who not only didn’t file his taxes but also lied on multiple mortgage applications, all of which went through and those mortgages were over $500k. He was never caught re the mortgages, but the IRS came to visit.

    • Sorry you had to endure that, Caralokismom! It must have been horrifying for you. I hope all is very good for you now.

    • Oh, and that house was foreclosed on. Anyone with a brain would have known that house wasn’t worth the money he stated it was on the application nor did look like he made enough money to qualify for the mortgages. These were those non-verified mortgage apps.

  13. that deck scene where Jaco and Caroline bashed Tre constantly about $ made from mag articles, going to jail, etc., and CREEPY CHRIS lurking around the shadows makes me think he was making sure Jaco got Tre to talk about everything – hell, she was probably wired – they need to be the big RATS that they are to reduce their fed crap….I put nothing past the Lauritas, Manzos, Gorgas and Walilies to rat Tre and Juicy and to even add their own sick exagerations/lies to save their own skin and I think, like grannypanties – they get a sick pleasure out of seeing all this pain and humiliation no matter how wrong Tre and Juicy were – i am just shocked at the cruelty towards these two and their family

  14. Nonna i so agree with you – i hope the show is cancelled – who would watch after tre/family is gone? and the others still have alot to be worried about – i don’t care if they did snitch – the public will demand chris and waco pay their dues for the evil way they stold millions and from a charity-no less, then creepy chris is caught destroying all his software evidence and has to plead guilty of perjury and then he asked for “diminished capacity” for Jaco couple months back – was denied – so, i think those two are making sure her craziness is caught on film to keep her out of prison ugh – the public wants justice with those two losers!!!!!

  15. Wendy Williams keep saying that Teresa is crazy, and need to get off the show. Well that might just happen when this case goes to trial. I hope Joe and Teresa get what they desire. Jail time!!!

  16. Well Teresa and Joe will get jail time no doubt.But it sucks paying taxes my husband owns a golf camp and wow big taxes on EVERYTHING.But what i hate the most is paying taxes to support illegal aliens,welfare cases etc. that’s what pisses me off.Some of them drive better cars than me why aren’t they investigated why

    • Because they are not on reality shows flashing their cash around like they were Kings.

    • Illegal aliens get billions of dollars in tax “refunds” fraudulently through the additional child tax credit. This additional child tax credit is what is called a refundable tax credit which means that the credit is treated as a payment and is refunded even though the “taxpayer” didn’t pay any taxes.

      • Yup very true. It does bother me that those who have never paid into the system can get so much more back.

    • @Dosi, if they are driving cars better than yours you better believe they are doing more than cashing welfare checks. I live in an area that consist mostly of Eastern Europeans who can barely speak english and are quick to swipe their EBT cards at the local pathmark. I would like to see more news on this group of illegal aliens.

  17. I started watching the Housewives shows only last year, so I had to go back and watch old episodes. When I viewed the first episode of RHNJ and saw Joe, I though this guy is a thug. The way they were doing business did not feel right, and Teresa carelessly spending large amount of cash was red flag. I have no idea if Teresa knew what was up, but I believe Joe did. I also do not believe that because others have “gotten away” with a crime is a defense for breaking the law yourself.

  18. i just wanna’ say . . . gold lame for court? Really? Way to come across on the low down, Teresa.

    And this . . . I am reminded of when Teresa went into Joe’s little dumpy storefront tile or masonry or stucco business or whatever it was . . . when she wanted to play “secretary” and she bent over in front of his desk and all his so-called co-workers sitting at their little desks stuffed into a front office space the size of a postage stamp [apparently everyone in a company making millions just to provide Teresa with shopping cash sat in the tiny little front office, or else they wanted to get paid for being on TV] and looking on in horror, with Juicy laughing about when you see Teresa, you’d better have some cash, or something similar. [This is around the same time she was blowing wads of $100’s in cash for furniture or kid’s clothes, birthday parties, 300 bathing suits, 200 pairs of sunglasses, or whatever) and I remember Tre saying something like, “I heard the economy was bad, so I started paying in cash.” Oh, OK, that makes sense . . . not. Clear evidence that she was not actually working there in any capacity as they allegedly claimed in their fraudulent loan apps and I will bet $120K in 100’s that Teresa doesn’t know a brick from a block from a tile to Dryvit. . .that’s a given.

    I remember thinking, “Are these fools actually trying to intentionally call the IRS down on their asses? Because no little dumpo construction business of any kind is pulling down the kind of cash she was blowing. Not no way, not no how. I’ve worked for large general contractors that didn’t blow that kind of dough or have that kind of cash flow to throw around. Nothing like giving the Feds the evidence on tape.

    And then inevery episode, she had some obviously high-dollar get-up on that if totaled up has to cost her yearly Bravo salary and nothing ever appeared to be out of her reach financially. What fools to put that all out there and act like no one would notice that it didn’t seem possible . . . because as we now know, it wasn’t possible..

    Let’s face it, a blind man could see their scams with his cane.

    No wonder she wants to stick tight to Juicy. She don’t want to go to Hell by herself and she knows she’s a-goin’ and if she don’t and/or he don’t, then they can make 800 pounds of sausage and 400 gallons of wine, pass out the hair bows and have a kiki.

    • I just want to point something out about what you are harping on here. The furniture situation was a singular event. We don’t know if Teresa had an agreement where the business might give her a discount for paying in cash. The unfortunate reality is that because the federal government’s bullshit overtaxing of the average small-mid size business, many of them engage in this practice. It is not like people don’t have savings accounts. If this was her families first from the ground up built home (which I am assuming it was, I have no idea if it is), it’s not unusual that someone wouldn’t have saved their money to decorate a new house & pulled it out of the bank if the store offered them a cash transaction discount. I find it funny that most people flip out over that one clip if her, I assume it is because the majority of people in this country – including the Giudices – have lived in a constant state of debt since pre-W Bush years. I duno, maybe because I am younger so it is much more difficult for someone like me to obtain credit & loans as a result of the generations prior (Boomers & Gen X) playing 50 shades of grey with the financial system. I would call it “rape”, but the bankers were just so willing to allow borrowers to penetrate. Maybe I am just forced to look at the reality of the system because my generation & the ones beneath us do not have a choice.

      Also, I would venture a guess that a majority of the clothing these people wear is loaned by a store (mainly, Posche, but I am sure others lend). I have looked at Posche’s retail on their website before, & in my opinion. they do not carry anything super outrageously priced that isn’t formal wear, which is what these women would more than likely solicit as loaners. Not to be flippant, but let’s not pretend that the entertainment industry isn’t full of users.

  19. All of the sudden Tre’s repeated denials of being paid for magazine covers make sense. If she copped to it they would have had to disclose that income.

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