JILL ZARIN First To Jump On Giudice Case… Must Stay Relevant!… Kim Zolciak Chats With HLN Via Phone


Jill Zarin chatted with HLN earlier today about Teresa and Joe Giudice’s federal indictment.  Although JillZ was given da BravoBoot by MissAndy, JillZ now says that SHE took the reigns and left the RHONY because of the “toxic” environment of “reality” TV.

JillZ continues to state that the Bravo “reality” shows are now all manufactured by producers.  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

JillZ does have a point when she explains that when the RHONY began, the Housewives set the pace for the producers filming the franchise; and that the Housewives remained friends after filming.  That is not the case now.

JillZ’s daughter, Ally Shapiro, talks about how being on the RHONY affected her life… JillZ is proud that, despite having over 35,000 Facebook followers (or was it Twitter… whatever), Ally deleted her account.

Poor JillZ… the interviewer cut her off at the end!  Surely JillZ had something earth-shattering to say!!


JillZ has been saying the same stuff about the RHONY since she got da BravoBoot!  This is from 2011:


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NOTE:  Kim Zolciak also chatted with HLN via phone… and stated that the RHOA success was unexpected.

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 KimZ’s conversation about the Joodice case was as expected.  KimZ spewed the Bravo-approved replies re da Joodices:

  • I know nothing.
  • I’ve seen nothing.
  • I only know what the media has reported.
  • I can only speak for me.
  • I can only speak for my franchise.
  • I cannot predict what will happen to Tree Joodice.