REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY PREVIEW: Gretchen Rossi “Phone Call From Slade Smiley”…Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow “Bought The Lot”… Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge “Wedding Date”

On the next Real Housewives of Orange County:  Wretched blabs to Slimey about the Whistler trip; Heather and Terry Dull-BRO buy a lot with a view; Tamballs and Ellie pick a wedding date… Ellie just don’t seem that into Tamballs:

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23 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY PREVIEW: Gretchen Rossi “Phone Call From Slade Smiley”…Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow “Bought The Lot”… Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge “Wedding Date”

  1. Omg Gretchen looks like wax I never saw someone change so much so fast wow Lauri go away seven years and ur still mad why not at Jenna something does not add up thinking how ironic that u cheated on the great George two months after ur wedding why not own that Mrs Brady. Smells fishy ur kids have great friends also u nay have issues

  2. Once Tamra moved her chaps in his house Eddie has been over her. In scenes with just them he’s looking for an exit and he hardly looks at her when they’re with other couples.Eddie will be a runaway groom. Bravo’s runaway groom.

  3. Again, and this is so very cumbersome, Bravo missed an opportunity for ratings gold…”Eddie is a no-show on wedding day and comes out of the closet.” That would have a ring of truth and viewers would have loved it – real life – truth – get it Andy! These scripted fake relationships are so cheesey, silly and just bad acting. The new “Tamra” is ridiculous – the suicide attempts, the “love” she and Eddie share, her frienship” with Alexa, etc.. Andy Cohen you are off your rocker to even think this crap is believable or entertaining.

  4. The only scenes Eddie and Tamrat share are out to dinner & stuffing Ed’s face. He doesn’t have the “look of love”. It’s more like impatience with getting hitched to the wrong star. I see no chemistry between them. Regarding the T & E marriage, to quote Tamra when she commented on Alexass (& JimBore):, “I don’t see them in it for the long haul.”

  5. One of the things the Dullbrow marriage & Tams & Ellie’s union makes me think of is how some marriages are really just two losers who can (& are willing to) put up with the other’s phony loser type personality. I haven’t really paind much attention to Terry D.’s personality but why would any many want to be married to Heather? She strikes me as phony & the type that really loves to be the center of attention. & Tams & Ellie? What is there to say? She seems to be nothing but an insecure mean girl now & he’s well.. Did you know that closet doorknobs can sometimes stick? What’s in there can’t out. Anyway, Gretchen’s lips stike me as silly every time I see her. I swear back when Peggy was on the show Gretch said one thing she couldn’t stand was ladies with “Duck lips”. What does she call what she has now? I still say Alexis may not be the brightest of the bulbs (not saying much on this show.) But I think she is a better person deep down than Gretch & Tams – by a long shot. I don’t understand why she cares about those two.

    • I have blogged before I use to like Heather in the beginning but now, she is so full of herself and the way her husband bends over to kiss her butt, seems like he has to meet her 80% of the way like she is some queen, (queen of the scarecrows with those eyes) as for Tamballs, the more I read about her in the latest claims from her ex on ROL; her and Icky are the hypocrites of all the HW’s. Exlax is still on her trip on how mean everyone was mean to her; she should get her bedazzled bible and just pray about it!

    • I have to say Terry is actually the only entertainment I get some weeks. He’s kind of funny. As mean as Tamara can be, she also brings the funny. For the record, I couldn’t stand Alexis in previous seasons, but really do find myself liking her much better this year.

    • I agree about the Dubrows marriage. From the start, I got a vibe that the two of them were still on their first blind date and really had no passion for, or attraction to, each other. I think that Heather just wanted to brag that she managed to marry a doctor and he wanted to brag about marrying an “actress.”

    • I thought the same thing about Heather & Terry. I can’t imagine what he found attractive about her. She is full of herself, thin-skinned and no sense of humor. The way she talks down to her husband is horrible. He works and brings home the money, she’s a stay-at-home mom whose responsibility is taking care of the kids. I’ll bet she’s one of those women who changed into a total witch once she got him to marry her. She wants Terry to get down on his knees every day and kiss the ground she walks on. Her job is to take care of the kids. I can’t stand her smug ass. I’ll bet when he leaves a room he mutters “bitch” under his breath.

      • I agree with you. Whatever happened to Heather’s restaurant plans? That was going to fill her time with something besides her kids. Hmmm. It was probably just a ploy to show they had disposable income and to give Fabio an added boost of exposure

      • I agree. And the way she throws herself at other men, first with the Fabio chef person, then ex-Cardinal player Jim Edmunds (he brought HER wine, Terry FLOWERS, to their “Clambake”) and again grabbing someone other than Terry to dance with, at the Salsa party. Now if HE would’ve acted the same way, she’d probably run out and file for divorce immediately!

  6. I have mixed feelings about what Eddie wanted. He appeared exhausted and depressed actually and no, he did not look like a man who wanted to get married. Obviously, Tamra pressured him in to doing the deed so, good luck with that. I believe Gretchen about the Malibu Country fiasco and she is probably going to provide some proof at the reunion. Maybe they were interested and talked to her and that was the end of it, but it’s interesting how jealous Heather seemed to be over anyone on the OC show having spoken to casting at Malibu Country. The text Heather sent to Gretchen was really tacky and made her sound ego inflated, super jealous. I expected more from Heather, it wasn’t a good look for her. So, you need a 17,000 sq ft home because you have four kids? No one can tell me Heather isn’t interested in the finer things in life, even if she makes it sound like she doesn’t get “attached” to things.

    • I agree. Eddie looks like he needs a long nap . His eyes have that fatigued gaze of someone just resigned to a situation. No wonder he is always taking off on his bike.Trying to ride away from the problem.

    • That whole scene between Heather and Terry didn’t make sense. In their 17,000 sq foot (gorgeous) mansion, they can’t find somewhere to put 1 more bedroom on their floor?? How about splitting a room somewhere? It’s ridiculous. They DID go on and on in the past about how they made this dreamhouse to their specifications, including their family initials inlaid on the floor. C’mon! The new lot of land looks absolutely gorgeous, but even they can’t decide if they’re downgrading or making a BIGGER mansion. If it’s going to be bigger, how does Terry think he’ll be working less? This will end up costing more than the price they’re getting for their house. No sense!!! What am I missing?

      I like Alexis. Always have. She’s not too bright but she’s not vile or evil like the rest of them.

      Eddie seems oddly disconnected. Did he give up working in law, and now he’s just focused on the gym??? I don’t see how they’re getting by then! We know he did go thru with the wedding, but it’s not real……….. It was funny to hear Eddie say something about a wedding not making money. Maybe they both quickly figured out a way to make extra $$ from the wedding, on top of getting it all comped!

  7. Eddie is definitely over the whole wedding. He looks like he has been riding the rails with his messy hair and his 5′o clock shadow.
    Who cares about Heather and Terry’s “Our house only has 23, not 35 foot walls” rich people problems.
    I hope Vicki is not lying about Brooks
    I’m sure Gretchen is lying at any given time.
    I wish AlexAss would let Gretchen have it the way Lydia did when she said “Oh! I see who you are now”.

  8. Witchen singing again….oh goodness get me ear plugs. Who told this dummy she can sing? Maybe she should do a duet with Mego.

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