SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamra Barney “First Husband Talks”; Says Tamballs Liar!… No Housewives Shows Emmy Nominated… Kyle Richards “Plastic Surgery Confidence”… NayNay Leakes’ New Show… Lauri Peterson “Wants Back For Season Nine”… Costco Secrets!

RHOC Tamballs Simon pg

Tamballs’ FIRST husband and Ryan’s father, Darren Vieth, tells ROL that Tamballs is a liar!  Well, what else is new?

“Tamra is a liar, a cheater and a bad mother to our son, Ryan, and she seemed to enjoy constant drama in her life because it lead to attention,” Darren, 48, said of his onetime high school sweetheart.”

“I couldn’t believe that she blamed our failed marriage for her first suicide attempt.  Tamra usually never tells the entire story, and this time is no different.”

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miss andy cohen bravo pg

The Lord of the Housewives must be extremely disappointed!  None of MissAndy’s  Housewives “reality” shows airing on Bravo were nominated (in any category) in this year’s Emmys.  The entire list of nominations can be found at TheWrap.


  Nene Carson pg

If you were waiting for more info about NayNay Leakes’ new reality show on Bravo DOCU-SERIES  “I Dream of Nene”… here’s a synopsis of the show from Bravo:

“I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding proves that the second time around is a charm as the new docu-series features the nuptials of former spouses Nene and Gregg Leakes.  Fans have gotten up close and personal with the couple during The Real Housewives of Atlanta, watching their happy marriage, devastating divorce, and romantic reconnection. The stars align as the Leakes are ready to tie the knot once again in an extravagant wedding fit for a larger-than-life personality like NeNe.

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Each episode follows NeNe as she plans the wedding of a lifetime and puts her team of experts to the test in executing her dream vision. Alongside NeNe is her bridal party, including Cynthia Bailey  and Marlo Hampton, who bring a fair share of drama and fabulousness to the classy affair.”  NOTE:  Cynthia Bailey caught dreamin’ of NayNay…

cynthia bailey


HagfaceKyle Richards tells Life&StyleMagazine that plastic surgery gave her confidence!   Yes… this is Kyle’s original nose…

kyle nose shwm

And don’t forget… Kyle’s adopted!



RHOC Lauri Vicki Wizard of OZ/OC pg

Lauri Peterson tells OK!Magazine virtually NOTHING!  

rhoc lauri vicki pg

Seems that Lauri was a Bravo hired gun and is lookin’ to do more pot stirrin’ on season nine of the Real Housewives of Orange County… lookin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ and doin’ more hopin’ and more hopin’ and more hopin’ that she gets that golden ticket from the Bravo front offices!


Everyone LOVES Costco! 

TREE AT COSTCO SHWM     SH reader at Teresa Giudice book signing at Costco!  Yes, that is lil Gabriella on the right… 

Camille costco 11.20.12 RHOBH Camille Costco                                      RHOBH Camille Grammer at Costco with her son, Jude!  (Thank you, Camille!!!)

camille costco tweet

wakile cannoli kit costco                                             SH reader sent in these cannoli kits already ready for purchase at Costco!

We all know that this blind item from the National Enquirer was Tamballs.   Hmmm… time will tell if her statement about “not being good at picking out husbands” is accurate!COSTCO BLIND

If you ever wondered what information is hidden in Costco tags or if you ever wondered what Costco does with all those merchandise returns… check out the “SecretsAtCostco” from for some great info and could save you even more the next time you’re shopping at Costco!

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