8 comments on “SH **EXCLUSIVE**… Donn Gunvalson Reacts To Vicki Gunvalson!!

  1. Donn probably is thanking his lucky stars that Vicki is obsessed with his Southern Cosmic Twin. He’s glad that he dodged the bullet.

  2. I bet Vicki trigger’s Donn’s gag reflex. There are worse looking men than Crooks but it’d wouldn’t be hard finding one less oily with his own chompers.

  3. Ooh, wouldn’t it make for GREAT Housewives tv history though?? I wouldn’t put it past them to fake a break-up.

    • Donn seems so passive he’d probably agree to most anything. I bet the behind the scenes of all these shows is 10000x’s more interesting than happening in front of the cameras.

  4. With what I saw on TV, not knowing these people, Donn seemed like a really nice person and he deserves better than Icky Vicki.

    On an other note; ROL has a story about Tamballs and what a liar face she really is!

  5. On the show Vicki said Donn has a gf; why would he go back with her…..he’s enjoying swinging with his girlfriend and other women at swinger parties.

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