RHOC PREVIEW…VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Vicki Confronts Crooks About His Dating Life…

Bravo… Crooks is just a big tipper!!

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10 comments on “RHOC PREVIEW…VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Vicki Confronts Crooks About His Dating Life…

  1. Unbelievable. It’s actually embarrassing how Vicky REEKS of DESPERATION!!! Holy crap, I swear she’s turning into a stalker. She will not let go and even when they have their supposed break ups, she has to know everything that’s going on with that slime bag and who he is seeing. That woman is not normal…she’s seriously messed up and it’s sickening to watch. She has no clue how pathetic she really is. I’m actually hoping now she marries Brooks. He will clean her out and she deserves what she gets with him.

  2. Crooks is a lying, manipulative POS. He became incredibly indignant and IMO very dark in mood when Vicki brought up what Lauri said. He practically bored holes into her with his beady black eyes. On WWHL tonight Vicki still said he was a good man…she’s as brainwashed, or just desperate, as Josephine is by MeGo. Sad.

    • Love: Vicki has to say what she said on WWHL… the RHOC is still airing. From all indications, Crooks and Vicki have split. However, they are forever breaking/making up, so who knows their REAL status. Really, who cares! TFC!! SH

  3. Vicki doesn’t admit if she’s wrong and won’t start with Brokes. He could tell her, “Vicki I’m using you and really like porn stars and herpes,” and she’d say “You don’t mean that.” Him giving her a fur coat for a night is all I needed to see. It’s similar to Slade buying Gretchen a RR with her money. Gretchen said he filled out the paper work because she was busy.

  4. This is such a pitiful side to Vicki. She belived Slade was worthless because of his child support problemss but Brooks is a good man despite his.?? As someone said out here before, she really has a type. Don – Brooks – the guy she flirted with in the pool on vacation with Tamara a couple of seasons back, they all look so much alike it’s almost odd. You’d think she’d see at least one guy that didn’t have that same look. Anyway she found someone that fits that type & she seems to be clinging on. Surely she’s not trying to make him into marriage material. Uggg.

  5. Who’s the liar face here????????? Hmmm remember “I did not have sexual relations with that intern”. Yeah, I believe Crooks, like I believe the door to door salesman selling youth in a bottle!

  6. I don’t know what this woman sees in that loser. Does she need sex that bad? The previews for next week’s show. Witchen is in the recording studio sounding, as usual, horrible. Ear plug alert ladies. Get then ready ’cause if sounded worse then Feva.

  7. OK My personal opinion is this guy is a piece of low life scum. The fact that she’s chasing him is a little sad and pathetic…BUT!!!! He does have a point. If Vicki wants to be with him, she should tell her grown daughter to deal with it. I like Brianna, and she has already said she would move out if that’s what Vicki wants. So maybe Vicki should cut the freakin apron strings and date her lowlife. Sorry but I am just sick and tired of her blaming her daughter for the fact that her relationship with this nasty scumbag.

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