MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA: JoGo’s New Look… Plump Lips, Shaved Head, Dirty Clothes…

JoeyMarco Gorga is definitely catering to his key demographics… the middle-school-aged boys… at last night’s premiere of “Grown Ups 2.”

JMG is showing how he is cutting back on expenses… with the summer buzz cut!  BUT, that savings flies out the window with the coat of the lip plumping injections…







NOTE:   JoGo always reverts back to his usual “look”:  juvenile and dirty!  In the immediate photo above, it appears that he didn’t bother to select a less-dirty t-shirt from the laundry pile!  

Note to MeGo:  Don’t forget to wipe off that messy spray tan stuff before you return your clothes to that local boutique!  (If you didn’t catch the letter to Melissa Gorga about her stained clothes the first time around… see SH July 8, 2013!)

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76 comments on “MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA: JoGo’s New Look… Plump Lips, Shaved Head, Dirty Clothes…

    • He looks downright scary now!!!!!!!!!! Wow. On the other hand, I’ve never seen Melissa look prettier!

  1. My husband is almost 7′ tall, so I know odd size pants are hard to find. I have NO idea where she finds oompa loompa length pants. And wearing daddy’s sport jacket? Don Johnson is pissed you screwed up his look 25 years later.

    • None of the Jersey men believe in tailoring. Joe Giudice is just as bad with the sports coats. And if a guy is plumping his lips, well, let’s just say Melissa should be questioning some things. But maybe that’s her angle – if Joe Gorga gets in touch w his feminine side, Tarzan won’t come out to play as much and she’s off the hook. Love Italian Style is getting more questionable by the minute.

  2. Please tell me the plumped up lips and pink lip gloss is a touched up joke??? I don’t know. If that’s for real, that midget has more problems than I thought. He’s trying to look like Mr Macho with the shaved head….sorry you midget, pervert, sex addict…it’s not working for ya.

  3. Plump up your lips all you want, Midget Man, Juicy still won’t want them on his ball sack. Best you stick to hanging around rest stop bathrooms tap, tap tapping that foot.

    • Now, now. Let’s be politically correct when addressing Joe’s height. He isn’t short or squatty. He is just vertically challenged.

    • Gays usually have much better taste in clothing and take pride in their appearance. Methinks Joego is just sloppy and maybe no money for clothes after paying for Mego’s couture.

      • Don’t kid yourself. He flossed his butt cheeks that morning. He thinks he is the height of fashion. Not every gay man gets it right with da clothes.

    • Interesting! Something seems atypical about SloJo sexuality….Not sure if he is bi, gay, cross dresser, or what. Regardless, of all the muscles, steroids and grunts….there is something feminine about him.

      The elephant thong stripper? Something tells me Sr. Gorga thinks his only son is a little ‘light-in-pants’ and that is part of the rift…Probably why he prefers his son-in-law JuicyJoe – who much better encompasses the typical Italian male machismo.

      • Interesting observation. I do recall Sr. Gorga telling him to go cry to his mamma. That is definitely a strong dis from Italian father to son. It seems it wasn’t the first time Joe Gorga cried to his father. It seems he’s not havin’ it.

      • Haahahhaha

        I was going to say, because he spends all his money on lip injections, facials & Gucci belts…. But, I like this better.

  4. Man that little man syndrome really does mess with his head…lol…If he wasn’t such a dick head maybe people might not get sick when they see the two of them together. Don’t they take fat out of your buttocks when you get your lips plumped?

    • “Don’t they take fat out of your buttocks when you get your lips plumped?”

      To quote the movie “Laws of Attraction”: “That gives a whole new meaning to talking out of your ass.”

  5. Ummm I’m guessing the spray paint was ruining all of his hats. Couldn’t afford hair plugs and he was bald as a baby’s but ….so he had to shave his head. Now the lip plumping – - he is at the very least, a crossdresser and I’m not even kidding. lol

      • You may be right, but I’m pretty sure it’s even out of style for them unless they wear women’s clothing. I made the mistake of watching the first look, and now I’m really cussing Melissa, Joey, and Richie!

  6. And people stop Melissa all the time to ask her how she has such a hot, sexy healthy marriage, don’t you know? So she just had to write a book about it as a public service. Here is a public service you two could do. Try and give Juicy a blow job and a face smacking against his will on pay per view. Then, go jump off the GW Bridge if you are still breathing.

  7. Okay, no one hate me, Mego doesn’t look that bad, but her husband, WTH? He needs a lesson on matching materials and those shoes, OMG, bad; he is in desparate need of a man stylist!

    • I just have to say…WHO goes to a movie (Premiere or otherwise) dressed like THAT??? Is this “movie” her biggest night out? Is this the social event of the year, so much so, that you make sure you wear your fanciest cocktail dress, ridiculous heels, and eyelashes that are extremely otherworldly??? Hope you were comfortable in that movie theater, dressed in the most desperately foolish-looking, out of place high school prom dress I’ve ever seen. And, if you want to make this “Fashion Splash,” please have your Garden Gnome dress-up beyond his short and stocky “Garanimals” wardrobe.

    • Those eyelashes are gross! No matter what she wears, she looks like she just went down on someone, or anyone. GROSS! No one is hating on you Ann. It’s just hard to get past her nastiness.

  8. OMG! The captions are too darn perfect with the pictures, ESPECIALLY the last one! It was all I could do to keep from laughing and spitting out my mouthful of lovely, lovely red wine!!
    Snaps, Ms. SH!

  9. He looks like Jax with his face all frozen. Boy do these two love to pose for the cameras! As Judge Judy once said, “Beauty Fades but Dumb is Forever!”

  10. Wow midget has itty bitty feets does he not? Weirdly he has teensy tinsy hands as well like that weird chick on Saturday Night Live! Yikes what a freak! He needs a tailor stat and stop shopping in the menswear dept. Stroll on over to Husky Boys department Baby Joey.

  11. He’s Popeye the sailor man, he’s Popeye the sailor man. He’s got fat lips ’cause he got a small ____ He’s popeye the sailor man.

  12. Whenever I see the duck lips on anyone, I can’t help but think of an inside out anus. And it talks.

  13. I never realized how big his head was. Did he get lip injections? Or did she? This show is really getting out tha box!!

    • Completely agree…and does she have at least 6″ on him (size doesn’t matter) in her face. Look at that picture…her forehead and his chin are light-years away.

  14. What’s next for Little Joe’s makeover? Lip injections today…penile implant tomorrow….. :)

    • gessiewtf, I hadn’t thought of that but I bet you’re right! lmao! If that is true I hope Joe Guidice busted one of them open when he beats his ass this sunday!

  15. “Teresa, help your brother, his lips look lawful, help him, help your balding brother, penis chomper, Joey Gorga, help him!” Lol, couldn’t help myself, lol! have good nite folks! ; )

  16. His plumped lips are all the better for pickle kissing.
    Danielle should take him suit shopping. It’s horrible that that broken down ho and her buddy Danny have more style than these two.

  17. That looks like a suit coat, not a sport jacket, to me, which is an even worse fashion faux pas, IMHO. Like he could get any worse. I like a nice sport coat with a nice t-shirt and nice jeans. the key word here being NICE. He always looks like he dug through his dirty laundry hamper to find something where the stains aren’t too noticeable to wear. I mean, seriously Joe? You are such a tool. I agree with the poster about tailoring. That makes all the difference.

  18. Without even trying to sound hateful, I’m really sick of Mego & Lil’Joe, they just strike me as so phony. With or w/o the problems between them & Teresa I wish the producers would replace them. So boring. & you know looking at some of the stuff lilJ has done over the past couple of season; wearing Jax outfit on a dare one night, dressing up like his sister , trying to grab or bite Juicy the way he did in the latest fight, I really thing Josephina is who lilJ wants to be. I mean sumpin’s going on there. Weird thing is, as long as she can prance around on t.v. & buy the outfits she wants, I don’t think Mego even careswho lilJ really is. The whole thing with these two just seems really odd.

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