RHONJ PREVIEW… JOE GIUDICE, JOE GORGA: The Retreat Rumble Rolls On… Melissa Gorga Screeches, “Help Your Brother, Teresa”!!

Bravo…   MeGo needs to make a CD from that “Help Your Bro” line… she is using her best vocals!!

401 comments on “RHONJ PREVIEW… JOE GIUDICE, JOE GORGA: The Retreat Rumble Rolls On… Melissa Gorga Screeches, “Help Your Brother, Teresa”!!

  1. awwww POOR joe Gorga, he hit me first mommy, (crying to daddy) your my father , (italian)il vostro mio padre!!!! why cant I bitch and moan about how jealous I am of my sister Tre, because she is making more money than I ever could. I have to pimp my wife out so she can sing about my never ending saga of why I cant get along with my sister. I called her garbage first daddy before juicy Joe did. I discussed all her dirty laundry on air. Talked about her bankruptcy, had my wife talk about how she does not pay her bills, and took all of her friends away . I have been jealous boy or bitch since childhood. So if you wont talk to me I will huff and i will puff and I will blow your house down !!!! and continue until I am the star of the show. Its all about the mighty buck over and over . So glad Tre, left the room and left juicy (who by the way could wipe the floor with her monkey brother). That bitch wife of his Mellissa , the liar just wants “EWERYBODDY TO LOOK AT ME !!!! I AM GAWGEOUS THE real star of the show. I CAN SING AND DANCE AND SHOW YOU HOW TO BE AS SEXY AS ME oh and Fredo(jaqaueline) and Caroline (the godfather) are my BFF”S AND THAT CRAZY LION FACED REAL ESTATE WOMAN TOO. I want to sell my house on t.v. because the interest in me is so great I want bigger and better than Tre, That will make her cringe. OMG I use Rosie and Kathie and the pathetic RIchie, who are my biggest fans so that Teresa will have no one . One on one I dont do those. I have everyone do the magic I wanted to take my sister in law down ever since I laid eyes on her. And look what I have done “IM ON DISPLAY every day , everbody make me rich cause I;m a bitch comon and keep on watching me and paying me and etc………………………………….


    • That’s kinda the thing for me too, when it comes to this wench.

      Messy had a life with her “millionaire” (in monies owed) husband, but didn’t want to settle for the same type of a life her idiot sisters have. Which apparently would have been far better off had Messy not tried or demanded to compete with her sister in law. And an added plus would be because no one would have looked in to Messy’s and meatballbiter Gorga’s past/present financials….or her crazy sisters.

      The folks on Messy’s bravo blog have resigned to calling Messy “Teresa’s sister in law”.

      That’s gonna pinch her non-existant ass cheeks even tighter.

      But in reality, that’s all she is and all she ever will be: Teresa’s sister in law.

      Who is married to meatballbiter.

      I can’t stand them.


  2. I just have to say that the comments here are some of the funniest I have seen so far. Gessiewtf, you are my fav hands down. Bravo ladies (and gents?). This had me in stitches!


  3. Garsh! Lmao! The only reason i couldnt watch it over and over IS because MeGo got in so many cheap slaps that i wanted Tre to slam her against the wall. Other than seeing Juicy make Josephine his Bia, these comments are the next best thing about the fight! You guys are hilarious…. Lol!


  4. Ok…what was th deal with Melissa scurrying to get Joe’s hat back on . I’d say he was using some kind of hair product..ie spray on color..hence the “black stuff” on juicy Joe!


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