RHONJ PREVIEW… JOE GIUDICE, JOE GORGA: The Retreat Rumble Rolls On… Melissa Gorga Screeches, “Help Your Brother, Teresa”!!

Bravo…   MeGo needs to make a CD from that “Help Your Bro” line… she is using her best vocals!!

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401 comments on “RHONJ PREVIEW… JOE GIUDICE, JOE GORGA: The Retreat Rumble Rolls On… Melissa Gorga Screeches, “Help Your Brother, Teresa”!!

    • I cried too…….from laughter! Douchy Joe was giving felatio to Juicy while Melissa slapped Juicy in the face! Can you imagine the hellfire & brimstone The Gorgas/Marcos would rain on the Guidices if Tre had helped defend her husband by snatching a knot in Melissa? They are twisted. Douchy Joe then tries to justify why he attacked be saying it was pent up frustration?!? It must be sexual frustration since he dropped down and tried to give Juicy a blowie.

    • No. It is really sad over all. When all is said and done, how would they feel if the one they hated so deeply was killed the next day? They loved that person at one time so it would probably haunt them for life. Unless they are a sociopath.

  1. Ok so, Ms. SH posted that Meho should come make a song based on her line “Help your bro.” I am trying to help Meho out and this is my rough draft. Sung to the tune of the top selling single ‘On Display’. From Meho to Tree (keep in mind I am tired):

    Help your bro, help your bro, help your bro
    Even we’re ruining your show, ruining your show, ruining your show
    I kept slapping Juicy’s face
    While he’s putting Josephine in his place
    But he can’t keep on….
    Hey Tree help your bro, help your bro, help your bro
    Even tho he’s a little slow, little slow, little slow
    We are a little low on money
    I won’t call you bitc+, honey
    But we can’t keep on…..

    • i’d like to hear her sing her new hit
      “we’ve hit rock bottom”
      the only place we will ever be
      rock bottom, were we deserve to be
      steady rockin on the bottom
      rock bottom, shakin my bottom for tips
      rock bottom at the bottom of the strippper pole
      lip singin from my pie hole
      rock bottom.

      • Lip synching from my pie hole. That’s a classic. Fact: Joey Gorga instigated a brawl so that he could attempt to suckle Juicy’s privates. This is irrefutable as it is on tape and next week all of America will see it. What does this tell us. He does not hate Juicy, all of his misplaced anger is actually lust. He hates Teresa because she has better hair and looks better in a dress. It is really nothing personal. His comment that he had ten years of pent up frustration shortly after having his lips and teeth removed from Joe Gorga’s balls is very telling. Joey we don’t care if you are gay. Everybody is gay these days. It is very trendy. However, you must come to terms with the fact that Juicy does not return your affections. You need help to come to terms with the fact that Juicy loves his wife, and not you. For that you may need years of therapy. Perhaps an extended stay in a mental institution you can sort out your life and lead a bi-sexual existence with your bi-sexual wife. Your parents know already. It is we the viewers who were a little slow.
        But Bravo has your back little man. You will be o.k.

  2. Wow! That is why Josephine has never really said anything to Teresa in front of Juicy. He knew is Juicy was not going to hold back. It is funny that everyone was afraid for Josephine. That Melissa took advantage that they were holding Juicy down. Of course Rich was going to hold Juicy down so Josephine could take cheap shots.

    • Melissa’s claws went right for the eyes. I am sure she was kicking vigorously just like at the Christening. The marriage whisperer. Yup. O.K. Girl, your marriage could very well be the biggest clusterfuc* in the history of broadcasting. How to keep your man happy by greeting him at the door naked? Guess what? He has plastered Juicy’s face over yours in his mind. No wonder he wants to bang you when he is mad at his sister. It all makes sense now.

      • This is a great comment. You’ve nailed the psycho-dynamics. This may be scripted, but Melissa really went in for Juicy’s face, it was disgusting. And please tell me exactly what Koma was doing? She should have kept MeHo in check. She did nothing. She went on and on about Audrianna in the stroller.

  3. It was funny how joe Gorga charged at joe giudice and then played the victim as usual. If joe Gorga wants to cry about a fight then why did he initiate it?

  4. Wait, Wait, Wait….even after they pulled the Joe’s apart Melissa was still trying to hit Joe Guidice! Watch her at the very end of the clip. If I was Teresa I would’ve punted that tramp.

  5. I don’t know what Melissa is whining about here. Teresa did help her brother. She went and got security and prevented Juicy from killing him. Of course now all of us fans are ticked at her ;)

    Who said something to Josephine when he made the scum comment? Was that Kathy?

    I’m starting to like Rosie a bit more.

    Little Joe screeching about ten years…I’ve always felt his real issue with Teresa wasn’t with Teresa but with Juicy, since Juicy seems to be the son Papa Gorga wishes he had. The apology he wants is for Teresa marrying Juicy. Ironic since he’s been harping on Teresa for not liking his wife. Perhaps Whacky Jackie isn’t the only one with projection issues.

    • Yes Kathy told lil roid that was wrong to call his sister a scum, he replied, I don’t care, silly little man!

    • Rosie is my favorite! Great points you made. Especially about him being pissed Teresa doesn’t like his wife when he clearly hates Teresas husband! Great point there!

  6. I went to JoGo’s TL to see if he tweeted anything about this scene. I found this instead that he RT. Disgusting
    @xocolleenxoxo: @joegorga why does T always throw you (& your wife) under the bus? You didn’t yell at your dad…You were pleading for peace @ christening!

    • Pleading for peace at the top of his lungs, 12 octaves higher and profanity filled as well. Yeah, that’s not yelling ;)

      • I know, such idiots. I also thought it was bs that he RT that because it’s negative about his sister. That’s just wrong for him to support that and tweet it everywhere.

    • What a bunch of bull…lil round wanted this job so bad, he ruined his child’s christening… I didn’t like him then, or his wife, and I still can’t stand them…

      • I’m with you, girl! The JoGos are full of bologna! What kinda guys get lip injection thingies, btw? Lol! What a freak show…

  7. Bet Pappa Gorga is mighty proud of his son Josephine……………………what humiliation for that man! Too bad he’s too old to take his little Stumpy behind the shed (for a GOOD talkin to)!

  8. Juicy didn’t even finish “apoligize” and Joe Gorga was running at him like a mad little kid. Then we see Mego jumpin in scratchin at Juicy like a whore in a catfight while Tre runs for help. If my husband was Joe Gorga, I would run for help, not scratch. But the Gorgas are trashy and childish. Joe Giudice did nothing wrong. He was demanding an apology. Tre did nothing wrong, she was just upset and told what Joe Gorga said. Joe Gorga is lucky that there were so many people there, Juicy woulda wrecked him, and he charged first so I have to say he’d have it comin.

    • Although both guys appear to be no stranger to steroids, Joe Guidice is by far the larger and more powerful-looking of the two men. Little Joe charging with his head down made me laugh, and I think in a real fight Joe Guidice would’ve punched his face in and walked away, leaving little Joe crying to his wife. I really did feel bad for Theresa in all respects here, that creepy brother calling her scum and Melissa hiding in the corner.

  9. This just never gets old! Bahahahaha! I cant believe that I have a crush on juicy Joe, but yea, I kind of do, LoL!

  10. I went back and watched it again and this time noticed that my hero Juicy slammed him into the wall with such force that his freakin sneaker came off. Hah good times!!!

    • I was wondering who’s sneakers those were…but the hat stayed on… That was a good slam against the wall…lil roid has such small hands… Midget hands… I guess they go with his body..

      • Oh yeah you are right the hat never moved, what does he glue that shit to his head. If Bravo even tries to spin this as Juicy or Teresa did something wrong I am going to lose it.

        • if yopu watched last week, when poison was in bedroom with melissa, told antoia to leave, joe took off his hat he has big elastic band to hold it down lol he was playing with it while talking. I notice weird things.

          • I thought that was the rubber band MeGo used to castrate him. Just like they do on the farm.

            • buit joey’s balls aren’t that big, they are like peanuts, kind that comes 2 in shell lol

  11. How about a twitter called JoeGiudicesNuts. He had JoJo the Monkey Faced Boy from the Coney Island Sideshow on his back in three seconds. Juicy, IMO, does not use steroids, he doesn’t have that thin skinned look. He looks like a man who had worked in his life. The comment to Teresa was horrifying. I can’t stop watching it, it is so very satisfying. JoJo the Monkey Faced Boy is the problem. His wife is the problem.

  12. Not only did the way he attacked Juicy tell you what kind of guy lil’Joe is , but it looks like he is the one who falls backwards & knocks Rosie to the floor. How telling is it that this grown man (well sort of) didn’t even offer his hand to help Rosie back up? She may not be as prissy as Mego but she’s still a female. What kind of man would knock a female over (especially when she was trying to HELP him) & offer a hand to help her back up? If he isn’t (let’s say) like Greggy (not that there’s anything wrong with that :D) then offering his hand in that situation should be as natural as breathing. It would be to most males , even if it hadn’t been their own temper/ego that caused the woman to fall.

  13. Does anyone else see the irony of the “Stick with your family, don’t turn your back on them for strangers”, “No! You are scum! Scum….blah blah scum, blah blah scum I want nothing to do with you SCUM!”, Juicy demands Joey apology, Joey attacks Juicy Joe and Melissa has the balls to scream:”Teresa, HELP YOUR BROTHER!”?

    I believe this entire exchange explains EVERYTHING wrong with their relationship.

    • I agree. Plus her version of “helping” was repeated slapping and clawing at Juicy. Teresa honestly went and got security and then tried to break up the fight, too. Melissa can twist any story, it seems.

  14. The probelm with this scene for me is that Joe Gorga has everyone trying to help him. Rich’s face was a picture what a great big girl’s Blouse he is. The other issue I have is if I had been Theresa I would have knocked Melissa into next week talk about cheap shots!
    Joe Gorga deserved to get his ass beat, Juicy was well within his rights I am just sorry that they were all grabbing Juicy I would have like to have seen Gorga get more of a beat down.

    • duchess i couldn’t agree more!!! it pisses me off to no end that everyone gathered around trying to help the Gorgie terrier. i can only suppose the fam already knows what a MAJOR _ussy he is. and if i were teresa? melissa would still be searching that floor for weave and teeth.

  15. Well, Meho finally told the truth, “the Marcos finally did hit rock bottom”. I can’t believe how vicious and low down Meho and Joblo are. At one point I thought that richie and Meho were choking Juicy, I couldn’t believe it. But I have to admit I was giddy watching Juicy take care of business, finally, little Marco put inhis place.
    The sad thing is they are going to spin it like the Guidices were at fault. BTW, Dick, man up, you weasel.

    • I think Meho and Joblo would be great names for their cartoon versions. After watching this 4 or 5 times, I can’t help but think that it should be made into a cartoon.

  16. What type of person repeatedly calls his sister & his goddaughter’s mother scum, especially on national TV?!? Can you imagine if T had rushed Melissa? Melissa is so pathetic…slapping Juicy Joe in the face after Joey Marco rushed him? If the tables were turned, the Marcos would still be bashing T & Juicy! Of course, Joey Marco still doesn’t take any accountability! I’m sure his parents & children are very proud of him! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that Juicy throws his ass down the only think he can do is bite & grab his balls! PATHETIC!!!!

    • Seriously, that must have hurt Gia to see him abuse her mother like that, wrong wrong wrong. And she is at an age where she likely will not forget it either. As for Gorga kids, I feel terrible for them. They are too young now but one day they’ll see this.

  17. Can someone do a you tube video of Mego “Teresa help your brother” and Sweet Brown “Ain’t nobody got time for dat” – that would be hilarious.

  18. OK I am going a little off topic here, but has anyone seen what Melissa said to US Weekly? “Teresa could have at least got up and left the table.” I have so far seen 4 people, Teresa, Kim D, Jen, and that Heather chick all say Teresa got up and left the table. That bitch knows damn good and well she left and it wasn’t aired. She is such a horrible person trying to use this set up BS again

  19. And I can’t wait to hear Mandy try to help Stumpy Slojosey out of this mess at the reunion — going for the family jewels??? splain your way outta that

  20. When me MeGo says ” Help your brother”, two things come to mind. 1.She’s concerned about protecting her meal ticket, and 2. Not even his WIFE thinks he stands a chance against Juicy!

  21. I don’t care what anyone says Teresa G. led it all to this point 100%. No doubt whatsoever! Very sad, very very sad that this is where they are but they’re not alone–tons of families are like this. It can still be fixed though — it can always be fixed. Good luck to them. They’re still more entertaining than the New York housewives — the New York ladies are nice but boring.

  22. Would I help my husband fight…absolutely…no hesitation…would I plead for him and beg his sister to help him…HELL NO! My husband also wouldn’t be so mouthy and not be able to back it up so I guess there is a huge difference here lol Josephine will curse a woman out and talk to one so nasty (Kim D., Teresa) but he can’t hold his own against a man therefore his childish need to charge Joe like a dumb idiot. He has no respect for his sister because based on comments they have made, I think he’s jealous that she was famous and he wasn’t and she wasn’t looking out enough & bringing him along for the ride. In my opinion that’s the Marcos and Wakiles only beef with Teresa. Thats why Meho leaked little dumb facebook stories before she was on the show because she wanted some attention. Teresa had a show and was popular and they weren’t and in their opinions Teresa wasn’t doing enough to get them on the show or be a part of the show so they claimed she changed but then went behind her back with an idea to Bravo that if they put them on they would cause enough drama with Teresa for ratings gold! Because if Meho was so much better and had so much more, y the heck wasn’t she picked on her own merits simply as a housewife for the show in season 1 like Teresa? Or after being at Teresa’s events that were filmed why didn’t she stand out and be asked by Bravo to join even as a “friend or family member of a housewife”? The answer is because without Teresa they have no storyline and are boring & the show would not even be the same. Especially the Wakiles! Zzzzzzzz. I fast forward their segments. I cant stand Ritchie. He’s far worse than juicy and no one ever calls him out on it! They all need to thank Teresa for where they are right now the big dummies! I wish she would get a spinoff and leave them in the dust but I don’t think that will happen because Bravo knows without T the NJ housewives show will decline in ratings. They are going to have to find another eccentric housewife to replace her before that happens. Or she could do both?! Lol! I wish Teresa well! Success is the ultimate revenge!

    • wonder how poison, chris and wacko will portray the fight with the greeks. juicy and teresa aren’t in that one. can’t wait till that trial starts

    • you are so right is this not disgusting?. what kind of sister in law who claims she wants the family to mend does this?. Its all for the cameras to make money. They are now selling their home because of what ?. “The kids in the same school”. She is so pathetic and thinks everyone out here is as stupid as her. The kids were never in it they dont have the problem. The adults or adult idiot Goe and his wife have the problem they wanted the cash cab and Tre was not offering it to them. So they snuck behind her back and did it. The wife makes so many demands on the monkey that he cant take it. Now they want more money than they paid for the gawdy house they live in. Teresa’s is so much better. Tre, has a style all her own knows good things. Her brother is the real trash . And his tacky wife has to be the star of the show. I hope Tre gets her show it would be the best revenge you said it best. Oh and wacko Jacqueline or Jacko, or shall we call her by her real name as portrayed in the Godfather “FREDO”, she is as dummy and to think this woman is raising kids?, as a mother who has children on the spectrum none of us would be on that show. And if we were we would do everything to fund research for autism and for getting our kids all the help they need. Not to sit there and gossip about everyone. Her own daughter had to get away from her because she dealt with her as a buddy . Her daughter is doing better without that squeaky voice mouse face ugh . Her own husband tells her to calm down she is a complete idiot.

  23. awwww POOR joe Gorga, he hit me first mommy, (crying to daddy) your my father , (italian)il vostro mio padre!!!! why cant I bitch and moan about how jealous I am of my sister Tre, because she is making more money than I ever could. I have to pimp my wife out so she can sing about my never ending saga of why I cant get along with my sister. I called her garbage first daddy before juicy Joe did. I discussed all her dirty laundry on air. Talked about her bankruptcy, had my wife talk about how she does not pay her bills, and took all of her friends away . I have been jealous boy or bitch since childhood. So if you wont talk to me I will huff and i will puff and I will blow your house down !!!! and continue until I am the star of the show. Its all about the mighty buck over and over . So glad Tre, left the room and left juicy (who by the way could wipe the floor with her monkey brother). That bitch wife of his Mellissa , the liar just wants “EWERYBODDY TO LOOK AT ME !!!! I AM GAWGEOUS THE real star of the show. I CAN SING AND DANCE AND SHOW YOU HOW TO BE AS SEXY AS ME oh and Fredo(jaqaueline) and Caroline (the godfather) are my BFF”S AND THAT CRAZY LION FACED REAL ESTATE WOMAN TOO. I want to sell my house on t.v. because the interest in me is so great I want bigger and better than Tre, That will make her cringe. OMG I use Rosie and Kathie and the pathetic RIchie, who are my biggest fans so that Teresa will have no one . One on one I dont do those. I have everyone do the magic I wanted to take my sister in law down ever since I laid eyes on her. And look what I have done “IM ON DISPLAY every day , everbody make me rich cause I;m a bitch comon and keep on watching me and paying me and etc………………………………….

    • That’s kinda the thing for me too, when it comes to this wench.

      Messy had a life with her “millionaire” (in monies owed) husband, but didn’t want to settle for the same type of a life her idiot sisters have. Which apparently would have been far better off had Messy not tried or demanded to compete with her sister in law. And an added plus would be because no one would have looked in to Messy’s and meatballbiter Gorga’s past/present financials….or her crazy sisters.

      The folks on Messy’s bravo blog have resigned to calling Messy “Teresa’s sister in law”.

      That’s gonna pinch her non-existant ass cheeks even tighter.

      But in reality, that’s all she is and all she ever will be: Teresa’s sister in law.

      Who is married to meatballbiter.

      I can’t stand them.

  24. I just have to say that the comments here are some of the funniest I have seen so far. Gessiewtf, you are my fav hands down. Bravo ladies (and gents?). This had me in stitches!

  25. Garsh! Lmao! The only reason i couldnt watch it over and over IS because MeGo got in so many cheap slaps that i wanted Tre to slam her against the wall. Other than seeing Juicy make Josephine his Bia, these comments are the next best thing about the fight! You guys are hilarious…. Lol!

  26. Ok…what was th deal with Melissa scurrying to get Joe’s hat back on . I’d say he was using some kind of hair product..ie spray on color..hence the “black stuff” on juicy Joe!

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